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ESSEC MiM Interview Questions

If you make it to the Masters in Management interview round of ESSEC, congratulate yourself! You are at the last hurdle, and your admit is closer than ever. Though one should be careful not to bungle up the interview round as it carries a hefty 20% weightage, and can make or break your case.

Below find an in-depth description of the ESSEC MiM interview round, along with a list of questions asked.

The Panel

Well, my interview was really early in the morning, at a nice restaurant in New Delhi. I was the second guy to be interviewed so the panel members were really fresh and vibrant, and were asking me a number of questions.

The panel consisted of 3 members, there were two alums from ESSEC out of which one was an entrepreneur and the other one was working in an MNC. The 3rd-panel member was a professor from the Singapore campus of ESSEC. I noticed the professor and the entrepreneur were asking a number of questions, while the third guy was quietly evaluating me & just asked 2-3 questions in the whole interview.

They had a form on which they were jotting down points as I spoke, I guess this was a common framework via which they evaluated and scored all the applicants.

So, what kind of questions are asked in the ESSEC Masters in Management interview??

Here is a list of questions from my Masters in Management interview:

  1. So tell me about yourself.
  2. Why did you choose ESSEC?
  3. Which other colleges did you apply too? Did you have any interviews before us?
  4. How was the experience?
  5. What are you passionate about? and how do you follow your passions?
  6. Why the MiM, why not an MBA?
  7. Why do you want to study in France?
  8. Why not study in India, and apply for one of the top schools?
  9. How did you decide which schools you want to apply to?
  10. What did you find different in ESSEC compared to the other schools?
  11. Tell me about an incident where you led a group of people and what you learn from it.
  12. We are interested in people who think about more than just themselves. So give me an incident where you helped someone else grow.
  13. What are your long term goals? and how will ESSEC help you achieve them?
  14. Tell me about your work experience, while concentrating on the skills you learned from it.
  15. Tell me how will you contribute towards the development of the school.
  16. What are some of the things that you expect to learn at ESSEC?
    Any questions for us? (Tip: Prepare well & ask some insightful questions)

Well, the interview went really well, and I really liked the panel. They were very friendly and encouraging. They also seemed genuinely interested to find the best candidate for their school.


Received the admission letter in a months time 🙂

Interview Tip

ESSEC has a really good site, with great online resources and campus videos. Be sure to go through them, to get a better understanding of the school and its values. The panel members are usually very interested to know why you chose ESSEC, so prepare well.

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This list is so helpful!!! Can’t express how much thankful I am! 

Super helpful, really gave me a benchmark to work up to. 

I found the question list very comprehensive! It will be a valuable asset for my preparation.