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Is an MBA from Melbourne Business School Worth It?

Choosing to pursue an MBA degree can be a daunting decision, and selecting the right business school is crucial for a successful career in business and management. Melbourne Business School offers one of the best MBA programs globally, and its MBA has been ranked the best in Australia by Financial Times. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of studying Melbourne MBA, the average salary trends, fees, job prospects, ROI, and how it is good for Indian students, Is Melbourne MBA Worth It?

Benefits of Studying Melbourne MBA

  • Melbourne MBA offers a comprehensive education, equipping students with knowledge, tools, and skills for real-world application.
  • The program integrates practical learning into the curriculum, exposing students to real-world business problems to solve.
  • The diverse student body at Melbourne MBA ensures a wide range of perspectives and experiences, enriching the learning environment.
  • Completing a Melbourne MBA can significantly enhance career prospects and increase earning potential.
  • The vast alumni network of Melbourne MBA provides networking opportunities and access to a wealth of professional expertise.
  • Melbourne MBA places a strong emphasis on leadership development, communication skills, and critical thinking, fostering well-rounded graduates.

Year-on-Year Melbourne MBA Average Salary Trends

The average salary for MBA from Melbourne Business School is AUD 118,000 (INR 64L), according to recent data. The average salary trends show that Melbourne MBA graduates have had a steady increase in salary over the years, indicating that the program is highly valued in the job market.

Year Average Salary (AUD)
2021 118,000
2020 115,000
2019 112,000

Melbourne MBA Average Salary

Melbourne MBA graduates are among the most prosperous in Australia, with a stupendously high average salary that gleams with glittering grandeur. The program itself, which is consistently ranked amongst the upper echelons of academic excellence within the country, has a unique, practical focus that is highly regarded by employers.

This emphasis on practicality is reflected in the graduates' exceptional average salaries, which are a true testament to the program's success in equipping its students with the skills and knowledge necessary for any business application. Indeed, the program's approach is so effective that it has garnered the ardent admiration of both employers and academics alike, cementing its place as a true titan within the field of business education.

Melbourne MBA Fees

The Melbourne Business School's Full-time MBA program for 2023 costs AUD $99,630, which includes all program costs and flexible payment options. Although higher than some competitors, the program's high average salary and strong job prospects make it a worthwhile investment. Gain invaluable knowledge and skills, and set yourself up for success in the ever-changing global business landscape.

Melbourne MBA Jobs

The Melbourne MBA program is meticulously curated to impart practical and versatile skills to aspiring business professionals, tailored for every conceivable business application. By honing their practical learning approach, students are empowered to solve complex, real-world business problems that are prevalent in the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of modern-day management.

Armed with these skills, students are well-equipped to navigate and thrive in the challenging and highly competitive world of business and management, poised to scale the pinnacle of success.

The Melbourne MBA program boasts a 95% placement rate, with graduates earning an average salary of AUD $118,000 - higher than other top Australian business schools. This prestigious program offers exceptional opportunities for career growth and financial success, but requires a high degree of dedication and hard work. Considered a highly coveted achievement in the business world, the Melbourne MBA produces graduates who are highly sought after by prestigious companies worldwide.

Melbourne MBA ROI

The ROI for Melbourne Business School in Australia is one of the highest among MBA programs globally. The program's high average salary, coupled with its strong job prospects and practical learning approach, makes it a worthy investment. Although the program fee is higher than some of its competitors, the program's high ROI justifies the investment.

How is Melbourne Business School's MBA good for Indian Students? 

Melbourne Business School's MBA program has a lot to offer to Indian students who are looking to pursue higher education in management and business. Here are some ways in which the Melbourne MBA can be particularly beneficial for Indian students:

  • International Exposure: The Melbourne MBA attracts students from all over the world, providing Indian students with the opportunity to interact and learn from people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This can help broaden their horizons and prepare them for the global business environment.
  • Practical Learning: The Melbourne MBA program emphasises practical learning by integrating real-world business problems into the curriculum. Indian students can benefit from this approach as it helps them apply their theoretical knowledge in practical situations, preparing them for the real-world challenges they may face in their future careers.
  • Career Advancement: Completing a Melbourne MBA can help Indian students enhance their career prospects and increase their earning potential. The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the business world, making them valuable assets to any organization.
  • Strong Alumni Network: Melbourne Business School has a vast network of alumni who have been successful in their respective fields. This network can be particularly beneficial for Indian students as it can help them establish connections and find job opportunities in Australia and other parts of the world.
  • Diverse Cohort: Melbourne MBA attracts students from various backgrounds, nationalities, and industries, which creates a diverse learning environment. Indian students can benefit from this diversity as it exposes them to different perspectives and ideas, helping them develop a more global outlook.
  • Support for International Students: Melbourne Business School provides various services and resources to support international students, including assistance with visas, accommodation, and settling in. This can help Indian students feel more comfortable and supported during their time in Australia.

Melbourne MBA Rankings

The Melbourne Business School's distinguished Master of Business Administration (MBA) program has perennially clinched the top spot as the preeminent academic pursuit in the land down under, as per the internationally recognized financial publication, the Financial Times.

In its latest ranking, the Melbourne MBA program has surged forth as a paradigm of excellence, boasting an impressive 27th position amongst the crème de la crème of global business schools, trouncing its closest regional competitors with aplomb.


In conclusion, the Melbourne MBA program is worth it for those looking for a top-quality MBA colleges in Australia. With a strong alumni network, diverse cohort, focus on practical learning, and impressive ROI, Melbourne Business School's MBA program can provide Indian students with the skills and opportunities to succeed in the business and management world.

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