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Warwick MSc Management Review

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Warwick MSc Management Introduction


Course Duration

1 Year


Course Fee








The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program combines the latest management techniques and business practices with an intensive and immersive learning experience. It helps students develop the skills and knowledge to become successful leaders in large companies or entrepreneurs.
Through this program, one can learn how to lead and manage a company in today’s competitive environment. You will also gain the necessary skills to make wise decisions and implement them successfully.

The school’s teachings propel you to adopt a strong management mindset which is only one component that will enable you to become a global leader. This program is designed to help you develop your talents and improve your career prospects.

Warwick MSc Management Class Profile

Students enrol from all around the world to study at Warwick MSc Management, and they are taught to develop their core values of excellence, curiosity, and openness. This unique learning culture helps prepare them for their future careers.

The graduates from the MSc Management portfolio work in various industries, assisting businesses to thrive. They are able to develop their specialist management skills and consulting capabilities.

Average Age



Not Required

Class Size


Average Work Ex

Warwick MSc Management Acceptance Rate

Aside from its unique curriculum, the school also offers a variety of social activities, which gives it an edge over other universities. The school has a vibrant global community composed of students from different backgrounds. They admit students from various profiles to give way to new perspectives and ideas. Thus, the school has an acceptance rate of 37%.

Acceptance rate – 37%

Program and Curriculum of Warwick MSc Management

The Master of Science in Management course combine multiple optional modules with compulsory ones. Through the course’s modules, you’ll learn how to think about business as a whole and develop effective leaders and manage change. You’ll also learn how to implement strategies and methods that will help keep your company moving forward.

Core Course

  • Business Immersion & Critical Thinking
  • Leading & Managing Change
  • Customer Value Management
  • Foundations of Financial & Management Accounting
  • Strategy Analysis & Practice


  • Marketing through Social Media
  • Managing Human Resources in Contemporary Organisations
  • Governance and Corporate Responsibility
  • Digital Working & Organisational Transformation
  • Leading for Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Digital Marketing Technology & Management
  • Forecasting for Decision Makers
  • Corporate Finance
  • Design in Business
  • Digital Business Services
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing
  • International Business
  • Business Analytics for Managers
  • Case Studies in Data Science & Economics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • People & Organisations
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Extra Activities

International Study weeks

International study weeks are available at various universities and schools in different cities around the world to gain an understanding of international business culture. In the past, they have offered study weeks at the University of Cape Town, Madrid, and Rome.
These study weeks are available to students on a limited number of visas. To ensure that they are selected, students must complete an application and submit their details before they start the course. The flights, accommodations, and company visits are all funded by the Warwick Business School.

A foreign language course

One of the most popular features of the Master of Science in Management course is the free foreign language study during the first term. This allows students to develop their language skills and improve their confidence. There are six different languages that can be used in this course, and they are all beginner-level.
Warwick Risk Management
Warwick Project Management society
Warwick Management
Tech Crew
93% club warwick
Allotment society
Animal Lovers society
Asian Society


  • Athletics and Cross country
  • Badminton
  • Barbell
  • Cricket (Women’s)
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse

Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into Warwick MSc Management) 


  • Attained a 2.1 in undergraduate studies. 
  • GMAT and GRE scores are not required. Your applications will not be considered or affected by your scores.
  • If you are not a native English speaker, then you must meet a minimum standard in order to pass the course. This means that you must have taken the test within the last two years. You must also show good balance across all sections.

Document Related to the Application

  • References– You must provide a professional or academic reference to your referee. This will allow them to know you well enough to make an informed decision. After you have paid the application fee, your referee will be sent an email with instructions regarding how to submit a reference.
  • CV– Your CV should contain all the necessary information to make an informed decision.
  • Transcripts– It should also show the various modules that you have taken throughout the year. They should also include a list of the final year modules that you have completed. This is very important to make an informed decision as results may not yet be available. If your transcript is not in English, please provide a translation.
  • SOP– Your Personal Statement should be around 500 words long and should include all the necessary information to help you develop as a professional and as a person. It should also include details of the scholarships that you would like to be considered for. Although not mandatory, providing details of these would help strengthen your application.
  • Language test results– You must present a proof of your English language proficiency based on the guidelines mentioned in the previous section.

The application fee for the direct application is £60.

Warwick MSc Management Deadlines

The application process is done online. The deadline for applications is July 31, 2022. However, if all places are filled before the deadline, applications may close earlier.

Most students usually submit their applications for the following academic year in September and January. However, it’s possible to do so if the online form allows it.

Deadline Dates
Deadline 31 July, 2022


Warwick MSc Management Employment/Placement

The career services team at WBS will help you develop a plan for your future and provide you with the necessary guidance to make the most of your time at the university. You can also access a variety of career advice and CV checks.
In addition, through our comprehensive pre-arrival and student careers service, you can get the help and guidance you need to make the most of your time at WBS. We also regularly post job opportunities and events on my.wbs, our online learning platform.





Top Sectors Hiring Warwick MSc Management Graduates

Most of the leading employers in the world offer employment to our graduates. Warwick is currently in the top 40 of the world rankings for its reputation with them and is regarded as one of the most sought-after universities in the UK.

The quality of the job opportunities that Warwick MSc Management graduates have is reflected in the number of highly skilled positions. The top sectors recruiting our graduates are the following-

31%of graduates are employed in the consulting sector, 13.8% in Technology and 10.3% in financial sectors.

Companies recruiting from Warwick MSc Management


  • Capgemini
  • Ernst and Young
  • KPMG


  • PayPal
  • Barclays Capital
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Citibank


  • Google
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • BirdsEye
  • Nielson

Warwick MSc Management Alumni Info

As a member of the WBS alumni community, you can continue to connect with other like-minded individuals and take advantage of our various networking opportunities. At London and Warwick locations, they host exclusive events, including seminars, networking, and business conferences.

The WBS alumni website features a variety of resources for alumni, such as online journals, a directory of fellow graduates, and a Global Mentoring Programme.

Through their graduate program, WBS GraduatePlus, you can continue to receive career support and guidance. You can also connect with other students and teachers through virtual coaching.

Over 260,000 Warwick alumni are currently working in the same field. To help connect them, the University has created professional networks on LinkedIn. These will help alumni and students find each other and connect in similar fields.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Ewa Grzesiuk, Senior Planner, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Carina Latz, HR and recruitment for a global company based in Germany.
  • Arwa Moharram, Managing Partner, Gest for Metals in Cairo

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Letter of Recommendation for Warwick MSc Management

Two recommendation is required as part of the application process. An ideal recommender should be someone who knows you well and has observed and worked with you in a professional setting. They should also be able to provide insight into your potential as a leader with anecdotes and examples.
Your recommenders will evaluate you based on a set of competencies. For instance-

  • Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organization.
  • How does the applicant’s performance compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles?
  • Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response.

Interview Questions for Warwick MSc Management

Set 1
Q: Please introduce yourself (or) Tell me something about yourself
Q: Why do you want to pursue the (( COURSE ))?
Q: Why a MIM degree now? Why not an MBA?
Q: What’s your plan B in case your career plans don’t work out?
Q: Why not study in your home country?
Q: Have you ever lived in any other country or interacted with people from different countries?
Q: What are your future plans? Or what are your short-term and long-term goals?
Q: Why this particular company? What do you know about this role?
Q: What are your major strengths and weaknesses?
Q: Which other schools have you targeted and why?
Q: Tell me about a recent news affair that has caught your attention.
Q: What was your role at your previous job/ Internship?
Q: What makes you unique from the other candidates?
Q: What are you passionate about? Give me some examples of how you have shown it.
Q: What is your proudest achievement?
Q: Give an example of when you failed. What did you learn from the experience?
Q: Give us an example of when you showcased leadership skills.

Set 2
Q: Would you be able to work under pressure with people of different nationalities? Could you give us an example of how you would succeed in this?
Q: How will you add value to the school and your batch mates?
Q: Can you tell me how were you able to get the “Z” result, in this internship you had undertaken? What were the steps you took?
Q: What are the skills required to enter (COMPANY)? Which skills do you have already and which skills do you need to develop?.
Q: How do you plan to deal with placement opportunities? Getting a work visa can be tricky
Q: How will a degree from our school help you in the future? Or what will be your key learnings from this degree?
Q: How do you plan to use the resources of the school?
Q: How would you translate your teamwork from your past experiences to the environment at ((school))?
Q: The work you did on project X seems interesting, can you elaborate on the same?
Q: What does Leadership mean to you?
Q: Give us an overview of your experiences so far.
Q: What has been your biggest obstacle so far and how have you conquered it?
Q: Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted— like a promotion you wanted and didn’t get, or a project that didn’t turn out how you had hoped?
Q: What, according to you, is the best way to inspire people?

What makes Warwick MSc Management Unique

Here are a few facts about Warwick Business School that makes it unique-

  • Warwick Business School is the first business school in the UK to be triple-accredited, and it has been acknowledged for its efforts in improving gender equality. The Athena SWAN Silver Award is given to schools that have made significant progress in addressing gender equality and sexuality issues.
  • MSc Management 1st in the UK and 9th in the world, according to The Economist 2019 ranking
  • The University of Warwick’s research focuses on how businesses and organisations are managed and operated. They have connections with leading universities and government agencies around the world.
  • The school doesn’t require the students to submit a GMAT or GRE score, but a well-balanced score (700+) may strengthen your application.
  • Located in a central location, West Bengal State University is ideal for students who want to study in a dynamic and vibrant environment. The university is also close to London and has easy access to the countryside.



7 Step Game Plan to Build your Profile for 2023 Intake

Limited Slots Left


Is there a limit to the number of courses one can apply to?

You can apply for as many WMG courses as you wish, however, you will need to complete an application form and pay an assessment fee for each course. If you are interested in a postgraduate taught course, you will only be considered for one course in WMG.

How will I gain access to the Application portal?

After you have paid the assessment fee and submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgement email with a link to the WMG Applicant Portal. You will then receive an additional email with instructions on how to access the site.

Can one edit the information added to the application?

If you have not submitted your application yet, you can log back in and amend the details. Once you have paid the application assessment fee and submitted your application, you will need to contact the admissions team.

If you did not pay the application assessment fee, you can still submit a new application. This will allow you to keep your first application, as it will expire after twenty days.

Is there an option available to study part-time?

Some postgraduate courses are available for part-time study, but you should first contact the academic department to see if this is possible. There are a few courses that are specifically designed for this type of study, such as the MBA and the MA in Religious Education.

If you are an international student, you may be able to study part-time at the University of Warwick. However, the institution does not sponsor students for this type of study.

Does Warwick provide accommodation services?

The accommodation service of the University of Warwick provides a variety of accommodation options for postgraduate students. There is also a website that provides information about the various options available to students.

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