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Wharton MBA Average Salary Insights

Sectors, Locations and Opportunities

The Wharton MBA program is renowned for its prestige, drawing students from various backgrounds and industries worldwide. One of the Wharton MBA's biggest draws is its graduates' high salaries in diverse fields. In this article, we will delve into the Wharton MBA salary in different sectors and locations.

Exploring the Average Graduate Wharton MBA Salary Trends

Average graduate Wharton MBA salary of class 2021: $175,000

wharton mba salary

Wharton School's MBA program sets a benchmark for top-earning postgraduates across different industries. Wharton MBA Class of 2023 Employment Report reveals that the base salary for graduates was $175,000 with $30,000 signing bonus.

The stacks in Wharton MBA graduates` average salaries are remarkably higher than most other business school graduates' salaries worldwide. While the entrepreneurship graduate school program salary ranges for different industries, the report showed that consulting had the highest median base salary at $175,000, followed by finance at $173,513, technology at $153,500, and healthcare and consumer goods industry at $120,000 each.

Please Refer Wharton 2022 Career Report for detailed information. 

Career Path Options for Wharton MBA Graduates

Sector  Placement Stats Average Salary 
Consulting  24.3% $175,000
Consumer Products 1.6% $120,000
Energy 1.0% $150,000
Financial Services 38.6% $173,513
Fintech 2.3% $155,000 
Healthcare 5.6% $160,000 

The average graduate Wharton MBA salary can vary depending on the industry and specific roles, but here are some key salary pointers for various sectors:

1. Consulting

  • Salary: On average, Wharton MBA Program graduates entering consulting roles can expect an impressive starting salary of approximately $175,000.
  • Value Proposition: The skills and strategic thinking developed during the MBA program are highly valued in consulting firms, making graduates sought after for their problem-solving and analytical abilities.

2. Finance

  • Salary: Those entering finance roles, such as investment banking or private equity, can typically anticipate starting salaries averaging around $173,513.
  • Value Proposition: The financial acumen gained at Wharton makes graduates valuable assets in the finance world, leveraging their expertise in financial analysis and decision-making.

3. Technology

  • Salary: Wharton MBA graduates entering the technology sector can expect average salaries of around $153,500.
  • Value Proposition: Equipped with strong analytical and leadership skills, Wharton alumni excel in technology companies, particularly in product management, strategy, or business development roles.

4. Consumer Products

  • Salary: Graduates pursuing careers in consumer products can expect competitive starting salaries of around $120,000.
  • Value Proposition: The strategic marketing and management skills honed during their MBA studies are highly applicable in this sector, positioning graduates for success in multinational corporations or fast-growing startups

Refer the page Wharton MBA Careers for detailed description for the data. 

wharton mba salary

Wharton MBA Salary Across Different Locations

Region Average Salary ($)
Mid-Atlantic 175,000
Midwest 175,500
Northeast 175,000
South 170,000
Southwest 175,000
West 170,000

Understanding the nuances of salary discrepancies is crucial for job seekers, employers, and policymakers alike. In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of comparing salaries in various geographical locations, shedding light on factors that impact income disparities such as cost of living, job demand, and regional economic conditions, as well as taking a closer look at the Wharton MBA Salary.

wharton mba salary

Here's a breakdown of the median base salary by location for Wharton School MBA graduates :

New York City

New York City offers some of the highest MBA salaries due to its status as a major financial and business hub. Graduates working in finance, consulting, and technology in NYC often earn higher salaries than other cities. Salaries here can be 20-30% higher than the national average. Expect average salaries of $160,000 to $200,000 or more, depending on the industry and experience.

San Francisco / Silicon Valley

This region is known for its thriving technology industry and startup ecosystem. MBA graduates working in tech companies in the Bay Area can command impressive salaries, often ranging from $150,000 to $200,000 or more. The high cost of living somewhat offsets these high salaries.


Chicago is a major financial center with a lower cost of living compared to NYC and the Bay Area. Graduates in finance and consulting roles in Chicago can still earn competitive salaries, typically ranging from $140,000 to $180,000.


As another hub for finance, technology, and healthcare, Boston offers strong earning potential for MBA graduates. Salaries here can be in the range of $140,000 to $180,000, depending on the industry.

Los Angeles

Graduates working in Los Angeles can expect salaries slightly above the national average. In entertainment, consulting, and technology, salaries often range from $140,000 to $170,000.

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The Wharton MBA program is undeniably an excellent investment for anyone seeking to advance their career and maximize their earning potential. As one of the top MBA colleges in USA, Wharton consistently delivers high returns on investment, with graduates commanding some of the highest salaries across various sectors and locations. If you're contemplating pursuing an MBA, Wharton should unquestionably be at the top of your list!

Is MBA from Wharton worth it?

 Wharton's MBA program demonstrates a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) as graduates experience substantial financial advancements post-MBA. Current statistics indicate an average ROI between 150% and 200%, underscoring the impactful role of a Wharton MBA in elevating career opportunities and increasing earning capacity.  

Does Wharton require GMAT?

 Before proceeding with your application, it is mandatory to complete the GMAT or GRE. It is advisable to schedule your test at least two weeks before the application deadline to ensure that you can submit your application with all necessary scores. Additionally, please note that scores remain valid for five years from the date of the test.  

What is the interview rate for Wharton?

 Approximately 40% of applicants to Wharton are interviewed, and around one-third of those interviewed receive an offer of admission. It's important to underscore that all candidates undergo an interview as it plays a vital role in providing the admissions committee with a comprehensive understanding of each applicant.  

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