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Top 10 Reason for Why Study in Canada is a Good Choice

The northernmost country in North America, Canada consists of three territories that extend from the Atlantic ocean in the East to the Pacific Ocean in the West. It shares it’s the longest state border with the United States of America. Canada is known to be a friendly and diverse country.

Both English and French are considered to be official languages in the country. Canada is home to some of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world – Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

why study in canada canada flag
If you delve a little deeper into the country’s history, you will see that the first settlers of North America, and Canada too, were Siberians. They came here more than 14,000 years back.

In present times, the indigenous population of Canada includes the First Nations, Inuits, and Metis.

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Here are a few fun facts about the country:

  • Canada has the highest number of lakes in the world.
  • The Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland freezes at times giving you an opportunity to play ice hocket in it.
  • Canada has about 5 million international students.
  • There are polar bear-shaped license plates in the northwestern territories of the country.
  • Canada is the most educated country in the world where more than half the population has a college degree.
Student life in Canada can be an extremely wholesome experience. Read on to find out more about why you should consider Canada for your study abroad experience.

1.Canada Values Education

Canada is a country that holds higher education in extremely high regard. It spends more per capita income on its education than any other G-8 country. It also ranks among the top three countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Canadian universities offer its students world-class libraries and sports facilities, museums, art galleries, theatres and concert halls in the campus itself. Every university has great infrastructure and comes with computer labs, classrooms, and internet access, thereby living up to their reputations as great research universities.

Most Canadian universities give their students an opportunity to learn beyond their classrooms. There are options to participate in international exchange programs, gain work experience, and be a part of several extra-curricular societies.

There are excellent educators, scientists, artists, and writers who are a part of these universities giving you an option to truly learn from the best.

2.A Blend of Different Cultures

Canada’s demography is extremely diverse, as we have already stated. It has a perfect blend of artistic, musical, political, literary, and culinary elements in its social scene that will ensure that you never feel like an outsider.

Its diversity is also what makes it extremely welcoming to foreigners. Canadian culture is largely influenced by European traditions and is very community-oriented. It is also an extremely tolerant country. It is progressive and multicultural and as a result, it draws a broad range of constituents.

The major ethnic groups in Canada are English, Scottish, French, Canadian, and Irish. Canada is also regarded as the largest importer of human capital in the world and thereby is a major attraction for immigrants, more so than the US.

The national population growth accounts for only one-tenth of the country’s population growth on a yearly basis.

3.Top Ranked Universities

Canada has the highest number of post-secondary graduates in the world. With 90 universities and 150 colleges, a student has a wide wide range of options to choose from. Due to the huge number of universities in the country, according to the United Nations, Canada offers the highest quality of life.
Canadian colleges are well renowned for their high standards, safe campuses, and educational excellence. Some of the topmost universities in the country are:
university of toronto

A.University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto is ranked #1 in the country with an annual endowment of C$ 1 billion. There are 10 Nobel laureates associated with University of Toronto.

why study in canada university- of british columbia

B.University of British Columbia:

Ranked #2 in the country, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, the University of British Columbia has 71 Rhodes scholars and 65 Olympic medallists.

why study in canada mcgill

C.McGill University

McGill was founded in 1821 is the only Canadian university which was represented in the World’s Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum which invites only 26 universities every year. It also has the highest number of Rhodes scholars.

why study in canada mcmaster university

D.McMaster University:

McMaster University in Ontario has a world-renowned medical school. It holds about 70 international exchange programs for its students every year.

why study in canada university of montreal

E.University of Montreal:

Ranked #5 in the country, the University of Montreal is the second-largest university in the country in terms of the total number of student enrollments.

4.Affordable Tuition Fees in Canada

The tuition fee in Canada is much lower compared to other countries such as the UK, USA, and Australia. The cost of education largely depends upon your choice of subjects and courses.

Canadian universities usually set their fees lower for arts and humanities streams than the medicine or engineering courses. The average cost of undergraduate education in Canada is CA$ 17,337 on an annual basis.

The cost of living in Canada is also one of the lowest compared to other English speaking countries.

5.Immigration Options

why study in canada immigration laws
When someone travels to a foreign country for their studies, they get a temporary student VISA for the duration of their course. Once it ends, if you wish to stay in the same country, you must apply for a work VISA and residence permit.

Canada has a large number of programs that encourage students to transition their VISAs easily.

There is a post-graduate work permit that allows graduates to stay and work on an open work permit after graduation, thereby helping them gain some Candian work experience.

Provinces in Canada also have the Provincial Nominee streams for applicants with experience studying or working in that particular province.

Canada’s federal economic immigration streams offer additional points for gaining Canadian study and work experience to all students and graduates. As of 2015, 51 percent of all international students wanted to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

International students in Canada also have the option to work while they study for up to 20 hours per week during school terms and 30 hours per week (full time) during scheduled breaks. You don’t need a work permit to work on a student VISA.

7. A Safe Country

Another big and important reason for you to choose Canada is personal safety.

Students prefer the country for the same reason. It is the 8th most peaceful country in the world and its geographical location on the world map keeps it away from any international conflicts.

Studying abroad can be an extremely scary experience especially if you are all alone while your friends and family are miles away. Canada can easily take that fear away from you and make you feel peaceful. The Canadian Government is elected democratically.

Also, due to the huge migrant population that makes up for about one-fifth of the country’s total population, the Canadian constitution and laws ensure that the immigrants in the country are never discriminated against and are protected at all costs under any circumstances.

8. Stable Economy and Good Job Prospects

why study in canada stable economy
Canada has one of the largest economies in the world. This creates a large number of opportunities for graduates to work. You can choose leading industries to gain exposure.

Canadian study and work experience are extremely values all across the world should you decide to leave the country and go elsewhere.

Also, living in a bilingual culture will ensure that your language skills are enhanced as well. This will also open doors to several multinational companies for you.

9. Be a Part of the Country’s Technology Wave

In recent times, the Canadian economy has had a technology boost with more and more IT companies being found in the country or those from other countries opening up offices.

This can be a major opportunity for you to be a part of this tech wave and get to work with some of the biggest names in the IT industry.

The IT sector is becoming a force to reckon with these days, attracting more and more talent over foreign countries.

10. Excellent Quality of Life

why study in canada better life quality
The quality of life in Canada is something that cannot be missed.

It ranks above average in the OECD Better Life Index in housing, subjective well-being, personal security, health status, social connections, work-life balance, education and skills, civic engagement, and income and wealth.

It is also a beautiful country where each season is equally breathtaking and gives you an experience that you will truly cherish all your life.

There are a lot of reasons to compel you to choose Canada but we have tried to limit our list to only the top 10. However, as you must have realized by now, living in Canada and studying here will bring more advantages to you, than otherwise.
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