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A Master Guidebook To Crack The Toughest ESSEC Interview Questions

Want to Ace Your Masters Interview for ESSEC?

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The Essec Interview for their Masters program is conducted by a three-member panel and is a bit different than other B-schools in the sense, it is a 40-minute long conversation where the interviewee is not really grilled but instead, there is a healthy conversation between the panel and the interviewee.



There are several rounds involved in the admission process. First, after you have qualified for the tests and your application is submitted. The application plays a crucial part, and it needs to be revised through critical reviews and modifications to maximize its impact. Second, after the application is carefully reviewed, the shortlisted applicants are invited for the interview. If you have managed to make it to the interview round of ESSEC Masters in Management, then pat yourself on the back because half the battle is won. You are now just one step away from admitting yourself to your dream college. However, it would be best if you did not rest until you get through. The weightage of the interview round in the admission process is 20%, which plays the deciding factor in your admission process. The quality of your interview determines whether you win or you lose.


There is a great deal of difference between MIM and MBA interviews regarding the skills and expertise required. Similarly, when it comes to experience, MIM applicants mainly possess little or absolutely no prior work experience before they begin their MIM studies. This makes it all the more critical for them to support their career goals with a deep understanding of their profiles, prospects, and schools they apply to. MBA students, on the other hand, have many years of work experience to back their applications.
ESSEC MIM Interviews are also much different than other B school interviews in the sense that the Candidate is not interviewed per se; instead, the interviewee is engaged in a 45 minute long wholesome conversation with a three-member interview panel, spilling out all the necessary details regarding all aspects of their life and all facets of their personalities from their cultural and educational background to their hobbies interests and career goals. This is an intelligent way to judge the person’s capabilities in a subtle, understated tone. This way, the interviewee feels that he is not being grilled, but in reality, he is cleverly judged by the experts. The interview is not a template that the interviewers act per; they are too proficient in their fields to refer to a set of pre-drafted questions. Every applicant adopts an efficient technique to gauge their abilities and potential as a future school student.


If you wish to join this excellent business school, you need to prepare accordingly. The interview may seem extremely difficult to pass, but if your performance is in line with the specific needs of the MIM program, you will manage to come through. We suggest you carefully lay out a plan that is effectively designed for you to qualify for your interview. The interview varies for every applicant in the sense that it is personalized and comprehensive. Hence, as an applicant, you must be fully aware of your life aspirations, career goals, and the university you have chosen. In addition, you need to put across the best portrayal of yourself to the interviewers.
Although candidates can prepare independently for their MIM interviews, it is still highly advisable that they seek guidance from admission consultants. These consultants ensure you give a brilliant performance at your interviews and make it a point that you qualify for the last stage. They give excellent advice and feedback that can help applicants achieve their full potential at MIM interviews. These consultants help significantly instruct the applicants about not just what to say but also how to say. This gives a chance to the applicants to rehearse for their MiM interview questions, figure out their weak areas and improve on the same.
Most applicants believe rehearsing with a standard list of questions would suffice for them; little do they know that the interview questions vary from individual to individual. One cannot forecast their interview based on commonly asked questions because you never know what questions you have in store for you. They may or may not be the questions you have prepared for. Your key emphasis should be to develop the vital skills which would get you through the interview round.
The interview preparation for the ESSEC MiM program is extremely crucial as the final selection is pretty tough. At this stage, a high percentage of candidates get filtered out, so one must prepare, keeping this in mind. There is no sure-shot way to get through the interview process, but you can prepare from a typical kind of questions asked by genuine applicants. Other questions would be customized depending on the Candidate’s profile. There are no interview patterns or standardized questions that the candidates have to study for. However, the following is a basic outline of the areas touched upon during ESSEC MiM interviews.

1) Questions regarding career goals, short-term and long-term goals, why a particular goal? What do you hope to accomplish and how? etc. Questions regarding the ESSEC MiM program, why did you choose the program?
2) Your strengths and weaknesses as an individual, significant life experiences, etc.
3) Your failures and mistakes and what you did to overcome those failures.
4) Work experience, projects, internships, etc., and your learnings in each role and position.

We have listed down a few frequently asked MiM interview questions that we gathered from actual ESSEC MIM interviews of candidates. These questions will gear you up to face the high-class interview panel and make preparations beforehand. Remember, though, that this is not an exhaustive list of questions that you can expect. The scope of questions asked by the panel can go much beyond this and may vary with every Candidate’s profile. There is no one size fits all approach, but these questions can give an excellent idea to students, so they don’t feel intimidated when the actual interview takes place. This way, the students can rehearse and make preparations in advance because the ESSEC MIM interview is not just another interview.

Take A Look At ESSEC Interview Questions Compiled from our Successful Clients

Set 1

Q1: Which other colleges did you apply to? Did you have any interviews before us?

Q2: What are you passionate about and how do you follow your passions?

Q3: Why the MiM, why not an <Course name>?

Q4: Why do you want to study in France?

Q5: Why not study in your native place, and apply for one of the top schools?

Q6: What are you passionate about? and how do you follow your passions?

Q7: Why did you choose ESSEC?

Q8: How did you decide which schools you want to apply to?

Q9: We are interested in people who think about more than just themselves. So give me an incident where you helped someone else grow.

Q10: What did you find different in ESSEC compared to the other schools?

Set 2

Q1: What are your long term goals? and how will ESSEC help you achieve them?

Q2: Tell me about your work experience, while concentrating on the skills you learned from it.

Q3: Tell me how you will contribute towards the development of the school.

Q4: What are your plans after graduation?

Q5: What could you bring to Essec, how would you contribute?

Q6: What are some of the things that you expect to learn at ESSEC?

Q7: What are your long term goals? and how will ESSEC MiM help you achieve them?

Q8: Tell me about your work experience, while concentrating on the skills you learned from it.

Q9: Tell me about an incident where you led a group of people and what you learnt from it.

Q10: Why have you been out of work so long, and how many others were laid off?

Set 3

Q1: If employed, how do you manage time for interviews?

Q2: How did you prepare for this interview?

Q3: Where would you really like to work?

Q4: What bugs you about coworkers or bosses?

Q5: Can you describe how you solved a work or school problem?

Q6: Can you describe a work or school instance in which you messed up?

Q7: Do you plan to study in the Singapore campus?

Q8: Have you ever visited a foreign country? If yes, talk about your experience.

Q9: Do you have any questions for me?

Q10: When do you plan to graduate from ESSEC? Have you looked at exchange degrees?

Set 4

Q1: How did you stand up for someone who was being disrespected in your workplace?

Q2: Tell me about a time you had to influence others.

Q3: Describe your relationship with your supervisor.

Q4: How will your friends and family describe you?

Q5: Tell me about a time when you received constructive feedback.

Q6: Who is your role model?

Q7: What are your 3 strongest qualities? What are you working on?

Q8: Tell me about some of the community service projects that you were a part of.

Q9: Areas in ESSEC you have identified which can help you improve your leadership skills?

Q10: Biggest accomplishment/success story at current work company?

Crack The ESSEC School Interview By Mastering Each Category Questions

Do you know there are Certain Categories of Questions You have to Master before Confidently Sitting for the ESSEC School Interview? Have a look at the questions below to know what kind of questions you might encounter.

Competency Based Questions

  • What type of leader are you?
  • When have you been a leader?
  • Have you ever failed as a leader?
  • What do you think are the core qualities of a team player?
  • According to you, what is the best way of delegating work within a team?
  • Tell me about a time you worked on a team project.
  • Tell me about a time when you faced difficulty. How did you deal with it?
  • When you have multiple tasks due at the same time, what strategies do you use to ensure that all tasks are completed on time?
  • Give an example of a “let down” and what did you do to make up for it?
  • Tell me about a time when you faced difficulty. How did you deal with it?
  • When you have multiple tasks due at the same time, what strategies do you use to ensure that all tasks are completed on time?

Exploratory Questions


  • If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you meet?
  • People are motivated by altruism than self-interest. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Goal Based Questions

  • What are short term and long term goals?
  • Why do you want to pursue ‘<‘degree name’>’?
  • How will the program help you achieve your career goals?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?
  • Why do you want to study in <country_name>?

Domain Specific Questions

  • Tell me about a company that shows entrepreneurial spirit.
  • What significant challenges are businesses facing at the moment?
  • What are the key elements of a good marketing plan?
  • What are the biggest challenges in the industry you want to get into?

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