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ESCP MiM Application

Tips & suggestions to perfect your ESCP Masters in Management Application

| About ESCP 

The ESCP EUROPE program is crafted for the leaders of tomorrow, the integrated program curriculum taught across six ESCP Europe campuses, offers the possibility to obtain up to four national degrees, and even opens up the option of earning dual degrees with 120 academic partners across the world. Graduates leave with a minimum of 40 weeks of professional experience. This ensures that you leave the programme with the invaluable intercultural practical experience top recruiters are looking for.

| Class Profile

Recommended GMAT Score

  • Class Size: Upto 200 International Students
  • Average Age: 23 years
  • Nationalities: 120
  • Female : 52%

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Your application has about 30% weightage in your selection chances. Check out what ESCP is looking for through its Application Process

ESCP MiM Essays

The ESCP MiM application comprises of 4 long essays of 500 words each and 3 short answer questions of 200 words each

ESCP MiM Resume

A One page Resume (CV)


2 Letter of Recommendations; one academic & one professional.

ESCP MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Q1: Cover Letter

  A: A cover letter, just as it sounds, is a letter expressing your interest in the program. Think of this document as a means to convince the adcom of your candidacy. General cover letter expectations include a brief introduction to the candidates profile, description of their interest in the program and a compelling reason as to why the particular program at the school is the right fit for them. This can be perceived as a way to learn more about the candidate and his/her aspirations, aspects of which haven’t been elaborated on in the other additional questions. In short, it is a quick brief of the student profile and is more or less similar to a Statement of purpose. While drafting a cover letter you should commence a letter with a formal greeting to whomsoever it may concern along with the intent of writing the letter, in this case, a pitch for your candidacy. Furthermore, you must talk about your background, your interests and how you have pursued the same by quoting relevant instances from the past. Conclude this section by connecting your past experiences with your future goals while acknowledging the shortcomings of your profile to get there. Finally, highlight the need for a degree to bridge this gap and transform into a well rounded professional along with your pitch on how the school fits perfectly into the picture thus tying everything in one place. In conclusion, rest your case with a humble request to consider your application. 

      Q1: Please comment on an international experience that has influenced
      you in particular and explain why? (200 words)

        A: Ideally, this question should consist of any of your experiences, personal or professional, where you have travelled abroad or witnessed a new culture. The admission committee is looking for people who could contribute towards the multicultural environment of the campus and bring a fresh experience to the table. If you have been a part of some exchange programs or summer schools, such instances would be an ideal fit for this answer. Showcase your experience of living in an unfamiliar place in the most realistic way and you will ace this essay. The Adcom needs to know how you handled the cultural shock which you faced (if any) or networked in a new country. Here, you need to showcase your adaptability skills supplemented by the process and experience which broadened your perspective by exposing you to the culture of that country that you were were unaware of. Talk about what you experienced there and how it was different from your homeland. Further, you need to talk about how this experience changed you as a person and what did you imbibe from it. At last, you need to showcase how this experience helped you create impacts thereby enhancing your soft skills using relevant instances. 

        Q2. Please comment on your most significant work experience. (200 words)

        A: Through this question, the adcom wishes to gain insights into how you paved way for your passion in the past and strove to hone your knowledge. So, why is this question important at all? It is because every school wishes to admit students who are determined to achieve their goals and having a relevant experience in the field would ensure both your interest and capability to succeed. They simply wish to understand the steps you’ve taken towards achieving the goal you have in mind. On this note, for this answer, you need to cover your most relevant and important work experience, preferably in line with your future goals. You also need to mention how you strived for excellence in your workplace and what impact it created on you particularly and the company in general. The idea is to let the Adcom know that you are well-equipped with the required knowledge of the field and are looking to learn beyond the basics, which is why you are applying for a masters program.  It is highly recommended to highlight how you excelled at this job and outshined your competitors. Any other achievements are just brownie points, don’t forget to mention them as well!

        Q3. Please comment on the positions of responsibility you have held at
        school, in clubs and/or societies (Outline hobbies, general interests, and other activities) (200 words)

        A: Well, it is true that a man is defined by the choices he makes and in this case the Adcom wishes to gain insights into your personality and the kind of individual you are through this question that precisely focuses on elaborating upon traits that are innate to you and your personal inclinations with focus laid on the extracurricular activities you partook in. This is just to understand your profile holistically as every school wishes to grab onto candidates who are all-rounders. Begin your answer by drawing attention towards the positions of responsibilities you’ve held in the past and move on to brushing upon the activities you meagerly participated in to fuel your hobby – follow the hierarchy. Whether you were a school captain, or the head of a society or a club at your college, all such extracurricular activities need to be covered in this answer. Moving to your hobby, you need to highlight it in a way that gives a clear notion of your personality and the choices that you make in your life which in this case is your passion/hobbies. This section of the answer should shed light on how you complement your hobbies with your career and academic goals hence showcasing a consistency in your overall demeanor. The idea is to talk about your hobbies and interests in a friendly yet formal tone, in order to help the Adcom understand you better.


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