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Our Client Case Studies

Common Profile Problems and how we Strategised to Solve them

At MiM-Essay we believe everyone has a unique story to tell.

And it is only via a well-told story that the attention of top B-schools can be captured.

Any consultant worth their salt can help an applicant land a good school, if they have a 740 GMAT, glowing academics and excellent extra-curricular activities.

But it is the tough cases…the clients who have those not so perfect profiles...the ones with low test scores, an OK profile and average academics, that test the mettle of a good consultant.

The understanding of the person, their profile..why they chose the particular activities and how they handled the repercussions, is what makes a good application.

It is the skills & qualities highlighted via these activities & struggles that schools truly value.

and that’s what we at MiM-Essay strive to bring out.

We aim to look beyond the obvious, deep into your profile, to take out those hidden experiences, which make you unique and differentiate you from the rest.

Here are a few of our Client Case Studies, where we did just that.

Just click on them, to read their full story.

Case Studies

2 year since graduation, but no work ex yet

Background: Bachelors in Science from an Indian University

Problem: Gap in studies, Unspectacular CGPA

GRE: 310

Overview: Our client after finishing his bachelor’s, had refrained from taking a job and had rather invested time in preparing for a competitive exam. Sadly, he wasn’t able to succeed in it and now wanted to pursue his second passion, business.

But with a gap in studies and no work ex, this was looking extremely difficult, further a low GRE added to this problem.

Strategy: We decided to look beyond the obvious and dig deep into his profile, concentrating on his achievements while in school and college. Here we found a string of activities he had been involved in since a young age. He was passionate about innovation and had several competitions and awards to his name. 

We used this as a base to connect this passion for innovation with the activities he had pursued in school and other part-time pursuits he had enrolled in after graduating. Further leadership skills and team work skills were explicitly highlighted by giving due credit to the activities he was involved in both in school and college, which were varied and considerable.

Focusing on projects he was doing in parallel with his studies, and connecting them with his passion for innovation, we were able to present a different profile from the average applicant, which colleges appreciated. To account for the gap after his bachelor’s, we highlighted a sustainability project he was doing alongside his studies, and concentrated on why he took this pursuit up.


Result- Admit in top German MiM schools, with scholarship!


Science Student Struggling to make a connect in Business

Background: Bachelors in Science from a US college

Problem: No connection to business, Low GMAT

GMAT: 620

Overview: Our client was from S.E Asia, and had come over to the US 4 years back and done her undergrad in a niche sciences field, now she wanted to make a switch to business. But with prior interest and experience shown only in a very niche factory environment and a low GMAT, showcasing to schools why she would be a good fit for a top MiM school was looking difficult.

Our Strategy: After brainstorming for 2 hours, some interesting elements of her profile began to emerge. We discovered the reason for her interest in the niche sciences field was connected with the aim of discovering means to improve the standard of life in her home country, and she was slowly moving towards this goal and even had an idea of a start-up. We capitalized on this to showcase her interest in business and give it a strong backing.

Further, she was actively involved in several extra-curricular activities from NGO’s to student bodies, & had spearheaded some activities in the same, via this, we showcased her strong leadership and team skills. Lastly, we concentrated on how she was able to showcase management aptitude even while working in a core engineering company, by highlighting in depth the kind of activities she did, going above and beyond her work responsibilities.

Result: A glowing admit from LBS


An average GMAT coupled with an average profile

Background: Engineering degree and an IT profile

Problem: Medium GMAT, average work experience, Average extra-curricular activities

GMAT: 660

Overview: On the surface, a very average profile, nothing spectacular about the work experience, had participated in some extracurriculars back in college

Strategy: Our client really wanted to get into the best schools but to do that he had to differentiate himself and his seemingly average profile. The brainstorming session was critical here, and we were amazed to see he had failed to mention a very important business competition he had participated in where he had created a device prototype to tackle a critical social problem in the country. Though he had not won, the competition and the struggle he had put into creating this device highlighted some very strong business skills. We had a winner here, and we capitalized on this to showcase his abilities.

Further, we focused on the work he was doing. Working in the educational sector, we dissected the projects he had led, people he had helped and the workplace achievements he had gathered. This again showcased some cortical skills b-schools are looking for. Basing the application on these 2 points we were able to put forward a strong application.

Result: Admit in HEC and ESSEC, with a scholarship!

Indian Engineer needing to Differentiate

Background: Engineering degree from India, from a top ranked school

Problem: Average experience, average extracurricular activities

GMAT: 680

Overview: After graduating from engineering from one of the top universities in the country, she was now working in the steel industry. Though she had a fairly good GMAT, her profile was no different from most of her peers. 

Strategy: A large number of applicants apply from countries such as India and China, so it is essential to set oneself apart from the herd. Digging deep into her profile we decided to concentrate on the work she was currently doing. Steel is a highly male dominated industry and she had to go through quite a struggle to make herself noticed, and had done a great job at it. Her undying attitude and the skills highlighted via this activity were a key point for our essays. 

Further, she had a very meticulous nature and had performed really well in her training as well as volunteered for and created some great projects. Her pursuit of excellence was evident and we centered a large part of her application on this.

Lastly, leadership and teamwork skills were highlighted from the lead she took during college activities as well when she presided over a large team of workers while in office.

Result: All schools greatly appreciated her drive, and she got an admit from HEC, her dream school.

Final Year Student with low work experience and average academics

Background: Engineering Management degree from Italy

Problem: Limited work ex, average CGPA,  Low GRE

GRE: 311

Overview: Our client was from Italy and was still in his final year of an engineering management degree. He did not have much full-time work experience and a low GRE but had some strong extracurricular activities.

Strategy: Our analysis of his profile showed  that he had invested considerable time in several part-time work opportunities and extra curricular’s. Though this had an impact on his academics, the skills he gained in return made his profile really interesting. We highlighted this proactive nature of his, which had helped him land some international stints as well. 

Further, these activities had put him in charge of several people and had given him exposure to immense leadership and team skills. This was a key point which we knew schools would be interested in and we made sure to base a major part of the essays around the skills he had developed via these experiences.

Additionally, we found he had gained quite some international experience due to his family’s business and had been a part of it for some time, the experience and skills gained via these pursuits made his profile interesting and more than compensated for his low grades.

Result: An admit from Duke and LSE, both his primary choices

A worrying mix of low GPA and limited extra-curricular

Background: Engineering from India

Problem: Very low CGPA, hardly any extra-curricular activities

GRE: Less than 300

Overview: With no solid professional experience and some failed entrepreneurial projects, our client was at a low point in his life. Further in the pursuit of his ventures, his academics had suffered greatly. To add to his woes he had a very low GRE.

Strategy: Not having much to work with, we decided to concentrate on his passion for his projects and why he took this path. Via brainstorming we found, his inherent passion for his ventures and how he had, again and again, tried his hand at different ventures. We found that though he failed, he had learnt from his mistakes and planned bigger and better ventures.

Though he had yet to taste success, his profile was already very different from many of his peers. Further, his drive to succeed, follow his passion and relentless pursuit of his goals gave him skills schools valued. We worked with him to craft all these points into a very personalized rhetoric which spoke straight from the heart. We talked about his reaffirmed commitment towards learning more and how the skills he has gained will help him perform well at business school.

Though he had yet to taste success, his profile was already very different from many of his peers. Further, his drive to succeed, follow his passion and the relentless pursuit of his goals gave him skills schools valued. We worked with him to craft all these points into a very personalized rhetoric which spoke straight from the heart. We talked about his reaffirmed commitment towards learning more and how the skills he has gained will help him perform well at business school.

Result: NYU and a few other US schools, grabbed him up

Gap in studies, random jobs and inconsistent experiences

Background: Finance Bachelors,  settled in the US

Problem: Gap in studies, Inconsistent experiences, Seemingly pointless part-time jobs

GMAT: 690

Overview: Our client was originally from Asia, and though he had a lot of international experiences, there was a haphazard mix of activities. Further a gap of studies of 2 years, blew a hole in his profile

Strategy: Our first order of business was salvaging the gap in education, We strived to understand the extenuating financial problems that led to this gap and were able to build a very personalized account of experiences that caused this gap. Further, we concentrated on the fact as to how he did not let this difficulty bog him, and how he worked towards making the most of the situation, Going forward to work hard doing different part time jobs to support himself and his family. He worked in several roles from doing hard labor to lending a hand in his friend’s startup.

This proactive attitude kept his spirits high in spite of difficulties and once the situation was better, go ahead and complete his education in some niche relevant fields. We worked together to connect all the dots together, spinning a story as to how he moved through all his hardships getting better with every pursuit. And how all these diverse activities culminated into this desire to go for LBS.

Verdict: This very personalized account of struggles and accomplishments, helped him land an admit at LBS

3 Top school rejects so far,with a 700 GMAT,good CGPA and extra-curriculars

Background: Engineering from India, 1+ years of work ex at a famous Tech startup

Problem: Strong profile, good extracurriculars, but still received rejects from Duke, HEC etc.

GMAT: 700


On seeing the profile at a first glance, the client seemed to be in a better position than most applicants we had worked with. She has a top 10 school under her belt, several academic achievements spanning across years, a high CGPA, strong work ex and several awards.
But the problem was that she was facing reject after reject, from multiple schools (some even without interviews!). This was alarming as she had an ideal profile, and schools should have given her preference. Digging deeper it soon became evident, that though her profile was good, her essays were way below par. She was having trouble connecting the dots, highlighting the major elements that made her different and paying stress on points which were trivial at best, but according to her, showcased her personality. Further her goals section was very vague and points on the “Why this particular school” generalistic.

Strategy: Applicants must understand what the schools want, how they think and accordingly showcase their profile in the most positive light. Schools want people who are different from the crowd, are focused and have taken up pursuits which have helped them build a slew of skills, know what they want with their professional goals and are aware of how to get them. (especially how the degree will help get them there) Hence during the brainstorming call we dug deep into her profile, making sure we develop a strong understanding of what she did and why she did them. Once we had done that, we made sure she had a clear understanding of her strengths and how she can portray them in the essays. Further sharing sample essays helped her get a clearer understanding of what the schools were searching for. Then successive edits, helped us clear all generlist ideas she had, and replace them with impactful and personalised achievements, which painted her as an achievement driven version.

Result: An ecstatic client with admits from LBS and LSE!

Multiple previous year rejects, low morale,and hence aiming for schools below his caliber

Background: Hotel Management degree from a top Swiss School

Problem: Previous year rejects from top schools, Low morale, Low GMAT

GMAT: 620

Overview: Our client had a pretty unique profile, after completing Hospitality Management he had discovered a love for Finance and had just finished an internship at JP Morgan, and now wanted to pursue a career in Finance via a Masters.

The problem was he had applied unsuccessfully to several schools and was not really sure if his profile was good enough for top schools. Hence when he came to us he was low on morale and only aiming for schools post the top 10 range.


The first order of business was understanding his profile and assessing his strengths and weaknesses, as well as the reason for the rejects.

We discovered he had a good profile, with strong international exposure and some good brands, but his essays and LORs did not leverage any of these facts. Nor did he showcase clarity towards goals which was essential due to his somewhat different career path (Hospitality→ Finance)  Further even though his GMAT was low, if we leveraged his profile strengths and what he could add to the community, he had a shot at the top 10. And this is exactly what we did, using his Hospitality management and Finance insights, developed via projects and internships, we painted a picture of his resilience (to switch into such drastically different fields) while at the same time showcasing the trove of knowledge he developed in the process (and how he can help the school via that). We also linked his interest in hospitality and Finance to showcase a goal towards a niche filed in Asset Management.

  Result: Admits from IE, ESCP and Imperial, and an ecstatic client ☺  

No conventional work experience or good brand, inconsistent extra-curriculars

Background: Greek background, lack of conventional work experience 

Problem: Inconsistent profile, weak story, lack of star points

GMAT: 710


Our client was from Greece and had a unique agricultural background, which he had leveraged to start his own fledgling Farm. In the process though he had not been able to get any consistent leadership activities or get any corporate exposure.


Our client had very clear goals that he wanted to study in only the top schools. This made things difficult as apart from a good GMAT and some entrepreneurial experience he did not have any exceptional points.

An in-depth brainstorming followed where we dissected each and every aspect of his life, and a story began to form. We believed leveraging his unique Greek background, and how he wanted to create an impact in his country rather than try to leverage opportunities somewhere else, seemed like the best idea.
We focused on his path to coming up with his startup idea, how he leveraged the limited resources and made the most of them, researched to get selective EU funding and how he was able to thrive in a situation where people around him were giving up.

We also leveraged some social and extracurricular work to showcase leadership and teamwork.
Again the story was essential and helped him win ultimately.

  Result: Cornell, Duke, HEC Admits. All with Scholarships. (Cumulative value: 50,000$+)  

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The competition for top B-schools is no joke.

Schools daily see profiles with splendid test scores, splendid academics and so on.

No longer is a 720 GMAT your sure shot ticket to success, there are plenty with the same if not higher scores

Schools are looking for something more than perfect grades and a seemingly golden boy or girl profile

They want people who are self-starters, proactive, can work well in teams and are over achievers in their own rights.

People who lend a diverse atmosphere to the school, add value to it,  among other things.

Application problems such as

  • A low CGPA
  • Mediocre extra-curricular activities
  • Gaps in education
  • No work experience
  • Average or conventional work experience

and many others…..

are very common, but working with clients from all over the globe has shown us, that almost everyone tends to have experiences which can counter these weaknesses & help put forward a more comprehensive application.

We at know exactly how to help you do this, and by digging deep into your profile we aim to bring out those activities & experiences, that highlight these skills.

Above were just some of our client stories,

you can read more about the experiences our clients had with us.

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