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Best Countries to Study Abroad

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a very important decision which has to be seriously pondered upon before a decision is made. To make it easier for the students out there, the following is a list of reasons why students should consider studying abroad.

best countries to study abroad intro
  • Travelling opportunity – There are the elites who could afford to travel abroad for the purpose of vacation. However, everyone is not financially stable enough to do so. Travelling helps students experience different cultures, and help increase one’s world view.
  • Wider Options – If living in a well-developed country, students have a wider variety of options they can choose from when it comes to pursuing higher education. However, not all nations are there yet when it comes to a world-class education. Considering international locations increases the number of options that one can apply for their next step.
  • Meet Diverse cultures – There are many schools out there with programs especially designed to accommodate international students. If you plan on studying in one of these universities, not only will you be travelling to a new country, but will also be meeting students from all over the world.
  • New Language Skills – Most universities around the world, especially the ones in a non-English speaking country, have programs in English to accommodate foreign students. However, travelling to a non-English speaking country is a great opportunity to learn a new language and work on improving your English too. It is an important skill which also looks good on a resume.
  • Find New Hobbies – There are many hobbies that one can pursue no matter where they live. Stamp collection, sketching and playing a musical instrument are some of the common ones. However, there are hobbies which are very specific to a certain country. Skiing and mountain climbing are types of hobbies which can only be pursued in specific countries. Travelling abroad can help you realise the interest in a hobby you were not aware of before.
  • Strong friendships – Feeling homesick is a very common aspect of going to college. This is only amplified for students who travel abroad for education. The friends that you make during this time will be the only support you have in a foreign nation. These friends end up being more like a family to you.
  • Personal Development – It has been said that the best way to develop one’s character is to put themselves outside their comfort zone. Travelling abroad is as far as one can go when it comes to putting themselves outside the comfort zone. It helps build character, learn life skills and create overall confidence.
  • Job opportunities – Many countries out there, especially the well-developed ones, are surprisingly low on professionals to work in their hospitals and industries. This opens a good market for international students who plan on working in the country once they are done with their education.
  • Lifetime Opportunity – Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is a journey full of great experiences and advantages.
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List of Best Countries to Study Abroad

Though there are many countries in the world with great universities and even better programs, few of them have made it to the top of the list due to their education regulations and focus on providing the students with real-life applicable education. Following are the top countries for your consideration for pursuing further studies.


best countries to study abroad italy
Italy is one of the famous countries part of the European continent. Though famous for its cuisine and being the city where the Roman empire was established, people easily forget that this is the country where the Renaissance took place, an awakening of art and education which took place in the  15th-16th century.

Great polymaths like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo found their artistic calling here. The country is known for having some of the advanced arts and architect programs which seems obvious when you think about all the art that Italy is home to. the country is also known for some great business schools.

Some of the famous universities in Italy are the University of Bologna, the University of Padua and the University of Milan to name a few.


Top countries to study abroad spain
Spain has a great and vibrant culture and is considered as a great travel destination, famous for its music, art and a beautiful view. There are also some great Business schools established in Italy which are known all around the world for the programs that they have to offer.

Spain would be a great destination to study for students planning to pursue management programs, especially the Master in Business Administration. Universities like the University of Barcelona, University of Valencia, University of Salamanca and many more are some of the prestigious institutes that students can opt for. Spain, as being one of the central countries in Europe, is a great place from where one can travel to different countries.


best countries to study abroad london
Shouldn’t come as a surprise that the small island nation which had control over most of the world in the 1500s was able to establish itself as an education superpower. England is home to some of the oldest and most famous schools in the world. International students from the commonwealth and non-commonwealth countries constantly travel to England in order to pursue an education.

There are many institutes in England which are well known all around the world and many of them have been ranking number one on various lists. Some of these schools include the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University College London, Kings College London and Imperial College London. The schools are known for their business and science faculties. In fact, Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking held the same faculty position at the University of Cambridge.


France is home to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and the Notre Dame Cathedral. The country is known for its beautiful scenery, exclusive wine, classy taste in art and all the Michelin star restaurants you could eat at. Despite all that the country already has to offer, it has created a very good education system which has attracted international students from all over the world.

It is obvious that the country would be famous for its universities offering art and architecture programs as the entire country is full of beautiful specimens. Hotel management programs and chef degrees are also one of the best. Sorbonne University, Pantheon university, University of Paris and Paris Diderot University are some of the well-known institutes in France. The HEC Paris and ESSEC Business School are known for their MBA programs all over the world.


Germany museum
Germany hasn’t had a very good place in history, to be honest. The fact that a manic dictator took over the country and started a war does not award them a gold star. However, the country has been trying very hard ever since in order to clean the red that is in their ledger.

The universities in Germany are known for being one of the oldest. They have been able to create a very well-developed education program, built on old tradition but evolved along the years to help develop sound professionals. In fact, Germany has been one of the fore-runners who made important changes in the European education system.

Another advantage of studying in Germany is low tuition fees. The German government have taken it upon themselves to fund all public universities in order to keep tuition for students low.


best countries to study abroad australia
Beautiful sandy beaches and the bluest ocean one would ever see; these are the characteristics that make Australia the ideal travel destination. These alone are enough to attract students to the island nation in order to pursue their higher education. Australia has been home to an international student for a few decades now and has created a very diverse student force in the country.

Most of the school in the country are fairly new, only about 40 years old. However, since it was a colonial country, there are universities established in Australia in the year 1800s.  There are only a few of them still standing, and they make up what is known as Sandstone Universities.

Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland are the main cities which house most of the prestigious universities in Australia. The University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland and Griffith College are some of the institutes, favoured by foreign students.


best countries to study abroad japan
The fast-paced city of Japan is not just famous for their sushi, samurais and amines. The country has been at the forefront of technological innovation from the very beginning, and their fastest public commuter train proves it. Thought the island nation is a very small archipelago and riddled with earthquakes, international students stumble over their own feet rushing to secure a seat in of the prestigious universities in the country.

There are only a few universities in the country, and they are named after the prominent city that they are based in. The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Osaka University are the most sought after schools in Japan. Though all of their programs have well-developed curriculum, the technology, engineering, architecture and robotics related courses are the most coveted ones. Though the vibrant and heavily traditional culture is intoxicating, students get disheartened from travelling their due to the language gap.

best countries to study abroad china
The country with the largest population is still somehow able to accommodate the large international student force which travels to their nation to get an education. If you are somehow able to get over the language barrier, then studying in China is one of the best experiences one could have. The country has a rich background and still carries on many traditions that were established many years ago.

As one of the leading technologically advanced countries, they are known for good technical courses. However, they also have established themselves to have a very advanced course in fields like art, architecture, business and management. Some of the top universities in China are Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, to name a few.

Studying in China is a great learning opportunity for students. As one of the largest growing economies, which would soon leave everyone else behind, learning their language and understanding how they do business is an important skill set to keep in your tool belt.


Argentina street view
It may seem difficult to think of Argentina as anything more than the home to football legends like Maradona and Messi, but that is where you would be wrong. Argentina is the South American capital of higher education and now is considered as one of the countries to travel to for international students.

The countries education system has seen much change in the last decade or so. 10 years back there was no way this name would be brought up while discussing quality education, but today Argentina has established itself as a hub of knowledge. Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo are the two main cities where most of the universities are established. Some of the famous schools in the country are the University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Institute of Technology and the University of Argentina.


New york Streets
The best one was saved for the last. Over the years, many students have travelled to the States and are currently working there, because that’s just how good the education and job opportunities in the United States. The United States of America is home of the immigrants and people looking to restart their lives.

Pick up any world ranking list of top colleges and like clockwork, every one of these lists will have a college, or even more than one, in the top ten ranks from the USA. There are many reasons for the success of these schools. It is mainly due to a well-structured program and a practical and well-trained faculty. There is a well-known university for every field of study in the USA. May it be technical, business or arts, the United States will have a university to teach it.

Some of the famous schools in the country are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University, Princeton University and the list goes on and on.


Deciding the right country among these might be difficult, but it is always a win and you never lose because each country has its own specialties, culture and opportunities to offer. It doesn’t matter if you study in the land of great artist, the maniac Dictator or the football legend, every country has their own beauty. The thing which matters the most is what you get to learn from them like their diverse culture, languages and hobbies.

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