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Is Audencia Business School the right choice for International Students


Audencia Business School, formerly called Audencia Nantes School of Management, is a prestigious business school in Nantes, France. The school is one of the Grandes Ecoles, which are widely regarded as some of the best institutions in France. Audencia Business School is particularly well-known among students for its management programmes. Being one of the top institutions in the country, it also attracts many students from international boundaries. But, is Audencia Business School the right pick for International Students? What sets it apart from the other Grandes Ecoles? What courses should you study in Audencia? We will address these concerns regarding the Audencia Business School today.

About Audencia Business School

Audencia business school

The Audencia Business School was founded in 1900. It was named Audencia, which is a combination of the terms audientia, meaning “listening,” and audacia, which means “boldness.” In recent times, the school stands tall with other top institutions in the nation. It is a French Grande Ecole with a high regional and national reputation as well as a great desire to become a big international player. The school also holds triple accreditation, i.e. accredited by EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB. Only 1% of the world’s business schools have received this accreditation. Audencia offers advanced programs in management studies and is one of Europe’s most corporately connected business schools. The schools also have strong ties with businesses and global organisations.

Moreover, the students and faculty members hail from all parts of the world. As a result, this creates a rich intercultural learning environment in the school. Students learn to collaborate in groups with classmates who have a wide range of cultural values and communication styles. As a result, this will help them succeed in the global workplace.

What are the academic programmes at Audencia Business School?

As the name suggests, Audencia is a business school notorious for its global management and business programs. The Audencia Business School provides diverse courses at the bachelor, master, doctorate, and executive levels. Furthermore, it is a globally recognised institution, and the courses are taught in the English language. That is a win-win for an international aspirant. That said, let’s look into some of the most popular programs at Audencia Business School. 


Masters in Management, Grande Ecole Programme

  • A 2-3 year full-time Management program
  • Taught in English or French

BBA Big Data & Management

  • Offered in association with Centrale Nantes
  • Focused on Management and Big Data concepts

Full-time MBA   

  • A 1-year full-time MBA program
  • The Full-Time MBA programme is ranked 5th in the world for student/faculty diversity.

Audencia Executive MBA

  • a triple-accredited diploma programme
  • The duration of the program ranges from 18 to 36 months

Audiencia business school fees and expenses

Tuition fees and living expenditures play a significant part in determining one’s decision to study abroad. For international students, the cost of studying is an important factor. Thus it is crucial to know beforehand the tuition fees of the various courses offered by the Audencia Business School. This section will look at tuition fees to figure out how much it costs to attend Audencia Business School.



Programme fees

Master in Management

30,000 Euro


31,500 Euro

Master of Science in International Management

18,000 Euro

Master in European and International Business Management

15,350 Euro

Four-year bachelor programme

12,000 Euro per year

 Moreover, for overseas students, living expenses and other associated costs are also taken into account. Although Nantes is not Paris, living expenditures can still be high. The living expenses for an international student at Audencia might cost around 900 Euros per month on average.

Global MBA-networking

Audiencia Business School World Ranking

Is Audencia Business School the right choice for International Students? To answer this, we must look at how the school compares to other international business schools. Furthermore, we must also find out its national ranking and standings. A school’s rank tells a lot about its prowess. So let’s look at the rankings of Audencia Business School to decide where to go for this school or not.

Audencia Business School is often ranked among the top 10 higher education institutions in France. Meanwhile, it is constantly listed among the top 100 management schools in the world.

Domestic Ranking

Le Point




Le Perisien


International Ranking

The Economist



QS World University Ranking


Top 100

Financial Times

MSc in Management-Engineering


QS World Ranking

Master in Marketing


QS World Ranking

Master in Management


 While HEC, ESSEC, and ESCP remain the top picks for many international students, Audencia is rising through the ranks of its fellow Grandes Ecoles. 

International Students at the Audenica Business School

The Audencia Business School invites students from more than 100 countries around the world. More than 5500 international students are enrolled at the Audiencia Business School in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. That is 36 per cent of the total student body at Audencia. Additionally, the school has a long history of organising Student Exchange programs with scholars coming from more than 260 universities around the world, representing more than 60 countries.

Moving on from the facts and numbers for a moment, let’s discuss the student lifestyle at Audenica. Audencia students are ambitious, creative, and optimistic. International students enjoy a thriving environment at the university campus. Apart from a technologically advanced campus, a 12000 ft square library, and expert faculty, there are also several clubs and associations for students to participate in. Student associations are the right place for international students to connect with their counterparts from other cultures while engaging in cultural activities. Furthermore, the city of Nantes has a vibrant cultural environment that includes everything from historic castles to art museums and even a planetarium. In short, The Audencia Business School does not fall short when it comes to offering a complete study abroad experience.

Audencia Business School Placements

The Audencia Business School is a prominent school both in France and around the world. Moreover, it is very selective when it comes to admitting the right candidate. That is to say, the brilliant student community of Audencia always strives for excellence at every stage of their life. As a result, their students often get placed in various public and commercial sectors in France itself. Furthermore, the internationally recognised degree prepares students to compete for top executive roles on a global scale. 

The placement reports of Audencia Business School boast of some remarkable numbers. Apart from education and a multicultural environment, the school also offers excellent career services organising various workshops and speaker sessions with professional leaders. Moreover, the internship and employment opportunities, along with a vast Alumni Network, helps students take off their careers in the right direction.

  • The average salary of an Audencia graduate is 60,000 Euro (annually)
  • 95% of the students are employed within two months of graduation 
  • The school often organises employment fairs with more than 100 companies participating regularly.
  • The Alumni network helped 36 per cent of Audencia students find work.
  • 86 per cent of the students work in France while 57 per cent of the full-time MBA graduates work internationally.
  • Audencia graduates take on leadership roles in global organisations like Accenture, Bank of America, Google, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Barclays, United Nations, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), PSA Peugeot-Citroen, and Sotheby’s, among others.

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Important information for International students

If you are an international student and want to be a part of the vibrant cohort of the Audencia Business School, you must meet these eligibility criteria

  • You must present English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC)
  • A Bachelor’s Degree (at least 3 years of study from a non-French institution)
  • GMAT/GRE test scores (not necessary for all courses)
  • Proficiency in French (DELF/DALF B2) for French-taught courses.

These requirements are more or less the same for most of the programmes at the Audencia Business School. However, it would be best if you still did your bit of research to not miss out on any important detail. Additionally, the full-time MBA or executive MBA might also require candidates to have relevant minimum work experience for admission.

The key takeaway from the Audencia Business School

  • Audencia Business School is a well-known business school around the world and has constantly been recognised among France’s top ten business schools.
  • Studying a management course from an international university has several advantages: cultural exposure, diverse student community, wonderful teachers, and more.
  • Audencia Nantes School of Business offers international programmes in the English language, which is a globally used language, easing the burden on overseas students. The Beijing campus also has English-taught programmes.

In conclusion, Audiencia is a decent school option for international students who wish to study abroad, France in particular. It is still a tier-3 business school in France, ranking behind the likes of Emlyon, Grenoble, and Edhec. Thus students might reap better opportunities if they can target those schools which rank higher on the list. That said, the school still provides countless facilities to its international students. Audencia Business School is still one of the most favoured schools for international aspirants because of the many reasons highlighted above. Not to forget, it is also one of the elite Grande Ecole institutions in France.

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