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ESADE MiM Application

Tips & suggestions to perfect your ESADE Masters in Management Application

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| About ESADE

Recent graduates looking to truly stand out as they launch a career choose this 10-month Master of Management Studies program. You’ll combine a foundation in multiple business disciplines with practical exposure to kick-start your professional career. Working with an international peer group and our world-renowned faculty, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different opportunities as you take the next steps toward your future

| Class Profile

Recommended GMAT Score

  • Class Size : 139
  • Average Age: 23 years
  • Nationalities : 43
  • Female : 53%

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ESADE MiM Essays

The ESADE MMS Essay includes 3 compulsory and 1 optional essay

ESADE MiM Resume

A One page Resume (CV)


2 Letter of Recommendations; one academic & one professional

ESADE MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

1. What makes you you? Answer any one of the following.

(3000 characters)

(A). Which country/culture do you consider the most different from your own? Why? If you would be sent there, how would you adapt? How would you help somebody from that country to adapt to your own? 

(B). Are there any attributes and competencies you consider crucial to succeed when dealing with diversity in the corporate world? Are those different to the ones you would use in your personal life?


(C). Share with us the most amazing experience you have had far away from your comfort zone? And the most shocking one? And the worse?


A:This question requires a very personalized approach. Since you have been given a choice of answering any one of them, choose wisely the one which you can answer in the best and most impactful way. Ensure that this answer has the capability to add positive values to your application.

(A) Consider answering this question if you have travelled to a different country or experienced a different culture. Narrate your experience of living there and observing things closely. What difficulties you faced to adapt yourself to the environment and why those difficulties arose in the first place. If not a personal experience, consider writing this and be creative in your answer. Talk about a country you think has a different culture and how you would adapt considering your attributes.

(B) Through this question, Adcom wants to know what underlies within you as a person. It aims to evaluate your understanding of diversity and the qualities needed to be successful in a diversity driven corporate world. In answering this question, talk about the importance of diversity management in the corporate world. State your personal opinions and attributes you consider crucial. You can also provide any personal example of why, how and who instilled this in you.

(C) This question is put up by the Adcom to know how well have you performed away from your comfort zone. State the experiences when you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and the challenges you faced during these experiences. Talk about the outcome of these experiences and what learning it provided you. Also, mention how you have changed as a person due to these experiences.




Q2. Why do you think ESADE’s MSc programmes in management are a good fit for you?

(3000 characters)

A: Through this question, Adcom is simply trying to find the best candidate among thousands of applicants. The motive of this question is to know whether your life goals are in sync with the programme. It aims at not only revealing the relevant knowledge you have gained but also get an impressive answer as to why you have chosen this school. Mention how your future prospects are in alignment with ESADE’s MSc Management programme. Connect all the dots wisely as to how your life up till today has impacted your decision of pursuing MSc management programme from ESADE business school. Showcase some personal examples that made you realize your inclination towards management or people who built your interest in this field. Also, mention your work experiences in terms of internships or full-time jobs in the field of management. Thus, you need to create a seamless transition from your past endeavours to your potential future endeavours at ESADE.



Q3. Describe your mid-term and long-term visions for your post-MSc Programme in Management career path. What is it about ESADE you think will help you reach your goals?

(3000 characters)

A:  Through this question, the Adcom wants to determine if you would be a perfect fit for the programme or not. The first part of the question, aims to know not only about your immediate plans post MSc Management but also about your long-term career goals. It also demands a well-informed answer as to what steps have you taken in your life to reach closer to your dreams. Moving to the second part of the question, the Adcom wants to make a clear picture of you as to if you know what and why you are doing. When answering this question, ensure that your answer must be in sync with the values of the school. Showcase your drive and determination to achieve your goals in life. Mention how your past experiences will contribute to the school and the ESADE community in general. Also, mention how will ESADE contribute to your long-term career goals. 




Q4. Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. This may include gaps in employment, your undergraduate record, plans to retake the GMAT or any other relevant information. 

(3000 characters)

A: This question has been posed by the Adcom in order to gain deeper insights into your profile. Consider this essay as an opportunity to reveal more about yourself that is relevant and that will help your profile add value to itself.  Alternatively, you can share any personal experience that had an effect on you and has helped you develop certain positive traits. You can also include reasons for any low scores or employment gap or your plans to retake GMAT. Remember, do not repeat anything that is already there in the resume or other essays. That will raise a red flag against you. Your answer should reflect the true potential and extent of your demeanor which will ultimately serve as an accelerator in determining whether you are a fit match for their school or not. 
















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