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42 Upcoming Job Opportunities

Upcoming Jobs from various sector

A detailed overview including salaries

With change being the one thing constant in our competitive, fast-paced lives, several questions about our future itself, arise. With numerable jobs available, one of the most commonly thought after topic is what are the job opportunities available for me? What are the responsibilities that tag along with different posts? Will they be relevant in future?  To be honest, the future is uncertain but the past and present are two inputs that can help solve this equation. On this note, here are … upcoming jobs of the future, predicted by experts to anticipate an enormous growth in the upcoming years, and a gist of all you need to know about these career opportunities.

When seeking a job, especially as a fresher, the task may seem challenging with all the options available. What haunts every one of us at some point of time is the thought of not fitting well into the job role or the very confusing thought of settling for a job with no idea of what exactly a role demands. 

The two things that this blog is aiming to eliminate is, firstly, your doubts about what jobs are available and on a boost and secondly, all queries relating to these jobs. 

Shortlisting a few queries, we aim on answering questions like:

  • What level of Qualification is required?
    It is important to thoroughly go through the eligibility criteria and  basic requirements to prepare yourself and grab hold of opportunities.
  • What are the Roles/Responsibilities to be undertaken?
    Selecting a job based on the suitability of role/responsibilities it has to offer not only brings outs the best in you but also embarks you on the path of happiness and contentment.
  • What is the average salary ?
    Well, truth be told, apart from the interest and individual holds, salary is one of the most important aspects which needs to be evaluated while opting for a particular job.


Let’s get started!!


The blockchain records financial transactions and works as a digital bookkeeping technology, regulated and secured by a special software. Blockchain is used on a large scale in businesses today for different applications like paying employees, smart contracts and many other cases as it effectively eliminates the middleman, thus ensuring security. Perceived to be the future of secured transactions, Blockchain technology is increasing in demand by businesses. There are a few amazing career opportunities in this field listed below.


Blockchain Developer

There are a lot of opportunities available for blockchain developers in the industry. Businesses require such developers to build platforms that will provide top notch services and at the same time optimize the business. Developers ought to write codes, on the basis of which, the platform will run. Therefore, the basic skills any individual looking to build a career as a blockchain developer will need are HTML, AJAX, XML, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL server, Visual studio, etc.


Blockchain Engineer

The blockchain engineering demand is soaring high and so are their salaries. As compared to 2017, the demand for this profession has increased by a whopping 400% and on an average a blockchain engineer earns $160,000 annually. Engineers looking to specialize in blockchain must be adept with the concepts of networking, cryptography computing skills and database designing as they are responsible for the creation and implementation of solutions for companies using blockchain.


Consultancy and expertise

Businesses do require professional advice from individuals who are well versed in the subject of Blockchain and its application in business. With this dire need for expertise, blockchain consultancy will be in huge demand very soon. An advanced education and in depth understanding of the subject should get you this job role.


As technology innovation is taking over our lives in this fast-paced world, advances in the healthcare sector are resulting in an increase of the life expectancy rate. Scientists predict that a lifespan of 120 may be set as a standard soon and the first person to live unto 150 years may as well be born already. Along with this, an awareness of overpopulation is leading to families having lesser children. As a result, the aging population is on the rise which means the demand for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists and all such professionals will be increasing in the future.


Registered Nurses

A nursing career is an exceptionally compensating calling with high development prospects. Registered nurses give care to the patients while also helping doctors in giving treatment to patients in different medicinal settings. Additionally, they are entrusted with keeping up patients’ reports and medicinal narratives, controlling prescription and treatment to patients by watching responses or symptoms. The percentage change in employment for a registered nurse from the year 2010 to 2020 is 26%.



Home health aides

Home health aides help individuals who are debilitated, constantly sick, or intellectually weakened. They frequently help more seasoned grown-ups who need help. In certain states, home health aides might have the option to give a customer medicine or check the customer’s essential signs under the bearing of an attendant or other healthcare expert. Home health aides, in contrast to individual consideration aides, normally work for guaranteed home health or hospice organizations that get government financing and hence they are liable to follow guidelines. They work under the immediate supervision of therapeutic experts, typically enlisted medical caretakers. These aides track administrations performed and customers’ conditions and progress. They report changes in customers’ conditions to their superiors or caseworkers. Home health aides likewise work with advisors and other therapeutic staff. There is no specific educational requirements for this profession but at the least a high school diploma is a must. The average yearly pay of these helpers is $23,210.



The set of working responsibilities for surgeons fluctuate relying upon what condition they are rehearsing in. Numerous specialists end up in a multifaceted profession that enables them to place their aptitudes to great use in a mix of working environment settings. Despite the fact that these settings may change, one factor continues as before: responsibility. The specialist is in charge of the preoperative analysis of the patient, for carrying out the operation, and for furnishing the patient with postoperative careful consideration and treatment. The specialist is additionally viewed as the pioneer of the doctor’s team. Being one of the most respected jobs in the world, one must be ready to give in many years of studies if they wish to take this up as a career option. The yearly pay for a surgeon as per US standards is $208,000 or more than that. There are expected to be over 46,000 new vacancies by 2026.



If you love science and math, but don’t want to specifically work as a physician or go deep into finance, then becoming a biostatistician might be a right option for you. Biostatistics, as the name suggests is the study of medicine merged with statistics where experts collect, assess and interpret data. is a science where professionals collect, analyze and interpret conclusions for data. It requires a comprehensive knowledge of statistical theories and its application to function within medical science organizations. Biostatisticians are usually found under a university’s public health or medical department. While applying for a job in this career, most positions ask for a masters or PhD in biostatistics. An under graduation in statistics or mathematics or a bachelors in science is the path which can be chosen for a future scope in this field. The average salary stands at an average of $169,000. The visible job growth for a statistical expert between 2014-2024 stands at an estimation of 34%, well above the growth of most types of jobs in the market.


With the rise in Internet reach, the trend of digital marketing is on the boom. Newspaper ads and pamphlets are no longer an effective marketing strategy. So, to be on the competitive edge, leveraging digital marketing tactics is important. Social media channels, mobile applications, websites or any other digital channel are used to advertise any new or previously launched products or services or ideas. A wide audience can be reached within a limited period of time. This largely means the scope of digital marketing will be high and so will be the demand for digital content specialists, digital counselors, UX designers, and any other such professionals.


Digital Rehab Counsellor

With the growing use of social media, a large number of people are developing an addiction towards it- the constant posting of selfies and unlimited notifications confining one to check their phone every other minute. As the days pass, the technology that was created for our ease is turning out to be massively detrimental. Even though social media may have its benefits, there surely is going to be an extensive enlightenment followed by stringent regulations on the usage of social media within the next 50 years or so. Therefore, just like any other addiction, there are possibilities of an industry being built to help detox from the excess consumption of digital specifics. Individuals with counselling training are likely to be well equipped to take up this job opportunity.


Digital Content Specialist


With the growing use of social media, digital marketing is evidently on the boom with almost 90% of the companies using this platform to reach out to their target audience. Consequentially, there is a constant need for renewed content in order to have an edge over competitors. Companies require talented writers who can portray their image in a unique, creative way and highlight the brand through the enormous crowds of noise. Out of the box thinking coupled with an expertise in the field of digital marketing is and will be in high demand in the future. One can even choose to freelance which makes this an even more attractive field as it can be even opted for as a source of additional income. Excelling in this field requires an in depth understanding of digital marketing, copy writing and graphic designing.


UX/UI Designer

With maximum population using phones, tablets and laptops, currently, UX is one of the most in-demand jobs across the globe, and the coming years will be no different. So who is a UX designer? UX designer is the one who makes sure the user experience of a website/ app is the best while using any gadget. It is easy to use and understand. Such designers should have analytical and creative skills in order to understand what a user needs, the psychology and eventually solve issues. It all revolves around customer needs and satisfaction. In terms of USD, the average salary for a UX designer is $96,380.  As far as UI designers are concerned, they have to constantly update themselves with the new tools and software in the market and so they must be able to grasp new skills. A UI Creator is a specialized job that is in charge of displaying a product’s advancement in a manner that is alluring and helpful for clients. This person is also in charge of making intuitive projects that improve a client’s involvement with a brand and encourage a charming knowledge on the business’ site.  UI designers work intimately with client experience (UX) designers and other design experts.


We are just right now starting to expose 3D-Printing innovation. Modern creators and biomedical specialists are as of now testing and exploring different avenues regarding medical implants, manufacturing clothing and even food. Envision a future where each family has their 3D printer sat beside their ice chest or dishwasher and can make things of interest, on the spot. This could be a bright future. Much more profitable in terms of a career is each business could have a 3D printer, similarly as they have paper printers. This could be a colossal specialty for anybody hoping to get into a developing career. A pool of job opportunities is being developed for professionals with the expertise of 3D printing. You are likely to increase in demand each year if you own a specialization in 3D-printing equipment. Skills such as software designing, problem-solving, writing, painting/finishing and sales are the most sought after in this field. With a promise to create fascinating possibilities, 3D printing has opened the doors of employment opportunities in many sectors. Given below are the industries where you can pursue this blooming career.



Vehicle producers are in every case one of the firsts to grasp innovation in technology. 3D printing has been a huge blessing for the Automotive industry. The prototyping that is done by the innovation implies it can lead to huge cost savings. What’s more, the application doesn’t just stop at prototyping; one can likewise print custom body parts of the vehicles as well, all at an instant. This is clearly evident by the number of robots in an average care manufacturing plant. Volkswagen has begun employing technicians, who with the use of 3D printing can take the product line to another level.


Legal Affairs

With 3D printing machines being widely available to the common public, there always exists a fair chance of this technology being misused. One of the biggest threats is related to the intellectual property rights of a product, as the exact replica of an object can be created using this machine. This complexity has led to the increasing need of lawyers adept with the knowledge of 3D printing. If you have an interest in law coupled with fascination for technology, this is the career you ought to pursue.



With new openings through the innovation of 3D printing being made each day, the flood for people with the ideal learning set, urges educational foundations to take off new seminars on the innovation. What’s more, with new courses surfacing, there is an undeniable requirement for new educators and teachers as well. Accordingly, educational organizations could be an extraordinary spot to further a career in 3D printing.



The growing technology of 3D printing tools and machines are sure to require marketing. Professionals who intend on promoting this invention require in depth knowledge of the product and technology as a whole. As a result, marketers with such a knowledge will be required in.



 The ideas of prototyping have additionally been a transformative extension for the architects. Making indistinguishable mini reproductions of structures spares construction professionals and architects a great deal effort & time and adds another layer of complexity to their calling. While the traditional procedures of making a model were inclined to human mistakes, 3D printing takes out this very issue, thus easing the endeavours of architects.


Engineering as an industry has a large number of specialists pertaining from fields like computer, biomedical, nano technology, biology, etc. Creative thinking, problem solving and engineering skills work together to make a difference. An engineer in a specialized field uses scientific principles to make people’s life easier and safer. The prospects for a satisfying career in engineering have reached new heights and almost every business requires a qualified engineer in the team. This has made engineering the most demand sector for job opportunities recently.


     Weather Control Engineer

 Effect of global warming can clearly be seen and how. As climate changes drastically, there develops a need for Geo Engineers. So here comes weather modification in the picture. Being a weather control engineer means you’ll be paid to modify the climate by manipulating it using innovation. And keeping in mind that more employments are opening up in this field than at any other time, what may astound you is this is a training that has really been around for a long while.


Biomedical Engineer

A biomedical engineer consolidates building standards with medical sciences to plan and make hardware, gadgets, PC frameworks, and programming. They mostly work in colleges, emergency clinics, and research offices of organizations. To follow this career path, one needs a degree/certification in bioengineering or any other related field. A few positions may require advance education. The work of such experts is anticipated to grow 4 percent throughout the following ten years. From 2016 to 2026, it is predicted that the field will have over 16,000 jobs available. The middle yearly wage for biomedical engineers is $88,550.


Nanotech Engineer

By manipulating matter at the degree of iotas or atoms, it has turned out to be conceivable to envision and build up a wide scope of new advancements. For instance, numerous individuals in this field imagine a future wherein self-repeating nanostructures are utilized in development and nano-robots are placed into the human body to assist immune systems and develop a cure for ailments. Nanoscale innovations are now being utilized to make propelled materials, and they’re being joined into some hardware and consumer products. As this innovation develops, nanotech specialists should guarantee that their manifestations don’t represent a hazard to the earth or human wellbeing.


Synthetic Biology Engineer

 Did you realize that researchers in this field are as of now making lab-developed meat that doesn’t require any animals to be raised just to be slaughtered? That is only a hint of something larger with regards to the amazing potential outcomes offered by engineered science. With their insight into engineering, physics, molecular biology and chemistry, individuals in this occupation may in the long run make a wide range of fake life forms or upgrade existing common ones to convey therapeutic and mechanical breakthroughs that no one has envisioned at this point.


Genetic Engineer

The possibility of custom-made babies may make a ton of us feel queasy at this moment, yet individuals’ demeanours could change as hereditary designing develops and more organizations start to market the subsequent innovation. Plus, progresses in this field may not only likewise prompt remedies for a portion of challenging ailments but also lead to discovery of medicines that moderate or even put a halt on the aging process. It will be dependent upon governments to choose how to manage an industry that will profit by a lot of repressed interest.


Exhausting natural resources and polluting our mother Earth carelessly is leading to a climate change that is endangering the life on earth itself. The time to care is now or never. With such a colossal threat to existence, trying and pushing clean energy consumptions is the immediate need of the hour. To do so, it is vital to transition from the use of carbon-emitting fossil fuels to cleaner, renewable energy. In other words, the use of solar and wind energy is on the rise, resulting in job opportunities for energy technicians. With the decrease in costs of such energy generating equipment each year, it is becoming affordable for businesses and homeowners to use such a blessing to their advantage. As a matter of fact, the US has estimated 30,000 upcoming job opportunities for a solar technician before 2026.


Solar Photovoltaic Installers


Solar based photovoltaic (PV) installers assemble, introduce, and maintain this sun powered boards framework on housetops or different structures. Most solarpanel establishments are done outside, yet PV installers now and again work in lofts and slither spaces to associate panels to the electric framework. Installers should likewise make a trip to jobsites. Albeit most installers need a secondary school certificate and regularly get hands training that lasts up to one year, a few applicants take courses at a specialized school or junior college. The average annual income of a solar PV installer is $42,680. The employment opportunities of this profession is likely to increase by 63% within the next 10 years, which is faster than the growth of any other occupation.


Smart-Building Technician

As time passes, more homes, workplaces, and processing plants are exploiting automation innovation to control different structure frameworks, for example, lighting, warming, cooling, and security. Regular apparatuses like coolers are likewise ending up some portion of the developing Internet of Things. Later on, brilliant structures may rule whole urban communities as individuals grasp the opportunity and comfort of mechanized control and hyper-associated frameworks. In any case, despite everything we need qualified individuals to introduce, keep up, and fix those frameworks. So, tradespeople, for example, HVAC technicians are beginning to divert efforts towards becoming Smart-Building Technicians


With the world advancing towards computers and software faster than ever, we are literally slaved with technology. This has resulted in the information technology industry to grow leaps and bounds. From online banking to shopping to fit bits to uber and more, every industry requires massive amount of skills to design, develop and secure software and information to be in the competition. Thus, demand for software designers and developers, information security analysts, tech ethicists are on an all time high and is only going to grow in the upcoming future.


Software Developer

 Software engineers have been always been around, and with the growing IT sector, they are increasing in demand. A software developer’s role includes analysing user needs and then designing, testing and developing software for these needs. They not only design new software but also recommend any changes in the existing ones. From backhand functions like coding to visualizing how a website will look, software developers are responsible for the whole improvement process for a product program. In fact, more than 1 million job vacancies are predicted to be present in this field between 2016 to 2026. The average pay of a software engineer in 2018 was around $103,620.


Information Security Analyst


Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. Most of these analysts work for computer companies, consulting firms, or business and financial companies. The career path requires a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. Employers usually prefer to hire analysts with experience in a related occupation. Employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 32 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for information security analysts is expected to be very high, as these analysts will be needed to create innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or causing problems for computer networks. Their median yearly pay was $98,350 in May 2018.


Virtual Reality Designer

A great many people like to travel and investigate spots they’ve never been to. Be that as it may, you don’t really need to physically head out anyplace so as to see and experience new places. Entire virtual universes are being made, and the supporting innovation will progressively enable you to connect with it utilizing the majority of your senses. A great deal of VR clients may even shape profound associations with other individuals’ virtual avatars while having undertakings that they could never experience in reality. As this innovation develops, what’s genuine and what’s dream will begin to obscure together. Capable VR designers may turn out to be profoundly sought after as they race to fill a developing interest for progressively complex, reasonable, and inventive virtual encounters.


Tech Ethicist

Humankind still hasn’t completely discovered that we shouldn’t accomplish something since we can. Ethicists have the activity of attempting to enable us to abstain from discovering this in the most difficult way possible. They help us look at hard-to-address inquiries in connection to new innovations and their potential results. For instance, would it be a good idea for us to permit the formation of “designer babies?” Who has parental rights when a human is considered, developed, and conceived in a research centre, outside of a mother’s belly? Would it be a good idea for us to allow misleadingly smart robots similar rights we have? The inquiries are practically boundless given how rapidly innovation is changing our reality.


Civil or Commercial Drone Pilot or Dispatcher

All things considered; individuals keep on thinking up better approaches to exploit their remote flight capacities. Rather than drones generally being utilized for military or recreational purposes, they are progressively utilized for a wide range of common and business applications. For instance, organizations like Amazon imagine dronesmaking deliveries. In any case, they could likewise be utilized for things like expelling waste from city roads, observing air contamination levels, and performing routine assignments in high puts that are hazardous or difficult to reach. So, a few organizations and public agencies are starting to assemble groups of automaton pilots and dispatchers to deal with their fleets of little remote-controlled airplane.


Software Architect

Even though there does not exist a proper degree for Software Architecture, they are in demand. A software architect configures, creates and executes software solutions. They likewise figure out which procedures and innovations the advancement group should utilize, investigate coding issues and team up with different specialists to create elite programming frameworks. Those who choose this career path usually hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, software engineering and other relevant fields. These people are outstanding in computer programming, possess excellent analytical skills and know their subject inside out. The path of becoming a software architect is not just interesting, but it is also financially rewarding. The average pay scale of a software architect is USD $133,583 per annum. Salary in senior roles goes up to around $148,274 per year.



Computer science comprises the study of computers and their systems with a practical approach. In contrast to electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists predominantly deal with software and related systems, as well as their theory, design, development, and application. Advanced computer science modules are diverse and ever-expanding, from artificial intelligence to web design to ethical hacking. Preferring to study computer science is a smart choice in a progressively tech-savvy world and potentially contributes to the world’s greatest innovations. There are several factors why computer science is favored- exceptional job security, remarkably high starting salaries, and a range of job opportunities across industries are some perks to name a few.


AI/ Machine learning

Artificial Intelligence is the study of training computers to perform certain tasks which at present, humans can do better. In short, it is a human-made intelligence we wish to add to machines. Acquiring a degree in AI/Machine learning along with undertaking programming is a good start for those of you wishing to further your career in this blooming field. With a growing trend of vocations that are technology based, the requirement of AI and Machine learning engineers will be boosted in the upcoming years as it is perceived to be the next industrial revolution. Infiltrating and effecting almost every industry in the economy, the demand for full time employees to update systems and review feedbacks will rise.


Data Analyst

The role of a data analyst is to acquire data, organize it and draw conclusions out of it. Data is like gold dust to businesses. Data and user consumption are the two things companies are keen on collecting, which is quite evident from the endeavours ofFacebook. Data analysis is indeed beneficial as it helps companies store past data and predict what the need maybe in future. In the upcoming years, there is going to be a great demand of computer system analysts as the pressure for an organized storage of data is already gaining importance. In order to grab hold of this position, it would be wise to take pursue a degree in computer science.


Computer systems Analyst

The main objective of a computer system analyst is to ensure the efficient and effective working of computer systems and infrastructures. Technology, as it grows with complexity, requires system analysts more than ever. Companies also require these professionals to ensure that the latest and best use of technology such as robots, drones and AI is applied in their organisation, in order to stay ahead in the competitive market. Analysts are at the service of entrepreneurs to plan, strategize and implement technology that fits the business perfectly. This ever-growing need for system analysts opens up a variety of job opportunities for aspirants.


Computer Information Systems Manager

Work of computer information system managers is anticipated to grow 11 percent throughout the following ten years, a lot quicker than the normal for most of the occupations. They have many roles to carry out such as investigating their association’s computer needs and prescribe potential redesigns for top administrators to consider. They also decide short and long-haul staff requirements for their area of expertise. The average salary of a computer information systems manager is $142,530.


A career in the finance industry can be extremely remunerative. This highlights that they are high in demand with eligibility criteria as outrageous as the salary it offers. Professionals at the entry-level are required to have a minimum of graduate and post-graduate degrees.

Six highly compensated financial professions include portfolio manager, corporate finance manager, investment banker, broker, business analyst, and financial analyst. Usually, courses focus on delivering a comprehensive depth of financial management, technical expertise interpersonal skills, and professional perspective. If the financial terminologies like shares, bonds, valuation, investments, and the like trigger you, then a career in finance is worthwhile to contemplate.


Financial Planning Analyst

With the financial sector on the rise, the investment involved is high, thus creating a want for financial analysis and planning in organizations. The standard roles of a Financial planning analyst involve reconciling and consolidating extensive data along with analysing the variants. They have to keep a track of the organization’s Income Statement and forecast their net income. The FPA should have a comprehensive knowledge of both accounting as well as business operations. By giving a yearly spending plan, it gives the executives a reasonable picture of future performances. Their role makes them the connection between corporate and operation teams. Business banking sectors and loaning organizations display a special interest in hiring these experts. The average salary for a FPA in USD is $71, 632 per annum.


Chartered Accountants

If you have a knack for numbers and enjoy how a corporate works, then Chartered Accountancy can be an option for you. A CA’s role incorporates evaluating budget reports and recording of corporate assessment forms. With a lucrative salary and scope in the future, it makes up for other accountancy jobs which lack thrill. Chartered accountants have always been in demand and will always be as every organization needs one. The average salary of a financial accountant is US $54,680.

Chartered accountants also known as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), are among the highest-paid in the world. Chartered Accountancy is one of the highest-paid jobs globally. With accounting roles constantly increasing at a fast pace, the profession is high in demand. To walk on this path of accountancy, one needs a bachelor’s degree in a related field as well as clear the CPA exam divided into four parts.


Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors are needed in every big or small organization since the stakes are high. Among the many roles that they play, they have to talk to clients to ascertain their expenditure, income, and other relevant information to come up with a financial plan. They also answer clients’ queries and give advice related to finance thus helping them reach their objectives. The median salary as per USD is $90,640 whereas the unemployment rate as per 2017 is a mere 1.8%.


The popularity of management as a career’s walk of life is lucrative. Employment in management professions is expected to grow by 7% over the next ten years, faster than the average of all professions. The three broad levels of management include the top, middle and lower managerial levels. Individuals seeking a career in management need pre-requisite skills such as leadership, communication, motivation, and interpersonal skills. The educational requirements vary with organizations but a graduate or postgraduate degree in a management discipline is binding. The ability to impact a company is substantially rested in the pursuit of managerial positions. Having studied a management degree gives graduates a vast understanding of business functions, economics, human resources, and marketing, as well as a spectrum of feasible skills and work experience.


Construction Manager

Real estate is an area which can never die, and so it is but obvious that there will always be job creation under the same. A Construction Manager is responsible for the overall management of construction projects and is also referred to as Product Managers. Apart from ensuring construction projects are completed timely and up to the mark resulting in client’s satisfaction, they assist in a lot more areas like staffing, setting the project goals and priorities, and assessing the performance. Projects often deviate from the objective and face hindrance, and that is when a project manager’s creative and quick thinking comes into picture. Working on budget and sticking to the deadlines are two extremely important responsibilities that a project manager undertakes. So how do you become a Construction Manager? Well, the fastest path towards this career is to firstly obtain an undergraduate degree in management. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) in the USA, a construction manager’s salary ranges from USD $74,000 to $100,000.


Operations Manager

Operations manager propose a strategic approach to make the largest amount of proficiency conceivable inside an association. They overlook HR duties like attracting and hiring talents and are often referred to as Chief Operating Officer or COO. They make important policies, plan and strategize decisions. It is forecasted that there will be a 20% increase in the need for Operations Managers specifically in the healthcare industry by the year 2026 and a 9% increase for operations managers in other sectors. The annual median pay for an Operations Manager working in the US is $100,930.



IT Lawyer

An area that will receive massive acclamation over the upcoming years is IT law. There is going to be a huge demand for lawyers who have a specialized knowledge in IP/IT and AI, especially in a situation where there is an explosion of the machine economy. A passion in this area, coupled with a law degree can help one make a name in this field. If this career oath interests you, it is of utmost importance to take up IT modules during your law degree and simultaneously gather work experience within the field.



With millennial’s pressured to earn a degree, trades have endured fairly a droop as of late. Society has been so centred around sending children to college, which has incidentally caused a lack of qualified laborers in trades. Hence, because of the absence of inventory yet regularly expanding demand,skilled traders are returning in a major way. Trade schools are witnessing an increase in participation. Further, turning into a specialist in a particular trade can be very satisfying with the quick reward of making or fixing something substantial, directly before your eyes.



Mathematicians analyse data and help solve real-world problems through the application of mathematical techniques. Many mathematicians work in private research companies and federal government, coordinating efforts with scientists, engineers and other such professionals. The average annual salary of a mathematician is $101,900. The job opportunities of a mathematician is projected to gain a boost of 30% within the upcoming 10 years as companies will be compelled to appoint this professional with the increasing volume of electronic and digital data. To pursue a career as a mathematician, one must earn a master’s degree in mathematics.


Supply Chain Workers

The demand for supply chain workers, professionals who ensure the timely supply and meet the demand of products, is increasing due to the creation of a global economy by the online world. Companies rely on supply chain workers for the sourcing of cheaper and better product and to ease the delivery process of goods to different parts of the world. Therefore, the demand for a supply chain worker who possesses an expertise in material sourcing and connecting supply chains in a cheap yet quick way, will be even more high in the future. An education in supply chain management and logistics is preferred by companies looking to recruit such a professional.


Elementary school teachers

A profession as an elementary/primary school teacher is a decent decision for individuals who value early youth training and are keen on teaching a wide scope of subjects. Primary teachers have a strong establishment in early youth advancement ideas, hypotheses and practices. Primary teachers additionally depend intensely on essential training instructional method. This can be briefly defined as the art of teaching via research based, time-tested methods. The requirements for this profession include a bachelor’s degree in teaching accompanied with a teaching certificate and possession of skills such as a knack for helping, class management, critical thinking and problem solving. The average annual salary of an elementary teacher goes up to $43,000, according to indeed.com. There is an estimation of about 6% growth in the employment opportunities by 2024.

Now that we have a deep insight into the future labor market trends, job security is not at stake. The future is opening doors for various professional careers that could transform and build a better world. These are the top careers that are buzzing. Exploring these high demand jobs will prove to be helpful in making a career with undefined potential. So, in a nutshell, jobs are continuously being created in various sectors like healthcare, finance, engineering, information technology, computer science and more but developing skills that interest you the most is of utmost importance.