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Masters in Management In Canada

After completing MiM from Canada, you’re ready to trounce the World with your world-class Master in Management degree. You can expect to work for top-notch companies at top profiles like Management Consultant etc.
To assist you in advancing your professional growth, we have prepared a list of the best MiM schools in Canada.

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After completing MiM from Canada, if your course duration is more than 8 months, you’re eligible for a Temporary Work-Visa in Canada.

Post your MiM from Canada; there’re, plenty of ways by which you can get a Permanent Visa, including your Post-graduation studies, post-degree jobs, Canadian Experience Class (CEC), etc

Post your MiM Graduation from Canada, confounding post-graduation Opportunities await you, including PhD., M.Phil, etc. Although a MiM degree from Canada broadens your job prospects.

List of Top MiM Colleges in Canada

Sauder School of Business

UBC Sauder

Vancouver, Canada

Course Details-

  • UBC Sauder offers a 9-month Master of Management (MM) program for recent graduates with non-business degrees.
  • It’s the #1 Master of Management in North America and in the Top 60 in the world.
  • The total fee for International Students is $50,616 CAD
  • Average yearly salary after graduation is $46,121


  • 3 or 4 years non-business Bachelor’s degree with a B+ average from an approved institution.
  • No more than two years of full-time work experience after graduating.
  • TOEFL Print: 600, Computer: 250, IELTS – Academic: 7.0 overall band, PTE – Academic: 70, Canadian Academic English Language Test (CAEL): 70 overall band

Class Profile

Average Age :  23 years
Class Size : ~ 100
Average Work Ex : 0-2 Years
Average GMAT : 640
Average GPA :

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HEC Montréal

ivy league universities Columbia University

 Montréal, Canada


Course Details-

  • Master of Science (MSc) – International Business Program at HEC Montreal is 16-24 months (excluding preparatory phase)
  • Tuition fees for the entire program are CAN$30,500
  • The average salary of $ 58,000 after completing the degree


  • A state-recognized university degree that allows you to enrol in a master’s programme.
  • Cumulative average of at least 12 out of 20 or the equivalent, depending on the grading system.
  • TAGE MAGE (competitive score: 300 or higher)
  • GMAT (competitive score: 630 or higher)
  • GRE (overall score equivalent to the GMAT score)

Class Profile

Average Age : 23 years
Class Size : 77
Average Work Ex : 0-2 Years
Average GMAT : 630 or higher
Average GPA :

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Ivey Business School

IVEY business school

London, Canada

Course Details-

  • The Master of Science in Management (International Business) degree at Ivey is a 16-month program designed for recent graduates.
  • The tuition fee for International Students is $72,000 (Canadian Dollar).
  • You can get an average starting salary of $67,202.


  • An undergraduate degree completed within the past two years for International Business.
  • A strong academic record demonstrated during your two most recent years of academic study.
  • While a GMAT or GRE score is not required, it may be recommended to help strengthen your application.

Class Profile

Average Age : 23 years
Class Size : 66
Average Work Ex : 1 Year
Average GMAT :
Average GPA : 3.0/4.33

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Queen’s University

Queen's University

Kingston, Canada

Course Details-

  • The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University offers a 12-month MSc in Management.
  • Total tuition fees are approximately $14,982.80 CDN per year for International students.
  • The average starting salary is $66,052


  • A four-year undergraduate degree with a B+ (77%) average.
  • Applicants must submit a GMAT or GRE score. No exceptions will be considered.
  • IELTS minimum overall score of 7.5.
  • TOEFL minimum overall score of 100 or higher.

Class Profile

Average Age :  24 years
Class Size : 21
Average Work Ex : 1-2
Average GMAT : 640
Average GPA :

More About Queen’s Uni

Schulich School of Business

ivy league universities Columbia University

Toronto, Canada

Course Details-

  • The Master of Management (MMgt) programme is a 12-month full-time programme.
  • The fee for the program is estimated at $56,700
  • Starting salary after the program is average $97,004


  • An undergraduate degree in a non-business field of study, with a minimum B+ average in academic work.
  • The Master of Management programme does not accept applicants with business or commerce degrees.
  • The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and the Graduate Record Examination are not required of applicants (GRE).

Class Profile

Average Age :  23 years
Class Size :
Average Work Ex : 0-2 Years
Average GMAT : Not Required
Average GPA :

More About Schulich

Though Europe is considered to be the bedrock of Masters in Management in Canada, many schools in the Americas are becoming attractive alternatives. Along with the US, Canada is leading the pack, and almost all top schools are offering Masters in Management in Canada. Hence, a Master’s in Management in Canada can be considered.

 It is the dream of several students across the globe to study in Canada. This is because of the quality of education that this school bestows on its students. In Canada, you will get the chance to learn among some of the most skilful alumni, which would help you build your network. In addition, it would further solidify your career path. 

Extroverts who enjoy meeting new people and learning about their culture will find Canada the finest destination to study. This is because Canada’s culture is incredibly diverse, which will broaden your horizons. Furthermore, you can also choose French as a second language if you are already fluent in English. In this sense, studying in Canada improves your overall personality while simultaneously improving your linguistic abilities.

 According to Statista, international students enrolled in post-secondary education in Canada surged from 388 782 in 2020 to 256,494 in 2017. Countries like India and Brazil account for more than 60% of the total international students, followed by international students from South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Iran, Pakistan, and Hong Kong.

With the finest schools like Queen’s University, Sauder School of Business, and Ivey Business School Masters in Management in Canada, there is no need to doubt the quality of education.

Working after Masters in Management in Canada

As an international student studying master’ in Management in Canada, you are considered a temporary resident and should leave once you have completed your studies. But who wants to do that? Most students prefer to work in the country they go to for higher studies. So, if you want to apply the learnings you have gained in your post-graduation and get work experience, you can apply for PGWP (post-graduation work experience). It is a visa that permits you to work in Canada after your post-graduation.

Here is a exclusive video on Jobs after MiM in Canada that can get you a Salary of $100K

Temporary Work Visa

If you wish to work after your Masters’s in Management in Canada, the course duration will directly impact the length of your work permit in Canada. As per the eligibility clause, the course duration must be more than eight months.

Eligibility to apply for PGWP

  • Your post-graduation program Degree/ Diploma must have been at least eight months long
  • The course must have been full-time and not part-time, excluding the program breaks such as spring break, or winter break
  • The 50% of your program must have been completed in Canada in person

PGWP Duration

The duration of the PGWP can range from 8 months to 3 years, according to the length of the program you have studied. For example, if your Masters in Management in Canada program was for nine months, then a work permit may be issued for nine months. However, if you have studied in the country for two or more years, you are eligible for a work permit for three years. Not only this, but this Visa option can also be renewed if you want to continue to work in Canada. In case you wish to extend your work visa, it is suggested that you apply for it before it expires, do not wait for the last minute.

Permanent Resident after MiM in Canada

If you wish to be a Permanent Resident or work after your studies, there are several ways you can do so. 

Canadian Experience Class

Only the people who already live and work in Canada and have adapted to the culture to become permanent residents are eligible to pursue this program. Therefore, it is best suited for temporary foreign workers in Canada or students pursuing a Master’s in Management in Canada.

 International students who are enrolled in Canada can apply for permanent resident status in Canada while studying or after completing their studies. They can apply as long as they match the conditions of the Canadian immigration programme they are applying for. Applying for a Canadian study visa and Canadian permanent residence status simultaneously is known as “dual intent,” It is frequent and legal in Canada.

You are required to have work experience in the country in one of the below-mentioned categories –

  • Managerial position (Skill Type/ Level 0) 
  • Professional Occupations (Skill Type/ Level 0)
  • Skilled-based Technical job (categorized as NOC Skill Level/ Type B)

To be eligible for the program: –

  • Need to have one year of full-time work experience with 30 working hours per week; and
  • The IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF as Citizenship and Immigration Canada must be approved.

Quebec Experience Class

If you have studied in Quebec as an international student and completed a bachelor, Vocational, or Master’s level program with intermediate proficiency in French. In that case, you are eligible for this program without any work experience.

 Living Expenses in Canada For International Students

If you are considering pursuing a Masters in Management in Canada, you should consider the living cost. The expenses of living in Canada are not very high compared to other countries like the US and UK. Nevertheless, the price varies as per the place you choose to live and where your college is located because students prefer to live near their campus more often than not. In Canada, big cities such as Toronto or Vancouver are very expensive. Most universities offer on-campus dwellings for international students, the cost of on-campus housing varies from university to university, but it is expensive compared to living off-campus. Generally, the cost of living per month for food and other expenses is around CA$700-1700 (~US$ 560-1361), including accommodation. The price goes up to CA$10,000-15,000 per year (~US$ 8007-12012).


Amount in CAD


5000- 10000 per annum

Travel Costs

80-110 per month

Health Insurance

300- 800 


300- 400 per month


750 per month

Masters in Management in Canada Fees

The average tuition fee per year for a master’ in Management in Canada is CAD 43,743. This excludes the cost of living mentioned above. Therefore, you should consider both and decide if you wish to study this management program in Canada. However, if you find that this cost can cause you a financial burden, you should consider opting for a scholarship scheme; these schemes can help take the financial strain off and add to your overall profile.


The Scholarship opportunities that Masters in Management aspirants can avail themselves in Canada are limited and highly competitive. The sources of scholarship in Canada are Government bodies and individual Canadian universities. Hence, It is advisable that you keep an eye out for the eligibility criteria if you want to get considered for a scholarship for Masters in Management in Canada.

Post-Graduation Opportunity

This has been a substantial area of interest for most applicants right from the day they begin preparing themselves for admissions into the Masters in Management in Canada schools’ reunion specialities until they have completed this program.

Average Salary

The return on investment of MiM in Canada is extremely high, as the stats show that students are able to earn their fee back in about 2-3 years of the completion of the program. The Average Salary offered after completing a Master’s in Management in Canada ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 65,000.

Let us talk about some schools and the average salary you can earn after pursuing a Masters in Management degree from these schools –


Job Type

Data & Analytics


Human Resources


Product Management




Business Managment


General Management


Marketing and Communications


Operations & Logistics













  • The alumni of UBC Sauder are currently working at top-notch companies such as Amazon, HSBC Bank Canada, PwC, Hootsuite etc.
  • Companies like Accenture, General Mills, Coca-Cola, and Oliver Wyman, have approached Queen’s University at Kingston for placements.
  • HEC Montréal students have got placed into organizations like BNP Paribas, KPMG, Deloitte, Numéra Analytics, and Xerox.

Masters in Management in Canada

Best College for MiM in Canada

1.  Sauder School of Business

UBC Sauder’s H. Lee Graduate School ranked 13th globally and 1st in North America. Its Masters in Management in Canada is among the most prestigious programs. The students earn the business skills required to gain a competitive edge to cope in the job market. The Masters in Management in Canada of UBC is nine months long. The curriculum is highly inclusive, theoretical and application-based as it comprises various case studies, teamwork, presentations, etc. Students get experience in a wide spectrum of business and management disciplines, including marketing, strategic management, and operations. The five-month Community Business Project also enables students to apply the acquired business skills for not-for-profit organizations. Students can further choose to broaden their experience with the optional study abroad program with partner universities. As a result, 95% of students who chose this program have achieved full-time employment within three months of graduation, and the base salary range for the 2015 batch was $30,000 – $52,500.

2. Ivey Business School

The MSc in Management is an action-oriented transformational experience made for ambitious, recent college graduates who wish to polish their skills and uplift their careers. Students learn action-oriented and versatile approaches from over 150 cases a year through this application-based program. This reflects the challenges and complexities of real business world situations. In addition, a student can choose to specialize among three specialities programs – Cross cultural management, Ivey Global Lab, International Business, International Business+ CEMS MIM, and Business Analytics.

Cross-cultural management

Due to globalization, it has become essential for every business organization to understand different cultures and manage them effectively. It is vital to reduce conflicts and increase learning, communication, and innovation. This course is designed to cater to this need of businesses or students. It explores how cultural differences can influence various management situations, international contexts, individual performance etc. Students get the opportunity to apply these learnings in a team project. Through this course, students obtain in-depth knowledge of all the theoretical concepts about diverse cultures, which would enhance their analytical skills, and add to necessary workplace behavioural skills.

Ivey Global Lab

Ivey Global Lab is an eight-week course that enables students to work with a partner firm of a developing country such as India, Vietnam etc. This experience helps students understand a cultural environment of a business.

3. Queen’s University, School of Business

The program provides an in-depth examination of issues ranging from the global economy to cross-cultural leadership with Single Degree and Double Degree Options from one of the ten partners to gain an exciting cross-cultural learning experience that will significantly enhance the program’s impact. The single degree program option provides over 40 different destinations to pursue your international exchange. In addition, their unique curriculum is enhanced by workshops and classroom sessions in Communications & Professional Skills. With Queen’s team-based learning model and career development plan, these interactive sessions provide MIB students with skills that will enable them to take their careers to the next level.

4. Concordia University: John Molson School of Business

The MSc in Management is a research-based Master’s program at Concordia, specially designed for students who want to enhance their research skills in Human Resources and Strategic Management. It’s an excellent program for students who wish to go further and pursue doctoral studies in Management or industrial and Organizational Psychology. The students learn about research by working closely with the faculty members in the program—applying theory and techniques to contemporary business issues. The program is for researchers and those who want to enter the market as a consultant. The research techniques hone their skills and capabilities to come to a real solution. The students are encouraged to select a contemporary issue and apply their technical and analytical skills to propose a relevant solution.

5. McGill University

The 12 months McGill Master of Management in Finance program is a comprehensive program that prepares students through a comprehensive curriculum that integrates advanced financial concepts and quantitative methods with real-world business practices. Upon entry, every student joins Desautels Capital Management Inc as an analyst, is responsible for one sector, identifies investment opportunities, and pitches them to colleagues. This builds a practical understanding of the subject. These are also responsible for dealing with regulatory issues, compliance trade and execution, etc. In the Professional Seminar series, students are exposed to current issues and practices in financial markets. In addition, professionals in three various industries provide networking opportunities. The final project helps develop independent thinking and develop creative solutions to a financial topic.

6. HEC Montréal

HEC Montreal’s Master’s Degree has specialization in all fields of Management. International Management, International Arts Management (MMIAM) and Global Supply chain. You can become a specialist in global markets and challenges of internationalization and international social development & innovation. The opportunity to study with 16 other nationalities provides a multicultural environment, and the 2 – 3-week campus abroad to understand the challenges of doing business in another country is another intensive course to gain global experience. The institute also provides a 1-year management course in Canada. This course might be beneficial for candidates who want to upgrade their skills and get back to work. The team of highly respected management professors owning specialities in their field provides dynamic support to the students of this program. These are specialities specially designed by people active in performing arts, the heritage sector, or cultural industries. The supply chain Management offers integrated operation management & research, international business, marketing and information technologies which help the student specialize in the global fields of product procurement, production, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. Also, the student can become a part of APICS, which is the world’s premier professional association for supply chain management. In addition, students gain from various research chairs, centres, and groups.

7. Schulich School of Business

Schulich School of Business’s Master of Management program is designed to equip students with the tools to manage and solve problems in various organizations and environments. The curriculum is highly experiential, cumulating with an Enterprise Consulting Project where students collaborate and develop actionable recommendations for a local client organization. The program is a one-year duration with resources to equip students with the knowledge and skills to gain a competitive edge.

Top Colleges for MiM in Canada


Location in Canada

Program Name

Program Type


Tuition Fee (in CAD)

University of Calgary


Master of Managemenx`t


10 months


Queen’s University

Kingston, Canada

Master of Science in Management


12 month


Ryerson University


Master of Science in Management


18 months


University of British Columbia (UBC)


Master of Management


9 months


York University


Master of Management


12 months


Brock University

St. Catherines

Master of Science in Management


24 months


McGill University


International Master Program for Management

Part-time/ Full- Time/ Dual Degree

16 months


University of Alberta


Master of Accounting


24 months


In case you wish to have step-by-step guidance on completing your admission process in a hassle-free manner.

In case you are still confused about whether an MBA or a Masters in Management would be a good fit for you? 


Is GMAT required for Masters in Management in Canada?

You should at least have a GMAT score of 620 or above to pursue a two-year course of MiM in Canada. The GMAT score is essential for successful admission to most institutes. Many colleges also mention the required score as part of their eligibility criteria.

Is a Masters in Management worth it in Canada?

Yes, a master in Management in Canada is worth it. The country has many institutes that offer a great MiM program and have been ranked as one of the top universities in the world. They also provide candidates with great opportunities for employment and placements, thus making MiM worth it in Canada.

Why do a masters in management?

MiM or Masters in Management provides a candidate with the necessary skills and knowledge to set foot in a business-related field. It will also provide you with the experience required to land a successful job in the business industry.

Is MiM as good as MBA?

Though you will get familiar with management concepts in both cases and earn a good understanding of business, to pursue MiM, you need little to no work experience. While in the case of an MBA, a minimum of 3-4 years of work experience is necessary.

Does MiM have a scope?

Indeed, a MiM degree has plenty of scopes. For example, after graduating with Masters in Management in Canada, you can work as an HR Manager, Sales Manager, General operation Manager, Training Manager, Business Development Manager etc.

Which MiM course is best?

There are a number of MiM programs in the world; however, which one suits you totally depends on your future goals. Here are the most popular MiM degrees around the globe-

  • MiM- London Business School
  • MSc in Management, HEC Paris
  • Master in Management (MiM), ESCP
  • MA in Strategy and International Management (SIM)
Can we do an MBA after MiM?

Yes, you can pursue an MBA degree after MiM since MBA is pursued by professionals who have work experience, whereas MiM is an early-career degree pursued by college graduates.

What are the subjects in MiM?

There are many subjects in MiM, such as Economics, Business Ethics, Finance, Financial Management and Managerial Accounting, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, etc.

Can I do MiM after B.Com?

 Yes, you are eligible to pursue a MiM after B.Com. Moreover, it provides an excellent base for MiM, as B.Com is also a business degree.



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