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Masters in Management (MiM) In Spain

Many institutes in Spain have now incorporated high-level Learning environments. As a result, their business-related degrees are very renowned and are well recognized for their excellent quality. From thousands of years of history to aggregate architecture and design to stunning vistas.

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There are almost too many locations to get a true sense of how rich the Spanish culture is. In addition, there are several museums, palaces, castles, and old churches. Moreover, Spain offers one of the lowest costs of living in Europe. In addition, international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week to assist with expenditures.

Spain is the most sought after destination for higher education like Management owing to its academic excellence, world-class infrastructure, esteemed faculty and much more. Compared to other top-ranked schools in Europe or the UK, Spain has relatively low and affordable living costs and tuition fees. The cost of attending business school in Spain, however, can vary depending on the institution you look at. But low cost makes it a great choice to develop your business career opportunities in the country while broadening your network.

As a business graduate in Spain, you can start your career in the country. Not only do business schools in Spain connect students with prospective employers through career fairs and events, but also provide them optional or even mandatory internship opportunities to give hands-on work experience for a potential career and to grow network.

 ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School

Barcelona, Spain

Course Details-
• MiM from ESADE is a 10 months full-time programme.
• The total fee is €48,100. 
• You can get an average starting salary of €43,104 after completing the degree.

• An undergraduate degree in any disciple from a recognised university.
• A GMAT with 660 points or GRE 160/162 score for the verbal and quantitative sections is preferable.
• English proficiency test scores such as IELTS and TOEFL is required. 

22Class Profile

Average Age :  22 years
Class Size : 177
Average Work Ex : 0-2 Years
Average GMAT : 660
Average GPA :

More About ESADE

EADA Business School

EADA Business School

Barcelona, Spain

Course Details-
• MiM from EADA Business School is a 9 months full-time programme.
• The total fee is €24,500.
• You can get an average Salary of €57,798 after completing the degree.

• An undergraduate degree from a recognised university.
• A GMAT with a minimum of 650 points or equivalent GRE result.
• An English proficiency test score is required; minimum score for TOEFL IBT is 100 and IELTS is 7.

Class Profile

Average Age :  years
Class Size : 250-300
Average Work Ex : 0-3 Years
Average GMAT : 650
Average GPA :

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IE Business School

IE Business School

Madrid, Spain

Course Details-
• MiM from IE Business School is a one-year full-time programme.
• The total fee of the programme is €38,200.
• You can get an average Salary of €44,000 after completing the degree.

• An English proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo or Cambridge (C1 or C2) certifications is required.
• A
minimum GMAT score of 650 points or GRE or IEGAT is required. 

Class Profile

Average Age : 23 years
Class Size :
Average Work Ex : 0-2 Years
Average GMAT : 650-770
Average GPA :

More About IE

IESE Business School

IESE Business School

Barcelona, Spain

Course Details-
• MiM from IESE Business School is a 11 months full-time programme.
• The total fee of the programme is €40,500.
• You can get an average Salary of €45,000+ after completing the degree.

• A good GMAT score or equivalent GRE score is required.
• If the bachelor’s or post-graduation degree is NOT obtained entirely in English or from a English speaking country, TOEFL with minimum is 100pts is required.

Class Profile

Average Age : 23 years
Class Size : 47
Average Work Ex : 0-2 Years
Average GMAT : 670
Average GPA :

More About IESE

For graduates with no work experience, the Master of Management (MIM) degree provides general business and management understanding. International business colleges and universities offer MIM degrees as a cost-effective alternative to MBA degrees. Business Analytics, Operations Management, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Hospitality are some of the specialisations available in management degrees.

Spain’s welcoming and laid-back atmosphere attract thousands of international students each year. The weather is also pleasant, allowing you to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun’s warmth while you’re not in class. Higher education schools compete with other well-known colleges around the world by charging comparatively low tuition costs. In addition, Spanish institutions are renowned for their high-quality business programmes. You’ll also get the chance to study Spanish, which will look fantastic on your resume, especially if you want to work in Spain or for an international corporation.

Traditional lectures are combined with research work and seminars at Spanish universities. Students can have open and amicable talks with professors and debate on challenging themes in their chosen field. In addition, most study programmes require you to prepare for a midterm exam and a final year test in a written test or an oral examination for each course.

Why study Masters in Management in Spain

Let’s discuss why a MIM in Spain is an excellent option to choose. Several variables contribute to Spanish brilliance.

Affordable Fees

First, the MiM was founded in the Grande Ecoles, which are super-elite professional schools that have produced many of France’s top executives. That has allowed them decades to fine-tune the syllabus and methodology to perfection.

Enjoyable Climate

Master’s in Management programmes in France are likewise designed with employers in mind, with many organisations adapting them to their specific needs. Hence, MiM graduates have excellent job prospects, while international students can simply obtain a short work visa.

Excellent Lifestyle

Employers also support education, making tuition for French MiMs significantly less expensive than it is elsewhere. Given the promising job prospects, they provide exceptional value for money.

Top-Ranked B Schools

The acclaimed culture of France attracts many MiM students. Gastronomy, art, and entertainment are world-renowned in big cities such as Paris.

Specialization and courses for MIM in Spain

Let’s explore the top 10 specializations and courses for Master’s in Management in Spain:

International Business Management

International Business Management is a 9-months long program from GBSB Global Business School which is designed to equip the students to face various challenges in the international markets. The tuition fee for this entire program is 13,500 EUR.

Blockchain Management

The Blockchain Management program is a 1-year long program offered by the EU Business School that aims to provide a thorough understanding of blockchain. This course becomes pretty crucial due to the fact that the applications of blockchain technology are rapidly growing. The tuition fee for 1-year program is 20,000 EUR.

Global Master of Business and Management

The Global master of business and management program is a 1-year long program offered by the University for the creative arts, and the tuition fee for the 1-year program is 21,200 EUR.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply Chain and Logistics Management program is a 2-years long program offered by RMIT University, and the tuition fee for the program is 28,200 EUR per annum.

Master in Management

The Master in Management program at the Maastricht School of Management aims to teach young professionals the ability to manage people. The course is for the duration of 1 year with an annual fee of nearly 16,000 EUR.

International Management

The Master’s program in International Business aims to teach young professionals the ability to work at a consulting firm in an international scenario. The course is for the duration of 1 year with an annual fee of nearly 14,900 EUR.

Financial Management

The financial management program aims to teach young professionals critical thinking, ethics and excellent business practices. The University of Winnipeg offers the course for the duration of 2 years with an annual fee of 9,000 EUR. 

Management and International Relations

The master’s in Management and International Relations is offered by the University of Lincoln. The program is for the duration of 1 year with a total fee of 19,000 EUR.

Product Development and Innovation

The Product Development and Innovation program offered by the University of Southern Denmark helps students combine their engineering competencies with their business skills. The course is for the duration of 3 years with a fee of 8,500 EUR per annum. 

Financial Economics

The Financial Economics program offered by the EDHEC Business School helps young professionals to make a successful international career in finance. The course is for the duration of 2 years with a fee of20,000 EUR per annum.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Management in Spain

Students interested in studying MIM in Spain must meet the following requirements:

    • Students must have graduated from a recognised high school.
    • Students must have received their diplomas from a reputable university.
    • Some colleges additionally require candidates to score well on a variety of entry exams, including the TOEFL, GMAT, PTE, IELTS, and GRE.

Documents checklist for MIM in Spain

The below-mentioned documents are required to apply for admission to the Institutes in Spain:

  • Degree certificate(s) or current enrolment certificate(s).
  • A one-page curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Academic transcripts and GPA
  • Official GMAT, GRE, or TAGE MAGE test score report
  • Studying Costs
  • Previous certifications

Exams Required for MIM in Spain

If you are pursuing a MiM degree in Spain, you are often required to show that your language abilities are sufficient to get participated in the classes and understand lectures.

In Spain, there are approximately 1,000 English-taught programmes.

Universities in Spain will want to see proof that you are proficient in English to succeed in their courses. These official English tests are accepted by almost all Spanish universities:


TOEFL is an acronym for the “Test of English as a Foreign Language”, which is a popular language competence test taken by students who want to study abroad. The exam focuses on assessing applicants’ ability to speak classroom-based English and is hence accepted in over 130 countries, including Spain.

A TOEFL score of 90 is considered average. It could range from 85 to 95. A TOEFL score of over 100 is regarded as good. When taking the TOEFL test, candidates should keep in mind that there are no good or bad marks. With this score you can also apply to MBA in USA and other countries.

C1 Advanced

One of the Cambridge English Qualifications is C1 Advanced, formerly known as Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE). It is a comprehensive, high-level qualification that demonstrates you possess the language abilities that businesses and universities need.

Level C1 refers to proficient language users, i.e. those capable of performing difficult job and study duties.

PTE Advanced

Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening are the four modules of the PTE-Academic Exam. While the Speaking and Writing modules are merged into a single session, the Listening and Reading modules are split into two sections.


IELTS, the world’s most popular English language test, is not actually challenging in itself. Instead, it evaluates your listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities in less than 3 hours.

It is a set of tests meant to assist you in working, studying, or migrating to a country where English is the native (primary) language. This covers Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Spain also considers IELTS scores for admission into its MiM courses.

Cost of studying MIM in Spain

The average cost of living in Spanish cities

In general, Spain is a reasonably priced country in which overseas students should not face financial hardship.

To live in Spain, you’ll need between 900 and 1,100 EUR. If you visit Barcelona or Madrid, the most expensive cities in Spain, the costs will be more significant.

Living expenditures are comparatively lower in places like Valencia, Seville, and Cadiz, ranging between 700 and 900 EUR per month on average.

Student living expenses

The following are the student housing alternatives in Spain:

  • Student residential halls: Prices for student residential halls range from 360 to 650 EUR per month.
  • Renting an apartment is a popular choice among students: Prices range from roughly 200 EUR to over 1,000 EUR per month. In addition, sharing an apartment with other students is one method to save money
  • Living with a Spanish family: Costs vary depending on location, living conditions, and other factors. Online services exist to assist you in contacting Spanish families.

Food costs

Students in Spain will have a wide range of culinary options, including “paella,” “escabeche,” and “merienda.” You would generally spend between 200 and 400 EUR per month on groceries. It is very dependent on your habits, such as whether you cook or not, how frequently you eat out, and so on. Dia, Bally, Dani, and Mercadona are some of the cheapest supermarkets in Spain.

Costs of transportation

A regular trip on public transportation costs 1.5 EUR, while a monthly transportation pass costs 42 EUR in large cities and somewhat more than 54 EUR in smaller ones.

With the AVE (speed rail), you may travel around Spain and see its beautiful cities for 75 EUR on average. You may save a lot of money with the young travel card.

You can rent a car from local providers if you prefer private transportation to walk.

Jobs after Masters in Management in France

MIM graduates can work as HR Managers, Training Managers, General Operation Managers, Sales Managers, or Business Development Managers after gaining experience. They are also seen to work in senior managerial jobs after having extensive professional experience.

Following are the top job roles that the young professionals can get after the completion of their MiM degree in Spain:

Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager, on the other hand, is the go-to person for all employee-related matters. Job design, employee relationships, recruitment, performance management, training & development, and talent management are all tasks they oversee.

Social Media Manager

In order to expand the company’s online presence, a Social Media Manager is responsible for devising a plan, producing good content, evaluating usage data, facilitating customer support, managing projects and campaigns, and so on. They play an important role in expanding the organization’s virtual reach.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is actually responsible for promoting a product, company, or service. They are in charge of a variety of operations such as product launches, advertising, email campaigns, events, and social media marketing.

Management Consultant

Management consultants’ responsibilities include assisting firms in problem-solving, enhancing corporate performance, creating value, and optimising growth. They basically find solutions to company challenges and recommend improvements that should be adopted. 

Sales Manager

A sales manager is in charge of hiring and training salespeople. They create sales targets, assess them, and develop training programmes for the firm’s sales representatives.

Project Manager

A project manager is in charge of the project’s planning, procurement, and implementation. In order to make the project a success, they consider different elements such as the project’s successful completion, budget, scope, and so on.

Business Development Manager

A business development manager is basically responsible for generating new sales leads, negotiating pricing with clients, and estimating sales income. They contribute significantly to the organization’s profit maximization.

Development Manager

In large enterprises, a development manager performs a critical function. First, they serve as a point of contact for customers, top management, and customers. Also, they serve as project managers, delegating tasks to ensure that projects are finished effectively.

Public Relation Manager

A public relations manager uses media releases, interviews, and other methods to communicate their organization’s point of view to the general public. They also keep an eye on social, political, and economic trends that may have an impact on the company and make recommendations on how to improve the company’s image.

MIM in Spain Without GMAT

MIM, or Master in Management, is a prominent management degree that attracts candidates worldwide. However, getting into a top business school abroad to pursue a MIM programme is highly competitive. This is because GMAT or GRE scores are required for admission to a number of leading universities in Spain. As a result, candidates go to great lengths to achieve strong GMAT or GRE scores in order to gain admission to their preferred business school. Here, we’ll talk about top MIM institutions in Spain that don’t require GMAT or GRE results.

Preparing for the GMAT or GRE takes time and dedication, as elite universities demand high GMAT and GRE scores. There are also candidates who have taken the GMAT or GRE but did not achieve the required results and do not wish to retake these standardised exams. As a result, many candidates prefer to apply to universities that offer MIM without requiring GMAT or GRE scores. In addition, GMAT or GRE scores are not required for admission to many colleges in the country.

Universities have a few entrance prerequisites that candidates seeking admission without a GMAT or GRE must meet. If you desire a GMAT/GRE waiver, several universities need you to have a good GPA. Universities assess applicants based on a variety of factors in order to establish a varied and inclusive class. If the university determines that candidates do not meet the overall standards, they may request the GMAT or GRE to demonstrate their capacity to pursue the program.

IE Business school is the top university in Spain that offers a MiM program without GMAT scores.

With its International MBA, IE Business School is among the top ten Business Schools in the world, according to the latest QS World University Rankings: Global Full-Time MBA 2022, while the Master in Management and Master in Finance also rank highly in their respective categories.

Cheapest MIM in Spain for Indian students

In general, Spain is a reasonably priced country in which overseas students should not face financial hardship. To live in Spain, you’ll need between 900 and 1,100 EUR. If you visit Madrid or Barcelona, the most expensive cities in Spain, the costs will be more significant.

Spain has some of the lowest tuition fees in Europe. The tuition fees for a master’s degree range from 1,000 to 3,500 euros per annum, making Spain an affordable choice for Indian students. Private universities determine their tuition rates, which can reach 20,000 EUR per year.

The cost of living in the country varies by region, but it is relatively easy to get by on a student budget. Food is usually inexpensive and of good quality, and there are numerous affordable apparel stores. However, finding lodging can be costly in large cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

The following are some of the most cost-effective Spanish universities for Indian students:

  • University of Granada
  • Valencia University
  • University of Santiago de Compostela
  • Universitat Rovira I Virgili

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MIM a viable option?

A master’s degree in management provides numerous benefits. For example, as part of the admissions process, you are not required to have years of work experience. In addition, students pursuing a MIM degree get a wealth of leadership and management skills through internships and practical experiences.

Is MIM preferable to MBA?

The MIM provides early-career students with the information they need to jumpstart their business careers. The MBA provides most students with the foundation for career acceleration or a career transition.

Is the GMAT required for MIM?

A strong GMAT score can help candidates overcome a lack of work experience, but getting into a reputable institution requires more than exam preparation. Master’s in Management (MiM) candidates must take the GMAT.

What are my options after MIM?

MIM graduates can work as HR Managers, Training Managers, General Operation Managers, Sales Managers, or Business Development Managers after gaining experience. They are also seen to work in senior managerial jobs after having extensive professional experience.

Is MIM worth it in Europe?

MIM is currently more popular in Europe and less well-known in India. Because it is a relatively new degree that began a few years ago, it is regarded as a high degree in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. Because few universities in India offer MIM, it is a sensible idea to study MIM abroad.