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Type of Jobs After MBA

Unlock a World of Opportunities: Where Your MBA Can Take You!

In recent times, the MBA degree has emerged as a highly sought-after credential worldwide. It offers entry into various domains regardless of your previous experience. Pursuing an MBA not only ensures a seamless transition into diverse industries but also promises lucrative job opportunities, ensuring a high return on investment. Globally, jobs after MBA are highly sought after across a wide range of industries.

Many coveted job roles require the eligibility criteria of an MBA degree, making it an attractive option for professionals with ambitious aspirations in the business landscape. In this blog post, we will delve into the plethora of high-paying jobs one can pursue after completing an MBA degree. We will also explore the various specializations within the MBA program that can guide you toward your desired career path and help you achieve your dream salary.

Top Jobs Domains For MBA Graduates

mba jobs in usa

Specializations for jobs after an MBA cover a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines, including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, consulting, healthcare management, and technology. These specialized areas allow MBA jobs for graduates to develop expertise in their chosen fields and enhance their career prospects in the ever-evolving job market, 

Job Domain USA Europe Asia Pacific
Consulting $120,000 €90,000 $80,000
Finance $100,000 €80,000 $70,000
Accounting $80,000 €65,000 $50,000
Marketing $85,000 €70,000 $55,000
Human Resources $75,000 €60,000 $45,000
Information Technology $95,000 €75,000 $60,000

1. Consulting 

  • Consulting encompasses diverse expertise aimed at solving business challenges. Strategy consultants focus on shaping long-term vision and decisions at the executive level.
  • Operations consultants optimize processes, from procurement to supply chain management, to enhance efficiency and cut costs. Financial advisory consultants offer tailored financial expertise, addressing tax reduction, cash flow improvement, and investment opportunities.

2. Finance

  • Diverse career paths await MBA graduates in finance. These range from the dynamic world of investment banking, which facilitates major transactions and corporate restructuring, to the rewarding domain of commercial banking, which aids individuals in achieving financial milestones.
  • Equity research analysts delve deep into stock analysis, guiding critical investment decisions with insightful expertise. Financial consultants craft tailored financial plans, blending expertise in savings, investments, and insurance to meet client goals. 

3. Accounting

  • Accounting is a popular career choice for graduates for Jobs after MBA, with many employers looking to hire professionals who have graduated from MBA programs. Accounting positions come with a wide range of salaries and benefits, making them an attractive option for many MBA graduates.
  • These positions typically involve analyzing financial data and preparing financial statements, so those interested in this field should have a solid understanding of accounting principles. With the right qualifications, MBA graduates can find high-paying MBA jobs in the accounting field throughout.

4. Marketing 

  • In the dynamic landscape of marketing, diverse roles beckon MBA jobs. From orchestrating compelling advertising campaigns to nurturing brand identities, opportunities abound. Positions span across advertising management, brand strategy, direct marketing, digital marketing, and market research.
  • Roles like Advertising Manager, Brand Assistant, Marketing Specialist, and Market Research Analyst require a blend of creativity, analytical prowess, and strategic vision. Additionally, sales roles remain pivotal, emphasizing personal engagement and customer relationship management.

5. Human Resources

  • MBA graduates have the skills and knowledge to not only manage a team of employees but also identify and develop strategies to ensure the success of an organization.
  • With the right qualifications and experience, MBA jobs are easily accessible and easy to find in human resources departments across the country. With an MBA, there is no shortage of job opportunities worldwide, making it one of the most popular career paths for MBA graduates.

6. Information Technology

  • The information technology industry is a major employer of MBA graduates worldwide. Companies in the industry are increasingly looking for candidates with specialized MBA degrees that focus on information technology-related subjects.
  • This has led to an increased demand for MBA graduates to fill roles such as IT consultants, software developers, and data analysts. Those with MBA degrees in information technology have an advantage when it comes to finding these types of MBA jobs.

Types of Jobs After MBA

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When searching for the best roles and jobs after your MBA, it’s essential to consider what suits you personally. Factors such as salary, employability, the range of work, and personal interests significantly influence your decision. Understanding the major job types available globally after completing your MBA can help you make informed choices and plan your career path more effectively.

Pursuing an MBA as an international student, you should aim for a job role that aligns with your career goals.

Here are the jobs after MBA:

Role Average Salary Top Sectors/Companies Offering Jobs
Corporate Lawyer $150,329 Law firms, corporate legal departments
Business Development Manager $129,103 Tech companies, consulting firms
Project Manager $92,447 Construction, IT, healthcare industries
Management Consultant $89,211 Consulting firms (e.g., McKinsey, BCG)
Financial Analyst $76,515 Investment banks, financial services firms
Marketing Manager $74,173 Advertising agencies, consumer goods companies
Operations Manager $72,554 Manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries
Human Resources Manager $80,691 Large corporations, HR consulting firms
Entrepreneur $87,350 Startups, venture capital firms
Investment Banker $79,113 Investment banks (e.g., Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan)

Top Recruiters of MBA Jobs

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When it comes to pursuing an MBA worldwide, securing a rewarding job after graduation is a top priority for many students. Sources like Glassdoor report that the world's biggest firms regularly hire MBA  graduates. The MBA degree opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities, and being aware of the top recruiters can greatly enhance your job prospects. Here are seven renowned recruiters for MBA jobs:

1. Deloitte

Acceptance rate - 4% 

Deloitte is a global professional services firm that offers consulting, auditing, and tax services. They are known for providing excellent career opportunities in various industries, including finance, technology, and strategy consulting.

2. McKinsey & Company

Acceptance rate - 5%

McKinsey & Company is a leading management consulting firm that assists organizations in solving complex business problems. It is highly respected for its strategic consulting services and offers challenging roles to MBA graduates.

3. Accenture

Acceptance rate - 6%

Accenture is a multinational professional services company that offers a wide range of services, including strategy, consulting, digital, and technology. It offers diverse opportunities for MBA graduates to work on innovative projects across industries.

4. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Acceptance rate - 1%

BCG is one of the world's top management consulting firms, renowned for its expertise in strategy and operations. It works closely with clients to drive growth and innovation and offers stimulating career paths for MBA graduates.

5. Amazon

Acceptance rate - 2%

Amazon, the e-commerce and technology giant, offers various roles in areas such as operations, marketing, product management, and business development. It offers a fast-paced and entrepreneurial work environment for MBA professionals.

6. Goldman Sachs

Acceptance rate - 4%

Goldman Sachs is a prominent investment banking and financial services firm. They provide opportunities in areas such as investment banking, asset management, and private wealth management, attracting top talent from MBA programs.


Acceptance rate - 8%

KPMG is one of the "Big Four" accounting firms, offering a range of professional services, including auditing, tax, and advisory. They provide career opportunities for MBA graduates interested in finance, consulting, and risk management.

Company Acceptance Rate Domain Hires
Deloitte 4% Consulting, Auditing, Tax Services
McKinsey & Company 5% Management Consulting
Accenture 6% Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 1% Strategy, Operations
Amazon 2% Operations, Marketing, Product Management, Business Development

MBA Jobs Around the Globe

mba jobs around globe

The world is brimming with opportunities for MBA graduates. With a highly valued degree in hand, you can unlock the doors to prestigious positions in top companies across the globe. Let's explore the landscape of jobs after MBA in different countries. The cost of an MBA abroad reaps the MBA ROI.

Jobs after MBA in the USA

The United States is home to some of the world's most renowned corporations and offers a plethora of opportunities for securing mba Jobs in USA. The diversity in industries, from technology to finance, makes it a goldmine for career growth.

Sectors seeking MBA Graduates Average Annual Salary 
Management Consulting $220,000
Investment Banking $190,000
Technology Management  $176,033
Entrepreneurship  $115,000

Jobs after MBA in the UK

The United Kingdom, with its rich history and modern innovation, offers graduates jobs after MBA in UK  with a balanced mix of traditional and new-age landscape.

Top Sectors Seeking MBA Graduates Average Annual Salary
Financial Services £36,110
Marketing Management £40,000
Business Analytics £50,000
Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility  £42,001

Jobs after MBA in Canada

An MBA Job in Canada has diverse career opportunities in thriving sectors like technology, finance, and healthcare. With a high quality of life, robust job market, emphasis on innovation, and cultural inclusivity, graduates can expect rewarding careers with ample room for growth and contribution to the global business landscape.

Top Sectors Seeking MBA Graduates Average Annual Salary
Product Management $120,000
Healthcare Administration  $61,182 
Supply Chain Management  $150,000
Real Estate Management $125,000

Jobs after MBA in Germany

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, offers a wealth of opportunities for MBA graduates seeking jobs abroad. With its robust business landscape and international connections, pursuing an MBA in Germany can significantly enhance career prospects. The country has become an attractive destination for those aiming to advance their careers on a global scale, providing numerous opportunities for MBA in Germany jobs.

Top Sectors Seeking MBA Graduates Average Annual Salary
Automotive Industry Management €80,000
Industrial Management €80,000
International Business €70,000
Innovation Management €61,000

Jobs after MBA in Australia

Australia, renowned for its vibrant economy and high standard of living, presents an enticing prospect for MBA graduates. Boasting diverse industries from finance to mining, along with a welcoming atmosphere for international professionals, it offers abundant career opportunities for those seeking an MBA in Australia jobs. The quality lifestyle in Australia is conducive to both personal and professional growth, making it an ideal destination for ambitious graduates.

Top Sectors Seeking MBA Graduates Average Annual Salary
Mining and Resources Management AUD 140,000
Tourism and Hospitality Management AUD 110,000
Agribusiness Management AUD 130,000
Education Management AUD 182,451


Pursuing an MBA offers one of the best returns on investment in today's academic landscape. With MBA graduates being highly sought after in the global market, their comprehensive understanding and specialized knowledge in specific sectors make them valuable assets to organizations worldwide.

Additionally, MBA graduates typically command lucrative packages due to their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and ability to drive business growth. Therefore, if you're still considering your academic pathway, choosing to pursue an MBA can provide you with the competitive edge needed to excel in your career and secure rewarding opportunities in various industries.

Don't hesitate to invest in your future with an MBA, as it promises not only personal and professional growth but also the potential for substantial financial rewards.

What kind of job opportunities can I expect after earning an MBA?

After completing an MBA, you can explore diverse career opportunities, including roles in finance, marketing, consulting, management, entrepreneurship, and more. The specific opportunities will depend on your specialization and interests.

What is the average salary for MBA graduates in various industries?

Salaries for MBA graduates vary by industry, role, location, and experience. On average, MBA holders tend to earn higher salaries than those with only a bachelor's degree. Salaries can range from $60,000 to well over $150,000, with some roles and industries offering even more.

Do I need prior work experience to secure a good job after my MBA?

While some MBA programs require or prefer applicants to have work experience, it's not always mandatory. However, having prior experience can enhance your job prospects and earning potential, especially for competitive roles and industries.

Is it common for MBA graduates to change careers after completing their degree?

Yes, it's relatively common for MBA graduates to switch to different industries or roles. MBA programs provide a versatile skill set that allows for career flexibility and often opens doors to new opportunities.

How can I prepare for job interviews and networking to enhance my post-MBA career prospects?

To prepare for job interviews, practice your interview skills, create a compelling resume and cover letter, and research the companies you're interested in. Networking is crucial; attend industry events, connect with alumni, and use online platforms like LinkedIn to build professional relationships. Additionally, career services at your MBA institution can provide valuable guidance and resources for job hunting and networking.

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