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Top Universities For Masters In Management

Know the perfect GRE/Gate score needed to get into your dream school.

What is Masters in Management?

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re not familiar with the best Masters in Management (MIM) programs. It is a fairly new concept, after all. And anyway, the only credible management program that is out there is the MBA, isn’t it?

Here’s where you’re wrong!

Although relatively new, the Masters in Management is a highly comprehensive program, and just the right way to kick-start your career in the field of Marketing, Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship among many others. Also, most good b-schools feature Master in Management universities ranking at the top, with the program as a part of their curriculum. Unlike an MBA, the MIM colleges program looks for fresh and recent graduates that either have no, or minimal work experience. This program draws in on individuals interested in strategy, analytics, business, economics, and similar modules. That being said, one just simply cannot pick one degree over the other when it comes to MIM vs. MBA. Both degrees have their own pros and cons that one can weigh out, and both degrees win in their respective criteria. Read the whole blog to find about the best MIM colleges programs in the world.

MIM is originally a European-found degree, which has now spread all over and has found its place in most top business schools over the globe. Many universities have started taking notice of the degree and have begun to include it in their course programs. A MIM program typically lasts from up to 10 months to 2 years and provides you with a selection of tailor-made courses that are sure to strengthen all of your business bases. In the recent times, with the start-up areas booming in several industries, the number of applicants applying for an MIM colleges degree had rapidly increased, owing to the comprehensive nature of the course. The nature of the course is such that individuals coming from non-management backgrounds looking to switch their field of studies can also apply for the program without having to worry too much about not having a management, marketing, or business background.

Selecting a School

The aim for any applicant while selecting a school to pursue a degree from is the quality of education in the target universities, the courses taught, the experience of the faculty, the student community, the clubs and extracurricular activities one can indulge in, and most importantly – the overall extent to which one has a scope of learning and expanding, in terms of professionalism. This not only provides the applicant with the means to study filtered out and quality courses, but also paves the way for their future jobs at big firms.

It is common knowledge that graduating from a reputed top school opens up a lot of doors professionally, with employers from big firms inviting you in to work with them. This is why school selection plays a huge role in setting you up for success in your field of choice. It is one aspect that cannot be taken lightly and must be paid a lot of attention to. One must invest a lot of time and energy into the process of narrowing down a list of the best schools that would be good targets to aim for. To make the job simpler for you, down below, we have listed the top schools to pursue a MIM colleges degree from.

Since MIM as a degree originated from European countries, it makes sense that a lot of top B-schools are situated in European countries. Although this, is no way means that schools that offer best Masters in Management programs, and are not situated in Europe are not good schools. The Masters in Management universities ranking depends on a number of factors. Various aspects of the schools listed below have been taken into consideration while choosing them as the top schools. These areas of consideration are as follows:

  • The tuition fee in these schools
  • The employment opportunities post-MIM from these schools
  • The average salary that is given to those who graduate from these schools
  • The location of the school etc.

These factors help in narrowing down schools that satisfactorily fulfill all the criterion as listed above.

So, let’s have a look at some of the top MIM colleges that one can aim to get into:

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What is the best Masters in Management programs | FT Ranking 2018

1.University of St. Gallen

The “Master of Arts Strategy and International Management” of St. Gallen is ranked at number 1 in terms of top b-schools for a MIM degree. The MIM program at St. Gallen is considered to be one of the most comprehensive and sought-after courses. The exceptional faculty is entirely comprised of doctorates, 77% of which are international faculty. This is reassuring to know since you’ll be studying at the hands of professors who are diverse and global in nature. St. Gallen is among the best MIM colleges.

Moreover, the global-oriented curriculum consisting of the SIMagination Challenge and SIM International Projects will help the students gain an international perspective through exposure to foreign cultures.

Duration of the program: 18 Months

Location: Switzerland

The different programs St. Gallen offers are as follows:

  • Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management – This is typically an 18 month course which provides you with opportunities to work with companies for class projects. It is targeted towards individuals with a background in Economics, Business Administration, etc.
  • Master of Arts in Banking and Finance – This 18-month program is targeted mainly towards individuals who have a background in Finance, although it is not a pre-requisite for the degree.

The Class Profile of St. Gallen is as follows:


Situated in Paris, HEC has undoubtedly proven to be one of the best schools to pursue a MIM degree from. Considered as one the top Masters in Management programs ranking at number 2, it consists of a highly competitive set of students trying their luck at getting it. With its strong reputation and a wide variety of specialization degrees and programs, it has proved that the brand name it has created over the years is well-deserved. The overly competitive pool of applicants is further proof of its quality of education. It has a high rate of placements and is well acknowledged among the top big firms in the fields of Consulting and Finance. HEC is one of the if not the best MIM colleges globally.

Duration of the program: 18 Months

Location: Paris

The Class Profile of HEC is as follows:

3.IE Business School

The IE Business school, within the short span of 40 years has come up to become one of the best and top ranked MiM schools over the globe. The school is well-known for its innovativeness in terms of the courses provided. It is highly focused on working in groups and teams and is the perfect choice for budding entrepreneurs. Clubs such as Net Impact Club provide a safe and encouraging space for applicants to grow and network in. Moreover, Global Immersion Week acts as the perfect opportunity for applicants with an entrepreneurial spirit. IE mainly targets young professionals with tentatively 0-2 years of work experience which gives a great opportunity to fresh graduates to apply. This is also a good option for applicants who are targeting schools that don’t require a GMAT. They can opt to give the separate IeGAT exam instead. IE is one of the most prestigious and top MIM colleges worldwide.

Duration of the program: 10 Months

Location: Madrid, Spain

IE offers 5 separate specializations to choose from. They are as follows:

  • International Business
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Sales and marketing
  • Digital Business
  • Financial Management and Control

The Class Profile of IE is as follows:


LBS is one of the most popular schools when it comes to best Masters in Management programs. The MiM program at LBS boomed in a very short span of time since it was only introduced 6-7 years ago. In this time, it has managed to secure a rank in the top 10 b-schools in the world. The LBS is known for its rich alumni network along with its concise curriculum and is the right fit for recent graduates who are looking to apply in schools that have a strong connection with huge global corporations. LBS is the best MIM colleges in the UK and among the very best ones globally.

Duration of the program: 12 Months

Location: London

The different specializations offered by LBS are as follows:

The Class Profile of LBS is as follows:


This highly competitive school is one of the most sought-after schools according to the rankings provided by the FT Times. Its double degree partnerships coupled with the apprentice program placements make it a highly attractive course to apply for. Additionally, the great placement opportunities with a large number of big firms and companies only add to the value of the school. (The placement rate is 98.2% within 6 months from graduation). ESSEC is among the very best MIM colleges in the world.

Duration of the program: 24 Months

Location: Singapore campus, Paris campus

The Class Profile of ESSEC is as follows:


ESCP is the oldest business school in the world and is known for its strict admission policies. It has an excellent reputation in terms of quality of education and the course structure. ESCP is often overlooked as a business school in countries other than France since it does not provide an MBA program. But the fact that ESCP focuses on the MIM since it is its flagship program gives assurance to the fact that a lot of time and resources have been put into tailoring the perfect program. ESCP is one of the best MIM colleges in the world.

 Duration of the program: 22 Months

Location: Paris, Berlin, London, Warsaw, Turin, Madrid

The Class Profile of ESCP is as follows:


This one of the best Masters in Management programs university ranking at number 7 is also known as WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management (or WHU Vallendar). The school is one of the top German schools for a MIM program. WHU stands for Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Unternehmensführung in German, which translates to “academic institution of higher education for corporate management”.

The course is a 17-21-month program which focuses on areas of Business Administration and aims at solidifying all business bases. The WHU curriculum ensures the practical application of theoretical concepts. It also has a compulsory internship component, which helps in gaining good experience in a work environment, which explains better why it is one of the best Masters in Management universities, ranking higher in the lists. It is one of the best MIM colleges globally.

Duration of the program: Either 17 months (90 credits) or 21 months (120 credits track)

Location: Vallendar, Germany.

The programs offered by WHU are as follows:

  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Management
  • Master in Entrepreneurship

The Class Profile of WHU is as follows:


The Masters in Management program at ESADE is focused on teaching its students the value and scope for growth of business in the coming years. The students are compulsorily made to choose one out of 3 languages (German, Spanish, French) during their studies which helps in profile building.

ESADE has over 70 nationalities, with its diverse student community and teaching environment, it prepares its students to adapt to various cultures in a diversified working environment at their future jobs. This increases the chances of students getting picked for jobs at big corporations due to the diverse set of candidates. The overseas internship opportunities and International study tours give the students further exposure to a foreign culture. ESADE is known globally as a one of the best MIM colleges.

Duration of the program: 10 months

Location: Barcelona

The other programs ESADE offers are as follows:

  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in Global Strategic Management
  • MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • MSc in International Management
  • MSc in Marketing Management

The average Class Profile of WHU is as follows:


The CEMS is an exceptionally well-known International Management program that was founded in the last 1980s. It is a post-graduate degree that is open to a certain group of applicants who have enrolled in the MiM program at one of the leading universities in the 30 business schools that are with alliance to CEMS. These schools are considered as one of the best Masters in Management universities ranking at the top of the list. The CEMS program is corporate partners with 70 top global companies and is dedicated to providing the best management education there is.

The program makes sure the students complete one internship term and two academic terms, keeping in mind that the academic terms remain consecutive. It also encourages students to spend 2 out of 3 terms in a foreign country. This is of immense help to students and helps them by increasing their chances of getting into global corporations looking for diverse applicants. CEMS is undoubtedly among best MIM colleges in the world.

The curriculum of CEMS MiM includes 5 concise courses, namely

  • Internationalism
  • Business Embeddedness
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Comprehensive Leadership
  • Reflective Critical Thinking

The curriculum remains uniform among all 30 business schools, and an additional perk is recruitment to one of the partner global companies. Moreover, the tri-national track allows students to gain global exposure by getting a chance to study in up to 3 countries.

Duration of the program: Some 1 years, some 2 years, depending on the course you take up.

Location: 30 Countries.

The average Class Profile is as follows:

10.University of Bocconi

The program at MiM focuses on economics, business and law, and also research. It is primarily known as a research university. It is centered on teaching business and economics based knowledge to prospective managers and researchers from all over the world. They also focus on increasing the aptitude of applicants, along with their analytical and problem-solving skills that are required to work as consultant, entrepreneur or manager.

The core courses in the program revolve around interactive and team work enhancement. One of the best features of Bocconi is its joint double degree programs with ESADE, Barcelona; FGV-EAESP, Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo; University of St.Gallen, Switzerland; IIMAhmedabad, India; University of Queensland, Australia; Cass School of Business, London; and Darla Moore School of Business, US. Moreover, it also gives the students an opportunity to study two foreign languages, which is why it is rightfully one of the top universities for Masters in Management. Bocconi is one of the top MIM colleges worldwide.

Duration of the program: 18 Months

Location: Bocconi, Italy.

The MiM program at Bocconi is divided into three programs. They are as follows:

  • MSc in International Management
  • CEMS Master in International Management Program
  • China in the International Management Program

The average Class Profile of Bocconi program is as follows:


Schools are abundant, which is why one needs to browse through a list of schools to narrow down on a good set of Masters in Management universities ranking at the top. Quality of education must never be compromised on, which is something these schools abide by with great determination. Through time, they have built a great reputation in providing the best possible courses to hone one’s skill-set, making them ready to accomplish their goals by the time they finish the program.

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