What is the Monash MiM Review?

The Monash MiM Review is useful for all the aspiring candidates who want to have an insight of the Masters of Management Program at the Monash Business Scool and understand if the school is a good fit for them. In addition to a brief review of the school, data about the MiM application process, the class profile and placement statistics upon graduation are also presented.


Ranked among the To 15 business institutions in Australia and Asia Pacific, Monash Business School is indeed a premier institution of the Monash University that is globally recognized  in various disciplines like business, management, econometrics, marketing and much more. The School even offers a wide range of globally accepted courses for undergraduate studies, research programs, double degrees, doctorate programs, and the highly-renowned graduate studies which have around 135 areas of study for the students to choose for their expert master degree.

Furthermore, the Monash Business School is the only one among the Victorian universities to have the esteemed 'triple crown' accreditation of AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. Along with this, Monash highly values excellence and aims to create world leaders with an international scope, enterprising attitude, and inclusive approach towards different challenges of life.

With a wide geographical mark across the globe, the Monash Business School is spread across five locations in Australia, and even on international grounds in Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, India, and China. Thus, the School has an enormous community of huge diversity and offers many benefits to its students from a vibrant network of more than 84,000 alumni.

With a wide geographical mark across the globe, the Monash Business School is spread across five locations in Australia, and even on international grounds in Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, India, and China. Thus, the School has an enormous community of huge diversity and offers many benefits to its students from a vibrant network of more than 84,000 alumni.

Monash MiM Review


The Monash Master of Management (MiM) Program Value Proposition

  • The Master of Management (MiM) program is a specialized tool designed to assist students to develop expertise in management skills that are essential to solve problems and face challenges in any organization and workplace.
  • This program also focuses on improving your problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities that are highly valuable in managing an organization or handling your responsibilities as a senior level manager.
  • The course is very competitive and covers the changing dynamics of the organizational and work environment with a perfect mix of theoretical knowledge, and pro-bono experience in classrooms.
  • Provides a flexible curriculum that allows you to choose the courses of your interest and study full-time or part-time on campus, and even off-campus. 
  • Provides an opportunity to students from many backgrounds, including engineering, medicine, business, and much more to build a career in management, and increase their knowledge of key management skills. 
  • Monash Business School has a closely knit network of more than 84,000 like-minded alumni that provides a lot of benefits to graduates with their active participation in career support services, premium access to library resources, and other exclusive activities for students.
  • The School offers its courses both full-time and part-time in 5 campuses namely  Berwick, Caulfield, Clayton, Peninsula, and Parkville that are spread across the beautiful land of Australia. Thus, there is a dynamic confluence of different cultures, languages, and thoughts across the campuses in Monash Business School. 

Monash MiM Review

Program Highlights

  • Program starts in February 

The program commences the first semester in the month of February followed by the second semester in July. The duration of the course varies from 1 to 1.5 years depending upon the prior qualifications.

  • Course Structure

The program course is divided into two parts: Mastery Knowledge and Application Studies.  Part A (48 points) includes the Mastery Knowledge which focuses on giving an in-depth understanding of core management skills and their effects on decision-making strategies in a workplace.  Part B (24 points) is all about Application Studies which focuses on professional development of the student with the help of professional work, different models of management and leadership giving you a pro-bono experience in class.

  • Entry Levels

The School offers two entry levels for the incoming graduates to choose from. Entry level 1 offers admitted students to complete 72 points (Part A and Part B) while the Entry level 2 offers students to complete 48 points (Part A).

  •        Core & Elective Courses

The Masters of Management (MiM) program offers a variety of core as well as elective courses to students. Each course holds a value equivalent to 6 credits or points. 

Here is the list of core courses for the MiM Degree program.

LeadershipStrategic Management
Services & Operations ManagementManagerial Problem Solving & Decision Making
Managing People & OrganisationsManaging Organisational Change

There are around 12 electives offered for this program. 

GovernanceStrategic Management in the Public SectorPolicy Analysis
Public Sector Financial ManagementPeople Management and Work in a Global ContextPublic Policy
Public ManagementHuman Resource Management IssuesStrategic Human Resource Management
International Human Resource ManagementWork and Employment RelationsHuman Resource Management

For more information on the Monash's MiM Program, click here.

Next, in the Monash Master of Management Review, we are going to look at some more details about the admission requirements and application process for Monash Business School.

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Constituents of the application package

  • Unofficial Undergraduate Academic Transcripts (GPA, Core, and Elective courses) from all previously attended post-secondary institutions
  • One or two-page Resume/CV
  • Official Transcripts only at the time of admission
  • English Proficiency requirements for non-English medium students only
  • Application fees of A$ 100

Admission criteria

  • For all entry levels, applicants must have completed an Australian bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in a similar discipline.
  • Students should have scored at least 55% of Weighted Average Mark (WAM) during their bachelor degree.
  • Applicants will be considered for admission if they have a minimum of two years of work experience.
  • Applicants are NOT required to give the GMAT or GRE examinations.

Next, in the Monash MiM review, we are going to look at some relevant details about the MiM program as well as the employment opportunities after graduation.


Course Duration: 1-1.5 years (Full Time) and 3 years (Part-Time)

Estimated Tuition Cost:  A$ 37,800 (according to 48 credit hours)

Miscellaneous Expenses: A$ 9,467 (Accommodation), A$ 3,600(Food), A$ 1,200 (Books, stationery, and equipment), A$ 960(Clothing)

Scholarships: Monash University offers more than 200 types of scholarships worth 70,000 Australian dollars. These awards are based on merit as well as financial needs of the prospective students.

Application Deadlines 

Application dates vary as per the semester entry level, however, most of the applications close around mid-June.

Class Profile

Average Starting Age: 30

Gender Breakdown: Female 58% and Male 42%

Industries: Financial service 16%, Health & Medical 12%, Professional Services 12%, Energy 10%, Manufacturing 10%, Retail services 6%, Automotive 8%, Construction 6%

Students: Domestic 62% and International 38%

Monash MiM Review

 Career Development Services 

Monash MiM students are offered a lot of opportunities by innovative resources and get huge support to kick-start their careers. Some salient features of the career development cell are:-

  • Professional Training programs

The career development programs at Monash Business School offer another program that trains graduates to shift from their academic environment to a professional one. These programs plan to boost a student's confidence and motivate them to think rationally in critical situations.

  • Recruitathon

This program provides students with a first-hand experience of the recruitment process at their respective campuses. It is a great platform for students to access their strengths and weaknesses in order to build a strong profile for the required job.

  • Employment Workshops

The career development team focusses on offering short programs that cover job search strategies, writing perfect SOPs, cover letters, and how to go about interviews. This helps graduates to be well prepared for the recruitment process.

  • Growing Connections’

Monash Business School conducts innumerable events and seminars throughout the session to help you build your network with accomplished employers and recruiters, career coaches and advisors. 

  Monash MiM Placement Statistics

With a strongly-knit network of more than 84,000 alumni, the Monash graduates have an employment of more than 90% after graduation. The average salary for Monash alumni and graduates is $75,000 while for executive management jobs, the average salary is $111,000 and the pay scale increases with growing experience.

Some top-notch companies that have recruited on campus are reported to have been looking for graduates with high order thinking skills and the ability to apply theory to practice. 

Monash MiM Review

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