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St. Gallen Essays

Essays are a crucial component of the MBA application process, as they offer candidates the opportunity to express their personal and professional achievements, their goals and aspirations, and their fit for the program. By providing a platform for applicants to showcase their unique experiences and perspectives, essays help admissions committees gain insight into who they are beyond their grades and test scores.

Admissions committees use essays to assess the applicant's communication skills, analytical abilities, and overall fit with the program. Careful consideration and attention to detail while crafting essays can significantly enhance an applicant's chances of being accepted into the St. Gallen MBA program.


Essay 1
Please detail your short- and long-term career plans. As part of your answer, please include: (a) how studying both in Switzerland, and specifically on the St. Gallen MBA, would impact upon these plans; and (b) your back-up plan, should your immediate post-MBA plans not be successful.

When answering the question about your short- and long-term career plans for the essay, it's important to be specific and realistic. Discuss the skills and knowledge you hope to gain from the program and how you plan to apply them to your career. Overall, the key is to demonstrate a clear and thoughtful understanding of your career goals and how the St. Gallen MBA program will support them.

Essay 2
Think of a well-known business leader, and outline the reasons why you believe he/she is undeserving of his/her public acclaim. (500 words)

When answering a question like this, it's important to be thoughtful and respectful in your response. Start by researching the leader and gathering information on their career and accomplishments. Focus on specific examples of behavior or decisions that you disagree with, and provide evidence to support your claims. Remember to offer constructive criticism and avoid personal attacks.

St. Gallen Essay Tips

  • St. Gallen has strict word limits for their essays, so make sure you are concise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary details or repeating information from your resume or other essays.
  • St. Gallen values teamwork and leadership skills, so make sure to highlight your specific experiences in these areas whether it's related to your personal or professional work.
  • The university is well known for its research, particularly in the fields of business and law. Through your essay answers, make sure to let them know that you have done extensive research.
  • St. Gallen University is the only Swiss university to focus exclusively on business and economics. Frame your essays from a economic point of view for better consideration.
  • Try to incorporate a law perspective in your essays to increase your chances as the university values candidates with leadership skills and is focused towards law as a subject matter.
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