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Master Guide To MSc Marketing Abroad

Know your chances of getting in to the Best Colleges for Masters in Business Administration



In the era of advertising and marketing, the MSc in marketing program has become one of the most common choices among students. The program usually highlights four golden principles of marketing: product, price, place and promotion, through a wide range of courses.

During a marketing program, students learn to identify their target market, build strategies, run campaigns, achieve goals, etc. It’s not solely focused on theoretical knowledge of these concepts, instead a practical approach is used by encouraging students’ participation through internships, live projects, group projects, etc.

A msc in marketing blends several theories like finance, marketing research, business management and consumer behavior, which will help you launch your career in the marketing field successfully.

Why Masters in Marketing (MSc Marketing)

  • Extensive career options
  • Choice of Specialization
  • Chance to study at best universities worldwide
  • Successful launch of entrepreneurial journey
  • Improved Communication skills
  • Well paid Marketing jobs

“Integrated marketing offers opportunities to breakthrough to consumers in new markets.”

 – Betsy Holden, Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Co.


Extensive career options

Marketing is one of the most diverse fields, which provides endless career options to people. Most businesses have an inbuilt marketing team or connection with marketing agencies worldwide to promote their products and services. MSc in marketing in uk offer concentrations in Sales Management, Strategic Marketing, Social Media, Publicity, International Marketing.

After graduation many students land jobs in industries like beauty, finance, etc., in the field of marketing. Some of the job profiles include assistant brand manager, digital marketing specialist, media and content marketing strategist.

So, for aspiring marketing professionals a masters of Science in Marketing is the best way to launch their career.

Choice of Specialization

Another benefit of pursuing MSc marketing is that it gives you freedom to choose your desired courses from a range of electives or specializations. Choosing a specialization will give an edge to your master’s degree by enhancing your expertise in a particular niche. MSc in marketing in Canada is a postgraduate degree that normally takes 1-2 years to complete and is aimed to prepare students for careers in marketing.

Although the nomenclature of these specializations is different according to the university, still they focus on similar concepts.

The following list include some of these specializations:

  • E-commerce/Digital marketing
  • Strategic Marketing thinking
  • Market Research/Consulting
  • Innovation Management
  • Brand management (FMCG, Luxury, Fashion)
  • Sales & Retail Marketing

Chance to study at best universities worldwide

There are several universities in Europe and the US that offer the best MSc marketing program. Some of the universities to study MSc marketing are:

  • Columbia Business School, the US
  • HEC Paris School of Management, France
  • Warwick Business School, the UK
  • Imperial College Business School, the UK
  • ESCP Business School, the UK and France
  • WU- Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
  • Esade Ramon Llull University, Spain
  • Emlyon Business School, France
  • The University of Manchester, the UK
  • EDHEC Business School, France

Successful launch of entrepreneurial journey

It’s possible that you have innovative ideas to start your own business, but still struggle with launching the same. A marketing degree will help you establish your business idea and decisions in the real world.

One needs to conduct a thorough market research to learn more about target customers and their preferences, which is the fundamental concept taught during MSc Marketing.

You must have seen those instagram reels, social media promotions of brands, it’s all a part of competitive marketing. An MSc marketing plays an important role in making you understand such global marketing trends.

As soon as you gain significant experience and knowledge in the field of marketing, you will be good to launch your business idea into the real world.

Improved Communication skills

The two pillars of marketing are negotiation and presentation, which come with exceptional communication skills. Therefore, it becomes necessary for marketers to master their way of communication to tell compelling stories to their audience or customers.

We see advertisements on television, youtube, instagram, or every other social media platform we use. These advertisements are telling stories to their audience so they notice their services or products and buy it with just a click.

MSc marketing courses like consumer behavior, integrated marketing communication & advertising cover the communication part.

 Well paid Marketing jobs

The job market has an increasing demand for marketers with a formal education. Based on a 2021 report, there are various job titles for marketing graduates that pay on a high scale.

  • Brand Marketing manager- 78,776 EUR/year
  • Social Media Manager- 38,840 EUR/year
  • Product Marketing Manager- 103,200 EUR/year
  • SEO Manager- 72,450 EUR/year
  • Digital Marketing Manager- 67,000 EUR/year
  • Content Marketing Manager- 60,500 EUR/year

Top Countries and Colleges Offering MBA

Age Range: 21-26
Average fees: 2000-2500 EUR/year
Average Salary- 38k EUR (Base salary)
Number of colleges to study MSc marketing: 40



            Top MSc Marketing Colleges UK

College Program Duration Annual Fee (Euros)
Warwick Business School 12 months 30,750
Manchester Business School 12 months 26,000
Cranfield School of Management 12 months 14,875
University of Edinburgh Business School 12 months 23,800
University of Strathclyde Business School 12 months 23,000
University of Glasgow-Adam Smith Business School 12 months 23,200
Lancaster University Management School 12 months 25,000
City University London-Cass Business School 12 months 27,370
University of Leeds 12 months 22,450
Aston Business School 12 months 20,300
Imperial College 12 months & 22 months 31,800


Top MSc Marketing Colleges USA


Program Duration

Annual Fee (Euros)

SKEMA Business School

12 & 24 months


Columbia Business School

12 months



Top MSc Marketing Colleges Europe


Program Duration

Annual Fee (Euros)

ESADE Business School, Spain

10 months


Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands

12 months


ESSEC Business School

12 months


ESCP, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy

18-21 months


HEC Paris, France

8-10 months


BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

24 months


Neoma Business School, France

12 months


Université Paris Dauphine

24 months


Maastricht School of Business and Economics, Netherlands

12 months


EMLyon Business School, France

12 months


UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland

12 months & 24 months


Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Portugal

24 months


Universidad Carlos III- Departamento de Economía de la Empresa, Spain

12 months


Aalto University, Finland

24 months


AUEB Department of Marketing & Communication, Greece

18 months


EADA Business School, Spain

10 months


Vlerick Business School, Belgium

12 months


Audencia Business School, France

12 months


IAE-AIX Marseille University, France

12 & 24 months


Dublin City University Business School, Ireland

12 months


SKEMA Business School, Brazil, France

12 & 24 months


Stockholm University, Sweden

24 months


Porto Business School, Portugal

10 months


University of Limerick, Ireland

12 months


University of Groningen-Faculty of Business & Economics, Netherlands

12 months


University of Gothenburg, Sweden

24 months


ISCTE Business School, Portugal

18 months


NEOMA Business School, France

15-24 months


Top 10 colleges to target for getting an
MSc marketing degree

Choosing the right college matters as much as choosing the right degree does. The following list of top 10 colleges to study MSc marketing will help you make the right decision.

HEC Paris, France

Ranked #1, HEC Paris offers an extensive MSc Marketing program, which is an 8-10 months full-time program. The annual fee of the program is 22,900 EUR. 

The best part about the program is that it includes Study-trips, hands-on seminars, career workshops, etc. MSc marketing at HEC focuses on balancing soft and hard skills through its comprehensive curriculum.

HEC provides 100% placement to its graduates within 3 months of the degree completion with an average starting salary of 46,000 EUR/year.

Imperial College, UK

Imperial’s MSc strategic marketing program has two study modes, which you can choose from: On-campus, full-time study mode (12 months) and Online, part-time study mode (22 months). The annual fee of both the programs is 31,800 EUR.

You will get excellent opportunities to gain holistic development through student clubs, Imperial Enterprise Lab workshops and competitions etc.

At Imperial 88% of the graduates get placement in 3 months, out of which 46% are employed in the UK.

Columbia Business School, the US

MSc Marketing at Columbia is a 12 months program offered on-campus. The program fee is 68,959 EUR/year. During the program students have to complete 10 full-term courses; however, they can opt for additional two-full term courses for free.

Manchester (Alliance), UK

Manchester’s 12 months MSc marketing program allows its students to choose from a wide range of specializations. The annual fee of the program for UK students is 15,000 EUR and for international students is 26,000 EUR.

Further, you also have a chance to get accepted for the Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships for UK/EU/International students, if you meet the criteria.

MSc marketing graduates from Manchester are eligible for jobs in both academic and business worlds. Top recruiters associated with Manchester University are Loreal, Dyson Ltd., EY, Volkswagen Group UK, Google, etc.

EmLyon, France

EmLyon is best known for its Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Data Science, which is an 18 months program. In these 18 months students get to indulge in a 4-6 months internship to apply their knowledge in the real world.

On top of that EmLyon ensures 100% employment of its graduates within 6 months after the end of the program. 

ESCP Europe Business School, Europe

With a #6 rank worldwide for MSc Marketing, ESCP Europe provides a curriculum that goes beyond the traditional learning. The curriculum includes case studies, creative seminars, consultancy projects, and corporate partnerships with a 4-month internship opportunity for its students.

The duration of the program is between 18-21 months with an annual fee of 17,500 EUR. It is taught mainly in London or Paris.

MSc Marketing graduates from ESCP usually earn a starting average salary of 44,400 EUR/year.

ESADE, Spain

Located in Barcelona, Spain, ESADE has students from 21 nationalities in their MSc Marketing Management program. It is a 10-month program with an annual fee of 26,500 EUR.

There are several benefits of choosing ESADE to study MSc marketing like the wide range of specializations, professional experience.

A fun fact is that ESADE organizes a competition called MARPRO to give the applicants a chance to showcase their talent. The winner of this competition is rewarded with up to 80% of the tuition fee.


Warwick Business School, UK

Warwick Business School has a 1 year full-time Msc marketing program, which ranks #8 worldwide. The annual fee for the program for international students is 30,750 EUR.

The students get real-world experience through case studies and regular meets with guest speakers.

EDHEC, France

MSc Marketing Management at EDHEC is offered both online and offline at different times. The remote intake starts in July-August and the offline intake goes from September to May.

Studying at EDHEC will give you a chance to benefit from over 60,000 internships and 33,500 job offers. The annual fee of the program is 21,900 EUR. Since the campus is located in France, it will allow you to connect with industry professionals and develop a strong network.

On top of that EmLyon ensures 100% employment of its graduates within 6 months after the end of the program. 

WU Vienna, Austria

WU Vienna, Austria’s MSc marketing program is ranked #10 in the QS Masters in marketing ranking in 2022. The program has several sub-fields related to social, economic, technology, etc. that enable the students to enhance their professional perspectives.

At WU, Vienna you will benefit from the school’s excellent reputation, numerous partner schools, international student community, opportunities to study abroad, and great career opportunities.

Eligibility criteria and requirements for
MSc marketing

Most of the MSc marketing programs have similar entry requirements. Although there may be slight variations, the requirements are still generic.

Following are the common requirements for admission to an MSc Marketing program for most universities:

Bachelors and Average GPA

A 3 years’ bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Media & Communications

Although there’s no standard grade requirement for admission to MSc programs in most universities, several companies ask for a minimum grade point average to assess the candidate’s profile.

English Language Requirements

Universities that offer the program primarily in English need English language qualifications through a proper certification like TOEFL/IELTS. There are universities that teach the program in French like ESCP, so they usually don’t demand such certification.

The applicants must meet the requirements in one of the following ways:

  • IELTS: A minimum score of 7.0
  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum score of 100


No GMAT/GRE is required for admission to MSc marketing. 1 among 10 schools might require GMAT/GRE score, which can also be avoided through a waiver application.

Other Documents Required

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Reference letters
  • Identity Card: Passport or National Identity Card
  • Transcripts and Grade Sheets
  • 0-2 years of work experience

Applicants must be ready with these documents before applying for the MSc marketing program to increase their chances of admission.

Types of MSc Marketing

With students coming from different countries and backgrounds MSc in marketing is offered in two modes: Online and Offline



Average Work Ex Needed 


12-24 months

0-2 years


12-24 months

0-2 years


Traditional Master of Science in Marketing

The offline MSc marketing is a full-time one-two year program, which focuses on marketing along with a general management training. The program helps the students gain significant knowledge and skills in strategy and leadership, which is further essential to build a career in the marketing field.

A benefit of pursuing MSc marketing is that you don’t need to have extensive work experience to take admission in the program.

Online Master of Science in Marketing

When it comes to the online MSc marketing program the same course is offered but with the advantage of time flexibility. Students who are working or looking for distant learning opportunities usually apply for the MSc marketing online program.

Besides, there are some online courses that have a face to face, residential component to enhance your learning experience. Generally, students believe that online courses won’t provide equal opportunities and quality learning, and the MSc marketing online program breaks the myth.

A Comparison between Online and Offline MSc Marketing

  1. In most cases, the fee for online courses and offline courses don’t differ, however an online program can save your cost of living in an international environment.
  2. An online degree can help you earn while studying whereas an offline degree will offer you professional opportunities through internships and case studies.
  3. With an offline degree you can build an extensive network, which is also possible in an online program. The only difference is that an offline program will help you develop both personal and professional networking skills.
  4. Online programs are more suitable for professionals as they have little time to invest. So, if you’re already familiar with the fundamentals of marketing then an online program is best for you.
  5. In offline programs, learning often depends upon the location, which becomes a constraint for some students as they juggle between a new college and home life. In order to avoid such cases, an online study program can be chosen.

Specialization and curriculum of MSc Marketing and how to choose the best specialization for you

A Master of Science in Marketing program is designed to provide students with an extensive curriculum to develop necessary skills and knowledge. Therefore, it has been divided into two parts: core courses and electives.

Since the core courses are compulsory you will learn what your classmates are learning. However, choice of electives can make your learning process unique and personalized.

List of Core courses in MSc Marketing program includes:

  1. Strategic Marketing Management
  2. Data Manipulation and visualization
  3. Marketing Business KPI and Business Planning
  4. Pricing Strategy
  5. Strategic Brand Management
  6. Design thinking and Product Development
  7. Sustainability-driven marketing
  8. Data analytics for marketing
  9. Advertising and Branding
  10. Product Management

List of electives in MSc Marketing program includes:

  1. B4B Marketing
  2. Retail Strategies
  3. Neuroscience and AI reshaping marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Market Research and Analytics
  7. International Business
  8. Integrated Marketing Communications 
  9. Managing Diversity & Inclusion in the Entertainment Industry & Beyond
  10. Marketing Management

Choosing the best specialization

The MSc Marketing program offers a range of electives or specializations to expand your learning graph, yet choosing the best electives becomes a challenge for most students.

Therefore, we have listed down some popular and major specializations that you can choose from.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become the go to method of promoting the products and services for every business. It is something which is going to revolutionize the business world by helping it reach more customers and become global. 

It covers several aspects like market research, SEO, brand management, social media outreach, etc. The subject helps the students learn how to craft marketing campaigns and gain knowledge about various tools like Google analytics, video marketing, social media marketing etc.

Since the subject offers a wide range of knowledge and skills, students get to enjoy a lot of career opportunities after graduation. 

On an average a Digital marketer with an MSc marketing degree earns 24,000 EUR/year, which increases to 52,000 EUR/year for experienced marketers.

Product marketing

Product Marketing is an extremely significant part of the entire marketing process. It includes launching the product and ensuring that the sales team and customers understand the product’s use properly, which will ultimately drive the demand.

The main role of a product manager is to promote the company’s products and its features to the target market and customers. Therefore, a specialization in product marketing can help you learn ways in which you can tackle such situations.

Through the subject of product marketing students will be taught to use tools such as video marketing, coupon codes, testimonials to promote the product and attract new customers.

On an average entry-level product marketers earn 39,000 EUR/year.

Integrated Marketing Communications

As the name suggests integrated marketing communications electives include various concepts like market research, analysis, public relations, and sales promotion. It basically combines the study of marketing strategies with communication platforms.

The theories taught in Integrated Marketing Communications subject help the marketer create and track multi-channel advertising and communications messages to target a particular group of audiences.

IMC is important as it inculcates effective marketing communication, which is critical for establishing client relationships, exchanging information regarding product development and maintaining brand reputation.

Studying IMC will help you land roles like Marketing director, specialist and director of consumer affairs, who earn a median salary of 90,000 EUR/year.

Database Marketing

Database marketing teaches the students how to build a database to target customers with similar interests in groups. It starts with content marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click programs that are required to develop an internal database.

Further, the course includes ways of expanding the horizon using external databases through Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It is completely different from traditional marketing, where direct mails, brochures, and catalogs were created.

In Database marketing you will be taught to employ strategies to understand the customers needs and how they want to be marketed. This will help you develop better strategies and enhance your customer base.

With a specialization in database marketing you can work as database marketing manager and earn an annual average salary of 87,000 EUR.

Public Relations

Public relations deal with maintaining a company’s reputation to enhance the existing customer’s experiences and gain new customers. Customer’s perceptions can be changed through the company’s goodwill in the market, which is improved through Public relations.

Every company needs a Public Relations team to cultivate public interest in their products and services. Hence, these companies require graduates with the proper knowledge and skills in the field.

A Public Relations Specialist earns an average annual salary of 52,000 EUR.

Marketing Research and analytics

Marketing Research analytics is one of the most popular specializations of the MSc Marketing program. Here, you will learn to analyze data and apply strategic thinking skills to understand the market.

The subject covers topics like market research methods, financial reporting, business research, consumer behavior, strategic marketing, etc. Knowledge of these will help you gain skills significant for gathering information about target customers, identifying market opportunities and monitoring market trends and performance.

A Market Research analyst earns an average salary of 56,000 EUR per year.

Marketing management

If you are interested in managerial roles then acquiring managerial skills along with marketing skills becomes more important. Here, students are taught about marketing strategy development, planning, execution and evaluation.

Marketing Management is basically the study of practical applications of theoretically learned concepts. Most MSc in marketing graduates look forward to working as marketing managers, hence the choice of specialization becomes easier for them.

According to a study, the demand for marketing managers is about to increase by 9% till 2026, making it a good option for study. On an average marketing managers earn 57,000 EUR annually.

How to choose the best MSc marketing for you?

  • Conduct a thorough research
  • Consult college alumni
  • Plan your budget
  • Check entry requirements
  • Choose your dream college location
  • Examine the curriculum
  • Other factors

Conduct a thorough research

Make a list of colleges that offer MSc marketing abroad and ensure the list includes the top global colleges as well. You may visit each school’s website and look for the program details to understand what they offer and if it’s aligning with your goals.

You can also check the college reviews online and rankings like FT and QS Rankings. All these details will help you know what you can expect from the specific colleges.

Besides, you may also look for the college faculty to get an idea of how learning various courses will look like.

Consult college alumni

Another way of choosing the right college for you is by connecting with the college alumni through online platforms like LinkedIn. In addition, some of the colleges’ websites provide contact details of their alumni to help prospective students easily connect with them.

College alumni networks can help you assess the career opportunities provided by the college and the employment rate. Further, consulting alumni who are successfully established in their respective industries will enable you to gain insights into what the college has to offer.

Plan your budget

Budget is something that restricts or opens opportunities for us often. While looking for a college you must ensure that it is under your budget. Besides providing qualitative education  it’s imperative that college is not expensive.

However, if your dream college is expensive or not in your budget, then you may look for the available scholarships. This will help you plan your education and finances well in advance without straining your budget.

Check entry requirements

Although most colleges have similar entry-requirements, some aspects may vary. There are colleges that require a GMAT/GRE score for admission to the MSc in marketing program and some don’t require the same.

You may also check the pre-requisite requirements like knowledge of specific subjects, concepts, etc. So, if you are not aware of such subjects you can take courses to learn them before starting your master’s program.

Choose your dream college location

Your preferred college can be the one located in your dream country. It’s important to be comfortable in the college you attend, which depends on the country you aim to study in.

There are aspects like campus life, extracurricular opportunities, lifestyle, cuisine that determines the choice of location. Besides, you may also choose an online program if you are not comfortable with moving to a different country.

Examine the curriculum

Your priority should be the curriculum of the program. While finding the colleges to apply to, you must do a quick research and note your expectations from the program. With this you will learn the course content and its outcomes in the long run.

Whether you’re choosing an online or offline course, checking the course content will help you foresee your level of success at the end of the program.

Other factors

In addition to the aforementioned ways, there are other factors that can help you choose the right MSc marketing program for you. These factors are listed below:

  • Duration of the program- The MSc marketing program duration is between 9-24 months, which depends on the college. You can decide as per the time you can devote to the program and your studies.
  • Extracurricular opportunities- Most colleges provide various extracurricular opportunities through internships, student associations, live projects, case studies, etc. These opportunities will ensure that the students gain holistic development.
  • International exposure- There are colleges like ESCP that allow the students to experience learning in different countries throughout the program. Besides, other colleges organize events to connect students with international faculty, industry professionals, etc.

All these factors will clear your confusion and help you make the right decision. Choosing the right college is as important as studying the program.

Financial Assistance
(Loans and Scholarships)

Often our dream colleges charge a high cost for particular programs. Hence, after choosing the right college for your MSc in marketing program, you should check the funding options. These funding options can include scholarships, loans, and other financial aid.

Types of Scholarships

Need-based scholarships

Need-based scholarships are commonly known as grants. Grants are like gift aids that don’t have to be repaid. For instance, with a need-based scholarship some amount of your tuition fee can be covered or you can get a monthly allowance. However, this depends on the college and scholarship programs they have.

In countries like the US and Germany, numerous federal grants are offered to university students. Such scholarships are usually given to those who have serious financial problems.

Merit-based scholarships

As the name suggests merit-based scholarships are given to those who have an excellent academic record. In addition, students with a holistic background are given equal chances.

Merit based scholarships are divided into various categories:

  • University scholarships: These are solely based on academic merit. However there’s an age limit for those who are applying for it.
  • Government scholarships: Such scholarships mostly cover the tuition fees, monthly allowance, additional grants to cover essential expenses. To receive a merit-based scholarship offered by the government a standard education qualification is required.
  • Sports scholarships: Sports scholarships are for students engaged in sports. The applicants must have extensive experience in sports, be a member of the team during college or high school. Universities like Columbia, Duke, Yale offer sports scholarships.

Specific Scholarships

Specific scholarships are for students who come from a particular ethnic background or family affiliations. Besides, with these scholarships gender and ethnic minorities are aimed to be benefitted.

There are some countries like Belgium that provide such scholarships to students coming from Asia, Africa or South America. This is to mainly support minority students’ education in highly regarded fields.

Student Loans

Student loans are different from scholarships as these need to be paid back. They are like any other commercial loans with few differences.

You may apply for these loans through banks or government institutions. Moreover, there are foreign banks, where you can apply for student loans. These loans cover the tuition fees, student’s living expenses, and other essential expenses.

A benefit of student loans is that the interest on such loans is either zero percent or comparatively less than other types of loans. Besides, the loan repayment starts after 6 months of degree completion.

Scholarships offered by the top B-schools

HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarships

HEC foundation excellence scholarship is offered to all the students applying for master’s program at HEC. No additional documents are required to be submitted to apply for the scholarship.

The final decision of the scholarship is based on the candidate’s academic excellence, application, interview, GMAT/GRE score, etc. The scholarship amount is deducted from the tuition fee.

Imperial Excellence Scholarship

Imperial excellence scholarship is offered to all the successful applicants in an MSc program. However, to win the scholarship one must have an excellent application, academic merit, professional experience, and leadership potential.

This scholarship covers an amount upto 10,000 Euros.

Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships for EU/International Students

The Alliance MBS masters scholarship for UK/EU/international students is available for postgraduate students applying at Manchester. Students applying to both part time and full time programs are eligible for the scholarship.

There’s a proper selection criteria for the concerned scholarship, where students need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Excellent academic performance
  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputed university
  • Leadership potential to contribute to the master’s program and enrich the university’s cohort.

The scholarship covers the entire amount of tuition fee.

Access Opportunity Scholarship

Access Opportunity Scholarship is only for students applying to ESCP’s MSc in marketing and creativity program. Once you are admitted to the program you’ll be eligible to apply for this scholarship through an application form.

In the scholarship application form you must mention your financial need and how the scholarship will help you achieve your career goals.

ESCP’s access opportunity scholarship values 5,000 Euros.

MSc need-based scholarship

MSc need-based scholarship is offered by ESADE. To apply for this scholarship applicants must have an above-average admission test score.

Later, the committee evaluates the financial situation of the family and the supporting economic documents of the applicant. The scholarship will cover 50% to 85% of the master’s in science program tuition fee.

High Potential Talent Scholarship

Warwick Business school offers the ‘high potential talent scholarship’. This scholarship is for students who demonstrate excellence in academics, extra-curricular and professional journey. Such aspects are determined through their participation in volunteering work, internships, part-time jobs, etc.

Although there are several scholarships available at Warwick, most of them award an amount ranging from 10% to 50% of the tuition fee.

EDHEC Make an Impact Scholarship

EDHEC ‘Make an impact scholarship’ is available for the applicants of Master’s and Master’s in Science programs. To apply for this scholarship you will have to submit an essay of 1000-1500 words.

The essay must talk about your academic and professional background, your career goals and how the master’s program will help you achieve these goals. Basically, the essay should be like a statement of purpose.

On the basis of your essay you’ll be selected for getting the scholarship. Through the Make an Impact scholarship upto 50% of your program tuition fee will be reduced.

Preparing for Interview and essay questions for MSc marketing

In the entire application process, the interview is one of the most important stages. An interview helps the Adcoms connect with the applicant and understand their profile better.

Your application documents like essay questions are also equally important. You must ensure that your answers present your education and professional background in an impactful way.

Preparing for the Interview for MSc Marketing

When it comes to sitting for an interview, you must ensure that you’re well prepared in advance. There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for the interview.

  • Keep your motivation for taking the program into consideration. It’s a basic aspect on which the interview depends.
  • You must know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Positive attitude and body language.
  • Make note of your special skills like writing, singing, acting, etc.

Common interview questions

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why MSc in marketing?
  • Why do you want to study in the particular university?
  • Describe your strengths and weaknesses.
  • What are your short term and long term career goals? How will the MSc in marketing program help you achieve these goals?
  • Describe your proudest achievement.
  • What is your alternative career goal?
  • Have you had an international experience before?
  • What are you passionate about? Share some examples where you have shown it.
  • Share an instance where you showcased leadership skills.
  • What challenges do you think you will face during your master’s program?

MSc Marketing essay questions

Essay questions are included in the application with an aim to understand the candidate’s eligibility for the program. These questions might include a statement of purpose, motivation letter, or specific essays, which may vary according to the schools.

Writing essay answers

Since your essay answers will determine if you’ll go to the interview round of the application process, you must take this step seriously. To write impactful answers you can refer to the following guidelines:

  • Give a proper structure to your answer. It means you should start with your academic background and keep connecting the dots as you move forward in the essay.
  • Know everything about the program and the school you are applying to.
  • Highlight your skills and experiences that will help you stand out from the number of applicants.
  • Present examples to support your skills and knowledge.
  • Show how you will bring a unique perspective to the program through your endeavors.

While you’re applying for your dream master’s in marketing program, you should focus on learning more about the program and the university. This will help you prepare for the application process and excel at it.

Jobs and average salary after completing MSc marketing

Master’s in Marketing creates opportunities in the highly competitive space, where marketers are in great demand. MSc in marketing in USA will provide students with a solid foundation in business and marketing principles. Therefore, many marketing professionals are choosing to obtain a formal master’s degree in marketing to develop their knowledge and skills.


With high demand for jobs comes high salaries, yet these salaries depend upon the individual’s knowledge of marketing. Hence, in the marketing field salaries are directly related to education.

Job Profiles 

Average Salary in Euros

Content Marketing Manager


Public Relations Manager


E-commerce Marketing Director


Senior Brand Manager


Account Manager


Advertising Manager


Social media Specialist


Marketing Manager


Market Research Executive


Product Marketer


Database Marketer


Director of Consumer Affairs


Digital Marketing Executive


Demand Generation Manager


Search Engine Optimization Specialist


Promotion Manager/ Executive


Business Development Manager


Top 6 Job Profiles for Master’s in Marketing Graduates

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager works towards promoting and positioning a company’s brand or its products. They are responsible for attracting more customers and enhancing brand awareness using marketing strategies and campaigns.

Moreover, they manage and supervise the marketing team, identify trends and opportunities to develop effective marketing strategies. Hence, they need to possess skills like commercial awareness, creative thinking and planning skills.

Entry-level marketing managers earn an average salary of 57,000 EUR. However, the number increases with experience level and skills.

Marketing Director

Marketing directors work towards broader marketing objectives to create brand awareness and develop the goodwill of the company. They are responsible for preparing annual marketing plans, defining marketing budgets, creating campaign calendars, and analyzing the company’s competitors.

Entry-level marketing directors earn an average salary of 90,000 EUR per year.

Demand Generation Manager

Demand Generation Managers focus on developing strategies and building long-term relationships with clients. They are responsible for making the business successful in different markets by advertising the products and services and building client-relationships.

Entry level Demand Generation Manager earn an average salary of 77,200 EUR annually.

Marketing Analytics Manager

As the name suggests, marketing analytics managers work towards figuring out the effectiveness of marketing campaigns implemented. They can work in both public and corporate settings as the role is based on collecting and analyzing data to report success of the campaign.

Marketing analytics managers earn 56,000 EUR on an annual basis.

Digital Marketing Manager

In the digital era, digital marketing has become the highlight. To get a company noticed excellent digital marketing skills are required. Digital marketers need to gain an in-depth understanding of various concepts like content marketing, SEO, etc.

Digital marketers are employed to help the company stand out among numerous competitors by driving traffic to the company’s website and obtaining leads.

On an average Digital marketing managers earn an annual salary of 52,000 EUR per year.

Public Relations Manager

PR managers are responsible for maintaining the company’s public image by interacting with the media and communicating their business ideas to them. This helps the company gain reputation and earn loyal customers.

A Public relations manager earns 65,200 Euros on an average annually.

Top companies worldwide hiring marketing graduates


As you might already know, Microsoft is one of the leading tech companies in the world. It hires various marketers in different countries and hence the salaries might also differ based on the location.

According to Forbes, Microsoft has 192 available positions for marketers, which will increase in the coming years. The average annual salary a marketer working at Microsoft earns is 68,434 EUR.


Ernst & Young Global Limited is a multinational professional services network that employs marketers to grow exponentially. EY pays around 96,000 EUR per year.


Deloitte is known for its advertising and consulting services worldwide. Since marketing is one of the company’s main services, it hires several marketers in a year.

A marketer at Deloitte earns an annual salary of 60,000 EUR with an additional pay of 3,179 EUR.


Uber Technologies is a fast-growing company with more employment opportunities annually. According to a Forbes report, Uber has more than 84 marketing jobs available.

An average salary of a marketer working at Uber is 55,000 EUR per year.


Facebook, an online social networking service is in great demand of marketers. With social media advertising becoming popular, these companies employ marketers to promote their services worldwide.

As per forbes report, Facebook has 103 jobs available in marketing. At Facebook marketers earn an annual salary ranging from 50,000-60,000 EUR on an average.

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase is a banking and financial services company. It has around 110 jobs available in its marketing department.

On an average JP Morgan Chase pays 84,000 EUR to its marketers annually.


Amazon, one of the top multinational companies around the world has a lot in store for professional marketers. Currently it has 425 jobs available in marketing, which is one of the highest numbers.

Annual salary of a marketing professional at Amazon is 70,000 EUR on an average.

Wells Fargo

Like Amazon, Wells Fargo is another top multinational company with several branches around the world. It has around 247 marketing jobs available globally.

Wells Fargo pays its marketing managers around 65,000 EUr annually.

GAP Inc.

GAP Inc. is a global clothing and accessories retailer. Number of marketing jobs available at GAP Inc. is 219.

The average salary of GAP Inc. marketers is 57,000 EUR.


Oracle is a multinational computer technology company, founded in 1977. It is considered the second largest software company in the world because of its market capitalization.

It has 106 job openings for marketers around the world. The average salary of a marketer at Oracle is 63,000 EUR annually.


With the growing demand for marketers worldwide, MSc in marketing has taken an edge over other master’s programs. Through this guide you must have got a better understanding of the program and the opportunities that come with it.

So, if you’ve decided to study MSc in marketing you must go about it the right way. Prepare yourself for the program and get admitted into your dream school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth doing MSc in marketing?

People who are looking forward to launching their career can get several benefits by studying a master’s in marketing. So, if someone has no experience in marketing and still aims to enter the field, MSc marketing will provide them MBA-level courses to prepare them for the business world.

Further, the MSc in marketing program can lead you to high-profile jobs in the marketing field along with entrepreneurial knowledge. With the specializations you’ll get an in-depth understanding of other concepts like digital marketing, finance, content etc.

What are the subjects in Master’s in marketing?

Core courses in a master’s in marketing curriculum may vary depending on the university. However, there’s a list of specializations that you can choose from like brand management, consumer behavior, relationship marketing, marketing consultancy, marketing analysis, digital landscape, digital marketing and social media, etc.

With these specializations you can gain expertise in your desired area and prepare for your future role. It will also allow you to learn through a mixture of theoretical and practical lessons through case studies and revising key theories.

What is the highest paying marketing job?

Although MSc marketing opens various career paths, there are specific roles in the field that will help you earn the highest salary. At the top tier, MSc graduates can work as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), earning an average salary of EUR 160,500/year.

However, there are other high paying roles as well like marketing analysts, marketing coordinators, marketing managers and directors.

Which country is best for a master's in marketing?

Top 5 countries to study MSc Marketing are Spain, United Kingdom, France, United States and Ireland. Students usually opt to study in one of these countries as they get several facilities like internship opportunities, case studies, live projects, extracurricular opportunities, etc.

You might choose these countries based on your budget and goals. In countries like the USA, and UK the cost of living is much higher than other countries. So, it becomes a significant factor for students to choose the country for studying abroad.

What can you do with a master’s in marketing?

With a master’s in marketing degree one can have various job opportunities in fields discussed above. Besides, MSc marketing prepares individuals to kick start their startups and expand their family businesses.

Post MSc marketing, you can work as a Brand manager, social media specialist, Digital Marketing Executive, etc. The top sectors for marketing are :
1. Automotive
2. Education
3. Travel and Leisure
4. Information Technologies
5. Industrials

Your Title Goes Here

Stress is not restricted to a particular job. If you see around you many of your friends and colleagues might feel burned out at times due to overload of work.

Yet marketing is considered a stressful job as it involves acquiring authentic and valuable data, aligning sales and marketing, which directly impact the company’s profitability.

However, marketing is an interesting profile that attracts creativity and innovation.

What are the five marketing career pathways?

A Marketing degree connects people to different career paths based on various roles.
For example, you can have a marketing career in sales, market research, advertising, public relations, and branding etc.

The availability of several sectors under marketing makes it a highly regarded job profile. Further, these marketing roles are going to diversify and more opportunities will be presented in coming years by 9%.

Is a professional degree in marketing equal to MSc marketing?

A stark difference between a professional marketing course and a master’s degree is the duration and nature of the curriculum.

A professional degree is a vocational program that acts as an entry route to a specific job. For instance, with a professional course in marketing you will learn the application of concepts directly without much theoretical knowledge.

On the other hand, a master’s degree will help you gain an in-depth understanding of all the marketing concepts. In addition, you’ll get to apply your knowledge in a real setting and learn from extensive experience.

However, it completely depends on your career goals that you should go for a professional or a master’s degree.

What other courses are related to marketing?

There are several other courses related to marketing that will enable you to upskills yourself. Some of the main marketing topics are:

1. Online marketing
2. Sport marketing
3. International marketing
4. Logistical strategies
5. Business 2 Business marketing
6. Corporations and Financing

Can I do a master's in digital marketing?

Yes, there are universities that offer a master’s program focused on digital marketing which you can go for. However, if you study a masters of science in marketing it will help you develop a larger skill set.

Although both MSc in marketing and Master’s in digital marketing are one-two year programs, the former will broaden your horizon. In an MSc in marketing degree you will learn various aspects of marketing including consumer behavior, management, etc. On the contrary, in a digital marketing master degree you will learn promotion mainly through digital platforms.