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Adrian, 23, Greece


The drive to create an impact through his innovative startup idea


Inconsistent profile, weak story, lack of star points


Greek background, lack of conventional work experience 



 The Challenge

Our client was from Greece and had a unique agricultural background, which he had leveraged to start his own fledgling Farm focused on growing a niche product. In the process he had not been able to get any consistent leadership activities or get any corporate exposure.


Client Hesitation

When our client contacted us, he was unsure about his decision of pursuing a business degree as he didn’t have any relevant experiences. He was very worried about his profile and if he would be able to make his application stand out among other applicants.


 Our Strategy

Our client had very clear goals that he wanted to study in only the top schools. This made things difficult as apart from a good GMAT and some entrepreneurial experience he did not have any exceptional points, especially as other competitors had a fancy corporate background.

As ADCOMS are interested to have candidates who can show diversity in the cohort, we thought of leveraging this farming background, and highlight the entrepreneurial experiences he had and what he wished to accomplish.

 How we Implemented it

An in-depth brainstorming followed where we dissected each and every aspect of his life, and a story began to form. We believed leveraging his unique Greek background, and how he wanted to create an impact in his country rather than trying to leverage opportunities somewhere else, seemed like the best idea.

We focused on his path of coming up with his startup idea, how he leveraged the limited resources and made the most of them, researched to get selective EU funding and how he was able to thrive in a situation where people around him were giving up.

We also leveraged some social and extracurricular work to showcase leadership and teamwork.

All of this lead to depicting skills and traits that B-schools are on the hunt for.

This story ultimately helped him stand apart from the crowd.


Admit from HEC, Cornell and Duke all with scholarships!

(Cumulative value $50,000+)

Client Remark

I had an absolutely amazing experience with MiM-Essay. They helped me to create a pitch-perfect application highlighting my strengths. I was very confused on how to explain for my gap year, but they actually dig deep into my profile and helped me to find out my passion. I am really thankful for all the guidance provided by them, that helped me to get into my dream B-school

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