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WU Vienna MiM

The Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) is a public university in Vienna, Austria, also referred to as Europe’s largest university in Business and Economics. It has been named one of Europe’s top business schools

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WU Vienna MiM Introduction



International Students




Alumni Network






Course Duration

24 Months


Course Fee





Herein, we shall particularly talk about the MiM program offered by the WU Vienna, which is considered the most sought after MiM program in the world. Its exclusive tie-up with CEMS, which implies that after pursuing the program, one essentially gains two joint degrees, i.e., WU’s MSc and the CEMS MIM, makes the program all the more exclusive. 

Following are some of the significant aspects of the program that are worth knowing:

  • An English taught program.
  • Conducted in a full-time framework.
  • The tenure of the program is of about two years.
  • Has a diverse curriculum that involves a semester abroad, internship experiences and numerous business projects to instil the practical applicability of the Management acumen that they shall build during the pursuance of the program. 

Moreover, the QS World University Rankings by Subjects 2020 place Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) at 37th among more than 13,000 universities worldwide that offer degrees in Business & Management.

WU Vienna Class Profile

In terms of a MiM program, WU Vienna allows students many opportunities, particularly concerning world-class education, and leads them to establish intimate relationships in the business community. Moreover, the opportunity to live in the beautiful city of Vienna is an experience of its own. 

Average Age






Average Work Ex


Average GPA

Class Size


WU Vienna MiM Acceptance Rate

Since WU Vienna is one of the numero uno educational institutions globally, it has a low acceptance rate. The university opts for the best possible students for all its programs, particularly MiM. 

Program and Curriculum of WU Vienna MiM

WU Vienna are amongst the largest universities in Europe, with 23,000 students coming from 110 nations. The school offers a remarkably diverse campus environment, and it boasts of accreditation via EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA, making it a proud carrier of the “triple accreditation”. The WU also has a giant network with 240 partner universities, and it offers students international experiences through its exchange programs and summer universities in central, eastern, and southern Europe as well as in Asia and the USA. All these features make WU one of the most sought-after schools in the world.

Core Course

  • Managing Globalization
  • Global Strategic Management
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Global Financial Management
  • Global Management Practice


    The electives are offered in the following academic areas:

    • Functional Courses with International Perspective
    • International Industries
    • International Markets
    • International Environments

    Exchange Program

    Being a part of the CEMS alliance, students at WU Vienna get to spend a semester in one of the CEMS partner schools. Students can choose from around 30 schools and spend a semester in different countries.

      Eligibility and Requirements (How to get intoWU Vienna MiM) 


      In the pursuit of drawing out a detailed account of the eligibility criteria for pursuing MiM at WU Vienna, we have provided you with the following details: 

      • Relevant Bachelor’s program or other equivalent degree programs (worth at least 180 ECTS credits) at WU Vienna
      • If you apply with an equivalent degree program, examinations have to be documented in the following subject:60 ECTS credits have to be earned by passing exams in business administration.
      • Proof of sufficient proficiency in English – C1/C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference: (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English: CAE, CPE and BEC are valid)
      • Proof of very good oral skills (B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference) and good written skills (B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference) in one of the CEMS languages.
      • Proof of elementary-level (or higher) skills in any third language.
      • Valid GMAT score

      Document Related to the Application

      Following are the documents that are of the utmost importance-

        • Online application form
        • Motivation Letter
        • GMAT/GRE Score
        • One page CV
        • 2 Letters of recommendation: One academic & one professional
        • A copy of the college transcript
        • IELTS, TOEFL, Academic score (for some international students)

        WU Vienna Deadlines

        Date Deadline Results Expected by
        September 1 2021

        Rolling admissions begin in the fall of 2022

        Decembere 8 2021 Priority deadline 1

        All applications received up to this date shall be processed, and the students shall be chosen. The results should be available by mid-December 2021.

        January 8 2022 Priority Deadline 2

        All applications received until this date will be processed, and students will be chosen. The results are expected to be available by the end of March 2022.

        March 18 2022 Priority Deadline 3 All applications received up to this date will be processed, and students will be chosen. The results should be available by mid-June 2022


        WU Vienna MiM Employment

        Overall, MiM WU Vienna placements are pretty good, and hence it is an attractive proposition for most people. 






        Top Sectors Hiring WU Vienna Graduates

        The top sectors in which WU Vienna MiM graduates are placed are :

        1. Consulting

        2. Finance

        3. Corporates

        Companies recruiting from WU Vienna MiM


        • AT Kearney
        • Bain & Company
        • Deloitte
        • McKinsey


        • Facebook
        • Google
        • Microsoft
        • Nokia

        Consumer Products

        • L‘Oréal
        • Procter & Gamble
        • Reckitt Benckiser
        • Whirlpool

        WU Vienna MiM Alumni Info

        The WU Alumni Club is a one-stop-shop for connecting with the school’s almost 4,600 alumni. Every year, the club hosts around 70 events, including lectures and seminars, guided art tours, and social gatherings.

        The Alumni Club has a global network of more than 40 locations. Panel discussions, lectures, workshops, seminars, guided art tours, and social activities are all planned by Sting.

        Some Famous Alumni

        • Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (Chairman and CEO of Nestlé AG),
        • Hikmet Ersek (CEO of Western Union),
        • Dietrich Mateschitz (Founder and CEO of Red Bull)

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        Application Essay for WU Vienna MiM

        The WU Vienna MiM application consists of a motivation letter. The motivation letter should be no longer than 600 words. It should focus on the following questions:

        • Why do you want to take the Master’s in International Management/CEMS at WU Vienna?
        • Which areas of study, which courses and topics interest you most, and why?

        Letter of Recommendation for WU Vienna MiM

        To submit an application for a MiM program at WU Vienna, you need to share a document called the Letter of Recommendation attested by a referee. Also, one needs to share the names of the referee and their details. 

        In order to do so, you must first find someone to serve as your referee. This person might be one of the following:

        • your current employer (if you don’t intend to ask your current employer to be a referee, a colleague shall suffice).
        • Someone who knows you well in a work context, such as a former employer or long-standing client (if you don’t want to ask your current employer to be a referee, a colleague will suffice). 

        The university shall send your referee an email with log-in details for their online reference system when you enter their information into the online application form. In connection with your application, WU Vienna reserves the right to contact your referee for additional information.

        Interview Questions for WU Vienna MiM

        To give you a better idea of the questions, allow us to share a set of questions that can potentially prepare you for a real interview.

        Initial Questions – 

        1. Who is (your name)? Who are you? Introduce yourself to me. What do you bring to the table?
        2. What are you engaged in currently?
        3. Why did you opt for your current job profile?
        4. How important is this job for you? Does your company really serve its motto?
        5. What forces you to get out of the bed?
        6. What are your short-term and long-term goals? How close do you think you are to achieving them?

        Questions on Teamwork and Leadership –

        1. What does leadership mean to you?
        2. Do you think you are a leader? If you do, what makes you one?
        3. How would you define your style to lead people?
        4. Did you ever lead a project? What are your strengths and weaknesses that you got to know while leading that project in particular?
        5. Who is a successful business leader for you? 
        6. Talk to me about an incident wherein you resolved a conflict as a leader. 

        Behavioural Questions –

        1. Talk to me about your parents and your initial upbringing.
        2. How did your childhood influence you?
        3. Would you define yourself as a risk-taker? If yes, why do you do so?
        4. How would you define your personality?
        5. What are the strong aspects of your personality?
        6. What was the last time when you were the most decisive?

        Questions to Gauge Your Aptitude to Pursue Global Education –

        1. Talk to me about the cultural aspects of your life. What do you bring in terms of your culture to WU Vienna?
        2. Talk to me about your international experiences and what you learned from them. 
        3. How would you be able to deal with the challenges you might face in terms of dealing with a diverse group of people at the university?
        4. How would you contribute to the diversity at the university?
        5. Talk to me about a recent international news affair that might have caught your attention.

        What makes WU Vienna MiM Unique

        Well, several reasons!


        The WU Vienna MiM curriculum is well-known for its high quality and rigour. It strikes an exciting balance between case discussions, lectures, and group work, which is an obvious benefit for students who believe that the case method alone cannot adequately teach some fundamental ideas. 

        Student Body

        WU Vienna has a highly diversified student body. For instance, about 29% of students today are international students representing 50+ different countries. In fact, the ratio of female students continues to rise, which has happened to reach about 50 %.

        It’s Vienna! Hello!

        The school’s location is an essential factor to consider. Vienna is a fantastic city, particularly with a busy nightlife, a rich cultural atmosphere, and a scrumptious, mindboggling food scene. 


        The WU Vienna University Economics offers the Master of International Management, a distinctive international combined degree programme. If the Vienna University of Economics and Business’s International Management / CEMS Program interests you, please acquaint yourself with all pertinent details on the application procedure, requirements, and deadlines.


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        What are my odds of being accepted to WU Vienna if I meet the basic requirements?

        The completion of the fundamental criterion that deals with basic requirements assures you merely the successful application. But it does not ensure admission of the candidate as it entirely depends on the quality of the candidature, the whole profile, competition, and so much more. 

        What are the crucial factors that the Admission Committee consider while interviewing the candidates?

        There is no one ultimate approach that can help you secure admission to the program. While evaluating an applicant’s profile, the Admission Committee prefers to take a holistic approach. Therefore, there is no sure shot formula of an approach that one can mention. 

        However, a well-balanced profile can surely leave an impact on AdCom. 

        Is it necessary for a candidate to have Commerce or Business degree in order to pursue this programme?

        Certainly not! At WU Vienna, the AdComs are devoted to the concept of diversity. As a result, there is no clause per se as per which only the Business or Commerce students can apply for a MiM at WU Vienna. 

        Can one apply for the programme until the conclusion of the application deadline?

        Well, one would advise you not to. The ideal approach is to apply as soon as it is feasible for you. 


        My undergraduate GPA does not accurately reflect my academic ability. So, in order to balance that, should I enrol in another course?

        Nope. Instead, one must focus on getting a solid GMAT or GRE score.

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