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Refund Policy

We follow the best industry practices and strive to give you an exponential ROI on your investment

Our refund policies are in line with the same, kindly find details on the same below

For All in One/Essay Editing Services

Our focus is always on giving you the best quality service and supporting you in whatsoever way possible, even if it means going above and beyond our breadth of services.

In line to that, we offer a 10-day refund policy in case you aren’t satisfied with the service given to you.

Within a 10-day period of making the payment, if you feel you aren’t getting value addition via our services, you can make a claim stating the same (please email us at customerops@mim-essay.com) and if your concerns are valid and cannot be conciliated, we will be happy to refund your payment.

Terms and Conditions

• Please note, post a 10-day period, the refund window is closed, and post the 10 day mark (of receiving the analysis sheet) it will not be possible to offer a refund.

That said, in case you have a grievance, our founders will personally look into the matter and do all we can to support you and resolve the issue.

Kindly email us at customerops@mim-essay.com and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

• We expect you to have gone through the Brainstorming call and Essay Analysis call, so that you can understand the value we provide, before putting in a refund request

 • If you are eligible for a refund,  the final amount refunded would have deductions for  calls already taken and school material given access to.

• In case your study abroad plans suddenly change post starting work with us (for personal or professional reasons), those won’t be eligible grounds for refund. (Partial or complete)

If the above happened due to unavoidable circumstances, we can extend your service by 2 years, so you can use the service at a later date or for a later session.

Lastly, you can also use this service for scholarship applications, Job cover letters and career mentorship, in case your plans change

For Sample Essay/Interview E-Book Resources

For Sample Essay Packs or Interview E-Books we offer a refund window of 24 hours.

The material sent can be judged and consumed in a very efficient manner within the same time frame, hence 24 hours is a generous time frame to evaluate if the resources sent to you are valuable for your application and take the next step accordingly.

Please email us at customerops@mim-essay.com if you have any issues, and we will sort the same out immediately.