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MSc Marketing in Ireland: Everything You Need to Know Before Applying

Know your chances of getting in the Best Colleges for MSc Marketing in Ireland.

A Master of Finance could be a valuable addition to the credentials of prospective graduate students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Students enrolled in Master of Finance programs across Spain acquire the fundamental knowledge and abilities required to succeed in careers in the financial sector, including management, accounting, banking, policy, analysis, and investment. Some students who studied for the Master of Finance in Spain are recent Bachelor’s graduates, while others are working professionals with backgrounds in various countries.

Spain’s universities and academic institutions frequently concentrate their Master of Finance programs on a single aspect of finance as a study and employment subject. Date the scheduling needs of a diverse student body, the Master of finance programs in Spain are typically offered for one to two years and can be taken complete- or part-time. In addition, most Master’s in finance programs offered by universities in Spain include mandatory coursework, seminars, workshops, and ongoing evaluations. Last but not least, graduates of the Master of Finance program are frequently required to submit a master’s thesis or dissertation, primarily based on research and demonstrating the graduate’s aptitude for an independent analysis.

Read on to discover more about the possibilities open to you as a prospective Master of Finance student in Spain.

What is MSc Marketing in Ireland?

MSc Marketing in Ireland is a degree that allows marketing professionals to study and learn about all aspects of the business. Marketing is divided into sub-categories: advertising, public relations, sales, new product development, branding, and so on. A Master of Marketing degree can be obtained online and is typically completed in two years of full-time study. A marketing master’s degree qualifies you for graduate-level academic or professional work. In general it takes two to three years to complete. It covers market research, creating a marketing strategy, managing brands, using social media, and digital marketing.

This demanding ProgramProgram aims to prepare graduates for brand management and marketing careers domestically and abroad. The ProgramProgram is appropriate for graduates with a marketing focus from business and non-business programs and marketing professionals looking to advance their careers. They additionally cater to students whose studies in psychology, social science, or other relevant disciplines influence marketing theory and practice.

Marketing is crucial to create, communicate, capture, and sustain value for businesses, customers, and society. To stay competitive, businesses must build strong brands, communicate with customers clearly, and use cutting-edge marketing techniques. This environment supports the high demand for our graduates by making it necessary for modern businesses to hire qualified marketing professionals.

Advantages of Studying for an MSc in Marketing in Ireland

Students and professionals looking to launch or advance in their marketing careers will find this Masters program, particularly appealing due to its course content and overall reputation with hiring organisations.

  • Experienced academics and senior industry practitioners deliver the modules, offering the conceptual and managerial perspectives necessary for a successful marketing career.
  • Students who complete the ProgramProgram find employment in various industries, including consumer product companies, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.
  • Numerous prestigious multinational corporations hire them, including Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony.

Additionally, the Program provides a diverse and participant-centred learning environment that enables students to forge strong relationships with their classmates, alumni, and business executives.

What will you Learn in Your MSc Marketing in Ireland?

This course’s learning objectives combine conceptual knowledge of MSc Marketing with the ability to assimilate and apply concrete skills in a real-world business context. Graduates will, in particular:
Discover how to generate, convey, capture, and sustain value for organisations, clients, and society.
Some of the major values you’ll learn are mentioned below:

  • Create comprehensive and smart marketing strategies for use in real-world situations.
  • Utilize digital technologies to connect and engage with customers more successfully
  • Utilize metrics and analytics to evaluate, track, and enhance marketing performance
  • Recognise how you can use marketing inside and outside business settings to affect positive social change.

How do you Apply?

The foremost step is to collect the documentation needed to evaluate your application. Please ensure that your documents are scanned, titled, and collated in numerical order. They are:

Original documents and transcripts: You need to provide your official transcripts in their entirety. Please keep in mind that we require official documentation. If you still haven’t finished your undergraduate degree, please send us the most recent version of all years you have studied thus far.

CV: Please submit a current CV outlining all relevant work and extracurricular experience. Having leadership qualities is beneficial.

The English Language Test: Incase English is not your first language, you must obtain an English language competency certificate in order to be admitted to any MSc Marketing programme in Ireland.
If you finished your primary degree or your full third-level certification in an English-speaking nation, this regulation does not apply to you.

REFERENCES: In most cases, two references are required, preferably one academic and one professional.

DOCUMENTATION IN ADDITION: Don’t be afraid to give us any additional information you believe would strengthen your application.

Entry Requirements and Fees

You must hold a bachelor’s degree to apply for the Master in Marketing program in Ireland. Four years of marketing experience are required, as well as the ability to speak English well.You must fulfil several entry requirements before beginning your path to a master’s degree in marketing.

A few of these are:

  • an undergraduate degree
  • a first degree from a higher education institution in Ireland
  • a marketing degree or other related certification is required for graduate entry students.
  • the score needed to qualify for Irish degrees after studying abroad.

Process of Applying

After gathering the necessary paperwork and checking your desired Program’s entry requirements, you can now apply online.

You must fill out your contact information, upload your files, and write two essays (each about 300 words long). We kindly request that you carefully consider both essays and respond to them in light of the ProgramProgram you are applying to. Aim to avoid copying your resume and highlight your unique qualifications. These essays can be completed in any way—there is no right or wrong approach.

Applications are reviewed continuously, and courses close once they are completed. We suggest that you apply as soon as you can to prevent disappointment.

Please be advised that certain scholarships have deadlines by which you must submit your application.

The application fee of €50, and submission of your application will then be required. Applicants must pay the fee before any applications can be evaluated. With only one application cost, you may apply to many schools, but be sure to prioritise your best choices.

Fully completed applications are typically subject to a decision within two to three weeks of submission. This time frame can occasionally be longer and change depending on the season and location. Depending on the fulfilment of several requirements, including a degree, an English test, or another qualification, they might offer you a conditional place. Once you’ve met the requirements, they’ll make you a complete offer, securing your spot on the course.

Payment of a non-refundable deposit, which can range from €500 to €1000 depending on the ProgramProgram, completes acceptance. The precise deposit quantity needed will be specified in your offer email. After you accept, the Programme Office will assist you and contact you to provide additional course and start information.

Engineering Management Masters Degree

Schools in Ireland That Offer Masters Degrees in Marketing

Although it might not be on the same level as other nations, Ireland offers a variety of master’s degrees in marketing. Suppose you’re searching for a master’s degree. In that case, Ireland offers degrees in marketing, social media, and digital marketing, so you might want to look into that nation. Irish universities are now increasingly offering master’s degrees in marketing. The Dublin Business School, Dublin City University, University College Cork, and DIT are some of the most well-known institutions in Ireland that provide master’s degree programs in marketing. A few institutions in Ireland offer master’s degrees in marketing. Those institutions are Griffith College and Dublin Business School. Although the courses are different, there is a lot of overlap. There is a concentration of coursework on marketing theory, social media, digital marketing, and international marketing.

MSc Marketing Curriculum in Ireland

This course comprises four required core modules, three elective modules, and a company project (major marketing project), all of which must be finished by the end of the summer term.
Below is a list of the course offerings for the academic year 2021–2022. The Program’sProgram’s curriculum is presently being evaluated. In late May 2022, they will release the curriculum’s final adjustments.

Fall Trimester

  • Corporate Marketing Strategy
  • Consumers in a Digital Age
  • Consumer Insights and Analytics

Spring Trimester

  • Omnichannel Marketing Communications program
  • Option modules
  • Brand Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Nudging consumer choices
  • Launching New Products

Summer Trimester

  • Marketing Project
  • Option modules
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Marketing for Social Change

Note that the optional modules listed are examples of what has been delivered in prior years. Each academic year’s offerings are subject to change.

Keep in mind that on-campus instruction follows current public health regulations. Suppose there is a need to alter the planned delivery. In that case, they will inform prospective and incoming students about other options, including online delivery.

Program Objectives

  • Marketing Knowledge: Our graduates will have both fundamental and cutting-edge marketing knowledge.
  • Skills in marketing: Graduates from our Program will possess the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in marketing.
  • Marketing Practice: Our graduates will be well-prepared to practice marketing after graduation because they can apply their knowledge and skills in real-life contexts.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the ProgramProgram successfully should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of marketing fundamentals such as communications, strategy, and consumer behaviour.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of what is new and coming in the field of marketing.
  • Improve critical thinking, problem-solving, people management, decision making, creativity, and communication skills, which marketers commonly use.
  • Apply their foundational and cutting-edge theoretical knowledge in various contexts to use these theories when needed.
  • Apply relevant marketing skills (critical thinking, problem-solving, people management, decision making, creativity, and communication) in various business and marketing contexts.

About the Course MSc Marketing in Ireland

The demanding one-year MSc in Marketing program will produce future marketing leaders. It is appropriate for recent graduates from any discipline eager to work in marketing. The main objective of this Program is to equip participants with almost all of the resources necessary for success in the real world of marketing. For this reason, we refer to this ProgramProgram as the marketing equivalent of a boot camp.

Regarding skills, this ProgramProgram focuses on six core competencies that marketing professionals frequently require and that the World Economic Forum considers critical. These skills include critical thinking, decision making, people management, problem-solving, creativity, and communication. Each module we offer develops at least a few skills through teaching and assessment methods. This ProgramProgram provides students with numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in various contexts, ensuring that their knowledge and skills are automatically activated when required.

Opportunities for Employment

Graduates work in various industries, such as consumer goods and food, finance, technology, advertising and market research, and pharmaceuticals.

Graduates could pursue the following careers:

  • Marketing Management
  • Brand Management
  • Market Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Account Management
  • Consultancy
  • Communications and Fundraising Coordinator

Jobs With a Masters Degree

With a Masters Degree in Marketing, you can find various jobs. These jobs range from working for large corporations to freelancing, as well as many others. Working for a marketing firm and earning a living with your skills and expertise is the most common job. You may be pondering the benefits of earning a marketing master’s degree.
Your response is that you will find employment. Now is a wonderful moment to obtain an edge on the competition because many organisations are seeking for employees with experience and degrees.

Marketing Graduate Wage

The starting salary for a graduate with a master’s degree in marketing is $60,000. The average college graduate earns $87,800 per year.

According to the Irish Council of Commerce and Industry, a graduate starting with a Masters in Marketing would earn €53,000. This is a very competitive salary for someone new to the business world. In Ireland, an average marketing graduate earns between €34,000 and €38,000 per year. However, this salary is deemed insufficient to cover a family’s living expenses and the cost of purchasing a home.

Many graduates supplement their income by working part-time or freelance.

A master’s degree in marketing can boost your salary by up to €30,000.


A Masters in Marketing degree is worth more than just a job. Students are expected to contribute something with their degree in today’s economic climate. Marketing should be your ticket to a rewarding career. A Masters in Marketing from Ireland will provide you with several advantages, including the chance to work with a prestigious university and travel for tuition. It will also give you access to many courses and other scholarships, which most master’s degrees do not.


How much will an MSc in Marketing in Ireland cost?

A Masters in Marketing is thought to cost €15,000 as of this writing. Ireland has significantly lower living expenses than other nations. In Ireland, a marketing master’s degree costs around $85,000. Although there are many methods for people to make the money required for such a degree, it is a must to keep in mind that this represents the complete cost. There are expenditures for accommodation, transportation, personal expenses, and books in addition to tuition.

Is Ireland a good place to get a marketing master's degree?

Ireland is quickly becoming a destination for international students interested in academic and professional opportunities. Ireland has many prestigious universities that offer a wide range of master’s programs, with marketing degrees being the most sought-after recently.

Is marketing a viable career path?

Marketing is an excellent major because it is incredibly versatile and can lead to a variety of high-paying, in-demand careers with high job satisfaction and opportunities for continued education. Marketing majors can expect to earn between $50,000 and $208,500 annually. The top 10% of earners earned more than $208,000!

Does Ireland require marketers?

In the modern internet era, where everyone with an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop can undertake marketing and other related tasks utilising digital media, digital marketing is one of the most in-demand courses.

Is it difficult to get work in Ireland?

Despite the need for visas and work permits, it is not as challenging to work as a foreigner in Ireland as in other European nations. Despite being one of the economies most severely affected by the global crisis, it recovered one of the fastest.