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How to Choose an Ideal School for you?

If you thought the GMAT was hard, you’re in for a surprise!

Shortlisting schools that match your expectations can be a very long and painstaking process. Initially, you might feel overwhelmed and confused about where to start – after all, there are so many schools out there!

So why not simply apply to every top business school?

Well, there are a couple of reasons that might deter you from doing just that.

1. The application process takes time. You simply don’t have time to apply to each and every school, as that would involve writing countless application essays and going through several interview rounds.

2. The application process is expensive. The average application fee for each school comes to around be 90$. So you can imagine the amount of money wasted on application fees. After all,  you are just going to attend 1 school.

By shortlisting schools, you focus all your time and effort on

I’m sure the next question on your mind is –

On what factors do I shortlist schools and how much importance should be given to each one?

Well, it depends from person to person.

While some people are more focused on university rankings while shortlisting schools, others might decide based on the country, it’s located.

Based on the above criteria, you can then bifurcate the schools into the following sections “Dream”, “Competitive”, & “Safe” (More information on this in the latter half of the article)

We’ll talk about each factor in detail as we move along the article.

But there are a few factors that everyone should take into consideration while shortlisting schools –

  • Self Evaluation
  • Career Goals
  • Specialisations Offered
  • School Ranking
  • Admission Requirements
  • Course Structure

Self Evaluation

images/blogs/contentImages/Self Evaluation.jpg

those select few schools that you are interested in joining. That way, you can considerably increase the quality of your essays as well as spend less money in terms of application fees.

To start with, we would advise you to do a microscopic evaluation of your professional, academic and extra-curricular experiences.

Questions like these will help you evaluate your strengths, and weaknesses as well as figure out areas of interest

  • What accomplishments make you proud?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are some qualities that you feel differentiate you from the crowd?
  • What is the biggest criticism you received from your friends?
  • Describe a difficult work situation/project and how you overcame it.
  • You are the best judge of your profile (although we recommend evaluating your profile with professionals to negate the under/ overvaluation you might have done) in terms of your potential and the work you have done till now.

Once done, you can use the factors given below to shortlist and apply to b-schools that seem like the best fit for you.

How Long Does Business School Last?

images/blogs/contentImages/Business School.jpg

MBA applicants should give themselves enough time to finish each step of the process because an MBA application consists of several different parts.
If you have to take the GRE or GMAT, you should prepare for it and do well on it. Some MBA schools grant test waivers under specific conditions, while others are test-optional, meaning they do not require a GRE or GMAT score for entry.

Work experience is frequently taken into consideration when making admissions choices for MBA candidates as they are typically employed professionals rather than undergrads who are applying directly to master's programmes. Schools have different work requirements, and when it comes to your professional expertise, quality could be more important than quantity.

A solid CV, high-quality recommendation letters, and a personal essay outlining your motivation for attending a particular business school and how an MBA would help you in your career are also required. As part of the admissions process, you could be asked to participate in an interview, so be ready to tackle both standard and challenging questions.

The acceptance rates of the institutions you apply to may have an impact on your ability to enrol in an MBA programme.

Why Attend Business School? What Do You Learn There?


Students at business schools acquire abilities that will benefit them professionally. While some students choose to specialise in one area of business, others are generalists who study a range of business-related topics.
As diverse as the job routes that an MBA might lead to are the motivations for enrolling in a school. Aspiring entrepreneurs attend to learn about operating their own businesses, while others seek knowledge in a particular industry and other students regard it as a step on the path to a C-suite position.

Does Business School Pay Off?

If earning an MBA enables you to achieve your job objectives or desired income, business school may be worthwhile for you. Think about the possible immediate and long-term advantages of returning to school as you examine your options.

Looking at the return on your financial investment might be one approach to determine whether attending business school is worthwhile. Does getting an MBA really increase your chances of getting a job with a good salary? If so, paying off any possible student loan debt might be made easier by doing this.

In addition to the financial advantages, obtaining an MBA could be gratifying for your job and quicken the process of moving up the corporate ladder. Aside from the financial advantages, obtaining an MBA could be rewarding for your career and hasten your ascent to a leadership position. Marketing manager and database administrator are two positions that frequently draw business school graduates, but an MBA may also be useful in other fields, such as entertainment or sports administration.

Cost of Attending Business School


The top business schools on U.S. News' ranking of the finest MBA programs may charge full-time, out-of-state tuition rates of more than $70,000 annually.

However, the cost of an MBA varies depending on a number of criteria. In-state tuition is normally less expensive than out-of-state tuition, while tuition at public colleges is typically less expensive than that at private universities. You can think about looking at online MBA programs as well.

Scholarships and other forms of financial aid may reduce some of the costs of attending business school. Check with your employer to see if this is a possibility for you since some companies pay for their workers' MBA degrees or refund tuition if the individual complies with requirements like staying on as an employee after graduation.

Process for Admission to the Top MBA College

  • You should be familiar with the application procedure now that you are aware of the best MBA schools overseas. Here is a step-by-step guide to applying to the finest universities for MBA programs abroad:
  • Decide on the degree you wish to study and search for the top MBA schools overseas that offer that programme.
  • Gather all relevant information about eligibility and the admissions process by visiting the university's official website.
  • Include scanned copies of any required documents, such as your transcripts, résumé, IELTS/TOEFL scores, and GMAT scores.
  • Fill out the necessary application form, then send your money.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with the relevant university directors. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your mental agility and soft talents.
  • You may book your place at the particular university when you successfully complete your interview and receive the conditional offer letter.
  • You can pay your deposit by agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by the university. This deposit cannot be changed.

How Do I Choose the Top MBA Schools Abroad?

images/blogs/contentImages/MBA schools.jpg

It might be difficult to decide which institution or university in London provides the finest MBA programme. By looking at the following advice, let's first make the process of choosing the finest business school for an MBA abroad or in any other nation simpler:

The QS World University Rankings are a powerful indicator of a university's programmes, culture, accomplishments, etc. These rankings give you a good indication of the general standard of education and career opportunities you may anticipate from a certain institution or university.

Examine the tuition fees that the specific university charges after looking at the rankings and information about the courses. Cost is, after all, a major consideration for everyone who wants to study abroad, and keeping track of it beforehand can help you better manage your expenses.

Who wouldn't want to reside where they choose while attending a foreign university? The whole experience of studying abroad is greatly influenced by the location of your university. Therefore, to avoid any confusion later, don't forget to investigate the location and neighbourhood of your university.

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