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Grenoble MIB Essays


Tips & suggestions to perfect your Grenoble Master in International

Business Essays

The Grenoble MIB Essays & Tips are aimed towards providing you with a brief analysis of what Grenoble École de Management is expecting via its 2017 application essays, and how you can improve your chances by giving them just that.

The Grenoble École de Management MIB (Masters in International Business) is a high-quality comprehensive one year program of business administration subjects, studied from an international perspective.


In addition to the Masters in International Business, Grenoble École de Management also offers the following programs-


All the programs, except MSc in Humanitarian Programme Management, require 3 short essay questions. In case of  MSc in Humanitarian Programme Management, you have to follow the Bioforce application process.

Grenoble has made it very clear that it values three qualities in its students,

1) Individuality

2) Strong interpersonal skills

3) Inter-cultural awareness

Applicants must keep this in mind while framing the essays.

It will go a long way to prove that you would be a good fit for the school.

To know more about Grenoble École de Management MIB program, check out Grenoble MIB review .

What are the Grenoble MIB Essay Questions?

Grenoble MIB Essay Questions – RED

Grenoble MIB Essay Analysis – BLUE

Grenoble MIB Essay 1

What would you like the GGSB admissions board to know about your professional work and/or academic experience? (300 words)

Grenoble MIB Essay 1 Analysis

This essay gives you a chance to give an overview of your profile to the GGSB ad com.

What are the things that make you different, what are the achievements you have had, how have you gone above and beyond in your pursuits.

What are the decisions you took that brought you to this point, all can be highlighted via this essay.

As the other 2 essays are more targeted make sure you make the most of this one, and cover all elements of your profile the school may find interesting.

Grenoble MIB Essay 2

Why are you interested in our particular program, and how do you see it helping you to reach your future goals? (300 words)

Grenoble MIB Essay 2 Analysis

You can link this essay to your work experiences and explain what made you get interested in your short term goals in the first place.

How did your interest in business develop? Why do you need a business education? What do you lack?

For the second part of the essay you need to be very specific about Why Grenoble?

What does Grenoble offer that other schools don’t, what about it will help you get closer to your goals.

Grenoble MIB Essay 3

What do you understand by culture shock? Have you ever experienced it and how did you deal with it? (300 words)

Grenoble MIB Essay 3 Analysis

This is an interesting and very niche question particular to Grenoble.

It is asking for two very sky skills which B-schools are looking for – Adaptability and Versatility.

The question becomes easier to answer if you have some international exposure to boast of, 

but even without it cultural diversity can be highlighted in different ways. You just need to be creative.

Be specific, highlight a particular incident and showcase how you dealt with it, learning key skills in the process.


As Grenoble École de Management MIB program doesn’t require GMAT, your application essay is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your application, make sure you refine it a number of times and have it read by a number of people, so as to catch any errors you may have missed.

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