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do i need an admission consultant intro

Is Investing in a B-school Consultant worth it?


Before we start, here are a few facts, which will help you better understand what/who a Consultant is:

  • Nearly 57% of B-School Applicants who responded to a survey, said they sought help from a consultant.
  • Nearly 91% of the Applicants who used the Consultants, mentioned that they benefited the most from their Essay services.
  • Almost all the respondents said that they spent a minimum of 70 hours on their b-school application process.
  • Majority of the respondents who have gone for consultants to help them have mainly targeted the top 10-15 schools such as HEC, ESSEC, LBS, DUKE, Kellogg, WHU and so on.

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The above figures show that more than half of the B-School aspirants take help of Consultants for their admission process and benefit heavily from the same, in fact, a majority of them credit the advice offered by the Consultants to increase their odds of getting an admit manifold.

In today’s competitive era, ad-coms of all top b-schools, receive thousands of applications each cycle! So it makes sense to understand how the expertise of people who have inside knowledge into the field, can give you a severe competitive advantage.

Now more than ever it’s not enough to submit a “good” application, you need to be better than your competition.

In some cases, the odds of securing a coveted seat at such institutions are down to 1:10 or 1:12.

Not only are the odds steep, but so is the competition. Each candidate finds himself competing with several others like him/her, with similar, or sometimes, even better profiles than them.

So, the genuine question to follow in such a case is: 

How can a Consultant help me?


Since Consultants have experience working with several aspirants over the years, they know the process in and out. They can guide you in everything from School selection and crafting your School-Specific Essays/ SOP’s, to helping you refine your resume and aiding your Recommenders in writing your LOR.

They can not only take a look at your profile and help you determine which schools you have a shot at but guide you in crafting your application such that your odds increase significantly in schools where you earlier had little chance at.

Are you aiming too high or are undervaluing your achievements and aiming too low?

A consultant can help decide.

Apart from all this, you as an aspirant, get the following extra facilities:


  • Selecting the best school for your profile, no matter how long you have been scouring the internet for blogs, Q/A forums etc for data on schools, and which one fits in with your goals the most, they all pale in comparison to the understanding a good consultant has of the schools and the degree. Add to this the fact that they have seen 100’s of profiles similar to yours and helped them get into the schools, and you begin to realize the depth and breadth of their experience. No matter how many hours you spend researching or pinging people on Linkedin, it cannot match the advise and pointers a good consultant can give you.
  • Most B-schools provide financial aid to several of their students each year. The decision for such Merit-Based Scholarships is solely based on your overall profile with special attention given to the SOP and Essays. Hence, an admission consultant, not only increases your chance of scoring an admit but also your chances of getting a coveted scholarship increase manifold. In fact, many students every year land a scholarship mainly because they had proper guidance about it.
    For example, we at MiM-Essay have helped students get over 578,000 Euros (and increasing) in Scholarship so far.
  • The Non-Refundable Application fees of about 120 USD for most programmes may seem not much of an investment, but for people who apply to 5-6 schools often pay a lot of overheads simply on their application itself.

However, with a consultant by your side, you can narrow down your choice of colleges, thereby greatly reducing unnecessary application cost. Also, due to their expertise, they can actually match you with schools where your chances of admission are high and hence you don’t have to panic about sending applications to every corner of the world.

Add to this the cost of retaking the GMAT, the cost of sending the scores to additional schools, and it becomes clear how much money you can actually save.

Further, the guidance can help you save costs on preventing you from:


  • Giving unnecessary exams ( did you know most school these days don’t require a TOEFL?).
  • Taking up needless certificates/Sumer School programs which “supposedly” improve your profile.
  • Save you a lot of VISA and documentation hassle

There are several other utilities of having a consultant by your side during the strenuous process of B-school Applications, but out of this, the most ‘bang-out-of-the-buck’ comes when their assistance helps you get through the door of your dream B-school.

As proven by several surveys, a great percent of admitted b-school candidates have stated that their chances of admission have increased manifold, thanks to the prompt and professional guidance they received.

Hence, if you are in doubt about your chances to make it to the top MiM or MSc Programs, a consultant will in all probability help you get admitted!

Even after all this, still a question may be raised,

Do I really need a Consultant?

do i need an addmission consultant

To answer this, we would like to address a few agendas:

Money: Good Consultants don’t come cheap, Agreed. But when looking at the big picture, the initial investment made in comparison to the benefits an aspirant will reap after graduating from a top MiM/MSc Programme, seem like chump change really. In fact, it is more like investing in your future, which in the long run will pay an exponential dividend throughout.
Plus with their great success rate of admittance and obtaining scholarships, they can also give you that outside chance of going to a top Programme and having to pay lesser than your peers—Not a bad deal huh? 🙂

However, keeping the students’ concerns ahead of ours, we at MIM-ESSAY, charge reasonable for our services so that students don’t feel like getting extorted. We understand your needs, and hence provide all services at not only very competitive rates, but also offer a 100% money back guarantee with respect to the quality of our services. (Which is unprecedented in the industry)

We have got your back!

  • Not everything in life is quantifiable, such as stress and tension. Aspirants in a survey claimed that they spend several days, if not weeks in order to perfect their application, all the while balancing their professional or academic life . They spend time & money preparing for the entrance tests, sending out applications, etc. Along with all these, there is always a sense of doubt haunting them: A voice constantly saying “Will I make it to XXX B-school? Is my profile worthy of getting me a seat?”.
    Well, with the help of a consultant, you can cut off on your share of stress and tension, and have a mentor who can help you save time and stress.

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  • As if all this was not enough, an MiM Consultant proves to be of great help when an aspirant has a Generic Profile (Example: Indian IT Engineer) and is in dire need to stand out from the crowd or to crack an Interview. With their expertise, a consultant is well aware of what schools look for in their candidates and they try to mold your profile in such a way that the skills and qualities which are highlighted, resonate well with the ideals of the school as well.


  • Time-Saving, well most of our applicants are either working in a very competitive job environment or are jousting with a hectic academic environment, this makes taking out the time to work on school applications a challenge. One application can easily take upwards of 30 hours of time, and multiply that with 3-4 applications and you can imagine the level of time management you will need to have. Add to that the fact if you have started late or just have a few weeks to the deadlines, this can lead to a chaotic situation.A consultant can help you greatly simplify things, not only does he draw a time line for you to keep you accountable and make sure that you don’t miss the deadlines, but constant essay discussions and edits will help you cut down your ideation and subsequent writing time by more than 60%.


  • But I am great in English, I even wrote for my college magazine! Well, this is a common and also one of the most dangerous misconceptions which people have. It is imperative to understand that, an essay or a letter of motivation is not just about using big words and showing your English language skills. It’s mainly about highlighting your strengths properly, with a quantitative backdrop to help visualize it, and ensuring there is coherence throughout.An essay is supposed to have a flow, should be an engaging read and should be able to answer the questions asked while ensuring that you as an applicant highlight what makes you special.

You will also have to uphold those aspects of your candidature that resonate well with the school’s ideals. Hence, a proper understanding of both your profile as well as the school’s ideals is needed to be able to cultivate a winning essay, something which we as a consultant, have gained expertise with our experience.


Be it be optimizing your Resume talking points or addressing a particular Gap in your profile via your essays, a consultant knows all the ‘tricks-of-the-trade’! Not only that, they prepare you well for the ‘not-so-easy’ Interviews as well, by making you go through mock sessions to make you feel comfortable in front of the ad-com. So if you want to really make an application that stands out amidst a pool of applicants go for a good Consultant.


Now that we have established as to how a consultant can prove more than a guide to you in your application process and whether you need one or not, there is still a MAJOR thing to consider!


How do I choose which consultant is a good fit for me?

do i need an addmission consultant how to choose

There are tons of consulting companies out there…how do we know which makes the cut? which is better?

Here are a few things that can guide you

We at MIM-ESSAY, are a group of alums of top notch MIM Programmes ourselves. So not only have we been through the process ourselves, we have also helped several MIM applicants over the years to get admits to top schools. 

Being students ourselves at one point of time, we basically have lived the experience of an MIM degree. So not only are our consultants knowledgeable about the admission process, they can actually give you inside information on the various specializations and other nuances which are not otherwise available to the aspirants. They can help you add information and highlight qualities in your essays which the schools value and would love to see in their applicants.

A good way to assess the credibility of any consultant is to contact people who have already taken their help. With a conversion rate of more than 92%, you can understand that most of our clients leave with smiling faces.  You can read their experiences at our website under testimonials. Also, check the level of schools they have helped applicants get into, are they top 10?  top 20? or other little-known schools.

A good test of credibility and knowledge is the number of students placed in top 10 schools.

Our Services all come with the same bottom line: We will keep on editing and perfecting your application unless you are satisfied with our work. No questions asked. So unlike others, we don’t believe in making 1-2 edits and sending you off with a sub standard application. We understand the importance of a perfect essay and also understand that perfection comes over time. So, we provide several edits, as many as needed, to make sure your application stands out. Apart from that, our consultants are ever-ready to remove any doubts you have, either over email, Skype, phone, text message or any other way that you are comfortable with.

We are extremely particular about our client’s success and although it may seem just another cliche line, we are not saying it for the sake of it. If you do not find our services to be up to the mark, we guarantee you a 100 % cashback of your money. So if you are skeptical about our service, all you need to do is try us out and see if we are worth the time and money invested, or else, you get your money back. That simple.

In conclusion, a good consultant can not only save you loads in terms of money and stress but can also really help make the whole rather stressful application process much more enjoyable.

And most importantly help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life, getting into a world renowned B-school.

Read some of our client reviews to understand the how we have helped them out.