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What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship?

An Overview of Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship

Are you passionate to transform your existing business; scale it up or renew it? If yes, then a Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship program is best suitable for you and your future career. Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship helps to enhance entrepreneurial skills effectively and efficiently. It helps to launch and create new startups, and in finding out and forming opportunities within existing companies or organizations. 

What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship intro

Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship program help students to know the difference between creating and applying opportunities in either existing or new organizations. The program is designed to help students become successful entrepreneurs with the help of forming creative and critical thinking, enhancing interpersonal skills and negotiation skills, and improving decision-making skills especially in times of uncertainty.

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Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship

To pursue Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship applicants need to have multiple things to take admission to their desired university. While the eligibility criteria may vary from university to university, mentioned below is the basic eligibility criteria for pursuing a masters in Strategic management:

  • Applicant must have a bachelors level degree or undergraduate degree in any stream with an average or above-average grade or percentage 
  • TOEFL: 94 (with a minimum score required in Reading and Speaking section is 22 and in Listening and Writing is 21) /IELTS: 6.5 (with a minimum score of 6.5 in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking)
What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship eligibility criteria and program benefits

Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship Program Benefits 

Many educational institutions provide students the chance to pursue an advanced degree in business, but are there any advantages of pursuing a Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship? Well yes, the program is specifically appropriate for the students who are interested in building and managing their own companies or wish to partner or collaborate with other companies or start a new business. Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship gives students hands-on learning experience and practical exposure to the business industry. 

This program helps to develop leadership skills in the students, train them on how to form business plans according to the dynamic situations, search for new ventures, identify and make use of market opportunities, and practice their entrepreneurial skills in several situations. The program trains students to become independent entrepreneurs. Institutions that offer this program include various topics in the curricula such as – Business Innovation, Commercial Leasing, Financial New Ventures, Small Business Management, Business Ethics, Exit Strategies, Value Investing, Resource Management, Intrapreneurship, and Entrepreneurial Planning and Feasibility.

Top B-Schools for Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship

1. Jonkoping University – Master of Science with a major in Business Administration (Strategic Entrepreneurship)

What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship Jonkoping-min

The Master of Science with a major in Business Administration (Strategic Entrepreneurship) program helps students to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. It is applied for both launching and innovating new ideas for start-ups, and identifying new improvements for existing organizations. This program is best suitable for the students who are aiming to go for international careers in different business job roles that require quality strategic decision-making skills and it also for the students who have a business plan to start their own business. In this university students also get a chance to spend one entire semester abroad at one of many partner universities. 

Tenure – 2 years
Fee – SEK 1, 20,000

2. Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GEM) – MSc Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship

What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship Grenoble

The MSc Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship program aims to provide a layout and a toolkit for future entrepreneurs and managers to recognize, assess, and transform business opportunities in either their existing companies or own organizations. The program helps to bring out the realities of the global business industry. The faculty helps students to gain in-depth knowledge about strategic alliances, role mergers, and form an entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial spirit. The program will equip each student to fit in job roles such as Business Developers, Research and Development Manager, B to B Product Managers, Project Managers, etc. 

Tenure – 2 years
Fee – Euro 10,725

3. Halmstad University – Master’s Program in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth

What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship Halmstad university

The Master’s Program in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth program is for the students who hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and aim to have entrepreneurial career goals or want to work in the leadership and marketing department in the international business industry. The master’s program specializes in the process of how to find, innovate, and exploit opportunities and resources for international development and growth with the help of using entrepreneurial strategies. It also aims at the research side which helps to improve marketing and eldership knowledge required in the recent situation. 

Tenure – 2 years  
Fee – SEK 205,000

4. London Business School (LBS) – Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy

What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship London Business school

The Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy is a unique program that is majorly meant for experienced professionals. It is to establish an impactful legacy of their own in the business industry. The university aims to make the class full of highly skilled and qualified senior professionals who are experts in their sector and aim to create a rich and powerful learning environment. The program will teach students the latest business techniques and perform research to improve analytical skills, to sharpen strategic thinking. 

Tenure – 12 months
Fee – Pound 33,600

5. King’s College London – Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation MSc 

What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship Kings college london

The Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation MSc program makes sure that the students with required business management skills succeed in management and business job roles anywhere in the world. The college provides students exceptional insights from the industry with the help of researchers, incubators, practitioners, and experienced entrepreneurs. The programs familiarize students with the main issues of innovative entrepreneurship and also train them in how to grow business and secure finance.  

Tenure – 1 year
Fee – £29,850 per year

Career opportunities after Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship

What is Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship career opportunities

Strategic Entrepreneurship is a discipline that is one important part of Business Management & Entrepreneurship. There are a variety of job roles offered after securing a master’s degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship are such as – Financial Analyst, Project Management Coordinator, Compliance Officer, Business Development Coordinator, Project Analyst, Consumer Insight Analyst, Training and Development Manager, Business Consultant, Business Reporter, etc. The average salary offered after masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship degree is between $69,000 – $97,000. 

This program will help to learn and explore real-world experience as entrepreneurs. It will assist to build a powerful network of business-minded fellows. After pursuing a master’s in Strategic Entrepreneurship students can work in several fields such as – Manufacturing, Finance, and Insurance, Accounting, Health Care and Social Assistance, Mining, Public Administration, Oil and Gas Extraction, and other utilities.  


Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship is highly in demand all across the globe as students are keen to start up their own business or are highly motivated to improve and enhance the working system of an existing business. As for a final verdict, if you are someone knitting entrepreneurial dreams and wish to breathe life into your aspirations, this program will surely transform you into a worthy, well-rounded professional. 







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