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Duke Fuqua MMS Interview Questions

The Duke Fuqua’s Master of Management Studies Interview is usually ”one to one” and is conducted by an alumni or a member of the admission committee. The interviewer will have access to your resume/CV only.

Since interviewers only have an allotted time slot to get to know you better, don’t waste all your time on talking about just one skill or answering just one question. Find the right balance between brevity and details.

Also, keep in mind that Duke is looking for candidates who have the attributes of creating an impact and leaving a legacy. Make sure that you are able to show these two qualities in your answers.

You can read more about Duke Fuqua at its website or by looking through our Duke MMS Review.

During the interviews, it is easy to forget in your nervousness that these alums were students themselves , and hence know perfectly how you must be feeling. They will usually be less critical of your faults so we suggest not to be nervous, smile at them, make good eye contact and have an open and lively conversation.


    So here is a list of Duke Master of Management Studies Interview questions from one of our recent clients.

    1. Could you give me a brief introduction about yourself before I start with the interview?
    2. You have already done an exchange at Duke during your bachelors? How was the experience?
    3. Since you mentioned that being in a peer group of various cultures has benefited you in many ways, what about some of the difficulties you faced in such a class which might have been out of your comfort zone?
    4. Why do you want to pursue a Masters in Management? Why not an MBA later?
    5. How do you go about identifying the “right” teammates and what are some factors you keep in mind when looking to build a team?
    6. During the course of the program, what do you think you will bring to the table and what do you believe to be your weaknesses?
    7. Any questions you want to ask me?

      But as 1 is never enough, here is another list of DUKE Master of Management Studies Interview questions sourced from another one of our accepted clients.

      1. Tell me a brief story about yourself.
      2. Walk me through your resume.
      3. Why are you interested in this program?
      4. What is leadership in your opinion?
      5. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
      6. Tell me about your work experience.
      7. Tell me about your previous employer? What was your learning experience?
      8.  Mention a situation where you worked under pressure?
      9. Mention a situation where you worked in a team? Did you also lead the team?
      10. How did you overcome your weaknesses?
      11. Tell me about your short-term and long-term goals?
      12. What was your role in your family business?


      Both of our clients received an admit from Duke and one of them was even offered a 70%+ scholarship.

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