Hourly Consulting Service

A versatile approach to get expert opinion on any part of your application

Research and surveys of past applicants show that hiring an admission consultant can more than double the chances of admission.

If that's not enough, 60% applicants get admitted to 3 out of 4 of their target schools while, while 25% get admitted to at least 2.

Lastly, a strong application can exponentially improve your chances of getting a scholarship.

Hiring a consultant can change your application strategy and give you that edge you need to overcome the competition

Ask the applicants who we worked with this time, and who received scholarships anywhere from 20% to a 100%, raking in more than half a million Euros of scholarship money.

So in conclusion hiring a consultant can change your application strategy and give you that edge you need to overcome the competition.

But needs differ from person to person, and we understand that.

While some applicants see the value of getting an End to End pack and realise the potential it can add to their application. (See our All in One Pack)

Others need just some advice on critical parts of the application, maybe which school to select, or brainstorming on how to approach a particular essay or a set of essays, or an in-depth review of one or more essays, among other things.

To help you out we have created a flexible Hourly Consulting Service, where you get unrestricted one on one access to one of our consultants and can ask their advice on anything you want.

You can ask to work with a specific head consultant anywhere from our Founder to one of our consultants who has graduated from a specific school

You can receive admission assistance on any part of your application:

  • Brainstorm and Plan your application strategy
  • Create an impactful Resume
  • Receive detailed feedback and Suggestions for improvement on any number of essays
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Have your Letter of Recommendations reviewed
  • or all of the above.

You can even ask to work with a specific head consultant anywhere from our Founder to one of our consultants who has graduated from a specific school.

Every minute matters

When it comes to crafting the perfect application.

With an hourly package, you have complete flexibility with how you choose to spend your time. Below we have outlined the most popular application elements that our clients choose to work on with our team of Admission Consultants.


If you aren’t applying to the right schools, then little else will matter.
Use your consultant to:

  • Understand differences among programs
  • Target which schools will best enable you to achieve your goals and interests
  • Identify profile strengths and weaknesses and develop your application strategy
  • Tailor your applications accordingly

Estimate: 30-45 min



Essay editing is much more than just grammar and spelling!
Your consultant will:

  • Help you brainstorm essay topic ideas, and use personalisation to make the greatest impact
  • Suggest structure for powerful storytelling
  • Provide feedback on multiple drafts
  • Leverage admissions experience so you stand out to the admissions committee

Brainstorming Estimate: 1 hour

Review Estimate: 20-30 min/draft


Admission officers look for qualities beyond job duties often listed on a typical resume.
Your knowledgeable consultant can:

  • Help you structure your resume for greatest effectiveness in applications
  • Ensure you highlight experiences and attributes sought by admissions officers
  • Prioritize content to stand out from peers

Estimate: 20 min


Recommendations must back up your statements and endorse your application with data backed points 
We’ll help by: 

  • Helping you select the ideal recommender duo 
  • Reviewing your profile and drafting points which will help create powerful recommendations
  • Analyzing LOR drafts, outlining changes and giving suggestions to improve

Estimate: 25-30 min


Improve your interviewing skills with a School Specialist who has firsthand experience with your target school.
They will: 

  • Conduct a realistic mock interview
  • Ask the exact questions you’ll likely hear from the admissions officers
  • Provide you detailed feedback and specific suggestions for improvement

Estimate: 1 hour/mock


Scholarships can make your study abroad journey much easier. But getting a scholarship is also insanely competitive. So having a strategy is imperative.
We will help you..

  • Draft a list of scholarships that you can target
  • Understand what the scholarship committee is looking for
  • Create an outline and refine content for the scholarship essay

Estimate: 1 hour

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3). Once the topic and plan for the hourly session is decided, the call would be scheduled, so as to make the most of every minute

Hourly Consulting Service

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