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Top Business Schools in Uk

Why Study in the UK?

The United Kingdom is one of the most powerful countries in the world in terms of politics and bureaucracy. When it comes to tourism, it is the most popular destination in Europe.

The capital city of London is often reported to be the biggest and most famous city in the world.

When it comes to higher education, the UK is home to four of the top 10 universities in the world. Business schools in the UK are usually ranked highest among the lot in all of Europe and more often than not, globally.

If you are looking for the best universities for a business degree in what can be called the second biggest nation in the world, this is the right place. 

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Listed below are the top 15 business schools in The United Kingdom!

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1. London Business School

top business schools in uk lbs

The London Business School is a constituent college that is affiliated to the University of London. It was established in 1964 and only offers higher education degrees at the postgraduate level. For business and management studies, QS ranks LBS at the 3rd position in the world. LBS offers a total of 9 graduate-level programs that cover the categories of accounting, finance, economics, management science and operation, marketing, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, and strategy. The campus is located very close to the London City Centre, the financial district, and can be reached easily. To be accepted into LBS, GMAT scores need to higher than 600 to meet the minimum criterion.

2. Warwick Business School

top business schools in uk warwick

Warwick University, in Coventry, is ranked 8th, 9th, and 21st in the world for marketing, business analytics, and finance respectively. The Warwick Business School is an academic department affiliated to the University, that was established in 1967. WBS offers courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Some of its highly selective programs are international management and business, management of information systems and digital innovation, business with operations management, consulting and marketing, masters in business administration, etc. The executive programs offered at WBS fall under the categories of strategic leadership, strategy and innovation, organizational change, and digital leadership among many others. 

3. Imperial College Business School

top-busiuk imperial college business school

The Imperial College Business School is affiliated to the Imperial College London and was established in 2004. It is ranked 2nd, 5th, and 14th in the world for masters in marketing, management, and business analytics, and finance, respectively. Among the plethora of masters programs available here, some of them are financial technology, international health management, investment and wealth management, risk management, and financial engineering. The campus is located at a prime destination within London city – Kensington and is easily accessible with any means of public transport.

4. Alliance Manchester Business School

alliance manchester business school building

Affiliated to the University of Machester in the UK, the Alliance Manchester Business School was originally established in 1918 as a Department of Industrial Administration and later re-established as a business school in 1965. It is ranked 2nd in the UK and is the most sought after by all employers in the country. QS ranks the institution at the 4th, 8th, 17th, and 24th positions in the world for marketing, business analytics, finance, and management respectively. There are 19 graduate-level programs offered at the university with three different types of MBA. 

5. Said Business School

top business schools in uk said business school

The Said School of Business requires no introduction. It is affiliated to the University of Oxford which is often raked as the best university in the world. The School was established in 1965 and rebranded in 1996. It is a part of Oxford’s social sciences division and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. At the UG level, a BA degree is offered in Economics and Management, while at the graduate level, there are several programs available in the subjects of management, law, and finance. As of 2020, QS ranks Said in the 8th position worldwide as a business school. 

6. Cambridge Judge Business School

top business schools in uk cambridge judge business school

Again the other part of the Oxbridge duo, it is no surprise that the Judge School of Business affiliated to the University of Cambridge makes it to this list. It has consistently been ranked as one of the best business schools in the world ever since its establishment in 1990, making it a fairly new entrant to this list. Initially known as the Judge Institute of Management Studies until 2005, the school is recognized widely for its particular strength in entrepreneurship and innovation management. QS ranks this premier business school in the 6th position worldwide for its graduate course in finance. 

7. Cass Business School

top business schools in uk cass business school

The Cass Business School is affiliated to the University of London and is ranked among some of the best business schools in Europe. It was established in 1966. Cass is ranked 52nd in the world for finance and 65th for management by the QS World Rankings. A big added advantage that Cass has over other business schools is its prime location in London that gives enrolled students an opportunity to meet up and network with some of the biggest names in the business world as most of them have important offices in London. 

8. Henley Business School

top business schools in henley business school

The Henley Business School is affiliated to the University of Reading. It is one of the oldest centers of higher education dedicated solely to the study of business and other related fields as it was established in 1945. Courses at Henley can be broadly divided into four main categories, namely – accounting, business and management, finance and real estate, and planning. The Masters in Management program at Henley is ranked 92nd in the world by QS. There are a large number of intra-Henley scholarships available for students who wish to study here, thereby making it an affordable school. 


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9. Lancaster University Management School

top business schools in lancaster university

The Lancaster University Management School was established in 1964. According to QS, this school is ranked at the 135th position globally, across all business schools. It is ranked between the 51st and 100th positions for Business and Management studies. When one chooses to study at Lancaster, they allow themselves to live and study in a beautiful lush green campus in North-West England, situated at a distance of three miles from the Lancaster City Centre. Lancaster is a collegiate university where students have the option to live on campus and be a part of an extremely vibrant and diverse community.

10. Durham University Business School

top business schools in uk durham university business school

The Durham University Business School, located in the picturesque northern region of England is most well known for its Masters in Business Administration program offered both on-campus and off-campus (online). This school was established in 1965. The university is extremely focussed on research activities and has over 200 research students. QS ranks Durham Business School at the 29th, 46th, and 53rd positions worldwide for masters in marketing, management, and finance respectively. The online MBA offered here is ranked at the 15th position worldwide. It is the third oldest university in England, placed right after Oxford and Cambridge. Degrees obtained from this premier school are widely respected all across the world. 

11. Cranfield School of Management

top business schools in uk cranfield school of management

The Cranfield School of Management situated in the southern part of England was established in 1967 and is most famous for its courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and its MBA program. It is often ranked as one of the top 30 business schools in Europe. In 2019, QS ranked Cranfield between the 51st and 100th positions for business and management studies. The School of Management offers a total of 15 different courses, some of them being – investment management, strategic management, masters in management, marketing and leadership, corporate sustainability, etc. Apart from academics, student life in Bedfordshire, especially within the campus can be an extremely wholesome experience. Cranfield has its airport, hotels for accommodation, pre-schools, and recreational facilities for all its students. 

12. Strathclyde Business School

top business schools in UK strathclyde business school

The Strathclyde Business School, affiliated to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland was established in the year 1948 and is extremely well knows for its MBA program and cutting edge leading research. The student body at Strathclyde is extremely diverse and the international population makes up for around 17% of it. For postgraduate studies. Strathclyde is ranked among the top 10 in the UK, while it is ranked 72nd in the world. Glasgow is a beautiful city to live in, rich in culture. Strathclyde provides accommodation to all students either in the campus village or very close to the university premises. 

13. Edinburgh Business School

top business schools in UK edinburgh business school

The University of Edinburgh’s medical degrees is truly unparalleled all across the world. But when it comes to business and management, the Edinburgh School of Business performs exceedingly well. It offers programs in accounting and finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, management science and business economics, and marketing strategy and international business. It is most well known for its business program, marketing program, and MBA. It offers a total of 16 postgraduate programs and is ranked 77th all across the world. The student body includes candidates from over 100 countries making it one of the biggest and most culturally diverse universities in the UK. 

14. Hult International Business School

top business schools in UK hult business school

The Hult International Business School, located in London was established in 1964 and is most well known for its MBA program, finance degree, and the marketing course. The student body represents over 140 nationalities and over 100 languages. Hult runs a Global Rotation program that allows its students to study in its other campuses located in Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York City. Hult is a non-profit corporation that is organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is accredited by the NEASC and the Association of MBAs. This gives students at Hult a unique opportunity to study internationally and graduate with a U.S. degree. 

15.University of Bath School of Management

top business schools in uk university of bath

Located in southern England and extremely well-known for it’s MBA program, the School of Management at the University of Bath is one of the newest additions to this list since it was only established in 1996. The school is ranked 2nd in the UK for business, management, and marketing and 18th of Accounting and Finance, as of 2018. At the postgraduate level, there are a total of 17 courses offered by the school, including two different types of MBA. Other courses include business analytics, finance, marketing, human resource management, consulting, and operations and supply chain management. As far as student life is concerned, Bath is one of the only three cities in the world to be listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is extremely rich in culture and history thereby giving students a chance to engage in other interests. Bath is located in the western part of England which happens to be the UK’s most popular tourist destination. 

The application and selection process to each business school in the aforementioned list is extremely tough and competitive. If you plan to secure a place in any one of these, you must work hard and persevere until you reach your goal. 







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