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Ivey Business School

Ivey Business School MBA Review

Ivey’s one-year MBA program starts in March and is designed for high-achieving leaders who are ready to accelerate their career success. Ivey’s prestigious MBA program has a diversity of students from various cultures and backgrounds.

The Ivey MBA program appeals to students who want to achieve their career goals in less time, with the help of the top-ranked career management team in Canada and an extensive alumni network. Delivered using Ivey’s case study method, which uses an action-oriented, dynamic approach to simulate the challenges and complexities of real-world business.





Course Duration

1 Year


Course Fee





Ivey MBA Class Profile

Ivey MBA Class Profile

With an average student age of 28 years, the Ivey MBA program has pretty experienced students who learn by interacting and networking with other students. Also, Ivey has noticed many students who have made at least one career transition. So, Ivey is a great place that will help you realise your goals and make a move towards them.

Average Age




Average Work Ex

5.5 yrs

Class Size


Ivey Business School MBA Acceptance Rate

Admissions to Ivey MBA program is pretty competitive with only 8-10% acceptance rate. It is preferred to have at least 90% in your undergraduate with some solid experience in extracurriculars. Since the admissions committee at Ivey Business School considers holistic development to be more significant, you need to make your profile stand above others in all disciplines. Additionally, the way you will present your profile in Essays, Sops, and Resumes will play a significant role in decision making.

Program and Curriculum of Ivey Business School MBA

To ensure you have a solid foundation in the core subjects, the first six months of the Ivey MBA Program consist of core management courses. The next six months focus on the electives and application – participate in an optional study trip to China or South America as part of the elective cycle. You can also pursue volunteer opportunities to teach and provide business consulting in China or Eastern Europe.

Core Course

  • Accounting and Control for Managers
  • Decision Making with Analytics
  • Developing and Executing Strategies
  • Leading People and Organizations
  • Managing Operations
  • Marketing Products and Services
  • Leveraging Information Technology
  • Macroeconomics for Business Decision
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Managing Financial Resources


The electives are offered in the following academic areas:


  • Corporate Financial Reporting
  • Private Equity
  • Value Investing
  • Derivatives & Risk Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Investment Banking and Capital Markets


  • Business Law
  • Global Supply Management
  • Marketing to Businesses
  • High Impact Presenting
  • Managing People for Exceptional Performance
  • Negotiations for Leaders
  • Operations Strategy
  • Private Equity
  • Management of Services
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Design-Driven Innovation


  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Consumer Marketing
  • International Study Trip
  • Marketing to Businesses

Corporate Strategy and Leadership

  • Sustainable Finance
  • Corporate Financial Reporting
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • International Study Trip
  • Managing People for Exceptional Performance
  • Global Strategy
  • Competition & Competitor Analysis

International Management

  • Negotiations for Leaders
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Global Supply Chain Management

Capstone Module

This capstone module pulls together everything you’ve learned and connects it to today’s real-world leadership challenges. You’ll examine some of the big questions like:

  • Who leads best and how do they do it?
  • How are great leaders developed?
  • What are the major forces and trends that will affect business in the 21st century?”

Extra Activities For Ivey MBA


  • Business of Sports and Entertainment Club
  • Consulting club
  • Culinary and Spirits Club
  • Energy and Resources Club
  • Finance Club
  • Health Sector Club
  • International Business Club
  • Investing and Economics Club
  • Ivey Pride Club
  • Operations Club
  • Project management Club
  • Real Estate Club
  • Sales and Marketing Club
  • Technology Club
  • Women in Management Club

Eligibility and Requirements into Ivey Business School MBA

Eligibility and Requirements


  • Minimum 2 years of full-time work experience
  • A Valid Gmat/ Gre Score 
  • A three years bachelor’s degree from a recognised university 

Document Related to the Application

  • Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions. One copy of official/certified transcripts will be required if a candidate receives an admissions offer.*
  • GMAT score (Designate Ivey with code CMB-MG-18) OR GRE score (Designate Ivey with code 0292).
  • The GMAT requirement is waived for applications who have passed all 3 Levels of the CFA designation or, possess a CPA designation (CPA Canada), possess a P.Eng designation (P.Eng Canada), or those who have a valid and competitive LSAT or MCAT score.
  • Resume demonstrating a minimum of two years, full-time work experience.
  • TOEFL or IELTS score 
  • Two professional references.
  • Online application, including completion of two required written essay questions, and two required video questions.

The application fee for the direct application is C$150.

Ivey Business School MBA Deadlines

Ivey Business School offers admission to its prestigious Ivey MBA program through only 1 intake each year in March. The Ivey MBA program commences during the first week of March and is completed by the end of March. The applications are processed on a rolling basis, and both scholarship and admission decisions are handed out between application deadlines. You need to wait for the deadlines to apply, and decisions are made within 4-6 weeks.

Deadline Dates
1st Deadline 11 July
2nd Deadline 19 September
3rd Deadline 07 November
4th Deadline 09 January


Ivey Business School MBA Employment/Placement

Ivey Business School has one of the largest and most qualified Career Management(CM) departments in North America. The career management team will provide you with the principal tools and resources to navigate your career path well in future. Although the type of post-MBA job you will land will completely depend on your efforts and skills, but the integrated curriculum and the expertise of professors are unmatched.





Top Sectors Hiring Ivey Business School MBA Graduates

The most famous sectors accepting MBA graduates from Ivey Business School are Consulting, Financial Services and technology. Ivey holds a strong graduate employment rate, with 2 in 5 holding positions of Director level or higher in our Alumni’s organisations. Other sectors hiring Ivey graduates are mentioned according to their % of students accepted:

Top Sectors Hiring Ivey Business School MBA Graduates

Companies Recruiting from Ivey Business School MBA


  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Bain & Co.
  • A.T. Kearney


  • Ernst & Young
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan
  • HSBC Bank


  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Amazon

Ivey MBA Alumni Info

As an Ivey MBA, you’ll also have access to one of the most prestigious alumni networks in Canada and the world. Ivey Alumni are busy leading the business world, but they also maintain strong connections to the school as recruiters, guest speakers, sponsors, and mentors.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Prem Watsa – Chief Executive of Fairfax Financial
  • Ray Sharma – co-founder and executive manager of Extreme Venture Partners,
  • David I. “Dave” McKay  – President of Royal Bank of Canada

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Application Essay for Ivey MBA

Q: Please explain to the Admissions Committee your decision to pursue the Ivey MSc in International Business. Why are you an ideal candidate for the program, and how will the program help you achieve your goals? (500 words or less)
Q: In your opinion, do your post-secondary grades accurately reflect your abilities? If not, please explain. (500 words or less)

Letter of Recommendation for Ivey MBA

Two completed reference forms are required as a part of the Ivey MBA admissions process. These references must be professional, not academic. Your references can be provided after your online application is submitted. It is your responsibility to ensure your completed references are received within two weeks of your application submission.

Academic Lor
Question: How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate? (No word limit)
Question: What do you consider to be the candidate’s principal strengths/talents? (No word limit)
Question: What do you consider to be the candidate’s weaknesses or areas that need improvement? (No word limit)

Professional Lor
Question: How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate? (No word limit)
Question: If this is a work-related reference, in what position is/was the candidate employed and for how long? (No word limit)
Question: What do you consider to be the candidate’s principal strengths/talents? (No word limit)
Question: What do you consider to be the candidate’s weaknesses or areas that need improvement? (No word limit)

Interview Questions for Ivey MBA

Set 1
Q: For 2-3 minutes, go over your CV with me.
Q: What exactly do you do in your present position?
Q: What are the advantages of earning a master’s degree? Why now, specifically Ivey?
Q: When was the last time you engaged in a contentious activity? What would you alter if you had the chance to do it all over again?
Q: You had a period of time when you were enraged. If you had the ability to go back in time, what would you change?
Q: What were the other schools to which you applied, and why did you submit an application?
Q: Have you applied to any other Canadian universities or colleges?
Q: What do you believe you can add to the Ivey experience?
Q: Which Ivey clubs would you like to join?

Set 2
Q: There was a period when you had to cope with a particularly tough coworker. What steps did you take to cope with the situation?
Q: What are the three things that would keep you awake if you were the CEO of your company?
Q: Why did you make the list of organisations you’d like to work with after getting your MBA?
Q: What are your plans for getting a job with them?
Q: Why did you decide on the role/profile you wish to pursue after your MBA?
Q: How do you intend to get work in Canada after IVEY? What kind of research did you conduct?
Q: What are your main worries about migrating to Canada and attending IVEY?
Q: Do you have any idea how your target company hires?
Q: Do you have a backup plan?

Ivey Business School MBA Unique

What makes Ivey Business School MBA Unique

Here are a few facts about Ivey that makes it unique-

Surround yourself with the Brightest and Best classmates in the world:

Ivey recruits an extraordinarily strong pool of candidates from a wide range of educational, professional, and cultural backgrounds. We have a very well structured admissions procedure that filters the best of the students from all over the globe. At Ivey, the quality of your peers counts more than in other MBA programmes. Case-Method will let you and your faculty member rely on the different experiences and viewpoints of the class; learning is far more successful.

Meet the strongest network chain and leverage those influential connections: 

In the halls of Ivey, you’ll build a strong and important professional network, beginning with a personal relationship with everyone from your year. It’s a relationship that will endure a lifetime. You’ll also have access to one of the most distinguished alumni networks in Canada and the globe as an Ivey MBA. That implies you’ll have more “who you know” than you’ll ever need. Ivey Alumni are busy leading the business world, but they also keep close to the school as recruiters, guest lecturers, sponsors, and mentors.

Build Your Skills for limitless opportunities: 

The course curriculum of the Ivey’s MBA programme will be aligned with your professional objectives. Ivey has never been to just prepare you for your first post-MBA job and call it a day. Rather, it aims to provide you with the tools you need to successfully generate and manage opportunities throughout your career.


What distinguishes Ivey is that its Ivey MBA programme is unusually short for North America, lasting only 12 months — a timeframe far more common in Europe. That makes it a viable option for those who do not want to take two years off from work. That obviously means that certain elements found in other MBA programmes are absent; study trips (to China or South America) are optional, and there is no internship. However, the short duration greatly aids ROI.

As a result, the MBA experience is extremely efficient and job-focused. From 2018 to 22, Ivey was Canada’s top-ranked school in Bloomberg Businessweek rankings, and it was also rated number one in Canada for student and recruiter satisfaction during that time.



7 Step Game Plan to Build your Profile for 2023 Intake

Limited Slots Left


What is the duration of the MBA programme at the Ivey Business School?

The Ivey Business School offers a 12 months full-time MBA programme which also provides you with the opportunity to enhance your skills through various clubs and associations.

How many Intakes does the Ivey Business School offer?

The Ivey Business School offers admissions only through a single intake. International Students can apply to the prestigious Ivey Business School’s MBA program before the deadlines.

Is it compulsory to belong to a business background to enrol into the Ivey Business School’s MBA program?

No, the Ivey Business School accepts students from various backgrounds; it is not compulsory to have a business degree.

Can the application fee be waived?

The University does not waive the non-refundable application fee under any circumstances.

Can you defer the admission from one term to another?

The Ivey Business School will consider requests to defer at later stages in the application cycle but will only allow an applicant to defer for more than one year where there are very strong mitigating circumstances supported by appropriate evidence.