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6 Step Action Plan to Land you into your Dream B-School

Top schools receive an average of 104,704+ applications every season. However, only 16%-18% of the applicants make it to their dream schools.

Want to be one of the accepted ones?

MiM-Essay is hosting a live MASTER CLASS, where we will be discussing the ultimate strategy to master a B-School Application.


  • How to choose an Ideal B- School which matches your profile?
  •   Which Extracurricular Activities really matter
  •   How to compensate your low GMAT score by value addition activities
  •   How to frame an effective essay that will help you to stand out from the competition
  •   3 things which define a Good Letter of Recommendation


Rohit Rajaram

After working as an analyst in India, Rohit decided to get some international exposure and went to ESCP Europe to pursue a MiM program. Upon finishing his graduation, he worked in Berlin as an account manager and in Paris as a Strategic Project Manager. After gaining almost 5 years of cumulative professional experience, he decided to come back to India and to become an entrepreneur.

He joined the MiM-Essay as a consultant in 2017. He is now the COO and handles the strategy and business expansion operations of the company. He is also working on other ventures in ed-tech and digital marketing with Abhyank.


Which school to choose according to your profile?

Get clarity on which programs are best for you

Resolved any lingering doubts that you have about the applications