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WU Vienna

Tips & suggestions to perfect your WU Vienna Masters in Management Application

| About WU

The Master in International Management/CEMS is an exclusive international management program which combines two degrees into one 24-months program – WU’s MSc and the CEMS MIM. The program has a diverse curriculum which involves a semester abroad, internship experience and business projects among other things. It is also considered one of the best value for money schools of all the business administration schools.

| Class Profile

Recommended GMAT Score

  • Class Size : 80
  • Average Age : 25 years
  • Nationalities : 50%
  • Female : 50%

How Can You Create Your STRONGEST APPLICATION ever?

Your application has about 30% weightage in your selection chances. Check out what WU Vienna is looking for through its Application Process

WU Vienna MiM Essays

The WU Vienna application comprises of a motivational letter of not more than 600 words.

WU Vienna MiM Resume

A One page Resume (CV)

WU Vienna MiM LOR

Any kind of recommendation letter won’t be taken into consideration.

WU Vienna MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Q1. Motivation Letter (600 words) 

It should focus on the following questions: Why do you want to take the Master’s in International Management/CEMS at WU Vienna? Which areas of study, which courses and topics interest you most, and why?

  A: Students pursuing the Master’s in International Management/CEMS are schooled to take up leadership roles given the globally vulnerable and complex concerns. Thus, the answer to the first question must clearly demonstrate your rationale as to why you choose to study the program at WU Vienna. The Adcom seeks to gain in-depth insights into your career goals to assess your fit to the school.

You need not dive straight into the writing part, before that, you have a lot of research to be done about the school and its program or preferably dig deep into their website. After having some information at hand, we advise you to write about your work experience, academic performance, and why you choose this specific school in alignment with your career goals. You can constructively breakdown your answer in paragraphs to give a concise outlook. The secret ingredient while writing your answer lies in maintaining a transition in its totality. Further, you can elaborate on the resources which the school offers to its students to become global leaders.

Moving to the second question that needs to be tackled, your answer to this would enables the Adcom to appraise the volume of planning that went into your career so far. This question gives you ample space to contemplate and write about your academic interests.  You can strategically mould your answer along the lines of the program.

The question gives you the flexibility to structure your answer around the graduation program pursued, additional courses undertaken, and other subject-matters of interest. Let your answer speak for the driving force that propelled you toward your academic pursuits. Frame the answer such that the admission committee deciphers you as a keen learner.

To showcase interest in additional topics, we recommend students to portray their curiosity in such fields, for instance, historical reading, technology, artificial intelligence, and the like. The intent is to dwell on those fields of interest that are distinct from your core studies or curriculum.


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Acceptance Rate

Less than 12% of the Applicants who apply for WU Vienna MiM program get accepted.

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