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What unique experiential learning opportunities does the Harvard MBA program offer?

At Harvard Business School (HBS), the journey doesn't stop at graduation. It's about transforming your whole career, and that's where the HBS Career & Professional Development (CPD) team comes in. They're like your personal career guide, ready to equip you with all the tools and skills you need to keep growing even after you've left campus.

Your Career Resources

At Harvard Business School, pursuing an MBA is just one aspect of your career journey. You'll receive personalized coaching, gain access to a network of over 86,000 alumni, and have opportunities to partner with global companies. Whether you're interested in internships or entrepreneurship, HBS is dedicated to supporting your professional growth well beyond graduation.

A Dedicated Team

With a team of over 30 career education professionals, the goal is to help both students and alumni find their career path not just for their next job, but for a lifetime. They are experts in connecting the dots, guiding you through your career journey, organizing wonderful events for students and alumni, and strengthening the HBS network by building bridges with employers.

Experienced Coaches

But wait, there's more! Imagine having access to over 60 career coaches. These aren't just any coaches; they're seasoned business vets who’ve been in your shoes. They’re ready to dive in with resume and cover letter workshops, search strategy sessions, interview and negotiation prep, and all the networking tips you could ask for.

Company Connections

CPD doesn’t just stop at advice; it opens doors to over 1,400 companies every year through events, job postings, and interviews. It also has an exclusive database where you can hunt for your dream company or job by industry, location, or function. And it’s not just about what CPD can do—student-led clubs are in on the action, too, networking with organizations to bring more opportunities your way.

The best part? This isn’t a once-and-done deal. From day one at HBS to wherever your career takes you, CPD has your back with job postings, videos, and resources tailored just for you, ready whenever you need them.

Student Fellowships

And for those looking to make an impact, HBS backs you up with internships, loan assistance, and fellowships. They even supported 253 students in internships through the Summer Fellows Program in 2022, helping grads dive into public and nonprofit sectors with Leadership Fellowships.

Global Opportunity Fellowship (GO: AFRICA)

Have you set your sights on making a difference in Africa? The GO Fellowship has you covered, supporting graduates who land a full-time job or start a new venture there

Loan Reduction

Worried about student loans? HBS offers a loan reduction program for grads working in the private sector at a salary below the HBS average. Plus, there’s extra help for alumni aiming for social enterprise with the HBS Social Enterprise Loan Repayment Assistance Program.

Fostering Entrepreneurship

For the entrepreneurs in the room, HBS is a goldmine. With special programs like the Rock Summer Fellows and the HBS New Venture Competition, you're in for a world of learning and opportunity at the Rock Center and the Harvard Innovation Lab.

The Alumni Network

Leaving HBS means joining an expansive network of over 86,000 alumni. It's a community that stretches globally, through alumni clubs all around the world, ready to support and connect with you throughout your career.
At HBS, the journey of growth, opportunity, and community doesn't end after graduation. The CPD team ensures that every student and alum continues to develop long after they have hung up their cap and gown.