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Frankfurt School of Finance Management MIM Review

The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is a prestigious business school located in Frankfurt, Germany. Graduate and doctoral students come from all over the world to learn about business and perform extensive research in related subjects.

  Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is a leading private business school based in Frankfurt, Germany, with 86 regional training centres and various joint ventures and programs abroad. They are renowned for offering challenging business programs with a wide range of specializations. The FSFM MIM is known for its critical approach to the field of finance.  It was founded in the 1930s. The institute also provides training opportunities in multiple program areas and runs various scientific research centres and numerous international consulting projects.


Course Duration

2  Year


Course Fee








FSFM MIM Class Profile

FSFM MIM focuses on internationalisation, viewing itself as a crossroads for many different cultures, new ideas, and human diversity. Therefore, teaching and research are supposed to be of the highest quality, providing students with the knowledge they need to grow into successful but socially responsible individuals who will pass this knowledge on to future generations, whether as leaders in regional, national, or international corporations or as future educators.

Average Age




Class Size


Average Work Ex

1 Year

FSFM MIM Acceptance Rate

With an acceptance rate of 40%, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management seeks applicants with a global mindset who can pioneer and spearhead various projects and innovations in business. In addition, they seek professionals with relevant work experience. Their goal is to enhance their students’ professional development and assist in preparing them as thoroughly as possible for a successful career after graduating.

Acceptance rate – 40%

Program and Curriculum of Frankfort School of Finance Management MIM

With an acceptance rate of 40%, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management seeks applicants with a global mindset who can pioneer and spearhead various projects and innovations in business. In addition, they seek professionals with relevant work experience. Their goal is to enhance their students’ professional development and assist in preparing them as thoroughly as possible for a successful career after graduating.

Specializing offered

The Master of Management coursework is designed to equip students with innovative core management disciplines while tailoring the program to their needs through six cutting-edge concentrations – People, Management & Organisation, Global Strategy, Digital Business, Technology & Operations, and Data & Business Analytics.

Core Course

  • Evidence-based Management
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations Management
  • Leadership
  • Managerial Data Science
  • Financial Analysis and Performance Management
  • Innovation Management & New Product Development


Students can choose two electives in the MIM program to expand the depth of the subject and gain insights into other areas depending on their interests and professional goals. Students can choose from a range of electives, such as

  • Project Management
  • Industry Practice and Supply Chain Strategy
  • Financial Performance.

Students also will be given the option to replace the electives with either a semester abroad at one of the partner universities or with the Entrepreneurship Accelerator.

Extra Activities

FSFM preaches holistic development of the students. As a result, they offer various internship opportunities associated with their industry partners. You can also choose from multiple activities, events, clubs, and networking opportunities hosted by the Student Association and the department.


Frankfurt School offers internships during the summer to help students gain practical experience and learn to apply the newly acquired analytical tools and knowledge. The training can also be evaluated to waive 6 ECTS if it is relevant to the field of study that the student chooses to specialize in, provided the objective is achieved.

Clubs and business sector

Student Clubs are an Absolute program and the heart and soul of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management student experience. FSFM is home to a variety of clubs that provide a vibrant, collective, and fun community to suit the needs of our diverse and international student body. Clubs are also an opportunity to explore areas of business interest and provide virtual networks that extend to alumni and the wider community.

Three days Model

The Master in Management Program follows a unique 3 Day model. It permits students to work part-time whilst pursuing a full-time degree which can help them gain work experience before finishing their master’s program. Students are given the flexibility to attend classes three days a week which leaves three working days for part-time employment. In addition, FSFM’s annual career fair allows its students to build a virtual network for their careers and experience the everyday realities of the workplace.

Eligibility and Requirement for Getting into FSFM MIM 


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Excellent written and spoken English (TOEFL – 90 iBT / IELTS 7.0 or equivalent) or TOEFL ITP (minimum score of 577)
  • Valid GMAT / GRE score or Frankfurt School Admission Test.


    Document Related to the Application

    • Copy of your passport
    • CV or resume (English)
    • Transcript and degree certificate from previous university degree(s) (if not in English or German, a certified translation is required)
    • GMAT / GRE score report or equivalent, or registration for FS Admissions Test
    • TOEFL / IELTS score report (minimum 90 TOEFL iBT or minimum 7.0 IELTS)
    • Other documentation supporting professional experience or other extracurricular activities, if applicable.

    FSFM MIM Deadlines

    The university encourages students to complete applications as soon as possible as there are financial advantages for candidates who apply early.

    Deadline Dates
    1st Deadline 30 NOVEMBER, 2021
    2nd Deadline 31 MARCH, 2022
    3rd Deadline 30 JUNE, 2022


    FSFM MIM Employment/Placement

    Our exclusive corporate ties and strong Alumni network enables you to develop a professional network that is critical to your worldwide career development. Individual career development counseling based on your interests and career goals will be provided by our Careers Services staff. This, combined with our regular guest lectures and industry visits, as well as the option to work part-time while studying full-time, puts you in a strong position for employment following graduation.





    Top Sectors Hiring FSFM MIM Graduates


    FSFM MIM enables its graduates to work in a variety of industries. As a result, these alumni are spread across the world in various domains, such as 33% in Technology, 21% in consulting, 12% in Finance, 7% in Healthcare, etc. In every sector, there is at least one FSFM MIM graduate who is serving an organization with the most prestigious skills that they learn during their post-graduation and vast experience. In addition, the vast alumni network helps tremendously in securing jobs.

    Companies recruiting from FSFM MIM


    • Accenture
    • BearingPoint
    • Capgemini
    • Deloitte
    • Tata Consultancy Services
    • Porsche Consulting
    • PWC
    • Infosys Consulting
    • GHK Management Consulting


    • BMW Financial Services
    • Commerzbank
    • Deutsche Bank
    • UBS AG
    • JLL
    • HSBC
    • Helaba Invest


    • Deloitte Digital
    • Sprehe Unternehmensgruppe
    • Ritzenhoefer & Company

    FSFM MIM Alumni Info

    The FSFM alumni network is a storehouse of successful stories of top executives and entrepreneurs. From analyst and consultant positions in Mckinsey, Amazon, and Philips to founders of powerful business enterprises, they have achieved it all. More than 40,000 alumni are working across different sectors in over 155 countries, availing exchange between students and management across the globe. In addition, the network organises more than 1000 events to facilitate exchange between students and members and provide counseling to prospective students. As a result, 95% of graduates get placed within three months of graduation. Therefore, FSFM placements ensure that their students get the right job at the best place.

    Some Famous Alumni

    • Alexander Doll, Former CEO, Barclays Germany
    • Axel Frein, CEO, Valovis Commercial Bank
    • Rainer Fuhrmann, Former CEO, DZ Bank AG
    • Mike Mohring (German Politician)
    • Christian Sewing CEO of Deutsche Bank

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    Application Essay for FSFM MIM

    The FSFM MIM application comprises two essays and scholarship questions. FSFM takes its essays very seriously and uses them as a medium to understand the strengths and weaknesses of prospective students. In addition, it helps them better understand the applicant’s profile. So, make sure your essays as an applicant are top-notch.

    Essay 1
    Describe your specific career aspirations and your reason for pursuing the Master’s in Management. Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extracurricular activities might help you achieve your goals. (500 words)

    Essay 2
    What are three unique aspects of yourself, and why? (500 words)

    Essay 3
    As you know, we are a private business school, and we charge a tuition fee. So how do you plan on financing your studies?

    Letter of Recommendation for FSFM MIM

    Not required

    Interview Questions for FSFM MIM

    Set 1
    Q: Where do you see yourself in the future?
    Q: Are you fit for the program?
    Q: Why did you choose Frankfurt School?
    Q: Why <Course name>?
    Q: How do you know about the program?
    Q: Why are you leaving your current role?
    Q: How good are your negotiating skills?
    Q: Tell me about one of your strengths which was previously a weakness.
    Q: Are you great with numbers for you have a spectacular GMAT score?
    Q: Where would you really like to work?

    Set 2
    Q: What are your plans after graduation?
    Q: Have you ever visited a foreign country? If yes, talk about your experience.
    Q: What are some of the things that you expect to learn in Frankfurt?
    Q: What is your Plan B if (planned career) does not happen?
    Q: Give me an example of a time when you were successful in communicating with a difficult person(s) or circumstance?
    Q: What if you were working in a group of 5 people, and there is one person who is clearly not pulling their weight (submitting shoddy work or submitting work late). How would you deal with that?
    Q:Suppose everyone is putting in their effort now, but someone in your group has a very different opinion on how a certain business problem should be solved. What do you do?
    Q: Do you have any questions for me?
    Q: What are your long-term goals? And how will FSFM help you achieve them?
    Q: Tell me about your work experience while concentrating on the skills you learned from it.

    Set 3
    Q: What are your reasons, both professional and personal, for applying for a MiM program?
    Q: What are some skills or key competencies you would like to develop when studying at FSFM?
    Q: What are your plans for the first 3-5 years after graduation?
    Q: What are your long-term career aspirations?
    Q: How do you think the FSFM MiM will help you to achieve your goals?
    Q: Why do you want to study at FSFM?
    Q: What sets you apart from other applicants?
    Q: Why are you a perfect fit for the FSFM MiM?
    Q: What other schools are you applying to?
    Q: Describe a conflict at work and your role in resolving it.

    Set 4
    Q: Any specific sector you want to proceed in?
    Q: What is the best way to inspire people?
    Q: Why do you want to study in <country_name>?
    Q: Tell me about some Business news that has the potential to disrupt markets.
    Q: Any recent news or policy in Europe which concerns you?
    Q: Describe your leadership style.
    Q: Why do you believe you possess that kind of leadership?
    Q: Why is your GPA low?
    Q: Have you ever been to Germany?
    Q: What are the difficulties you believe you would encounter coming to Germany?

    What Makes FSFM MIM Unique

     Here are a few facts about the FSFM MIM that makes it unique-

    With Brexit looming and Frankfurt establishing itself as a major corporate and financial competitor to London, now is an excellent moment to consider pursuing a MIM degree in the city.

    • Work for some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank and the German stock exchange, as well as a slew of industrial behemoths, including EY and KPMG.
    • More than 40,000 executives from 155 countries make up the global alumni network.
    • FSFM provides students with the critical business knowledge, adaptive mentality, and business-ready practical skills they need to succeed in today’s brutally competitive economy.
    • Frankfurt is placed #3 for careers and #9 for salary and has been proven as a success mantra for all the business program applicants from the last few years.
    • It follows a curriculum that is based on a mixture of theoretical learning, supported by and reinforced with case studies and group work, following the Harvard model of teaching.


      FSFM MIM is undoubtedly the best choice if you want to succeed in economics. It gives 95% guaranteed placement to all of its students. This marks a significant milestone for the school and its students, who have worked diligently throughout their studies. This placement is expected to bring much-needed expertise to businesses all over Germany, as well as beyond its borders. The school prides itself in providing the highest standard of education and looks forward to seeing its students thrive in their new positions. With its prestigious academic reputation, extensive career support services, low fees and scholarships available, and supportive community of learners, the program has all of the elements that make it an ideal choice.


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      When does the program start?

      On August 22nd, 2022, the Master of Management program will commence. This is the day all students are expected to attend Frankfurt School. Foreign applicants who require a visa to enter Germany should know that obtaining the requisite visa can take up to about two or three months.

      Do I need to submit the official GMAT/ GRE scorecard?

      Yes, Frankfurt school requires official transcripts of your score.

      Is it better to take the GMAT or the GRE?

      There is no preference; you can submit scores for either of the exams.

      Is it required of me to send hard copies of the original documents?

      There is no requirement for the student to send any hard copies. All the necessary documents can be submitted with the online application.

      How do I submit my application?

      After completing all the required entries and documents, you can apply through the online portal.

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