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MS Finance Rankings

Conventionally, it was believed that an MBA is a perfect gateway to enter into financial studies. But, it no longer stands true. For those who love to crunch with money matters and possess an inkling to play with numbers are quite familiar with the Master in Finance programs offered by various universities.
The MS in finance degree has been gaining a lot of popularity lately.If you are someone looking for a degree in business studies but are confused between an MS in finance and MBA, then an article is for you. We are here to provide you deep insightful knowledge about the MS in finance program along with the top universities for the same.
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What do you mean by an MS in finance?

An MS in finance stands for a master in finance is a post graduate degree that prepares the students to pursue a career in financial studies. The degree is specialized to provide an insightful knowledge om areas of study like corporate finance, investment banking, and investment management.
As a student pursuing an MS in finance, your core curriculum will be focussing on managerial finance, investment analysis, and corporate finance. It typically provides a broader and deeper exposure into finance and limited approach towards management.
Duration- The Master in finance program can be completed within months and thus, is a great option for those looking to complete their post-graduate studies real quick.

Why pursue an MS in finance?

Well, a master in finance is a highly focussed and advanced degree for financial studies. It equips the students with a broader knowledge of business and finance which can be applied in a variety of areas. MS in finance opens a wide range of quantitative career opportunities. Here are some of the reasons that why one should pursue an MS in finance-

ms finance rankings why ms finance degree
  • Its solely focus on financial studies which gives you an upper hand when it comes to gain knowledge or opt for more specialized and quantitative job roles requiring the knowledge of finance and management.
  • It is a short term program and thus saves a lot of time. Apart from that, it trains the student to work under pressure and deliver efficient performance. Thus, preparing one to fit right into the professional world.
  • One great attraction to pursue the same is that unlike another master degree, a master in finance does not necessarily require work experience. So, you can be fresh out of college student and directly apply for a master program.
  • It is not a secret that MFin prepares the students with advanced skills in mathematics and analytics. Such quant experts are in great demand in the market. Thus, it opens a range of job roles that require highly specialized skills learned through such a degree. So, it is safe to say that a student with a post-graduate degree in finance would be having high employability rates.

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Top Universities Rankings for MS in Finance

London Business School

ms finance rankings - lbs

London Business School is the Business School under the prestigious University of London. It was founded in the year 1964 and is located in Central London, UK. London Business School is a top-class Business school not only in the UK but in the entire world. It is known to provide an excellent education in programs like MiM, MBA, MFin and various Ph.D. programs.

LBS is considered to be a world’s best B-school and has a strong alumni network of more than 39,000 alumni across 150 countries.

HEC Paris

ms finance rankings - hec paris

HEC Paris is a globally renowned international business school located in Jouy-en-Josus, France. It was established in the year 1881 and is regarded as the best B-schools in the country.
HEC Paris is constantly ranked as a top business school in Europe and also amongst the top five worldwide. It bears a rick alumni network with 12 current CEOs from F500- companies which are itself an unmatched record. The HEC Alumni has been ranked by The Economist as the 2nd most powerful business school alumni network in the world in the year 2017.

MIT Sloan School of Management

ms finance rankings - mit

MIT Sloan is the graduate business school of Massachusetts Institute of Technology located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was established in the year 1914 and presently has a student population of 1,300.

The very unique thing about this institution is that MIT also collaborates extensively with Harvard University, and students at each institution often pursue simultaneous degrees at the other. MIT Sloan students can freely cross-register for courses at Harvard Business School, and vice versa—the only leading business schools to have such an agreement. It offers a full-time classroom-oriented MFin program to its graduates making equipping them with advanced financial skills, making them a leader for tomorrow.

London School of Economics

ms finance rankings - lse


The London School of Economics is a public research institution and is commonly known as the LSE. It was founded in the year 1895 and is associated with the University of London.
The school is known to be a pioneer in research studies and also posses a number of awards and accolades under its name. LSE was ranked amongst the top 15 universities in Europe and also under the top 50 universities worldwide.

Said Business School, University of Oxford

 ms finance rankings - said business school

Said Business School is the Business school headed under the University of Oxford. It was established in the year 1965 and offers both graduate and undergraduate courses in business, finance, and management.
It is regarded as a top business school in entire Europe and has the highest number of graduate students coming every year to pursue Business studies. Said School of Business is known to have world-famous alumni network that includes the Winklevoss Twins, Patrick Grant, Javed Afridi and many more

Cambridge Judge School of Business

ms finance rankings - cambridge school

The Cambridge Judge Business School was founded in the year 1990 and is located in London, UK. The business school aims at providing an excellent education in management and business studies.
The school has shown remarkable performance times and has emerged out to be one of the finest B-school around the globe due to its excellent education system.

ESADE Business School


ESADE is a globally recognized private business school in Spain. It was established in 1958 and is located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
ESADE has a medium-sized campus with a student population of 9,425 students enrolled in its various undergraduates and graduate programs. It draws students from all over the world and has a strong international approach. It has consistently been ranked as a top -school worldwide by leading magazines.

UC Berkeley, Hass School of Business

ms finance rankings hass school of business

The Hass School of Business is the school associated with University of California, Berkeley. It was founded in the year 1898 and is based in Berkeley, California.
It was the first business school in the nation at a public university and is known to be ranked amongst the top B-schools worldwide. It is renowned for its MBA and MFin programs and is amongst the top 10 Global business schools worldwide.


ms finance rankings - essec

ESSEC Business School is an internationally recognized leading business school in France founded in 1907. The university holds a flagship in Masters of Science in Management and is paramount in business studies. ESSEC is accredited with AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. It is recognized to carry a legacy of providing academic excellence worldwide.
ESSEC Ventures, created in 2000, is a unique endeavor designed to support ESSEC students with business creation projects. Since its creation, the entrepreneurial structure has incubated 245 projects and created 180 companies. ESSEC holds more than 100 students club in diverse fields like humanities, arts, sports, entrepreneurial and cultural.

Anderson School of Management, UCLA

ms finance rankings - ucla

The Anderson School of Management is the graduate business school for University of California, Los Angeles. It was established in the year 1935 and is located in an urban setting of California. The school is highly selective and has a small student population of 1750 students.

The school is consistently ranked among the top tier business school programs in the country, based on rankings published by US News & World Report, Business week and other leading publications.


Choosing the right degree for your post-graduate studies might really be a dilemmatic situation. There are so many options available that we often find ourselves in a state of utter confusion.
However, with a little research, one gets a clearer picture of what he is looking for! So, if you think that Finance is your strongest domain and want to develop a quant approach towards your work, then MS in finance is the perfect fit for you!

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