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University of Windsor MBA Review

Applying for MBA at University of Windsor?
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University of Windsor MBA Introduction



International Students



Alumni Network






Course Duration

14 Months


Course Fee





University of Windsor or Odette School of Business provides a 16 month Master of Business Administration program that will provide you with a personalised preparation for a successful career in business. The full-time master’s in business administration program offers a fast-paced learning experience along with an experiential approach to education. It consists of an enriching and vast curriculum that includes multi-disciplinary courses and cross-faculty modules. 

University of Windsor MBA Class Profile

The University of Windsor’s diversity allows students to build the core multi-cultural and interpersonal skills necessary for a successful profession. Windsor University provides a prominent MBA programme that attracts students from all around the world and fosters a diverse cultural community.

Average Age






Average Work Ex

3 Years

Average GPA

Class Size


University of Windsor MBA Acceptance Rate

The University of Windsor has a selective admission policy that grants admission on the basis of a student’s past academic record and grades. The admission rate range is between 60-70%. Although academic records are required for admission to the MBA programme at University of Windsor, involvement in extracurricular activities is also required. The admissions committee of University of Windsor seeks holistic profiles that can contribute to the student body. As a result, essays, sops, and CV/ Resume will be crucial in making a solid application for your admissions.

Acceptance rate – 60-70%

Program and Curriculum of University of Windsor MBA

Semester 1: Business Fundamentals

  • Core Concepts of Accounting
  • Financial Management I
  • Marketing Management
  • Leadership & Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Digital Business Systems

Semester 2: New Product/ Market Development

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Management II
  • Entrepreneurship: New Venture Formation
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management I

Semester 3: Managing Growth

  • Business Ethics and Sustainability
  • Project Management II
  • Business Negotiations
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Analytics

Semester 4: Concentration (Choose One)

  • International or Domestic Exchange
  • Major Paper
  • Coursework
  • Corporate Mandate

Extra Activities

The Odette MBA mixes real-world corporate initiatives and tailored guidance through enhanced education and cooperation.

Advanced Program for Experiential

APEX is a distinctive and comprehensive Odette MBA product that allows students to build skills and exhibit talents in the real world by giving real solutions to real clients. MBA student teams are matched with business partners to counsel on issues that the partner is facing, exposing students to new sectors, corporate contacts, and experiential learning.

Students are also given the opportunity to work on real business challenges alongside the leaders of prominent corporate partners such as:

  • Ontario Securities Commission
  • Windsor Family Credit Union
  • Stellantis
  • Windsor Regional Hospital 
  • Saint John Sea Dogs
  • City of Windsor
  • OSC (Ontario Securities Commission)
  • BDC and many others!

Apex Corporate Partner Benefit

The Odette MBA APEX programme gives the corporate partner access to the important resources of an MBA team tailored to their specific business goals. The student consulting teams provide essential information and contributions to corporate partner leaders and their firms. Corporate partners regularly engage with their student teams, assessing, evaluating, and providing feedback on each student’s leadership talent, execution abilities, and other fundamental competencies. APEX business partners may also join in classroom discussions, witness students in action, and select Odette MBA student talent for their firms.

Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into University of Windsor MBA) 


Applicants must have a grade point average of 70% or above
English Proficiency Test Score

  • TOEFL – 100/120
  • GMAT – 520/800
  • PTE – 68/90
  • IELTS – 7/9

 Students of various undergraduate backgrounds such as Science, Engineering, Nursing etc can also apply.

Document Related to the Application

  • Undergraduate Transcripts
  • GMAT is required but it can be waived in some circumstances
  • Applicants whose native language is not English need to provide English proficiency test scores
  • Letter of Intent
  • Resume (Highlight Past work experience, education etc.)
  • Letter of Reference ( one lor is required either academic or professional)
  • Interview

University of Windsor MBA Employment

Windsor’s Career Development Center collaborates with students to help them discover their ideal jobs. The Job Development Centre was established to help you discover your career passion or achieve your preset career goals. It features a worldwide staff of personal career counsellors, employer engagement professionals, and operational team members spread across three campuses. This team of specialists will assist you with everything from self-evaluation to connection development to communicating with companies, and you will receive complete assistance in achieving your ideal job.





    University of Windsor MBA Alumni Info

    Windosr has an excellent reputation of alumni networks which have been helping other students launch successful careers and drive the Odette Business School to the next level.

    Some Famous Alumni

    • Mentoring Students
    • Guest Speakers
    • Leader for a day
    • Odette Advisory Board
    • Case Competition Judges
    • Hire an Odette Student
    • Attending Event

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    Application Essay for University of Windsor MBA

    The Letter of Intent should be drafted with care and precision. It functions as a writing sample and can also act as your interview if one is not required. It is your way to showcase yourself and explain who you are, your experience, and what is significant to you.

    More importantly, the Letter of Intent enables you to explain why you wish to pursue graduate study. Why this specific school and/or programme? What motivates you to pursue graduate studies? What are your plans with this degree? Admissions comUniversity of Windsor tees review the Letter of Intent to see how well the applicant understands the institution and explains their decision to enrol.

    A letter of intent with 1-2 pages.

    • Why you want to complete an MBA
    • Your skills, knowledge and past experiences
    • Your career goals and aspirations and how an MBA could help
    • Why you would be a good MBA Candidate

    Letter of Recommendation for University of Windsor MBA

    One letter of recommendation is required to help the admissions comUniversity of Windsor tee assess your skills and abilities. You choose from either a professional lor or an academic lor. Your professional lor should come from someone who has had the opportunity to evaluate you professionally, such as a client, a past boss, or a colleague from your community service or extracurricular activities. Academic references are acceptable, but they are less likely to satisfy our primary concern, which is to evaluate your abilities to interact with and manage people, as well as your potential for senior management. 

    Interview Questions for University of Windsor MBA

    An interview allows you to communicate with a college representative and ensure that you articulate yourself clearly. It’s a great chance to demonstrate your interest in the college, meet the experts that work there, and exhibit who you are. Remember that compatibility is vital for admission to college. You should be yourself so that the interviewer can determine whether you are a good fit. You have a variety of characteristics, so show off your professional, mature, and collected side.

    MBA Interview Questions
    Q: What was the biggest factor influencing your decision to apply to the University of Windsor?
    Q: Please tell me about a time when you were successful leading a team. What personal traits do you feel contributed to your success?
    Q: Tell me about a time when all the other teammates at your workplace were doing all the work, leaving you with very little work to do. What did you do?
    Q: Do you think the benefits of a diverse workplace outweigh the challenges, why or why not?

    What Makes University of Windsor MBA Unique

    Here are a few facts about University of Windsor that makes it unique-

    • The Accelerated MBA: University of Windsor offers an MBA degree in 10 to 12 months, allowing you to resume your professional career immediately. Some professionals take time away from their exciting employment to study these accelerated MBAs in order to swiftly gain important information and abilities and return to work.

    • Global Reach: University of Windsor has a global presence and a Worldwide recognition which opens up a plethora of chances for Windsor graduates to explore and advance professionally.

    • Enriching Diversity: With students from different countries, Windsor has a culturally diverse community. The Windsor admcoms have been trying to provide an environment for students to learn the skills and experience needed to operate in a culturally diverse environment.

    • Personalised Support: There is no doubt that the MBA programme at Windsor University is tough. However, you will have the full support of the world-class teachers, staff, and career advisers.


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    What is the duration of the MBA programme at University of Windsor ?

    The University of Windsor MBA programme is a 16 months full-time MBA programme.

    How many Intakes does University of Windsor offers?

    University of Windsor offers a single intake with fall admissions only. International Students are advised to enrol in the 1st or 2nd round to have enough time for visa applications.

    Is work experience required for Windsor MBA?

    University of Windsor does not have an absolute requirement for years of work experience, although at least two years is strongly encouraged. Participants in our current class have an average of 5.5 years work experience.

    Is it compulsory to belong to a business background to enrol into University of Windsor MBA?

    No, University of Windsor accepts students from various backgrounds; it is not compulsory to have a business degree.

    How many recommendations are required for the application?

    University of Windsor requires only one letter of recommendation, which can be from a professional source or an academic source who is able to answer all the required questions.

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