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MiM Student Profile

MiM Student Profile Survey

Discovering the Profile of a MiM student

Here are some questions that the MiM Student Profile would help you answer….

  • What are the admission committees of top Masters in Management schools looking for?
  • What is the average class profile of a MiM school? Where is the bar for the admission set?
  • How does one maximize his chances of admission into LBS, HEC, ESCP, Fuqua or IE??

What exactly will the MiM Student Profile teach me?

Well the MiM Student Profile Survey was designed to answer several of the questions that are raging in a prospective MiM students mind, such as

  • How strong should my GMAT be?
  • How much do the extracurriculars matter?
  • How international are these schools actually?
  • Am I too old for the MiM?
  • Do I have too less or too much work experience?
  • What is the ideal CGPA schools are looking for?


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Presenting the Masters in Management student profile survey, taken by 127 MiM students, in an attempt to decipher what were the key factors which led to their admission.

Often argued as the most important part of the application process, one usually wants a GMAT score above 700 to cement his chances of acceptance.

Though the median scores of colleges usually hover around 690-710, a lower GMAT is definitely not a deal breaker.

One can observe from the survey that a substantial population of the students had scores below 680. A strong profile with a good academic track record can go a long way towards mitigating a low GMAT score.

Also, some colleges accept alternative exams, which you can write to get admission, these include EMAT, TAGE Mage (For French Schools), IELTS, GRE, TM Base (For German Schools) and a few others.

Though a strong CGPA is always a plus point in your application, one can observe that students with a varied range of academic scores have successfully gained admission.

One reason for this is that colleges know that some specific schools have tough grading process and hence will judge your grades accordingly.

Alternatively, the person may be involved in lots of activities and by giving a proper justification via essays, would be able to mitigate the effect of low CGPA.

This question was included to give an idea of the diversity in a MiM program. Students from over 26 countries study together to lend a very dynamic environment to the campus.

An upside of belonging to a country which is not well represented in the MiM student body is that you have a stronger chance to get accepted. This is because schools try their best to maximise the diversity of incoming batch for various reasons (one of them is global rankings)

The downside is that some schools also have unofficial limits on the number of students they accept from specific regions. This is especially true for countries such as India and China where a high volume of applications come from.

Though the MiM marketed as a degree for young graduates, the international student body usually consist of students from various age groups, going up to 27 years in some cases.

So never think you are too old to apply for a MiM.

Business schools love different backgrounds, you will find die, hard engineers, savvy business majors and creative humanities students studying together and working on various group projects.

There are also a number of students who have done their UG in language studies, so the subject of your UG degree is not a constraint at all.

One thing interesting here is that if you have a very different background (say a degree in Archaeology or Psychology) or some unique skill (e.g.- a handwriting analysis expert), it can really work in your favour if framed well in the application essays.

Often marketed as a degree for young graduates, the MiM is also a very popular choice for people who have up to 3 years of work experience.

Schools favor work experience because such individuals tend to have a better understanding of the corporate culture are more placement ready and tend to bRING learnings from their respective fields. Also, the work experience provides some very interesting material to showcase in the application essays.

Most of the international students entering the MiM course tend to have 1 year of work experience on an average.

If you have a small amount of work experience or want to gain some experience working in the international field, the MiM has a very interesting gap year or gap semester concept, where one can take a break from studies and do a couple of 6-month internships. This can boost your market value when you try to find a job after graduation.

Different people have different reasons for joining MiM. Some want to explore the world while some want to use it as a way to improve their job prospects and some want to change their field of work and for some it is just an alternative to an MBA degree.

These tend to be the top four reasons why students select the Masters in Management degree.

Only 12% people feel that GMAT played a detrimental role in obtaining their college admission. They felt a much higher weight age was given to-

  • Having an open and global mindset.
  • Strong extracurricular activities.
  • Work experience.

The MiM provides excellent opportunities to get into top companies in almost all major sectors ranging from Consulting, Finance, Marketing to Operations & Energy.

As can be seen from the survey, a majority of the aspirants want to get into consulting, finance or marketing field.

Each of these sectors recruits heavily from top MiM schools and fetch handsome salaries for the graduates.

This question provides a suitable answer to the old debate of MiM vs MBA.

You can notice that only a small percentage of students feel the need to do an MBA after successful completion of the MiM and most prefer to go for an Executive MBA later in life if they feel the need.

This is mainly because there are a lot of similarities in the curriculum of a MiM and an MBA, and both degrees do a splendid job of preparing the students for a career in Management. Hence, MiM students do not feel the need to supplement their education with an MBA degree as most of their needs have been met already.

With profile elements such as extracurriculars, age, CGPA, nationality, and your under graduation stream being out of scope for much improvement now, you are left with only GMAT, essays, and LORs to make your application stronger. So make sure you put all your effort into making them the best possible.

We hope the MiM Student Profile helped in clearing some of your masters in management related doubts, you may want to check out our Essay Editing and LOR services to know how we can help you get admitted into your dream college.

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