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What is the
ESSEC MiM Review?

The ESSEC MiM Review is useful for people who want to gain a quick understanding of the Masters in Management program at ESSEC and understand if it would be a correct choice for them. Apart from a brief review of the school, data about the ESSEC Masters in Management application process, the essay questions asked and placement statistics upon graduation are presented.


The MiM offered by ESSEC is currently ranked at the 3rd position worldwide. This gives testament to the effort taken by the school to make sure that the degree is top notch. The placements of the MiM students speak for themselves with a lot of students being placed in well-paid jobs in France, UK, Germany & several other countries.

ESSEC MiM Review


ESSEC is a very popular school in France & forms the top tier of the Grande Ecole system along with HEC and ESCP. It is known to accept only the very best of students and hence the admission process is extremely competitive.

ESSEC is also one of the few European schools that are actively branching out into Asia, it found it's campus in Singapore as early as 2005. The MiM at ESSEC is a great way to fuse learnings of both the east and the west. Students can opt for one year at the French campus and the other year at the Singapore campus.

Some excellent factors which work in favor of ESSEC are:

  • ESSEC is known for its excellent exchange and double degree partnerships, this makes it an attractive choice for people aiming to add value to their profile via such experiences.
  • ESSEC has by far the strongest apprentisage or apprenticeship program placements, where students work for 3 days at a company and study for 2 days at the school. In return, the company pays the entire tuition fees and also gives a healthy stipend to the student. This is an extremely economical way to finance your studies.
  • You can benefit from the networking opportunities arising via interactions with various other masters and bachelor programs on campus. ESSEC also is known for its strong connections in the Luxury management market and offers a specialized MBA based just on that.
  • A number of chairs where students get a chance to interact with big companies and dig deeper/specialize in a subject of their interest. For example Luxury with LVMH, Therapeutic Innovation, Leadership & Diversity, International Sports Marketing, Accenture Business Analytics etc.
  • Great internship and placement opportunities with a large number of companies visiting the on-campus forums.
  • A beautiful stand alone campus near Paris, you can benefit from both living on a dedicated campus and having the hustle bustle of one of the biggest cities in the world just 30 mins away.
  • ESSEC also has a very informative youtube channel and MiM representatives in every country, via whom you can gain a lot of info.

Next, in the ESSEC MiM Review, we are going to look at the eligibility criteria and application process of ESSEC.

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Admits in 2018

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Constituents of Application Package

  • Online application form.
  • Application Essays:  1 SOP & 2 long essays.
  • One page CV.
  • 2 Letter of recommendations: One academic & one professional.
  • A copy of college transcript.
  • IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC score (for some international students).
  • Application fee of 95 euros.

All the application material must be mailed to the ESSEC office in France.

Note: Though work experience is not mandatory, 3-6 months of work experience is preferred.

Next, in the ESSEC Masters in Management Review, we are going to look at some relevant details about the MiM program as well as the employment opportunities after graduation.


Duration: 24 months.

Location: Paris & Singapore.
Tuition Fees:  European Union citizen € 33,000.
Non-European Union citizen € 40,000.

Some scholarships are offered by the French government (Eiffel, Charpak) while ESSEC also offers a few merit-based scholarships, check out the full list here.

4 rounds of admission, though it is advised to submit your application as early as possible.

Application Deadlines are as follows:

1st session :  October 9, 2018 
2nd session:  January 4, 2019 
3rd session : February 25, 2019
4th session : April 15, 2019

Placement opportunities

Average Starting Salary of 65,000 Euros.

98.2% accepted a Job offer within 6 months of graduation.

87.1% employed in a private firm.

7.2% have started their own venture.

1/4 students are in an apprenticeship program.

Sectors students were placed in: 

Finance + Audit31%
Marketing + Sales18%
General Mgmt.7%

Lastly, in the ESSEC Masters in Management Review, we are going to look at the application essay questions.

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ESSEC has a very prestigious & well ranked MiM program, and is on the lookout for talented candidates who exhibit the following skills:


     OPEN MINDED               AMBITIOUS                 MOTIVATED 

Be sure to mention in your application essays how you exhibit these skills, and back them up with relevant examples.

The ESSEC application essays are relatively straight forward and surprisingly simple worded.

ESSEC asks for 1 statement of purpose, and 2 long essays. There are also separate sections in the online application where you fill additional information about your extracurricular activities, professional & international experience.

So you have to be careful you don’t end up repeating the same things you write here, in your essays.

The Statement of Purpose is a Free format letter which is employed by ESSEC to give you a portal to

  1. Introduce yourself in a brief paragraph. 
  2. Talk about Why ESSEC, Why the MIM program & How it can help you to achieve your career goals.

We would advise sticking to a formal tone for the SOP and letting your creativity unleash in the other essays.

Apart from the SOP, the other 2 required essay questions are:

  • What matters most to you, and why?
    Tell us the values and experiences that have shaped the person you are (maximum 400 words)
  • Provide to the Admission Committee any relevant additional information (not already detailed in the rest of your application)(maximum 300 words) 

As you can see both the questions are pretty open ended and can be written in a number of ways and tones.

The second especially essay proves to be a challenge, as most of the information regarding your profile has already been covered by the other essays and short questions. Hence it is a good idea to mention a particular experience which you feel would add value to your profile or talk about some weakness that you think needs addressing.

You can check out ESSEC Sample Essays for deeper insights on how to write the specific

As with all schools ESSEC gives a lot of emphasis to its essays so it is a good idea to spend a lot of time perfecting them, & making sure all your strengths and unique skills are properly highlighted.

We hope the ESSEC MiM Review was useful to you, all the information has been sourced by the ESSEC MSc in International Management Site, and for more data you should visit there.

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