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Top Business Schools in UK: Fees, Eligibility, and More

Know your chances of getting in the top business schools for in UK

The British higher education system is divided into two parts: ‘undergraduate studies’ (from high school graduation to three years after) and ‘postgraduate studies’ (from three years after) (Masters’s degree). The unique feature of such a system is that students, in addition to mandatory modules, can select some modules as choices. Because instructors and students are so close, your work will benefit. Business schools in United Kingdom have world-class education provided to students.

If you are an international student concerned about your English skills, don’t worry: institutions offer supplementary courses with personalized help. The degree you will receive for these studies is a ‘Bachelor’s degree of arts’ for languages, history, literature, and social sciences, or a ‘Bachelor’s degree of sciences’ for more concrete disciplines.

Postgraduate courses last about a year and end in a Masters’s degree; they demand a lot of personal effort, and you will not be approved unless you have suitable academic achievements (a distinction is compulsory). The tutorial technique is as follows: instructors provide fundamental courses, and you must develop the subjects you are interested in. If you wish to go even further and your academic record allows it, you can apply for a Ph.D., which is similar to a French doctorate. 

Student Guide to study in UK How to Apply in UK Colleges

Why Study Business Schools in United Kingdom?

When it comes to politics and bureaucracy, the United Kingdom is among the most powerful nations in the world. When it comes to tourism, it is Europe’s most popular destination. The capital city of London is frequently referred to be the world’s largest and most famous metropolis.

When it comes to higher education, the United Kingdom is home to four of the world’s top ten institutions. Business schools in the United Kingdom are frequently ranked first in Europe and, in some cases, internationally. Because the corporate world is always changing and growing, the skills necessary to thrive in this competitive climate have also altered. Along with the conventional MBA degree, top-tier universities offer executive MBA, Business Analytic programmes. Business schools have responded to these developments by offering their students with the most up-to-date information, skills, and tools for success.

The UK is among the nations with the highest levels of educational competition. The country has developed a number of world-class institutions and colleges. The University of Oxford is one of the most well-known institutions in the world, as well as one of the finest for business courses. Oxford University provides a broad variety of courses, including postgraduate studies, MBA programmes, and conventional degrees. Cambridge University is another well-known business university. It provides a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes aimed to provide students with the skills required for success in the modern world.

If you are seeking for the greatest MBA institutions in what is known as the world’s second largest country, here is the place to be. This is your comprehensive university guide to help you choose the right school for you. The Guardian University Guide has the most recent university rankings.

business schools in united kingdom

How to Choose a Business School in United Kingdom?

Studying for a postgraduate diploma demands a significant investment of time, effort, and money, so you must make the proper decision.

You’ve done some preliminary research and now have a list of highly regarded universities, but how do you narrow down your choices? First, choose a course and make a list of all the institutions that offer it. Consider the following factors to assist you make your ultimate decision:

Location – do you want to study near to home or further away? In the city or somewhere quieter? You must also consider the living costs at various colleges and how you will finance them.

Reputation – To learn more about an institution’s reputation, talk to alumni, check at rankings, and see whether the university has industry accreditation. Investigate its academic community. Is the faculty varied? Are professors thought to be business leaders? Is the faculty connected to the industry? Is the faculty well-versed in business and has worldwide experience? More information regarding universities and departments may be found here.

Methods of teaching – are class sizes large or small? Are your lessons flexible enough to allow you to satisfy your other obligations? Is the programme curriculum as wide or as targeted as you would like? Will you be able to meet with a mentor one-on-one? Will you be able to finish an industrial placement? What are the techniques of evaluation?

Alumni– What is the employment history of the institution? Look into alumni networks to see what previous students are up to. What jobs, industries, and nations do they have? Do they hold high-level positions? Do you have any experience working for high-profile organisations? Examine the reputation of the school’s career service as well. How long is aid and guidance accessible after graduation?

How to Apply to Business Schools in United Kingdom?

Top Sectors hiring Imperial Business School MBA

Most business schools in United Kingdom require you to fill out an online application form in order to apply for a course. You’ll need to register on the university’s website, complete a series of questions, and submit supporting paperwork. Unlike undergraduate courses, you’ll submit your application directly to the institution, so make sure you’re informed of application dates and deadlines (which might vary significantly) so you can complete it to the best of your abilities.

Academic transcripts and degree certificates, two academic references, and a personal statement are required materials (sometimes called a statement of purpose). Some business schools in United Kingdom may additionally want you to submit work samples, a CV, and a cover letter.

Following completion, you will be required to pay an application fee. Institutions determine their own fees, thus prices vary, although they are normally in the £50-£60 range. After your application is reviewed, you will be offered a seat or, in certain cases, invited to a postgraduate interview. You must pay a course deposit to guarantee your offer of a spot.

MBA Cost of Business Schools in United Kingdom

This section will inform you about the typical cost of studying MBA in the United Kingdom and the cost of living in the United Kingdom for foreign students. The average first-year cost of an MBA in the United Kingdom is INR 21.01 lakhs. The average annual cost of living in the UK is roughly INR 6.03 lakhs.

Student Visa Cost for UK

business schools in uk

UK Study Visas is classified into two types:

  • Tier 4 (General) Student Visa – This visa category is for higher study students coming to the UK. The candidate must be 16 years old or older.
  • Tier 4 (Student) Student Visa – This visa category is for children aged 4 to 15 who come to the UK to study. Only privately funded schools are permitted to educate children between the ages of 4 and 15.

The Requirements For an MBA in the United Kingdom

Candidates interested in pursuing an MBA in the United Kingdom must meet the following key requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree is required for the candidate.
  • For entrance, most colleges demand GMAT or GRE scores.
  • Students wishing to pursue an MBA in the United Kingdom must demonstrate English competence by taking examinations such as IELTS, TOFEL, or PTE.
  • A minimum of two years of work experience is required to enroll in business schools in United Kingdom. However, it is not always required.

English requirements at the leading business schools in United Kingdom

Because business schools in the United Kingdom teach in English, students are frequently asked to present proof of their language skills. This is often accomplished by taking a test like the IELTS or TOEFL iBT, or by completing a university-specific English test.

If English is your first language or you have been studying entirely in English for a specified period, you may be exempt from taking one of these examinations. As a result, it’s critical to research the English requirements of the university to which you’re applying.

The IELTS criteria for some of the top business schools in United Kingdom are as follows:

Please keep in mind that these are the total scores necessary; these may vary for various programs, and you may also be required to satisfy minimum levels in sub-categories.

Work Permit Following MBA Studies in the UK

The UK Post-Student Work visa permits overseas students to stay in the UK for two years after finishing their education to look for work. The regulation applies to holders of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. If the PSW visa has expired, persons wishing to remain in the UK for an extended period must apply for a skilled work visa or a general work visa (Tier 2 visa). To get a Tier 2 or general work visa, an applicant must earn at least £30,000 per year. However, depending on the profession, this might be greater or lower.

MBA Scholarships in the UK

business schools in united kingdom 

Many scholarships are available to international students pursuing an MBA in the United Kingdom. Candidates looking for MBA scholarships to study in the United Kingdom can examine the most comprehensive study abroad scholarships listed on our website. The best MBA Our website now lists over 2000 scholarships in 11 countries totaling more than INR 1,300 crores. MBA scholarships for Indian students is readily available. 

25 Best MBA Business Schools in United Kingdom

Business schools in United Kingdom provide world-class MBA programs that meet students’ academic and professional needs. They have an international student, professor, and staff that collaborate to achieve academic achievement and well-being. Let us begin our conversation with a look at the top business schools in United Kingdom:

Here are the 25 finest MBA colleges in the UK:


1. MBA at the University of Oxford

A one-year, top-ranked MBA program that includes an intensive sequence of intriguing lectures, lively seminars, and small group work that may take students anywhere in the world. This history is carried on through the MBA program, which provides students with a firm foundation in key business concepts while also developing a widened worldview and appreciation of the role of business in society.

Students will be required to give regular presentations to lecturers, examiners, and business practitioners, and in certain courses, these will be graded. Career counselors are experts in all major businesses, including banking, marketing, impact on society, and other industries. It assists students pursuing typical business careers as well as those pursuing non-traditional paths in a number of locations throughout the world.

Fees & Expenses

  • Tuition & fees INR 63,90,821

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 7,01,215
  • Study Costs- INR 84,860
  • Total- INR 7,86,075

2. University of Cambridge

business schools in united kingdom

The Cambridge MBA fosters in-depth knowledge, practical application, and critical interpersonal and leadership abilities. In an intensive one-year programme, the MBA provides a vibrant and engaging learning environment inspired by the University of Cambridge’s heritage of tutorial discussion and debate.

It is intended to alter pupils professionally and personally by following a micro to macro journey. Organisations in Context, Entrepreneurship, Management Science, Corporate Finance, and Financial Reporting & Analysis are among the courses students will take.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 59,49,940

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 6,82,780
  • Textbooks- INR 48,770
  • Total- INR 7,31,550

3. London School of Economics and Political Science

The Master of Management is a rigorous one-year programme to strengthen students’ intellectual and professional talents as excellent managers and leaders.

The course curriculum will take an in-depth analytical approach throughout, allowing students to critically examine the current management trends and theories and obtain a genuine knowledge of the social, economic, and political dynamics that affect businesses globally. Students will graduate from the programme as inquisitive, analytical, and strategic managers, distinguishing themselves from other business school graduates by being able to take on new and unforeseen issues throughout their careers.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 33,73,323

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 5,73,633
  • Application Fee- INR 7,803
  • Total- INR 5,81,436

4. University of Warwick

University of Warwick business schools in uk

The Economist ranks the UK first and the globe 17th. The 12-month MBA program is demanding, fast-paced, and enthralling. Students will progress emotionally and academically due to worldwide travel, unrestricted coaching, in-depth work with premier organizations, and a peer group from various industrial sectors and cultures.

You will get the opportunity to engage in one of the unique learning experiences available, in addition to lectures, seminars, group exercises, case studies, and projects.

At least three client-based projects will be available to students during the year, allowing them to obtain hands-on experience in stakeholder management, influencing, and practical consulting.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 44,81,963

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 7,02,288
  • Transportation- INR 37,455
  • Books and Materials- INR 50,721
  • Other General Expenditure- INR 2,70,674
  • Mandatory Trips Fee- INR 19,508
  • Total- INR 10,80,646

5. University College London

The MSc Management degree program gives students a comprehensive knowledge of real managerial difficulties as well as a solid basis in contemporary theoretical discussions.

There are two pathways available for the program: one is for business students, and the other is for students from other disciplines.

The curriculum is intended to improve employment opportunities via the further study of business and organizations, and it builds on the information and abilities earned from a first  degree. The curriculum is provided by combining lectures, seminars, and in-class case study discussions.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees- INR 34,23,654

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 6,38,692
  • Transportation- INR 77,642
  • Healthcare Surcharge- INR 45,844
  • Total- INR 7,62,178

6. University of Bristol

This rigorous one-year MSc Management program with a specialization in Leadership, Strategy, and Change is designed for graduates from a variety of academic areas.

These MSc Management courses begin with an introduction to management before delving into a specific area of management theory and practice, in this case, Leadership, Strategy, and Change.

The program draws students from all over the world, and you will be working with people from a variety of backgrounds and interests.

Students will get an in-depth grasp of the ideas and methods that drive leading change in today’s rapidly changing, unpredictable, complicated, and ambiguous organizational system.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees- INR 27,11,612

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 9,29,751
  • Health Surcharge- INR 45,844
  • Total- INR 9,75,595

7. University of Bath 

The Bath MBA is aimed to provide practical experience and skills by combining cutting-edge teaching methodologies with hands-on projects. Students will be able to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world business settings.

Instead of a dissertation, it is a practice-based learning experience with Multi-Project Suite, working on four very distinct projects. Immersion in themes such as entrepreneurship and change management, as well as developing skills that employers need. All evaluations emphasize practical learning through courses, presentations, and other hands-on techniques.

Business analytics, Contemporary marketing: theory and practice, Leadership: self, others, and the company, Understanding finance, and other core subjects are included.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees- INR 36,57,750

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 7,25,307
  • Healthcare Surcharge- INR 45,844
  • Pay deposit- INR 97,540
  • Total- INR 8,68,691

8. Lancaster University Management School

This curriculum will provide students with all of the required business and management terminology, tools, and approaches. The curriculum focuses on acquiring practical knowledge and judgment in the volatile realm of international business. It is internationally recognized and graded highly by The Financial Times.

The curriculum mixes classroom instruction with action-based consulting interventions. Students will undergo a number of tasks in addition to classroom learning to get practical experience and strengthen their leadership and managerial abilities. Modules such as Organizing Behavior, Marketing, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Digital Innovation in Business, Strategic Management, Responsible Management and Ethics, Business Management Challenge, Entrepreneurial Challenge, and others will be covered by students.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees- INR 33,65,130

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 5,36,470
  • Transportation- INR 35,505
  • Books and Stationary- INR 76,081
  • Total-INR 6,48,056

9. City University London

Cass Full-Time MBA is a dynamic and demanding curriculum that helps students to obtain skills and knowledge centered on a Core General Management Program. It is the best one-year MBA program in London. Rigorous instruction and practical application will expand students’ abilities and knowledge.

The first six months are intended to provide a strong basis for understanding and knowledge of many business subjects, with integration weeks to put theory into practice. The second half allows students to personalize their study to their unique requirements through electives and transition professions through a significant amount of self-managed consultation.

Fees & Expenses

  • 1st-year tuition fees
  • Tuition & fees INR 45,84,380

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 9,58,818

10. Durham University

top business schools in uk durham university business school

Popularly known as Durham MBA, Durham University Business School has an excellent MBA program that is designed to transform a student career with the most relevant business and leadership capabilities. With the combination of practical business experience and theory, DUrham MBA is great for a flexible career  path in business.

As per your choice and interests, you can greatly manage your studies and enhance yourself in the cutting-edge business world. Along with the rigorous curriculum, Durham MBA is quite challenging and inspirational.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 34,13,900

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 9,32,092
  • Health Surcharge- INR 45,844
  • Books- INR 24,385
  • Total- INR 10,02,321

11. University of St Andrews

The MLiit Management programme is aimed for students with little or no job experience from non-business disciplines. Students will develop the analytical and management abilities necessary for a professional career with managerial responsibility or a leadership role within an organisation.

This curriculum gives a firm foundation in modern management approaches and fundamental business principles. The Chartered Management Institute will accredit students who successfully complete the program.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 24,82,393

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 8,81,469
  • Books and computer equipment- INR 1,17,048
  • Total- INR 9,98,517

12. University of Leeds

This MBA program not only mixes business and management theory with practice but also stresses students’ personal and professional growth.

Students will learn the fundamentals of business management in this course, including marketing, accounting, finance, operations, and human resource management.

This one-year full-time MBA program is centered on campus in Leeds.

The chance to put the information and skills students gain into practice through opportunities to work with a variety of firms is an essential component of the Leeds MBA.

The Leeds MBA will introduce students to a network of business partners, practitioners, and alumni, as well as provide many possibilities for students to establish their own professional network.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees- INR 30,48,125

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 5,52,174

13. The University of Edinburgh

The full-time MBA program is aimed at individuals having at least three years of managerial experience who want to advance to more senior and leadership positions in the business. The program immerses students in a world of academic thinking, contemporary business practice, and practical projects over a 12-month period. This is a taught curriculum offered by world-class instructors and supplemented by guest business practitioners.

Through the selection of option courses and MBA Capstone project study, students will get a comprehensive grasp of the key components of business and leadership abilities, as well as the development of specialized expertise. The option of a specialization route, which consists of taking two choices and the MBA Capstone Project in a specified area of interest, was recently established. Students’ specialties will be recognized by a Business School Certificate in Finance, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, or Sustainability.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 35,01,686

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 4,46,246
  • Books & Supplies- INR 29,262
  • Personal expense- INR 35,114
  • Total- INR 5,10,622

14. Coventry University

The MBA program is meant to rely on your current and/or previous work experience, pushing you to apply theory to practice on a regular basis. It seeks to improve your ability to think critically, cope with uncertainty, and solve complicated situations.

Upon successful completion, it allows you to build basic knowledge of business models and ideas, as well as a thorough awareness of procedures and practises, in order to enhance your leadership, financial, and project management abilities.

You will study how management practise ties to larger socioeconomic, ethical, and multicultural challenges as part of this course. In today’s global economy, you will evaluate the necessity for responsible, ethical, and culturally aware activities, as well as the obstacles that this might offer.

The course will investigate the broader external effects of activities and decisions made within the organisation in order to help you build your responsible management practise and advance your career.

Throughout the course, students have access to expert management coaches who assist them in developing and improving skills and competencies, as well as identifying career objectives (subject to availability).

The MBA program is informed by research-active faculty who stimulate debate through discussions of their research, the bulk of which is in the subject of management. As part of your MBA consultancy project, you will also have the option to perform your own supervised research.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 18,48,383

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 6,09,625
  • Transportation-  INR 37,455
  • Books and Supplies- INR 50,721
  • Food and toiletries- INR 2,97,497
  • Personal Expenses- INR 2,70,674
  • Total- INR 12,65,972

15. Cardiff University

  • The Cardiff MBA program is designed to assist students to gain the information, skills, and experience required to become effective managers.
  • Students will have a better grasp of the key disciplines of business and management, as well as how they interact to make firms run smoothly.
  • The combination of theory and practice develops problem-solving management abilities that are both immediate and long-lasting.
  • Within a supportive environment of friendly competition and cooperation, the MBA will build interpersonal skills, business intuition, a feeling of entrepreneurship, and the capacity to confront everyday obstacles.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 27,75,013

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 5,69,341
  • Insurance- INR 29,262
  • Transportation – INR 19,020
  • Books & Supplies- INR 38,041
  • Social- INR 1,02,710
  • Total- INR 7,58,374

16. University of Strathclyde

what to do after bba start your own venture

  • Strathclyde Business School has three accreditations. Only around 1% of business schools worldwide have “triple accreditation,” and Strathclyde is one of them.
  • The Class offers a diverse range of expertise since students come from a number of sectors, public service, and volunteer organizations. Accounting and financial managers, consultants, engineers, IT specialists, and marketing managers have often been included, but other persons with completely different viewpoints, such as medical professionals, civil officials, and military leaders, have also been included.
  • The class has a maximum enrollment of roughly 60 students from various nations.
  • The course is intense and primarily relies on collaboration throughout, promoting cooperation above competitiveness.
  • The full-time course lasts 12 months, with 10 months devoted in classrooms, group projects, and personal growth.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 31,40,788

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 5,36,470
  • Personal Expenses- INR 5,85,240
  • Total- INR 11,21,710

17. University of Birmingham

Students will study twelve courses and complete a research or company-based project as part of their degree.

The student will be assigned to four diverse and demanding entrepreneurship projects in which they will collaborate closely with firms in the UK and around the world to increase their global awareness.

Students will be able to interact with prominent multinational firms and take part in a variety of activities with employers such as BP, GE, IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, Unilever, Deloitte, and HSBC.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 30,72,510

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 7,57,886
  • Insurance- INR 3,27,734
  • Total- INR 10,85,620

18. Loughborough University

The School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University provides a one-year full-time postgraduate degree programme Master of Business Administration, which assists students in gaining practical knowledge and abilities that are supported by theory and academic rigour.

The curriculum helps students gain confidence as decision-makers and people managers, and it emphasises on enterprise and innovation, which are ideal for those who want to improve their strategic management abilities in order to successfully lead organisations or create their own firm.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees- INR 26,82,350

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 4,82,725
  • Personal Expenses- INR 5,85,240
  • Total- INR 10,67,965

19. University of Manchester

MBA programmes are available for students for 12, 15, and 18 months.

An MBA from Manchester, ranked fourth in the UK in 2021, provides students with a strong knowledge of current business theory and the opportunity to put that theory into practice through practical projects, working with real firms on real briefs.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees- INR 35,89,472

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 7,81,003
  • Transportation – INR 52,184
  • Personal Expenses- INR 2,53,604
  • Total- INR 10,86,791

20. University of Glasgow

The Glasgow MBA will equip students with critical skills and knowledge, as well as the networking opportunities they need to further their careers as managers in the private, third, or public sectors, or in pursuing their own entrepreneurial ambitions.

Classes are lively, with a good blend of teaching and discussion.

It provides a one-of-a-kind initiative in which students can be mentored by an MBA graduate.

The curriculum includes a team-consulting project that allows students to put theory into practice and confront real-world business issues.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 29,21,323

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals- INR 4,87,017
  • Transportation- INR 29,262
  • Books and stationery- INR 39,016
  • Personal Expenses- INR 1,40,458
  • Total- INR 6,95,753

21. University of Exeter

The University of Exeter Business School, which offers the One Planet MBA, is listed in the top 10 for three core disciplines (Accounting and Finance, Business Studies, and Economics) in The Complete University Guide 2016. The university’s full-time MBA program has been given a “Tier One” designation by the publication for high fliers. Executives

The program is intended for professionals and aspiring leaders who want to capitalize on their strengths, get cutting-edge information, refresh their skills, and cultivate a global mentality in order to transform themselves and benefit from new possibilities.

Students must complete a number of basic courses as well as elective specialty modules before embarking on the One Planet MBA Project.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 34,13,900

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals INR 6,44,837
  • Immigration Health Surcharge Fee INR 45,844
  • Total INR 6,90,681

22. Heriot-Watt University

The Master of Business Administration programme is designed for students who wish to immerse themselves in their studies while sharing the experience with a group of like-minded peers.

Students learn how to improve, implement, and test business concepts by studying industry data, supply networks, market circumstances, and competition settings, among other things.

The university provides one-on-one business mentoring for assistance and direction.

The one-year MBA programme consists of 10 months of study in Edinburgh and six weeks in Dubai.

A full-time MBA incorporates important managerial subjects as well as entrepreneurship and innovation.

Students must finish nine courses for their degree, including seven core courses and two electives.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 21,45,880

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals INR 5,75,486
  • Books and Supplies INR 29,262
  • Personal expense INR 1,93,129
  • Total INR 7,97,877

23. University of Reading

Full-time MBA programmes equip students with the knowledge, abilities, and determination to become the next generation of exceptional business professionals and outstanding leaders. The Henley MBA is recognized first in the world for student quality, networking potential, and alumni network breadth. The course taps into students’ business intuition and teaches them how to use it wisely.

1st-year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 38,52,830

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals INR 5,04,574
  • Transportation INR 76,081
  • Books and supplies INR 65,937
  • Miscellaneous fees INR 2,48,532
  • Total INR 8,95,124

24. Cranfield University

The MBA Full-Time is a general management programme that focuses on real-world learning and leadership development. It is routinely regarded as one of the top MBA programmes in the world.

The MBA programme is intended for individuals with a minimum of three years of work experience.

The curriculum is divided into two halves. The first section includes 14 fundamental management courses, as well as a consulting skills module and a group consultancy project. Students will study three more core courses, including an International Business Assignment, in the second phase. Students will next select seven optional modules, one of which will be an internship or company-based project.

Cranfield School of Management is one of the oldest and most distinguished business schools in United Kingdom.

Fees & Expenses

  • 1st year tuition fees
  • Tuition & fees INR 39,18,670

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals INR 7,10,384
  • Transportation INR 48,770
  • Books INR 48,770
  • Total INR 8,07,924

25. University of Southampton

Students will graduate from this full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at the University of Southampton with the expertise to lead people and organisations to confront the challenges of sustainability, innovation, and change in today’s unpredictable business climate. Students will learn to think strategically and acquire crucial managerial abilities.

In this course, students will take the option from the choices:

Entrepreneurship- Select this path if you wish to start your own business or work on new product development. They will develop important managerial skills and have the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship in existing organisations.

Maritime- Select this option if you work or want to work in the maritime industry. This is appropriate for a marine industry consultant, a student transitioning from another industry, or a sea-based professional transitioning to a shore-based career.

1st year tuition fees

  • Tuition & fees INR 27,31,120

Other expenses in 1st Year

  • Hostel & Meals INR 5,91,970
  • Transportation INR 78,032
  • Other Expenses INR 20,483
  • Total INR 6,90,485
Rank University Name City

World University Ranking

1 University of Oxford Oxford 2
2 University of Cambridge Cambridge 3
3 London School of Economics and Political Science London 9
4 University of Warwick Coventry 61
5 University College London London 10
6 University of Bristol Bristol 62
7 University of Bath Bath 166
8 Lancaster University Lancaster 132
9 City University London London 330
10 Durham University Durham 82
11 University of St Andrews St Andrews 342
12 University of Leeds Leeds 92
13 The University of Edinburgh Edinburgh 16
14 Coventry University Coventry 601-650
15 Cardiff University Cardiff 151
16 University of Strathclyde Glasgow 302
17 University of Birmingham Birmingham 90
18 Loughborough University Leicester 231
19 University of Manchester Manchester 27
20 University of Glasgow Glasgow 73
21 University of Exeter Exeter 149
22 Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh 270
23 University of Reading Reading 202
24 Cranfield University Cranfield 717
25 University of Southampton Southampton 77

Job Opportunities After the MBA Program in the USA

According to the Corporate Recruiters Survey of 2020, MBA graduates in the USA are paid around 115,000 USD to 145,000 USD per annum (INR 85,45,788 to INR 1,07,75,124). Listed below are some of the available jobs after an MBA in the USA -: 

  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Executive Director
  • System Engineer
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • IT Consultants
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Development Director
  • Senior IT Manager
  • Account Manager


Pursuing an MBA at a UK university is a solid method to secure your future. The leading colleges in the United Kingdom make certain that the programme curriculum is always growing and meets the demands of the current business industry. As a result, graduates learn all of the skills, information, and experiences necessary to flourish in modern business environments and obtain high-paying jobs in the UK following an MBA.


Is it worthwhile to study at MBA universities in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is home to several recognised colleges that provide the greatest MBA programmes in the globe. Being a graduate of one of the best MBA programmes in the UK will broaden your horizons and broaden your reach.

What employment are available in the UK after completing an MBA?

In the United Kingdom, there is a thriving employment market for MBA graduates. For newly graduated students, the typical wage scale runs from £35,000 to £65,000 per year. Human resources officer, investment banker, management consultant, etc. are a few well-liked careers.


What are the finest MBA institutions in the United Kingdom for Indian students?

In addition to the schools listed above, Cass Business School, University of Bedfordshire, and the University of Central Florida are other MBA programmes for Indian students.


Is job experience required for admission to MBA programmes in the United Kingdom?

Work experience is required for admission to the top MBA programmes in the UK. However, certain MBA programmes in the United Kingdom do not require job experience as a prerequisite.

What are the best MBA programmes in the UK for those with no job experience?

Coventry University, Leeds Beckett University, University of Northampton, University of Derby, and other top MBA institutions in the UK without job experience are just a few examples.

What is the cost of an MBA in the United Kingdom?

The cost of an MBA in the United Kingdom varies depending on the programme and university. On average, it ranges between £40,000 and £100,000.