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US News MBA Ranking

Explore the Elite MBA Programs as Ranked by US News

Selecting the right MBA program is a critical step for those who aspire to become business leaders. The US News MBA ranking  provide a thoroughly researched benchmark to assist you in finding programs that align with your career goals and academic requirements. In this guide, we will delve into these rankings to help you in your search for the ideal MBA college.

US News Full-time MBA Ranking

The US news MBA ranking, especially those provided by notable publications like U.S. News & World Report, are subject to annual updates based on a variety of factors including academic reputation, employment outcomes for graduates, and faculty resources among others. 

Chicago Booth MBA #1 $77,500 per year 1,281
Northwestern Kellogg MBA #2 $78,276 per year  1,423
Wharton MBA #3 $77,500 per year 1,788
MIT MBA #4 $82,000 858
Harvard MBA #5 $73,440 per year  2,025
Dartmouth Tuck MBA #6  $77,520 per year 592
Stanford MBA #7 $76,950 per year  862
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor (Ross) MBA #8 $68,196 - $73,196 754
Yale MBA #9 $79,000 per year  784
NYU Stern MBA #10  $82,326 per year 678

US News Part-time MBA Ranking

U.S. News ranks both full-time and part-time MBA programs in the United States. They also offer rankings for executive MBA programs.

Colleges Ranking Tuition Fee Enrollment
University of California, Berkeley (Haas) #1 $3,600 per credit 960
University of Chicago (Booth) #2 $7,784 per credit 1164
Northwestern University (Kellogg) #3 $7,604 per credit 827
New York University (Stern) #4 $2,654 per credit 1540
University of California--Los Angeles (Anderson) #5 $1,690 per credit 841
University of Texas--Austin (McCombs) #6 $119,925  389
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor (Ross) #7 $66,846 to $71,834  202
University of Southern California (Marshall) #8 $2,197 per credit 561
Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper) #9 $54,600 per year 92
Georgetown University (McDonough) #10 $2,310 per credit 363

US News Executive MBA Ranking

MBA Executive Ranking from US News on multiple criteria is given below:

Colleges Ranking Tuition Fee Enrollment
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) #1 $214,800 total program 460
Northwestern University (Kellogg) #2 $113,319 per year 505
University of Chicago (Booth) #3 $198,500 total program 186
Columbia University #4 $3,808 per credit 688
Duke University (Fuqua) #5 $166,900  460
New York University (Stern) #6 $213,100 total program 274
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor (Ross) #7  $178,500 total program 192
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) #8 $197,000 N/A
University of California, Berkeley (Haas) #9 $199,900 total program 149
University of California--Los Angeles (Anderson) #10 $88,245 per year 363

Top US News MBA Ranking Colleges

Each of these institutions offers a unique set of strengths, making them leaders in business education. Prospective students should consider their own career goals, learning preferences, and the specific advantages of each program to find the best fit for their professional aspirations.

1. University of Chicago (Booth)

us news mba ranking

 A flexible curriculum that emphasizes analytical and critical thinking, Booth empowers students to solve business problems holistically. It's renowned for its rigorous quantitative training and a strong focus on finance.The University of Chicago Booth School of Business stands out for its flexible curriculum that allows students to tailor their education to match their career aspirations precisely.

Known for its strong emphasis on finance, Chicago Booth MBA also excels in analytics and economics, providing students with a rigorous foundation in business principles. Booth encourages a culture of inquiry and innovation, fostering an environment where students challenge conventional wisdom.

2. Stanford University

us news mba ranking

Notable for: Situated in Silicon Valley, Stanford offers unparalleled access to the tech industry. Its MBA program is celebrated for fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership in a global context. Stanford's Graduate School of Business MBA is renowned for its focus on creating innovative leaders.

The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, personal reflection, and the development of leadership skills. With its proximity to Silicon Valley, Stanford offers unique networking opportunities and insights into the technology industry, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.

3. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

us news mba ranking

Wharton's vast elective course offerings and global learning opportunities, alongside a leading finance curriculum. It boasts a large and influential alumni network spanning the globe. Wharton's MBA program is notable for its global perspective, offering students opportunities to engage with international businesses through global immersion programs.

Wharton's comprehensive finance courses and its leadership in data analytics and technology integration into business education make it a top choice for students looking to lead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

4. Northwestern University (Kellogg)

us news mba ranking

Kellogg is acclaimed for its strong emphasis on team-based learning and a high degree of student involvement. It excels in marketing, management, and creating leaders who are adept at working within teams. Kellogg emphasizes a collaborative learning environment where teamwork is at the core of the educational experience.

This approach prepares students to lead effectively in diverse and dynamic team settings. Kellogg MBA is particularly recognized for its strengths in marketing, management, and strategy, and it supports students in developing empathy as a key leadership trait.

5. Harvard University

us news mba ranking

The case method teaching approach, where students learn from real-world business scenarios. Harvard's MBA program shapes leaders who make a difference in the world, supported by an extensive alumni network. Harvard Business School is synonymous with the case method teaching style, immersing students in real-world business scenarios to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.

This method prepares students to face complex business challenges head-on. Harvard's vast global alumni network provides unmatched opportunities for mentorship, career advancement, and entrepreneurial ventures.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

Focusing on innovation and global leadership, Sloan integrates cutting-edge management practices with the study of engineering and science, reflecting MIT's overall emphasis on technology. MIT Sloan MBA program integrates business with technology, reflecting MIT's leadership in engineering and innovation.

Sloan's action learning labs offer students hands-on experience in applying business theories to solve real-world problems, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and ethical leadership.

7. Columbia University

Its New York City location offers unmatched access to the business world. Columbia's MBA program places a strong emphasis on finance and economics, offering students a pathway to careers in investment banking, consulting, and beyond.Situated in the heart of New York City, Columbia Business School provides direct access to leaders across industries, from finance to media.

The program emphasizes value investing and corporate finance, backed by the school's strong ties to Wall Street and the global business community. Columbia's MBA program fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging students to seek out new business opportunities.

8. University of California—Berkeley (Haas)

A strong focus on technology and innovation, Haas is located near Silicon Valley, providing students with opportunities to interact with tech leaders and startups. It promotes a culture of fresh thinking and social responsibility. The Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley is noted for its distinctive culture, encapsulated in its defining leadership principles.

Haas MBA encourages students to think boldly and lead innovatively, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and social impact. Its proximity to Silicon Valley enriches the MBA experience with insights into entrepreneurship and technology management.

9. Yale University

Integrating global business and society, Yale's MBA program emphasizes the broader impact of business decisions on communities and the environment, preparing leaders to tackle global challenges. Yale School of Management's MBA program is uniquely focused on the intersection of business and society, preparing leaders to understand the broader impact of their decisions on communities and the environment. The curriculum fosters a global perspective, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and diversity in achieving business objectives.

10. Dartmouth College (Tuck)

A close-knit community and a focus on personal development and leadership. Tuck stands out for its immersive learning environment and dedication to fostering a collaborative and supportive culture. Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College prides itself on its close-knit community and personal approach to business education.

The Tuck MBA program emphasizes immersive learning experiences and personal development, ensuring that graduates are not only skilled in business fundamentals but also possess strong leadership qualities and ethical standards.

How US News Ranks MBA Programs

US news MBA ranking uses a rigorous methodology that focuses on three areas to provide accurate and unbiased rankings for schools, hospitals, and cities. Trust our data for informed decisions.

  • Quality Assessment (40%): This combines peer assessment scores from deans and directors of accredited MBA programs and recruiter assessment scores to gauge the program's reputation.
  • Placement Success (35%): Metrics include the employment rate of graduates within three months of graduation and their average starting salary, highlighting the program's effectiveness in securing top jobs for its students.
  • Student Selectivity (25%): This criterion looks at GMAT and GRE scores, undergraduate GPA, and the program's acceptance rate, indicating the competitiveness and caliber of the student body.

These components ensure a holistic view of each program's strengths and areas for improvement.


In conclusion, the US News MBA Ranking provides an essential resource for anyone considering an MBA. By highlighting the best MBA programs based on a variety of rigorous criteria, these rankings offer invaluable insights into the quality and potential impact of different institutions. Whether you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, increase your marketability, or expand your professional network, the US News MBA Ranking helps guide your decision towards the most reputable and effective programs available. Utilizing this tool can make the difference in choosing an MBA program that best fits your professional goals and aspirations.

What are US News Rankings?

US News Rankings are annual listings that evaluate and rank educational institutions, including MBA colleges in the United States, based on various criteria such as academic quality, graduation rates, faculty resources, and peer assessment.

Why are the US News Rankings important for prospective MBA students?

The US News Rankings offer prospective MBA students a credible and detailed overview of the top MBA programs. They help in making informed decisions by comparing schools based on their rankings, which reflect educational quality, career outcomes, and student satisfaction.

How is the ranking of MBA colleges determined by US News?

The ranking of MBA colleges by US News is determined through a methodology that includes factors such as peer assessment scores, recruiter assessment scores, placement success, student selectivity, and salary increase post-graduation. Each factor is weighted differently to calculate the final rankings.

Which MBA college topped the US News Rankings in 2024?

To find the latest rankings and the top MBA college for 2024, it's recommended to visit the official US News website. The rankings are updated annually, reflecting changes and trends in education quality and outcomes among MBA programs.

How can students use the US News Rankings to choose the right MBA program?

Students can use the US News Rankings to narrow down their choices by comparing schools based on their rank, location, program focus, and other criteria important to them. It's also advisable to consider personal career goals, networking opportunities, and the cultural fit of the program beyond just the rankings.

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