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Utah Business Analytics Review

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    The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at the University of Utah is a well-known for equipping students with the expertise required to be successful in the data analytics industry. The course focuses on topics like statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and data management in order to prepare students for a job in business analytics. The program provides excellent experiential learning with a perfect blend of case studies, internship opportunities and capstone projects, which makes it one of the best choice for MSBA in USA. There is a high demand for MSBA graduates, and employers are on the lookout for professionals dextrous in data analysis to formulate business decisions for a career in various sectors such as finance, healthcare, and technology. 

    University of Utah Business Analytics Class Profile

    University of Utha's Business Analytics program is go to program for a pool of diverse and talented students coming from a range of academic and professional backgrounds. For MSBA program, the class size is typically around 50 students per cohort. Mostly coming from the fields of business, engineering, computer science, economics, mathematics and statistics, the applicants ranges between recent graduates to mid-career professionals. The average work experience of the students is around 1.7 years. the program values diversity and actively seeks to foster an inclusive community where students can learn from each other's unique perspectives and experiences.

    Acceptance Rate

    Like many other programs, the University of Utah business analytics program is highly competitive, the admission commitee receives a large pool applications from various qualified candidates. In order to increase the chances of admission, it is suggested that students thoroughly analyse the admission requirements, such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and a resume or CV. Not mandatory, but it is suggested that the students should hold some prior experience, statistics, programming and data analysis. This can be ery beneficial in enhancing the chances of being admitted into the program. 

    University of Utah Business Analytics Program and Curriculum

    utah business analytics program and curriculum

    Curriculum of the business analytics program is a rigorous and comprehensive syllabus which is crafted to prepare students fro successful careers in the field of data analytics. Business analytics program covers topics such as data analysis, such as statistical modelling, data visualization, machine learning, data management, and data ethics. Emphasis of the program is towards hands-on learning, and students gets the opportunity to work on real-world projects and case studies. There are also a good variety of elective courses which allow students to tailor their learning experience to their individual interests and career goals. The program provides the students with a strong foundation in the theory and practice of data analytics, and technical skills to help them rapidly evolve in the increasingly data driven business areas. 

    Core Courses

    • Introduction to Business Analytics
    • Statistics and Predictive Analysis
    • Database theory and design 
    • Introduction to data mining
    • Data science and big data analytics 
    • Data visualization 
    • Capstone project
    • Algorithms for business applications 
    • Business applications of text analytics 
    • Analytical decision models I
    • Analytical decision models II


    • Data Warehousing Design and Implementation
    • Advanced-Data Mining
    • Advanced-Data Management
    • Data Analysis and Decision Making I
    • Data Analysis and Decision Making II
    • Six Sigma for Managers
    • Visual Analytics for Business I
    • Visual Analytics for Business II
    • Reading and Interpreting Financial Statements
    • Financial Modeling
    • Business Analytics


    Eligibility and Requirements

    While applying for the business analytics program, you need to fulfill a certain eligibility requirements. Moreover, there are certain documents required to submit while applying. Here is a brief detail on eligibility and required documents for the University of Utah Business analytics program-


    • Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution before starting the MSBA program.
    • Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their undergraduate coursework.
    • International candidates, who do not have english as the native language needs to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. 
    • Coursework on subjects such as business, engineering, computer science, economics, mathematics, and statistics is required. Moreover, candidates with some relevant work experience is also preffered. 

    Documents required for the University of Utah Business Analytics Program

    • Completed online application
    • Official academic transcripts
    • Official GMAT/GRE scores
    • Required essay
    • One letter of recommendation is required (two are recommended)
    • Four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent

    The application fee for the direct application is $55. 

    University of Utah Business Analytics Deadlines

    The University of Utah business analytics programs, there are multiple deadlines throughout the year, with specific dates varying depending on the desired start term. It is recommended to submit applications well before the deadline to ensure consideration for admission and scholarships.

    Deadline Deadline Dates
    Spring Round 1  03 September, 2021
    Spring Round 2 01 October, 2021
    Spring Round 3  03 December, 2021
    Fall Round 1  04 February. 2022
    Fall Round 2  01 April, 2022
    Fall Round 3 29 July, 2022

    Employment And Placement

    utah business analytics employment and placement

    International students enrolled in the University of Utah Business Analytics program can tap into a plethora of resources to land jobs in the U.S. Both curricular practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT), along with a STEM OPT extension, are available to F-1 students seeking employment during or after the program.

    But that's not all - MSBA students get personalized attention from a career coach who mentors them throughout the program. The career coach not only helps students prep for the job market for analytics professionals, but also runs a one-credit-hour career development course.

    And when it comes to job prospects, the MSBA graduates are spoilt for choice. Salt Lake City and its surroundings are home to several Fortune 500 technology companies that attract some of the most elite corporations in the U.S. So, MSBA graduates are in high demand and there is a gamut of job opprotunities for them. 

    Top Sectors Hiring Business Analytics Graduates

    The University of Utah Business Analytics program churns out top-notch graduates who are sought-after by recruiters across various industries. The students gets ample of opportunities after graduating from this program, companies are very well aware that the graduates have enough knowledge and are brimming with skills and the mindset that they are in search of. 

    The University of Utah's MSBA program not only provides cutting-edge training in data analysis, modeling, and visualization, but also gives you a leg up in the job market. The MSBA Graduate Career Services team is dedicated to helping you succeed in your career goals. From personalized career advice to training programs, this team will equip you with the skills you need to ace your job search. And with the school's stellar alumni network and top-notch reputation, you'll be well-positioned to land your dream job.

    So, what are the top sectors where it's alumni are thriving? You guessed it - consulting, finance, and technology! With their advanced analytical skills and business acumen, the MSBA graduates are in high demand in these industries. 

    Companies Recruiting from University of Utah Business Analytics Program


    1. Adobe
    2. Amazon
    3. Google
    4. Microsoft
    5. Intel


    1. Goldman Sachs
    2. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    3. Morgan Stanley
    4. American Express
    5. Wells Fargo


    1. Deloitte
    2. Accenture
    3. Bain & Company
    4. McKinsey & Company
    5. PwC

    Business Analytics Alumni at University of Utah

    Graduates of the University of Utah's MS in Business Analytics program have gone on to work at some of the top companies in the world, across a variety of industries. Some notable alumni include Kate Browne, Evan Jones, Laura Green, Kasey Wilstead and many more. By networking with these exceptional alumni, you can gain insights into the latest trends and developments in the field, build relationships with potential employers, and tap into a wealth of expertise and experience. Here are some famous alumni of University of Utah Business Analytics Program: 

    • Kate Browne - Director of Analytics, Adobe
    • Evan Jones - Senior Data Scientist, Amazon Web Services
    • Laura Green - Manager of Analytics, Goldman Sachs
    • Kasey Wilstead - Senior Manager of Analytics, Accenture
    • John Lee - Data Scientist, Google
    • Rachel Kim - Senior Data Analyst, Facebook
    • Alex Chen - Director of Analytics, Microsoft
    • Olivia Martinez - Manager of Analytics, Deloitte
    • Michael Huang - Data Scientist, Intel
    • Kelly Johnson - Lead Data Analyst, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    University of Utah Business Analytics Application Essay

    Please answer the following essay questions in the online application for University of Utah Business Analytics program. 

    Essay 1 
    Tell us about your interest in and experience with business analytics. (750 Words max.)

    Essay 2 
    Why are you choosing to pursue the MSBA program at this time in your career and what do you hope to achieve while in the program? (750 Words Max.)

    Essay 3 
    What goals do you have after the program, and how will the MSBA degree help you achieve them? (750 Words max.)

    Essay 4 
    Tell us about the personal qualities and/or experiences that make you a strong candidate for the program. (750 Words Max.)

    Essay 5 
    Why do you think the MSBA program at the Eccles School is the right place for you?

    Essay 6 
    Optional Essay – 250 word maximum

    The optional essay is truly optional and may be presented in 250 words or less. It should be used to address any weaknesses (low GMAT or GPA) or inconsistencies in your application. You may also use it to explain your choice of recommenders or to share any additional information you would like the admissions committee to know that hasn’t been previously addressed.

    Letter of Recommendation

    One of the documents for the application process for the University of Utah Business Analytics program is letters of recommendation. There are two types of LORs- (1) Academic and (2) Professional. As name suggests the professional LORs are written by someone who has known you from your workplace  and academic LORs are the ones written by someone from your college. An LOR should always be written by someone who is superior to you, such as your professor, dean, HOD, Manager, Team lead and so on. The person who is referring you should be able to talk about your strenghts and weakness thoroughly. 

    University of Utah Business Analytics Interview Questions

    After reviewing the documents the admission committee may call you for an interview round which wil be online. This can be a good opportunity for you to ask the questions about the program. The agenda of this interview is to access the candidate's qualifications, experience and check whether the person is fit for the program or not.  Preparing for this interview is extremely important which you can do by researching about the program, reviewing your application materials, and rehearsing responses for the common interview questions. 

    Q: Why do you want to study business analytics for a master's degree?
    Q: Why did you opt to enroll in the MSBA degree at the University of Utah?
    Q: How do you intend to implement the information and skills you have acquired through the MSBA program in your future career?
    Q: What unique skills or experiences do you have that you can contribute to the program that would make you a strong candidate?
    Q: What long-term career targets do you have, and how do you see the MSBA program facilitating you in achieving those goals?
    Q: How have you prepared for the quantitative and analytical rigor of the MSBA program?
    Q: How do you plan to contribute to the MSBA program and the broader University of Utah community?

    What Makes University of Utah Business Analytics Unique

    utah business analytics unique

    Here are a few facts about the University of Utah Business Anlaytics program that makes it unique: 

    This program will equip you with all the analytical  and technical skills and competency to needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving field of business analytics. The comprehensive curriculum is focused on areas such as data mining, predictive analytics, and data visualization. Moreover, the students are also given the opportunity to get industry certifcations, such as the SAS Certified Predictive Modeler or Tableau Desktop Specialist. 

    In addition to that the university's strong connections with local and national companies will also provide you with networking, internship and job opportunities. Salt Lake City is a home to emerging tech industry, which will bring you opportunities to work with cutting-edge technologies and innovative companies. Last but not least, the program's instructors are skilled experts in the area of business analytics who have years of professional experience. They are dedicated to giving students individualized attention and mentoring, and they actively participate in research and industry partnerships to remain current on industry developments.   


    In summary, the University of Utah Business Analytics program is a demanding and cutting-edge program that equips students to succeed in the rapidly expanding data analytics industry. Students are given the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a variety of industries, from finance and marketing to healthcare and technology, thanks to the university's extensive curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and knowledgeable faculty. The program's distinctive opportunities, like the Data Mining Competition and Business Analytics Capstone, as well as its solid relationships with regional and national businesses, give students access to practical learning opportunities and networking opportunities that give them a competitive advantage in the job market. 

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    What is the University of Utah known for?

    Located in Salt Lake City, the University of Utah is known as the powerhouse centre of academics, sports and research. The motto of the university is instilling innovative mindset in their students.  

    Is University of Utah a top tier school?

    In terms of rankings the Universtiy of Utah is ranked at at position of #105 among the 443 national universties. These universities are ranked on the basis of their performances across an array of widely known indicators of excellence and innovation.  

    Is it expensive to live in Utah?

    According to MERIC's 2022 cost of livfing index, Utaqh is placed at as the 30th lowest cost of living. The average cost of living in Utah is around $42,653/Year

    Is it hard to get into Utah?

    However, these data is nor disclosed by the Universtiy, still it is to be understood that over the years, the university has given admit to students with a strong and diverse academic background. Therefore, from these information it can be inferred that the acceptance rate for the University of Utah is quite low and competitive. 

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