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Imperial MiM Application

Tips & suggestions to perfect your Imperial college

Masters in Management Application

| About Imperial college

Recent graduates looking to truly stand out as they launch a career choose this 12-month Master of Management Studies program. You’ll combine a foundation in multiple business disciplines with the practice of new skills to create a springboard for your future. Consistently ranked amongst the world’s top global programs, Master’s in Management from Imperial has an excellent worldwide reputation. Graduating from Imperial College Business provides you with the opportunity to meet and network with leading global organizations, and will help present yourself with confidence to the world’s top companies

| Class Profile

Recommended GPA

  • Class Size : 149
  • Average Age : 22 years
  • Average Work Experience: 24 months
  • Total Nationalities: 87

How Can You Create Your STRONGEST APPLICATION ever?

Your application has about 30% weightage in your selection chances. Check out what Imperial college is looking for through its Application Process

Imperial college

Imperial MiM Essays comprises of One Personal Statement, One Carrer Planning Question and one Quantative Experience Statement

Imperial college

One page full and up-to-date curriculum is required. The curriculum vitae must be written in English. You can use either the university’s style template or your own CV.

Imperial college

2 Letter of Recommendations; one academic(compulsory) & one professional

Imperial MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Q1. “Your personal statement provides an opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the program. Typically your personal statement should be one side of A4 and include your motivations for applying to Imperial, and any other supporting information not included elsewhere on the form that you feel will enhance your application.”

A:  Personal statement is the most important part of your application. It’s an opportunity to tell the Adcom why you are a good fit for the program and the university. Therefore, applicants must explicitly express their ambitions, skills, and experience to the admission committee. Your personal statement should be a graceful narrative of your educational background, work experience, and who you are as a person. Moreover, to make the personal statement stand out, applicants must coherently sew their goals for a cohesive and well-structured representation of your potential that is in alignment with the masters program of are applying for. Thus, we advise applicants to conceive their relevant experience and journey before they begin writing. Adopt an enthusiastic yet concise style while writing your personal statement to leave a remarkable imprint on the admission jury.




Q2. List your target organization (s) and role. 

A: Through this prompt, the Adcom seeks to step in your shoes to evaluate the goals and benchmarks you set for yourself. The target organization (s) and role are the ones that fit your interests, have the work culture you desire, and/or have a mission you wish to contribute towards. In short, the admission committee prompts to comprehend your desire to work in a certain sector or company along with the reason behind the decision. Moreover, you may also demonstrate your skills and experience to succeed in your chosen role. Your answer to this question enables the Adcom to evaluate where you position and envision yourself in the near future. Hence, applicants cautiously should screen their academic records, refine their interest areas, and enlist their target organizations.






Q3. What gaps in your skillset you need to develop to prepare for this career. 

A: The skills gap is essentially the difference between skills desired by employers and the actual skill set held by the employees or prospects. To identify the gaps in your skillset, you will need to conduct a skills gap analysis. You should identify the skills required for the role you plan to build your career in and then contrast it with your present skill set or knowledge. Subsequently, you shall write your answer along the lines of the skill gap that need to be addressed for the career or role you desire to pursue and the remedies or training you look after to bridge the skills gap. This way the admission committee construes your keenness to improvise in light of your career goals.



Q4. List your second choice organization (s) and role. 


A: Enduring a backup career plan does not always mean you don’t believe in yourself. Instead, it just ensures that you have myriad skills and abilities, and you are capable of pursuing a divergent career path. Therefore, you must not hang back when you sit to plot to answer this question.  Clearly state your second choice of organization and the role you look after while streamlining it with your long-term future goals. Contemplate on your areas of interest, strengths, and aptitude to convey to the Adcom that you don’t rely solely on a specific organization and role.


Q5. Please use this section to provide any useful information, such as extenuating circumstances or gaps in your CV, which is not covered elsewhere in your application. 


A: This essay question needs to be answered through your wit. Abstain from specifying the particulars that are conveyed by your resume and other essay answers. Incidents pertaining to year gap or any other unfavourable situations that left a minor scar in your profile has to be addressed with proper reasoning behind the circumstances. You also need to ensure that there is sufficient details entailing the course of action you undertook to rectify the same, thus leaving no loose ends in your answer. Describe the event concisely and base the expression of your essay answer as forward-looking. Moreover, you can elaborate on what you have done in your recent past to demonstrate your skills and intelligence to the admission jury. Anything that you opt to bring to light must be reasoned appropriately.


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