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USC MS in Engineering Management Review

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    The USC MS in Engineering Management is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in engineering or related sciences to prepare them for management responsibilities.

    As an MSEMT student, you will learn how to lead technology projects as well as manage teams, engineering functions, and companies.In addition, you will gain an understanding of the economic decision-making processes.

    More than just theory, the USC Viterbi MEM program offers real-world examples provided by instructors who have years of relevant industry experience, covering topics such as technology creation, management of invention, information systems, managerial accounting, and quantitative methods.

    This is also a suitable program to help prospective technical entrepreneurs understand the enterprise creation process.

    Program Length 18-24 months
    Tuition Fees for MEM $70,898
    Program deadline
    Round 1: September 1, 2024
    Round 2: December 15, 2023
    Intakes 2
    Application Fees $90

    Class Profile

    The class profile of USC MS in Engineering Management 2023 batch consisted of 30% American and 70% international students. Among them 36% were females and 64% were male. There are 2 types of courses running in this program, one is online and the second is on campus.

    For the on-campus program, 80% of the total students were available and for online,there were 20%.There were 548 students enrolled in the department,among them, 121 were enrolled in the exact course for the 2023 batch.

    Average GMAT NA
    Average GRE The GRE is not required for 2024 applications.
    Average GPA NA
    Average work experience NA
    Average age NA
    Pre-MEM industry Finance
    Students enrolled American 30%
    International 70%
    Class Size 121
    Women Diversity 36%

    Country Represented
    MEM 2025

    Eligibility & Requirements for USC MS in Engineering Management

    To be eligible for the MS in Engineering Management at USC, applicants must possess a bachelor's degree in engineering or a related discipline, such as hard sciences or mathematics. Those without a degree in these fields may still be considered if they have completed specific coursework and demonstrated proficiency in areas like calculus, differential equations, engineering economics, linear algebra, numerical analysis, operations research, and probability/statistics​.

    Application Components:

    The following materials are required to be included with your online application at USC MS in Engineering Management:

    Requirements Details
    Completed online application form Online Applications to apply, Scanned transcripts & Additional Information
    Test scores needed -English Proficiency Test Required for International Students (TOEFL/IELTS Score)
    Standardized requirements by school -LOR (3 highly recommended)
    -Personal Statement
    Additional requirements -Transcripts

    You can refer to this USC Viterbi official page to learn more on: Read to apply

    Program & Curriculum of USC MS in Engineering Management

    Program & Curriculum of USC MS in Engineering Management

    The USC Viterbi MEM Academics curriculum for the MSEMT includes a combination of required courses and electives, totaling 28 units. The required courses (16 units) focus on critical areas such as statistics for managers, engineering project management, leading engineering teams, and economic analysis of engineering projects​ (catalogue.usc)​.

    Students must also select a technology-focused course from options like Innovation and Technology Development, Global Innovation Practices, and Strategic Management of Technology.​ 

    Required Courses

    • ISE 500 Statistics for Engineering Managers Units: 4
    • ISE 515 Engineering Project Management Units: 4
    • ISE 544 Leading and Managing Engineering Teams Units: 4
    • ISE 561 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects Units: 4

    The USC MS in Engineering Management is modified for graduates with engineering or related science degrees aiming to take on management roles. The program blends engineering expertise with management skills to prepare students for leadership positions in the technology sector.


    Electives allow students to customize their learning to specific interests within engineering management, contributing to the remaining units required to complete the degree​ . At least 8 units of adviser-approved electives.

    Total units required for the degree: 28

    Elective Course ID Course Name Units
    ISE 445 Principles and Practices of Global Innovation 4
    ISE 501 Innovative Conceptual Design for New Products 4
    ISE 585 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation 4
    CE 576 Invention and Technology Development 3

    Fees, Financing & Scholarships at USC Viterbi MEM

    The total estimated cost (four semesters) is $95,648 including mandatory fees per semester $744, Housing $12,375 and Health Insurance adds an additional is $5,426.00. As, Students are also required to pay mandatory fees, which include health and wellness fees, a student programming fee, and potentially a transportation fee among others​.

    NOTE: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

    Fall 2024 - Summer 2025* $2,543 $7,629 $10,172
    Fall 2023 - Summer 2024* $2,424 $7,272 $9,696

    To know more, check out: Cost of MEM in Abroad

    Scholarships for USC Viterbi MEM applicants

    For international students seeking financial aid at USC Viterbi MEM Program, especially for the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program, there are several options:

    • Merit-based Scholarships
    • On-campus Employment (not including Federal Work-Study)
    • Off- Campus Employment (note that off-campus work authorization is very limited)
    • Private Financing
    • Fellowships and Assistantships
    • Payment Plans

    Employment Upon Graduation

    Employment Upon Graduation

    Students after passing out from USC Viterbi has average Engineering Management salary is $112,000 annually in USA, so for the USC Viterbi engineering management program you can expect a high salary of that level. The salary also depends on the job location and profile you are getting in.

    Average salary MEM  $112,000 annually
    Offer accepted upon three months of graduation Data not explicitly stated, but high employment rate is indicated
    Offer received upon three months of graduation Data not explicitly stated, but high employment rate is indicated
    Reporting rate 95%
    Post-program job locations Diverse, across various U.S. and international locations of jobs after engineering management
    Post MEM industries Engineering

    Know more at: First Destination Outcomes | USC Viterbi

    USC MS in Engineering Management Application: Essays & Interview

    USC MS in Engineering Management

    There is no particular format for writing an SOP at USC MS in Engineering Management but you have to make sure you have a strong Statement of Purpose (SoP essay) . That said, work experience isn’t critical for this program. If you have a low GPA, it may be to your benefit to have some additional work or research experience.

    Interview Questions

    Who attends the USC Viterbi MEM program:

    • It is suitable for prospective technical entrepreneurs and those looking to manage technology projects and teams
    • You shoud have experience from wide range of backgrounds

    Why USC Viterbi is Unique?

    Why USC Viterbi is Unique?

    Still wondering if is MEM Degee worth it?

    USC MS in Engineering Management stands out as a unique institution for students due to several distinctive features:

    • Interdisciplinary Focus: USC Viterbi encourages a blend of disciplines, providing students with opportunities to engage in projects that integrate various fields of study. This includes clubs like USC Corpus Callosum where art meets technology, and classes outside typical engineering curriculums, such as music technology and hip hop​.
    • Trojan Family Network: The sense of community at USC is embodied in the "Trojan Family," which not only fosters a supportive social environment but also acts as a professional network. This network helps students secure internships and job opportunities through alumni connections and mentorships, reinforcing a strong community spirit.
    • Innovative Learning Opportunities: The school offers unique learning environments like the iPodia program, which pairs USC students with peers worldwide to solve global issues collaboratively, fostering a global classroom experience​.
    • Entrepreneurial Support: USC Viterbi is proactive in nurturing entrepreneurial skills through its Office of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This office provides funding and support for students looking to start their own ventures, blending engineering prowess with business acumen​.
    • Strategic Location: Located in Los Angeles, USC Viterbi offers students the advantages of a major urban center known for its diversity and cultural richness. The city’s array of industries offers abundant career opportunities and practical experiences beyond the academic world.

    Useful Links

    Graduate & Professional Financial Aid Types of Aid
    Orientation  | USC Viterbi  Admission and Orientation
    Tuition Funding Tuition & Fees 28-unit Program
    Alumni Virtual Panel: Meet Our Alumni Series 2020
    Contact USC MS in Engineering Management
    Phone | 213.740.4488


    The USC MS in Engineering Management program stands as a compelling choice for aspiring leaders in the fields of engineering and technology among the best colleges for MEM in USA. The program's diverse and inclusive class profile, strong employment prospects, and extensive alumni network underscore its excellence and potential for career advancement.


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    What is the USC Viterbi MS in Engineering Management program's primary focus?

    The program is primarily designed for graduate engineers seeking to advance into technical management roles within technology projects, teams, engineering functions, or companies.

    What are the key application requirements?

    Applicants are required to submit transcripts, a resume/CV, a personal statement, and at least three letters of recommendation. The GRE is not required for 2024 applications.

    Can applicants from non-engineering backgrounds apply?

    Yes, applicants from non-engineering backgrounds may apply, but they should have completed certain relevant coursework in areas such as calculus, differential equations, engineering economics, and more.

    Are there any specific interview requirements for admission?

    While interviews are not mentioned as mandatory in the provided information, applicants may be contacted for an interview as part of the admissions process. It's important to prepare for potential interview questions related to your background, experiences, and goals.

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