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Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future intro

With the implications of the fourth Industrial Revolution taking shape in the world, the future of jobs is definitely something that will be experiencing a big change. With constant advancements in science and technology, one needs to find out which jobs and skills will remain relevant even five years from now. The World Economic Forum reports that one-third of the skills that employers look for in their employees now will be deemed redundant soon. So, to answer the bigger question, one needs to know how they can build their profile to fit into the 21st Century job market. 

We know that education is a big investment for everyone. Be it time or be it money, one needs to sacrifice a lot to get a good degree. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure that your degree is something that is of relevance and helps you secure a job. Listed below are 10 best degree courses for a secure future in 2020. 

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1. Business/ Management

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future Business management

Businesses will continue to flourish for as long as human beings exist. Now everyone wishes to work for others. There are always rebels within the system who want to build an empire of their own. If you are one of them, a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree is the right choice for you. 

Businesses, if run wisely, have immense growth potential. Be it Google, Amazon or Walmart, everything started with a small idea to run a business. These organizations have not become multinational companies making their founders some of the richest people in the world. 

A business degree will help you understand and learn about every aspect of running a business, be it accounting, finance, analytics or taxes. Universities across the world that offer the best master’s programmes in business include the University of Bath, Tulane University and the Hult International Business School.

2. Business Analytics

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future business analysis

Business Analytics is something that will never lose its relevance but only grow. As long as businesses exist in the world, Business Analytics will continue being a roaring career. As a business analyst, one needs to have strong analytical skills and be proficient with handling and working with very large sets of data. You must be acquainted with higher levels of statistics and mathematics to be able to comprehend and scrutinize these large data sets. A good business analyst is categorised by their calm nature and abilities of effective communication. It is also important that they are good with computer programming which is a requisite skill for the systematic representation of big sets of data and statistics to make them easily comprehensible. 

A good Business Analyst is extremely valuable to a business organization because he/she will help the firm understand the loopholes in their administration, modes of operation and decision making processes by studying and understanding past record statistics and suggesting the various ways that they can adopt to maximize their profits and minimize their costs. 

Some of the best colleges for pursuing a degree in business analytics are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management, Imperial College Business School and Warwick Business School among many others. 

3. Video Game Design – Computer Programming

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future computer programming

As of 2017, the video game market had already reached a record high of $82 billion and has definitely made immense progress in the last 3 years. With the rising advancements and projections in science and technology, people have been welcoming newer computer games with open arms. The popularity of computer video games is not restricted to kids and teenagers. It is something that has made a place for itself among patrons of all age groups. 

Computer programmers who design these games must be extremely proficient in high levels of programming, mathematics and graphic designing. This is definitely one of the top careers in this list in terms of employee satisfaction. Video games do not serve the sole purpose of entertainment. More often than not, these video games act as a method of virtual vestibule training where people working in trauma, firefighters, paramedics, etc., are trained using video games to give them a feel of real life panic situations and help them build their reflexes. 

Though there are very few colleges across the world that offer a specialised degree in video game design, one can also become a designer with a degree in computer science engineering, animation or multimedia studies. However some of the best colleges that do offer a degree in video game design are the University of Pennsylvania, the New York University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. 


4. Cyber Security

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future-cyber-security

With a constant increase in the number of people who use the internet on a daily basis, everyone is concerned about their safety. The reason behind these concerns are the facts that people provide a lot of personal information about themselves in various websites and forums which not only include their personal details but also bank details. Governments require online protection to be able to protect nation secrets while businesses require the same to protect trade secrets. Hence it is quite evident that the paranoia behind their concerns is not baseless. With the rise in the rates of crime all across the world, people, both online and offline, are constantly demanding an increase in cyber security. 

In the last couple of years a very large number of talented individuals have been hired by the Pentagon, the pioneer producer of cyber security systems. While the job force in this sector is very limited and selective, it is still expected that this industry will see manifold growth in the coming years. People who wish to work in this domain must showcase exceptional skills in the field of computer programming and ethical hacking. 

The best universities that offer an exceptional masters degree in cyber security include the Georgia Institute of Technology, Purdue University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  

5. Sustainable Development

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future sustainable development

In the 21st Century, the entire world is constantly striving to strike a balance between progress and sustainability. The vital questions that need to be answered is where should we stop to ensure that our generation has enough to fulfill their needs and so do the future generations. With rise in the levels of pollution, greenhouse emission and climate change, everyone is working hard to ensure that the environment is not harmed or exploited any further because of our endless greed for more. 

The basic idea of a degree in sustainability is understanding the needs of the environment. These environmentalists, activists and sustainable economists have abundant knowledge about the environment, governance and law. They must also understand science and business. It is also important to have good ethics, morals and communication skills to be able to succeed in this field. 

A person interested in this field can work in various sectors within sustainability like management, energy and natural resources. Some of the best colleges offering a degree in sustainability are Columbia University in the City of New York, Arizona State University and the University of Colorado at Denver. 

6. Data Analytics

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future data analysis

Data Analytics is another field with the potential of an immense job growth in the near future. Data analytics basically pertains to analysis of large sets of data catering to any field be it, business, education, government statistics or healthcare. The growing demand for experienced data analysts is because of the fact that they help in drawing information from past results on how operations can be improved in the present. 

Every sector demands for qualified analysts who show proficiency with being comfortable to work with large sets of data, organize and present them with the help of effective tools like graphs and tables, analyse them and draw useful insights. They also must have good computer skills to be able to use the latest technology for better results. 

Some of the best universities that offer courses in data analytics include Carnegie Mellon University, University of California at Davis, University of California at Berkeley and Columbia University. 

7. Finance

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future finance

Finance as a career can probably never lose its relevance, at least not in this century. It is the study of all monetary assets, stock markets and investments. Finance is an important career because it helps in determining the present condition and future prospects of any economy, both at the country and global level. 

Finance graduates work with top investment banks, multinational companies and the government to predict the course of the economy and find out ways to improve it. Banks and other international institutions of monetary assets almost entirely function with the knowledge of Finance. Moreover, with the rise in complexities related to investments and money, this career is probably going to flourish more than it already is during the present times. It is also one of the highest paid careers, not only in our list, but in the entire world. 

Some of the best schools that offer degrees in finance include Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. 

8. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future entrepreneurship and innovation

With artificial intelligence and machines taking over the world, human beings have to strive hard and work on their soft skills to remain in the job market even five years from now. Creativity, critical thinking and problem solving are some of the major skills that one must develop for this purpose. This is where a masters degree in entrepreneurship and innovation comes in. 

A person who is innovative, is a natural leader, creative and can come up with a large number of effective solutions to tackle complex modern problems will be an indispensable part of any organization. A person who works in this sector must also possess effective communication skills to be able to deal with different kinds of people. 

Some of the best universities that offer a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation are the University of San Francisco, Hult International Business School and the Syracuse University among many others. 

9. Public Health

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future public health

People who wish to serve in the public health sector usually prefer to go for a masters degree in public health. Public Policy and the service sector is something that is booming now and is expected to expand further in the future. The major reasons that will contribute to this unprecedented growth are those of rising populations, especially in the developing nations and the problem of global epidemics and pandemics. 

When we talk about the public health sector, it is not necessary that one needs to work there as a doctor or a nurse and serve people directly. Public health is a broad domain where one can engage as a lawyer or a public policymaker. You can also be associated with hospitals by working for non-profit organizations and/or work in multinational public institutions like the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Health Organization. 

Apart from a rewarding career, a job in the field of Public Health is something that will reward you emotionally as well since you will get an opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of people by being honest and dedicated to your career. 

Some of the best universities for a master’s degree in Public Health are George Washington University, Tufts University and the University of North Carolina among many others. 

10. Engineering Management

Best degree courses in 2020 for a brighter future engineering management

Engineering is a diverse field of studies that includes various branches. It is one of the most important and promising careers of 2020 which will continue to grow through the upcoming decade. A master’s degree in engineering management will require you to work in a management position instead of working in the field directly. It is a rewarding and high-paying career. Individuals working in this position form the bridge between technical and managerial administration branches of an organization or a firm. 

Universities that offer this degree include several Ivy-league colleges like Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke University and Johns Hopkins University among many other prestigious schools.

Thereby we see that some of the most unconventional careers of today are set to become the most in-demand careers in the near future. If you want to set foot into the future with the requisites for a successful and rewarding career, it will be for the best that you choose something from the above list of courses. However, always remember that as long as you work hard and are dedicated towards your job, you will be of relevance regardless of the changing spheres of the job market. 

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