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One Year MBA in USA: Best Business Schools in the USA Offering 1-Year MBA

Deciding upon your career choice might be a tough decision to make. At some point of time, almost all of us can recall people suggesting us to pursue a  degree in MBA or a PGDMMasters of Business Administration commonly known as MBA is an in demand degree of the 21st century. The world needs more managers and people with skills who understand the insights of a business and have the ability to carry smooth administration. Not only this, it boosts your resume and improves your employment opportunities.

One Year MBA in USA

Do you want to get an MBA program in the US but cannot devote two to three years to a conventional programme? In the USA, you may now complete a full-time MBA programme in just 12 months, a 1-Year MBA in the US. For students with various academic backgrounds, the institutions in the USA provide a one-year MBA programme. This course is completely equipped and includes all crucial business themes and specialities.

There are several forms of MBA programmes, including online, in-person, part-time, and full-time. While a two-year, full-time, in-person course has traditionally been the most popular format, more colleges have started offering one-year options, allowing students to get their degrees considerably more quickly without missing too much time from their jobs.

One-year MBA programmes, which are sometimes referred to as a shortcut to an MBA, have caught the attention of applicants who want to get their MBA as soon as feasible. In addition, primary US business schools like Duke Fuqua School of Business have begun to offer expedited one year MBA in USA to draw in more students as European MBA programmes like INSEAD and LBS—typically of a 1-year duration—surge ahead in business school rankings.

In this blog, we’ve covered a lot of ground, including the best business schools in the USA that offer one-year MBAs, their entrance standards, costs, and the most popular courses.

One Year MBA Programs intro

Benefits of One Year MBA In USA

1. Focusses on building stellar management skills-

Earning a MBA degree not only looks good in your resume but also contributes a lot to your personality. Being a MBA grad , you’ll learn to-

  •  Manufacture, advertise and sell your products; 
  • Keeping the company’s finances healthy; 
  • Maintain the company’s positive image ;
  • Gather and interpret industry data ;
  • Hire the right people and keep them motivated ;
  • Create hierarchies that help the company thrive ; 
  • Making the tough calls at the right time.

2. A chance to expand your network- An MBA student gets great networking opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. 

3. High salary- One thing guaranteed after an MBA degree is a spike in your salary. MBA graduates are considered to be skillful and value additions to a company.

4. Worldwide academic credibility- As an MBA graduate, your degree will be recognized worldwide and increase your business credibility.

Advantages of 1-Year MBA Programs

Some benefits of 1-year MBA programmes over conventional 2-year MBA programmes include the following:

  • 1-year MBA programmes provide students with the same qualifications in half the time and for a lot less money. But you can get best jobs after MBA.
  • One-year MBA programmes have substantially lower opportunity costs than 2-year MBA programmes.
  • Because of the candidates’ differing levels of work experience, beginning earnings for graduates of 1-year programmes are frequently comparable to or even somewhat higher than those provided to graduates of 2-year programmes.

While 1-year MBA programmes provide many benefits, graduates miss out on the chance to do a summer internship. Internships are frequently used as a gauge for hiring and may be quite effective in gaining full-time job offers. American business schools often demand an undergraduate business background or the fulfilment of specific core requirements, another difference between European and American 1-year MBA programmes. For instance, the Kellogg 1-Year MBA programme mandates that students finish the following courses by the time they join in June:

  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Operations

Now that we know the benefits, let’s examine the elements to consider while determining whether a 1-year programme is the best option.

How Can You Determine Whether A One Year MBA In USA is The Appropriate Match For You?

The two most crucial elements to take into account while determining if a 1-Year MBA programme is the best match for you are as follows:

  • Job Aspirations
  • Prior undergraduate education

A 1-year MBA programme may not be appropriate for individuals wishing to change industries or careers because graduates lose the chance to do a summer internship. A one Year MBA in USA is the best option. Nevertheless, if you want to rise to a leadership position, expand on your undergraduate business knowledge, and take advantage of the many electives that business school offers.

According to Matthew Merrick, associate dean of MBA operations at Kellogg, “the 1-year option becomes considerably more intriguing if you are not utilising the MBA as a vehicle to make a career shift and are interested in staying in a comparable or the same field. The 1-year MBA programme is designed for people with undergraduate business experience to take advantage of their current academic foundation and complete the MBA in an expedited format, according to Elizabeth Recker, associate director of graduate admissions at Babson.

Here Are Top Colleges Offerings One Year MBA in USA

Kellogg One Year MBA Program

gmat wavier kellogg university 2021

The Kellogg 1-year MBA programme, which runs from June to June each year, is one of the best accelerated MBA alternatives a US business school provides. For applicants to adjust to the demanding academic environment before they begin the second year of the 2-year full-time Kellogg MBA programme in September, the programme starts in the summer.

Curriculum and Flexibility

The Kellogg 1-year MBA program’s prerequisite courses allow you to skip core sessions and enrol in graduate electives tailored to your professional objectives. Over 200 electives are available for students to customise their MBA programmes.

Majors and Pathways at Kellogg

In Kellogg’s one-year MBA programme, students have a choice of six different paths and seven different majors. While a major allows students to develop in-depth knowledge of a particular business function, a route is an integrated, cross-functional sequence of courses that concentrates on a specific skill set or industry. The various career paths available at Kellogg include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growth and Scaling
  • Healthcare at Kellogg
  • Real Estate
  • Social Impact
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity

Cornell 1-Year MBA Programme

The 10-week crash course in business fundamentals that kicks off Cornell’s one-year MBA program’s summer semester also includes leadership development and a case competition. Johnson’s core is completed by students from the Cornell 1-year MBA programme in integrated teams with students from the Cornell Tech MBA programme. Strategy, financial accounting, critical thinking, and data analytics are all part of the core curriculum.

Criteria for Admission to the Cornell Accelerated One-Year MBA Program

Candidates for the 1-year, accelerated MBA programme at Cornell must either have a professional certification or a graduate degree. By May 2020, candidates must have earned an advanced degree or diploma. Advanced degrees and certificates that qualify include:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Society of Actuaries
  • Project Management (PMP)
  • MD
  • JD
  • M.Eng
  • M.Ed
  • Institute of Chartered Financial Accountants (UK and India)
  • MHA
  • MA
  • PhD
  • MS

Here, you can determine your eligibility. The average starting salary and signing bonus for most recent Cornell 1-year MBA grads were US$122,124 and US$29,643, respectively. The recruiting procedure for the 60+ graduates of the class of 2017 involved 33 firms.

Duke Fuqua Accelerated MBA

Duke Fuqua MQM review school

Duke Fuqua is one of the most recent American business schools to offer an expedited 1-year MBA programme at Duke. With 395 students in the class of 2021, it boasts one of the most extensive class sizes of any business school in the United States. Duke Fuqua accelerated MBA programme requires the following degrees as prerequisites:

  • Fuqua School of Business at Duke University offers the Master of Management Studies (MMS) degree.
  • A master’s degree in management or its equivalent from a recognised business institution
  • Accredited graduate business school awards a one-year Master of Business Administration degree.

Curriculum, Concentrations, and Certificates

Duke Fuqua accelerated one year MBA in USA has five significant terms. The first is a 4-week summer term during which students must study entrepreneurship, leadership, and technology-driven business transformation courses. There are two equal, 6-week semesters in the Fall and Spring. In addition to the compulsory management communication courses, students may select up to three optional practices in each half of the fall semesters. Additionally, there are up to 13 concentration options for students, including strategy, marketing, FinTech, and finance. Here is a complete list of concentrations. In addition to specialisations, students can pursue a certificate of excellence in a particular field. There are the following certifications on hand:

  • Certificate in Finance
  • Diploma in Health Sector Management (HSM)

Notre Dame (Mendoza) 1-year MBA Program

Notre Dame

The Notre Dame (Mendoza) accelerated programme is intended for people who already have a foundation in business from an undergraduate school, just as the other 1-year MBA programmes mentioned on this page. In the accelerated MBA programmes at Notre Dame, participants have an average of five years of professional experience. Students enter the 2-year MBA programme in the second year after completing a 9-week intense summer term.

Curriculum and Signature Experiences

The programme’s goal, which includes courses in business analytics, marketing management, and financial accounting, is to build students’ capacity for ethical problem-solving in teams. The Notre Dame One-Year MBA Program includes, among other hallmark experiences, the following:

  • Business on the Front lines
  • Applied Investment Management
  • Global Opportunities

USC Marshall I-BEAR MBA Program

The I-BEAR programme, described by USC Marshall as a 1-year international MBA for mid-career professionals, stands out from the other programmes we have looked at in this post.

A Program for Mid-Career Professional

The I-BEAR MBA programme enrols students who, on average, have 11–12 years of professional experience and are 34–36 years old. In the I-Bear MBA course, candidates with backgrounds in science and engineering make up the majority (41 per cent). Thirty-six per cent of pre-MBA job fields had candidates with experience in the consumer services/CPG industry.

Focus on Global Business Education

The programme seeks to give applicants a framework for immersive and interactive learning built on learning so they may build knowledge, tools, and professional networks. Global business consulting projects, or IBCPs, are thus a crucial component of the MBA experience in the I-BEAR curriculum. Participants in the programme have so far successfully finished hundreds of projects throughout the globe. And as a consequence, I have gained extensive knowledge and a large network of contacts in most nations that aid in delivering exceptional outcomes for both participants and sponsoring corporations.

Florida International University, Chapman Graduate School of Business

Candidates enrolling in FIU’s one-year MBA programme will be thoroughly aware of international concerns. To improve their position in the employment market, students might opt to study abroad or do an internship with a foreign or multinational corporation.

In addition to core and optional classes, students must enrol in four Professional Development Seminars (PDS) to advance their leadership abilities and skill sets: team building, presentation skills, case analysis, and career services.

Sawyer Business School

The MBA programme at Sawyer Business School is created to help students advance their capacity for critical thought, executive leadership, and intellectual agility. Students can complete the degree in as little as 11 months if they decide to study full-time.

In addition to the core courses, candidates must complete four MBA electives in accounting, business law and ethics, entrepreneurship, and healthcare administration.

Gatton College of Business and Economics

Gatton University offers a oneyear MBA in USA that is intensive, cross-disciplinary, and hands-on for leaders from various academic backgrounds, including STEM, the arts and sciences, and communications. Candidates are admitted ad hoc, and the training is highly participatory.

Project Connect, a 32-week internship programme where students work for businesses on business projects involving data analysis, market research, growth strategies, supply chain management, logistics, and operations, is the cornerstone of Gatton’s one-year MBA curriculum.

Mendoza College of Business

Mendoza College of Business MS in Business Analytics

Students at Mendoza’s one-year MBA programme first complete a 10-week summer session where they learn fundamental concepts, including financial accounting, finance, career leadership, and strategic decision-making. Candidates select their desired focus area in September and enrol in Mendoza’s two-year programme with the second-year cohort.

Business analytics, business leadership, corporate finance, innovation and entrepreneurship, investments, marketing, strategy, and supply chain and operations management are the available concentration paths.

Goizueta Business School

The one-year accelerated MBA program at Goizueta University emphasises finding solutions to practical business issues. Candidates get experience from prominent executives, work with actual clients, study overseas, and become leadership trainers.

With a student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1, classes are intimate, enabling applicants to develop close relationships with teachers and staff. The curriculum begins with a summer immersion semester before moving into two semesters of electives and extremely focused coursework.

Qualifications for a One Year MBA in USA

The requirements for a 1-year MBA in the United States are comparable to those for a 2-year traditional MBA. While each university in the USA has unique MBA requirements, the fundamental ones are constant. Indian students may qualify for the following essential programs:

  • You require a valid bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5 (university-specific grades vary) and a good GMAT or GRE score. The required GRE score ranges from 310 to 315, while the typical GMAT score is 600 to 730.
  • A minimum of two to five years of work experience
  • IELTS 6.5–7.5 and a TOEFL (iBT) score of 85 or above.
  • You require a student visa and a current passport. Do not forget to apply for your visa three months before the anticipated departure date.

Documents Required for 1 year MBA in USA.

You must present various documents to demonstrate your eligibility for an MBA in the USA. The following list includes some specific document needs for one-year MBA programs in the USA:

  • Transcripts for every qualification in education
  • Resume or a CV
  • Letter of Recommendation, or LOR
  • Statement of Purpose for scholarship, or SOP
  • Scores for the IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE
  • Work history certification
  • Evidence of money

Admission Process for One year MBA in USA

schools which dont require a gmat gre

All MBA programs follow the same application procedure for admission to American colleges.

  • Decide on the institution where you’ll pursue a one year MBA in USA.
  • Visit the university’s official website and gather all information on eligibility and the admissions procedure.
  • Upload scanned copies of all required documents (transcripts, a resume, IELTS or TOEFL results, GMAT or GRE scores).
  • Complete the appropriate application form and submit payment.
  • After receiving your conditional offer letter following selection, you can reserve your spot at the specific university.



7 Must-Know Strategies to get into your Dream Schools

Limited Slots Left

One Year MBA Programs Top univerities to target
Now that you have made up your mind to pursue an MBA degree. Why not think big?
Why not pursue an MBA from an international university? 

Pursuing an MBA from an international university is a challenging decision. You might be doubtful about it and have a lot of questions arising in your head. But do not worry, after reading this article all your queries are most likely to get solved. 

Wondering if pursuing an MBA is worth the time and money?
Are the financial investment and the demanding entry requirements worth it?

Well, the simple answer is YES!

An MBA degree from an international university  is  a one time investment which will be very fruitful in the long run. While most of you might be knowing that a traditional MBA degree is of two years, but the recent changes in the academic curiculam allows flexibility and offers you to complete an MBA degree in just a year! However, a one MBA program is more intensified and robust one. Thus, one needs to be dedicated enough if he wants to save up on his time. The good news is that, there are some top class universities including INSEAD, HEC, IE Business School etc which offers a one year specialized program. 

So, we do understand it is a very tiresome task to sort down the right universities relevant to your interest. In order to save you from all that hassle, we have curated a list of top universities offering  a one year specialized MBA program.


One Year MBA Programs conclusion

Conventionally, it is believed that an MBA is a must in order to keep up with the competition in the corporate world. However, for people who are hesitant in investing two years of their education for an MBA degree, the above mentioned one-year alternative degree is a savior. These one year long programs equip the individual with all the knowledge necessary to lead in a business organization and also save one full year on educational investment which can be otherwise used in gaining professional experience. An MBA opens doors to a lot of career options and brings forth a number of opportunities right after your graduation. It is a secure way to sail across a smooth career path. 

Thus, attaining a one year MBA in USA from a top-class university is not less than the conventional two years MBA programs. As long as you can grasp the most of it and are determined to work hard and smart, you are good to go with the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions About One Year MBA in USA

1- Can one get an executive 1 year MBA in the USA?

Yes. Universities in the USA provide a one-year executive MBA program. Here are a few of them:

2- Which 1-year MBA in USA programme is the best?

Other American colleges that offer one-year MBA programs in addition to the ones already listed include:

  • Southern Methodist University
  • Pepperdine University

3- What are the criteria for a year-long MBA program in the United States?

The necessary conditions for an MBA in the USA include:

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