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What is the Bocconi MiM Review?

The Bocconi MiM Review is useful for people who want to gain a quick understanding of the MSc in International Management program at Bocconi and understand if it would be a correct choice for them. Apart from a brief review of the school, data about the Masters in International Management application process, the class profile and placement statistics upon graduation are presented.



The Program

Bocconi's MiM Program ranks 10th worldwide which is proof of its quality of education and overall competency. Bocconi University is an internationally oriented institution in business, economics, and law. It is also a research university, receiving funds for its research projects from national and supranational institutions. The University is structured around five schools: Undergraduate School, Graduate School, Law School, Ph.D. School, and SDA Bocconi School of Management, its graduate business school. It presently offers bachelor's degrees, Master of Science degrees, MBAs and Ph.Ds. in Finance, Economics, Management, Statistics, Law and other disciplines. It also has a number of post-experience programs and administers many customized executive education courses. The school also provides activities for high school students in Italy, such as mathematics competitions, Model United Nations simulations and other major events aimed at orienting them during their secondary education.

The MSc in International Management, the MiM program at Bocconi, aims to shape the students to become successful managers and entrepreneurs to help them make major contributions to the world by gaining knowledge, cognitive skills, and professional skills.

The program is divided into three different programs-

  • MSc in International Management- Ranks No.11 by Financial Times in Masters in Management Ranking 2016. This program provides knowledge through core courses and seminars which are highly interactive and are largely based on individual work as well as teamwork.
  • CEMS Master in International Management Program- Ranks No.4 by Financial Times in Masters in Management Ranking 2015. It is Global Alliance in Management Education with 30 partner universities.
  • China Master in International Management Program- This program is organized jointly by Bocconi, Italy and Fudan University, China to provide knowledge and understanding of Europe and China from both a business management and a cultural perspective.

University of Bocconi- MiM Review


Bocconi offers a variety of Masters programs:

  • Finance - An excellent choice for graduates with a passion in the field of finance. The program rank is No.9 and holds placement success rank of No.1, by the Financial Times in 2015.The program is offered in English and in Italian.
  • Management - This program aims to develop problem-solving skills, acquiring the competencies, abilities, and aptitudes required to operate as managers in companies and consulting firms, or as entrepreneurs. After graduating from this degree students typically pursue a management career. Recently the University of Bocconi and ESSEC Business School have joined to launched a new double degree program which emphasizes in making of “creative, audacious and international managers, able of acting in multicultural environments”, as said by the Deputy director of the Grande École and Master’s degrees, ESSEC. You will spend each semester in four different locations- Cergy, France (ESSEC Campus); Singapore (ESSEC Campus); Milan, Italy (Bocconi Campus); and Bombay, India (Bocconi Campus), learning economics, political, and managerial issues in both Europe and Asia. This program is open to 20 Bocconi and 20 ESSEC students. At graduation, you will receive ESSEC MSc in Management degree (Grande Ecole) and the Bocconi University MSc in Management degree.



Bocconi MSc in International Management values proposition

  • MSc in International Management is the flagship program and is Ranked No.11 by Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2016.
  • Ranked No.4 by Financial Times for International Mobility.
  • Opportunity to study two foreign languages.
  • Double Degree programs with ESADE, Barcelona; FGV-EAESP, Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo; University of St.Gallen, Switzerland; IIMAhmedabad, India; University of Queensland, Australia; Cass School of Business, London; and Darla Moore School of Business, US.
  • More than 70 student associations on campus.


Skills which Bocconi values

Bocconi has one of the most competitive MIM programs in the world and is on the lookout for high potential candidates who exhibit the following skills:

Entrepreneurial                   Sustainability-minded                        Motivated

Be sure to mention in your Letter of motivation how you exhibit these skills, and back them up with relevant examples.

Admits in 2017
Admits in 2018

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Useful Information on the MiM degree

Duration: 18 Months
Location: Bocconi, Italy
Tuition Fees for 2016 intake: 12,700 Euros per year
Scholarships (covering up to 100%) can be applied for once the online application has been submitted.
Check more information about them here.

Application deadlines for 2019 intake: There are different admission rounds for each category.

1.For Bocconi Candidates:

Bocconi Graduates and final year students
1st round - Early session (July 12 — September 12, 2018), Results due by October 23, 2018
2nd round – Student Career session (End February — April 29, 2019), Results due by May 29

2.For Italian Candidates:

For the Italian Applicants Calendar, please visit the Italian site

3.For International Candidates:

Graduates and final year students from universities abroad

Rounds Deadline
1st round by 12 December 2018 (results due on January 16)
2nd round by 24  January 2019 (results due on February 27)
3rd round by 11 March 2019 (results due on April 11)
4th round by 6 May 2019 (results due on June 6)
5th round by 30 May 2019 (results due on July 3)

Note- If you are an International candidate, please note that for CHINA MIM program, the application is available only in the first 4 rounds.

4.International Exchange Student:

If you are an International student who also did an Exchange program in Bocconi, and you have passed at least 4 exams in Bocconi with an average of at least 26/30, you can participate in one of these two sessions of selection:

1st Session:  by January 25, 2018 (results due on February 27)

2nd Session:  by April 26, 2018 (results due on May 28)

Constituents of the application package

  • Online application form
  • GMAT Score or Bocconi Selection test (for Italian University students only)
  • CV
  • Motivational Letter
  • Video Presentation (Only for CEMS MIM, China MIM, and ESSEC-Bocconi Double degree)
  • A copy of college transcript
  • A copy of Passport
  • TOEFL, IELTS (Applicants whose mother tongue is not English or do not hold a degree issued by an English-speaking institution)
  • One or two LOR
  • Application fee of 100 Euro

Class Profile at Bocconi MiM

  • 48% female intake
  • Intake 170

Bocconi MiM Placement Statistics

  • Employment rate on graduation day - 61.8%
  • Employment rate one year after graduation - 97% and 52.2% are employed abroad.

Some notable companies recruiting from Bocconi

AccentureBooz & CompanyBain & CompanyDeloitte
Goldman SachsGeneral ElectricGoogleHSBC
L’OréalMcKinsey & CompanyProcter & GamblePwC

Next, in the Bocconi Masters in Management Review, find all the application essay questions listed below.

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The Bocconi application comprises of Letter of Motivation and video presentation. The school takes its application essays very seriously and uses it as a medium to understand the strengths and weaknesses of prospective students. So make sure your essays are top notch.

Letter of Motivation

The Letter of Motivation should be around 1 to 2 pages and not more than 4000 characters, spaces included. Bocconi allows you to choose up to 5 programs, in order of preference. So if you are applying for more than one Master of Science program, you need to write Letter of Motivation for each program. Also, the language of the Letter must be written in the language of the first-choice program. If your first-choice program is offered both in Italian and in English, then the Letter of Motivation should be in English.

While MSc. International Management has no template, for CEMS MIM and China MIM you need to write Letter of motivation for each program answering the following questions in not more than 4000 characters, spaces included.


1.Why do you want to study CEMS MIM at Bocconi University?
2.What are your international experiences and why do you think to fit well in an international environment?
3.What are your aspirations?
4.What qualities will you bring to this Program?
5.Why do you want to attend a Program which by far requires an extra effort in dealing with a particularly intense workload?

China MIM

1.Why are you interested in this Program?
2.What are the personal skills and experiences that you have and that make you confident in spending one year in a complex and foreign environment like China and with a particularly intense workload?
3.What do you consider your most important achievement and failure so far? Why?
4.Which characteristics/traits you most like and dislike about yourself?
5.What qualities will you bring to this Program?
6.What are your professional aspirations?

Video Presentation

The video presentation is an opportunity to talk about yourself that is not given in your application. You get not more than 2 minutes to answer each of them.

CEMS MIM, China MIM, and ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree

2.Why do you consider yourself as a person with a pronounced international attitude .
3.How do you evaluate your ability to go beyond your “comfort zone” and face complex situations .

Your Letter of Motivation is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your application, make sure you refine it a number of times and have it read by a number of people, so as to catch any errors you may have missed. 

We hope the Bocconi MiM Review was useful to you, all the information has been sourced by the Bocconi MSc in International Management Site, and for more data, you should visit there.

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