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York Schulich MBA GMAT & Class Profile

Schulich MBA GMAT & Class Profile: Scores, Insights & FAQs

Step into a world of opportunity as we delve into the prospect of studying at Schulich. Elevate your aspirations with the renowned Schulich MBA program, where academic excellence meets global connectivity. Join us as we explore how the Schulich MBA GMAT score serves as a gateway to this vibrant community and unlocks doors to endless opportunities in business and management.

Let's delve into what makes the Schulich MBA program stand out.

Average Schulich MBA GMAT Scoreschulich mba gmat

The average Schulich MBA GMAT for the Class of 2024 is an impressive 660.

While there isn't a strict GMAT cut-off in the Schulich MBA program admission criteria, candidates must attain a minimum score of 550 GMAT (515 GMAT Focus) to be eligible for consideration. However, aspiring candidates should aim for a balanced score of 660 GMAT (615 GMAT Focus) to stand out in the competitive landscape and align with the successful candidates' profiles.

This balanced score, achieving at least the 50th percentile across all exam measures, is pivotal in securing your spot in Schulich's prestigious MBA program. It is important to note that these are just average scores, and meeting the minimum requirement does not guarantee admission to the program.

The admission process at Schulich is holistic, and various factors such as work experience, academic performance, essays, and references are considered when reviewing applications.

Year-on-Year Schulich MBA GMAT Trends

schulich mba gmat

Witness the evolution of Schulich MBA GMAT scores over the past six years. While Schulich's GMAT scores have not experienced continuous growth, they have demonstrated a steady trend, reflecting the enduring quality of applicants.

The table below tracks the progression of Schulich MBA GMAT scores and provides insights into the calibre of candidates entering the program.

Year Average GMAT Score
2024-25 660
2023-24 645
2022-23 639
2021-22 660
2020-21 650
2019-20 670

Significance of GMAT in Schulich MBA 

Schulich uses GMAT scores as one of many factors in the admission decision process. The average GMAT score helps evaluate applicants' quantitative and verbal reasoning abilities and analytical writing skills. In addition, Schulich considers a candidate's overall profile, including work experience, academic performance, essays, references, and the GMAT scores.

Test Waiver for GMATschulich mba gmat

To qualify for a Schulich MBA program, applicants must take the GMAT/GMAT Focus, irrespective of their academic or professional background. However, exceptions may arise. The admissions committee occasionally grants waivers for the GMAT/GMAT Focus or GRE requirement, particularly for candidates with CFA Level I or higher and CPA certifications.

Schulich MBA Class Profile

schulich mba gmat

Discover the diverse and impressive Schulich MBA class profile, which highlights why admission is so competitive. It emphasizes the importance of good GMAT and GRE scores and a strong profile.

The MBA class profile showcases a variety of backgrounds, skills, and a willingness to share ideas. It includes professionals from finance, consulting, technology, and healthcare. Schulich's supportive community guides students through every step of their journey, regardless of where they come from.

The following table showcases the class profile of students from the 2023 MBA class:

Average Age 31
Average Work Experience 5
Average GMAT 639
Average GPA 6.67
Class Size 318
Male 56%
Female 44%

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In conclusion, grasping the significance of Schulich MBA GMAT scores and class profiles is vital for those targeting enrollment in one of the top MBA colleges in Canada, the Schulich School of Business. GMAT scores are a key admissions component, showcasing a candidate’s analytical and problem-solving prowess, which are indispensable for thriving in the challenging MBA curriculum.

Is Schulich MBA hard to get into?

It's generally a highly competitive process when it comes to gaining admission to Schulich's business program, and the specific criteria and expectations for international applicants can differ. Typically, acceptance is determined by considering a mix of academic performance, extracurricular involvement, professional background, and other relevant factors.

Does Schulich MBA require GMAT?

To qualify for a Schulich MBA, applicants must take the GMAT/GMAT Focus, irrespective of their academic or professional background. However, exceptions may arise. The admissions committee occasionally grants waivers for the GMAT/GMAT Focus or GRE requirement, particularly for candidates holding a CFA Level I or higher and CPAs.

Is a Schulich MBA worth it?

Jobs & ROI. Schulich MBA graduates are highly employable and have a good return on investment (ROI) after completing the program. In fact, according to the QS MBA ranking, Schulich MBA graduates have an average York Schulich MBA salary of USD 97,311 within three years of graduation.

How many people get accepted into Schulich?

York Schulich BBA receives over 7,000 applications each year and has 425-495 spots available for the entering class.

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