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Master's in Marketing Singapore: Eligibility, Salary & More

Embrace Excellence: Elevate Your Master's in Marketing in Singapore Journey

Undertaking a Master's in Marketing in Singapore, the globally renowned commercial and innovative hub presents thrilling prospects for gaining superior marketing competencies and acquiring a professional advantage in the ever-evolving corporate environment. 

In this blog, we will focus on the importance of a Master's in Marketing in Singapore and explore the eminent institutions and the distinctive attributes that make them exceptional.

What is a Master's in Marketing? 

A Master's degree in Marketing is a graduate-level program aimed at enhancing one's competency in marketing dynamics. It cultivates a comprehensive understanding of marketing tools, doctrines, and tactics while fortifying proficiency in fields such as strategic marketing management, market analysis, consumer behavior, branding, and digital marketing. 

This degree serves as a boon for individuals aspiring to gain an in-depth understanding and mastery of integral marketing strategies and techniques.

Benefits of pursuing Master's in Marketing in Singapore

Choosing to pursue a Master's in Marketing in Singapore ushers in a wave of unmatched opportunities. Let's explore the unique benefits of studying for an MSc in Marketing in Singapore, which await eager learners.

  1. Strategic Commercial Hub: Singapore acts as a crucial conduit to Asia and beyond, offering extensive exposure to a variety of markets and business terrains.
  2. Advanced Curriculum: Scholars gain a profound understanding of modern marketing methodologies, including digital promotion, consumer behavior scrutiny, and brand stewardship.
  3. Robust Academic-Industry Relations: Students undertaking the MSc in Marketing can capitalize on opportunities to closely interact with top companies through internships, industry-specific projects, and networking events.
  4. Technologically Advanced Facilities: Singaporean universities are reputed for their top-tier resources and facilities, featuring cutting-edge research labs, marketing analytic spaces, and simulated marketing platforms.
  5. Bright Career Prospects: The robust business ecosystem facilitates a wealth of job opportunities in marketing roles such as brand manager, digital marketing professional, market research expert, and advertising executive, offering impressive remuneration and potential for growth.
  6. Geographical Advantage: The strategic position enables students to prospect for internships and jobs in surrounding nations, enhancing their professional network and career potential.
  7. Supportive Scholarships: Singapore provides numerous scholarships and resource aids for international students to deliver financial help and acknowledgment for educational excellence, providing aid in curbing tuition fees and living costs while working towards academic and career aspirations.

Eligibility Masters in Marketing in Singapore

Top schools offering Master's in Marketing in Singapore

Singapore is a globally acknowledged hub for superior educational institutions offering MSc Marketing programs of high esteem. These establishments, highly regarded for their rigorous academic standards and deep connections with the industry, stand as the foremost destinations for aspiring marketing minds.

Here we introduce you to some prominent higher education institutions offering Master's in Marketing in Singapore:

University Specialization
National University of Singapore (NUS) Marketing Analytics & Insights (MAI)
Singapore Management University (SMU) Strategic Marketing and Business Management
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Consumer Insights and the Latest Marketing Technology
INSEAD Marketing Strategy and Execution
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Experiential Learning and Industry Integration

1. National University of Singapore (NUS)

  • NUS is distinguished by its stellar academic standing and favorable global rankings. Its unique Master in Marketing Analytics and Insights program effectively integrates marketing fundamentals with data analysis skills.
  • The inclusive curriculum, significant industry engagements, and access to avant-garde analytics laboratories make it a worthy choice.

2. Singapore Management University (SMU)

  • Offering a Master of Science in Marketing program, SMU cares about cultivating strategic marketing prowess.
  • A commendable emphasis on the application in the real world is evident as students grapple with case studies, industry-focused projects, and internships to gain practical insights and cement their network with professionals.

3. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

  • The Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Insight program by NTU delves deep into understanding consumer behavior, effective marketing strategies, and intricate aspects of market research.
  • By blending theoretical fundamentals with practical relevance, the program primes students for rewarding roles in marketing research, brand management, and consumer insights.


  • In addition to its coveted MBA program, INSEAD also offers a specialized Master's in Marketing Management. The program accentuates global marketing strategies, digital marketing intricacies, and efficient brand management.
  • At INSEAD, you can enjoy a broad network, international exposure, and engagement with a diverse student population.

5. Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

  • Valuing experiential learning and industry engagement, SIT's Master of Marketing program allows students to work closely with industry partners on actual marketing assignments. Such hands-on experiences reap invaluable insights for the students.
  • The program extends specializations across varied arenas like Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Branding.

Living Expenses and Cost of Study in Singapore

Top recruiting sectors and the average salary for Master's in Marketing in Singapore graduates

After earning a Master's in Marketing in Singapore, the professional world becomes an exciting terrain of varied and fulfilling career paths. In this article, we'll glimpse into the variety of jobs and the commensurate salary ranges. This will provide a flavor of the extraordinary potential that awaits marketing enthusiasts in Singapore's dynamic market.

Sectors Job Description Average Salary Range
Brand Manager Develop and implement brand strategies, conduct market research, analyze consumer trends, manage brand communication, and collaborate with stakeholders. SGD 60,000 to SGD 90,000
Digital Marketing Specialist Utilize digital platforms to reach and engage target audiences, develop and execute digital marketing campaigns, optimize websites and online content, and manage social media channels. SGD 50,000 to SGD 80,000
Market Research Analyst Gather and analyze data to provide insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and competitor activities, conduct surveys, interviews, and focus groups, present findings. SGD 45,000 to SGD 70,000
Advertising Executive Develop and execute advertising campaigns, collaborate with creative teams, monitor campaign performance, and build client relationships. SGD 40,000 to SGD 70,000
Social Media Manager Manage and optimize social media platforms, develop social media strategies, create engaging content, analyze metrics, and stay updated on trends. SGD 45,000 to SGD 70,000

1. Brand Manager

  • Principal role: Developing and executing strategies to reinforce brand equity and presence in the market.
  • Tasks involved: This primarily involves carrying out market research, understanding consumer patterns, effectively managing brand communication, and coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure a consistent brand message and positioning.
  • Salary Range: An annual salary between SGD 60,000 to SGD 90,000 can be expected on average.  

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Principal role: Utilizing digital platforms to reach the target demographic and engage with them.
  • Tasks involved: The tasks involved were developing and implementing digital marketing campaigns, optimizing online content, managing social media channels, and formulating strategies for customer acquisition and retention.
  • Salary Range: The annual salary typically lies within the range of SGD 50,000 to SGD 80,000.

3. Market Research Analyst

  • Principal role: Gathering and analyzing data to provide insights into consumer behavior and market trends.
  • Tasks involved: The tasks involved were conducting surveys and interviews, analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data, and presenting findings to aid marketing strategies and decisions.
  • Salary Range: The expected yearly salary for this role ranges from SGD 45,000 to SGD 70,000.

4. Advertising Executive

  • Principal role: Implementing advertising campaigns to promote products or services.
  • Tasks involved: The tasks involved were collaborating with creative teams to develop captivating advertisements, monitoring the performance of these campaigns, and building client relationships to understand their objectives and provide effective advertising solutions.
  • Salary Range: Typically, an annual salary ranges from SGD 40,000 to SGD 70,000.

5. Social Media Manager

  • Principal role: Managing and optimizing social media channels to boost brand visibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Tasks involved: Designing social media strategies, creating engaging content, tracking social media performance, and staying current with the latest trends and best practices in social media.
  • Salary Range: On average, the annual salary for this role lies between SGD 45,000 to SGD 70,000.

Employment and Career Opportunities Masters in Marketing in Singapore

Eligibility requirements to pursue Master's in Marketing in Singapore

As you journey toward obtaining a Master's in Marketing in Singapore, it's vital to grasp the admission prerequisites and application process first. This segment provides a succinct overview of the fundamental requisites you need to fulfill and the documentation you need to compile to move forward. 

To chase a Master's in Marketing in Singapore, certain benchmarks need to be achieved, and relevant application paperwork needs to be submitted. The main pre-requisites are outlined as follows:

  1. Education Qualification: A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is a basic requirement for admission to a Master's in Marketing in Singapore. The degree can be in any field, though some institutes may favor those with a foundation in marketing, business, or a similar field.
  2. Standardized Exams (GRE/GMAT): Certain higher education establishments may mandate applicants to submit their GMAT or GRE scores as part of the application procedure. However, it's essential to understand that this is not a universal requirement, and some institutions may prioritize work experience or good academic results rather than standardized test scores.
  3. English Proficiency: If English is not your first language, demonstrating your aptitude in English is typically required for international applicants. Universities in Singapore usually accept IELTS and TOEFL as valid English proficiency tests. The required minimum scores might vary between institutions, but a score of 7.5 in IELTS and 90 in TOEFL is generally the benchmark for postgraduate programs.

Application Documentation for Master's in Marketing in Singapore:

As a part of your application process, you will typically be asked to compile the following documentation for a Master's in Marketing in Singapore:

  1. Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV): This is a detailed summary of your educational achievements, employment history, skills, and notable accomplishments.
  2. Letters of Recommendation (LOR): These letters are usually furnished by professors, employers, or other professionals who can testify to your academic competences, work ethics, and the likelihood of success in a Master's in Marketing program.
  3. Statement of Purpose (SOP): This is a scripted essay where you talk about why you want to pursue a Master's in Marketing, your professional goals, and how the program aligns with your future aspirations.
  4. Academic Transcripts: These are official documentation from your undergraduate studies, providing a detailed record of your academic performance and subjects undertaken.
  5. English Language Proficiency Test Results: If needed, you will be asked to provide your IELTS or TOEFL scores as evidence of English language proficiency.
  6. Other Supporting Documents: Some programs may also need you to submit extra documents such as writing samples, a relevant portfolio, or proof of pertinent work experience.


Studying for a master's degree in Marketing in Singapore is a transformative experience that refines one's marketing acumen in an active commercial setting. With esteemed institutions offering a range of specializations and promising career opportunities, this educational trajectory provides marketers with the tools they need to excel in the dynamic global business arena.

What are the eligibility criteria for a Master's in Marketing in Singapore?

The eligibility criteria typically include a bachelor's degree, standardized test scores (such as GMAT/GRE), and English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL).

What are the average tuition fees for a Master's in Marketing in Singapore?

The average tuition fees for a Master's in Marketing in Singapore can range from SGD 30,000 to SGD 50,000 per year.

Are there scholarships available for international students pursuing a Master's in Marketing in Singapore?

Yes, there are several scholarships available for international students, such as the Singapore Scholarship of Academic Excellence and various university-specific scholarships.

What is the average starting salary for graduates with a Master's in Marketing in Singapore?

The average starting salary for graduates with a Master's in Marketing in Singapore can range from SGD 50,000 to SGD 70,000 per year, depending on factors like experience and industry.

Can international students work part-time while pursuing their Master's in Marketing in Singapore?

Yes, international students are allowed to work part-time for up to 16 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacation periods, subject to certain restrictions and visa requirements.

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