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MSc Engineering SOP Editing Service

How to write the perfect MS SOP

Every year 200,000+ students from India alone go forward to study at varied MS schools in the US.

And this number is only growing, at an average of 10% per year!

With these figures, you can just imagine the intense competition there is for top schools and hence it is extremely important to master your Msc Engineering SOP.

But what makes MS so popular in the first place?

Looking at some stats…

  • A software engineer’s average salary is around 102,160$
  • Average starting salary of a mechanical engineer is $71,700
  • Average starting salary of an electrical/electronics engineer is around $60,125

In fact, some of the most popular domains MSc applicants go into are Software Development, Data Analytics, Embedded Systems, Game Design & Development, Structural Engineering, Operations Research&Information, Biotechnology, Industrial Engineering and Hardware Design etc.

So overall an MS degree has the capacity to kick start your career and earning capacity by a significant degree.

Further, a good school can help launch you into esteemed companies such as Google, Facebook, Ford, Tesla, and Apple, which would have otherwise been unreachable.

Here are some things a good MS degree offers:

  1. A range of core courses such as Data Structures and Computer Architecture, Electronic devices and Circuits and Control Systems etc specially designed to give you a concrete knowledge about your respective field.
  2. Varied specialisations to help you build a certain expertise on Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, Software Design, Business Analytics and Power Electronics for example.
  3. Immense exposure and research opportunities such as research assistantships and many internship opportunities for people with relevant skills.
  4. A network of professionals spanning across the country, ready to provide you the mentoring and connections needed to move ahead in this industry.
  5. Access to varied clubs spanning across specialised technical and academic clubs to Literary and Cultural clubs, which allow you to build a holistic profile and delve deeper into your subject of interest

Also, here are some companies recruiting from some of the top 10 MS schools

Tech Giants: Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, and Samsung.

Private Banking: Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Citigroup.

Consulting Firms: E&Y, KPMG, PWC, Deloitte

Manufacturing Industries: Ford, GM, Tesla

How can you put forward a strong MS application?

As mentioned above, competition is very tough, top 20 schools accept tens of thousands of applications per year, and have single digit acceptance rates.

Couple these figures with the strong work profiles and high GRE scores most of these applicants have and you will realise that the competition is intense.

Just a high GRE and good grades are not enough, you need to make the school realise

  • Why do you want to pursue this particular degree?
  • How will you be a good fit for the program?
  • What are your short term goals, do you have clarity towards the same?and much more…

Your SOP will play a major role towards the same.

In face, more than 30% of the admission weightage goes to your SOP, as well as your resume and LOR.

Hence make sure they work in conjunction and put forward a strong picture.

So how do I write a great SOP for MSc in Engineering ?

Here are some general pointers to get you started.

  • What motivates you?

Talk about what makes you interested in your particular field. What sparks your interest? How do possibilities of varied fields make you excited?

  • What led you to this point?

Talk about a previous project or work experience you’ve had that is relevant to your field. Passion and interest are great, but if you can show that you’ve actually done something about them already, that is even more powerful.

Based on what you know, what kinds of activities, positions, and accomplishments do you have under your belt that can show that you’d do well in your respective field?

Talk about projects done, papers written, research work done…how you have elaborated on this interest and taken your technical understanding forward.

Experiences are powerful and if used properly can make a generic SOP very personalised.

  • What are your goals, how will the degree help you achieve them

Talk about what you hope to accomplish as an international student with an Engineering degree. Where do you see yourself just after graduating? Are you particularly drawn to one part of the Technology sector or another? What do you hope to accomplish with your degree and why? How does it tie in with your long term goals?

Internships or projects done can be referred here to make an impactful point.

Showcase specific skills if any 

Programming languages, competition, other exploits which show your technical prowess can be used here.

These pointers though general, sum up some main areas which every SOP should contain.

But it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and one needs to deeply introspect on each and every element, and as mentioned earlier back everything up with relevant experiences.

With the weightage given to SOP, you need to ensure you give it nothing but the best.

How can we help?

A strong SOP not only helps you put forward your profile in a compelling light but also acts as an essential differentiating factor, separating you from the crowd.

Hence you need to make sure that the SOP is 100% original, and is replete with experiences which showcase your technical understanding as well as a motivation to pursue the stream further.

Additional reasons as to why this particular specialisation and school need to be provided.

We have been helping MS students get into their dream schools since 2014, having admitted in almost every one of the top 10 schools.

We follow a comprehensive process which makes sure that we understand your profile and then are able to guide you so as to come up with a strong and compelling SOP, LOR and Resume.

Check out our entire Msc SOP Editing Service below.

Our MS SOP Editing Service

How does the MS SOP Editing Service work?

Step 1: The Initial Counselling

Which schools can be targeted with my profile? How many schools should I target? 

Will these schools be a good fit for me?  How can your services help me?

These are just a few of the questions we help tackle during our initial counseling section.

By pairing you with one of our consultants, we give you one on one attention and help resolve all queries you may have.

We help you figure out your unique strengths, the glaring weaknesses and brief you on how exactly we can help you.

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Step 2: The Brainstorming Session

A consultant can’t really help you if they do not have a good understanding of your profile.

Hence our first official Skype call is an hour-long brainstorming session where we dig into “the why” behind every life step of yours.

From schooling to college life, right up to your current work experience, we dig into each part, cross-questioning you on why you took those particular steps.

Why this particular activity? What did you learn while doing it? How did it help you grow?

These are just some of the questions which will help us dig deeper into your profile, and allow us to understand what makes you unique.

Post the session we will send you a detailed analysis sheet which will be useful in selecting experiences to include in school-specific SOP in future sessions.

The Brain Storming Session is designed to give us an understanding of your motivations and aspirations, knowing which we can help you shortlist prospective schools and decide on your final targets. Hence it is not necessary to have a final list of schools before you start working with us.

Step 3: SOP Content Analysis

The next step would be scheduling Skype calls to discuss your SOP.

Here is what we would do:

  • Analyze each SOP sample, and help you understand what the school wants
  • Dig into your profile and highlight activities which can be used to make a positive impression
  • Help you figure out the content and structure of the SOP 
  • Give you tips on how the readability and flow of the SOP can be improved
  • Make sure that every line is personalized and is unique to your profile

Notes would be taken during the call, and a recording of the call would be sent to you as well.

At the end of the call, you will have the SOP game plan, & would be more than ready to work on your first draft.

Step 4: Analysing Sample SOP

To prepare you better for writing your first draft, we’ll send you sample SOPs of former successful applicants.

This will allow you to understand how past applicants framed their experiences in the concise format required by the SOP , and give you some ideas on how you can do the same.

With 2 different sample SOP, you will be confident that the approach you are taking has been tried and tested.

MiM Essay Editing

Step 5: Proof Reading and Comprehensive Editing

Once you have created your first draft and have sent it to us for review, we will

  • Edit the content, making sure there are no abrupt breaks or missing gaps in the story line
  • Add suggestions for improvement
  • Proofread the SOP for any grammatical mistakes

Be ready to have your initial draft ribbed with red and green comments; SOP take several edits to hone, and we will make sure yours are perfect.

What will follow is an exchange of five to & fro emails, with successive drafts, each one improving upon your SOP until you are assured that the SOP you have is the best possible one.

This process has been tried and tested by 100’s of our past clients, and we have a splendid 92% success rate with the same.

So if you are ready to take your application SOP to the next level, and improve your chances of gaining an admit exponentially, Sign up with us.

Also, want insights into how our service helped people in the past?

Check out what our clients have to say.

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MS SOP Editing Pack

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