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London Business School MFA Review

The LBS MFA program has been consistently ranked as the best post-experience Master’s in finance. It enjoys a global reputation in the subject and strong links to the top financial institutions. The program is specially designed for recent graduates and early career professionals.

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London Business School M.Fin. Introduction



International Students




Alumni Network






Course Duration

16 Months


Course Fee





The LBS MFA program has been consistently ranked as the best post-experience Master’s in finance. It enjoys a global reputation in the subject and strong links to the top financial institutions. The program is specially designed for recent graduates and early career professionals. It helps develop a truly global view of finance to suit the goals of the applicants through an extensive range of electives, practitioner courses, industry-focused events and international experience.

LBS M.Fin Class Profile

London Business School is well known for its diversity of students. The admissions committee pays attention to providing a culturally rich environment to its students by admitting students from various cultures and backgrounds. The diverse community will help the students develop the principal interpersonal and communication skills to work in a multicultural environment.

Average Age






Average Work Ex

6 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


LBS M.Fin. Acceptance Rate

LBS falls under the dream category of universities and has a very stringent acceptance rate of about 8-12%. Due to the high competition for the finance program at London business school, you need to develop your profile holistically to increase your chances of getting selected for the MFA program. The admissions committee considers academic and extracurriculars an important aspect of admissions to their prestigious program. So, you need to present your profile effectively in the essays, sops and resume.

Program and Curriculum of LBS M.fin.

Delivered in London – the world’s foremost capital market – the MFA gives a rock-solid grounding in state-of-the-art financial tools, financial markets and global business understanding. The world-renowned faculty guides through the latest in research, software and techniques, as it builds a sharp business skill set in its students. The program also entails organizing events with corporate partners, such as company presentations, workshops, rotation dinners etc. In addition, various social and cultural events contribute to the program’s networking aim.

Core Course

  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance
  •  Accounting
  • Financial Markets
  • Data Analytics for Finance


    The electives are offered in the following academic areas:

    • Advanced Corporate Finance
    • Behavioural Finance
    • Credit Risk
    • Derivatives
    • Fin Tech
    • Financial Engineering and Risk Management
    • Fixed Income Securities
    • Hedge Funds
    • International Finance
    • Project and Infrastructure Finance
    • Real Estate Finance
    • Corporate Communication and Investor Relations
    • Digital Investing
    • Financial Analysis of Mergers, Acquisitions and other Corporate Restructurings
    • Systematic Investing
    • Emerging Markets
    • Global Capital Markets and Currencies
    • Elements of Machine Learning for Business
    • Data Mining for Business Intelligence
    • Energy: Markets, Models and Strategies
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Financing the Entrepreneurial Business
    • Managing and Investing in Responsible Business
    • Pathways to Start-up Success

      Extra Activities

      Corporate events

      LBS thrive on its globalized location and sits on the forefront of excellence when it comes to organising business-oriented events for its applicants. The events are a bouquet of vibrancy, and diversity with an international community of leaders, and thinkers coming and creating cutting edge debates for students. Hence, LBS creates a unique platform to inform, discuss, and engage the business world.

      To give you an idea, here are some of the events:

      • HR Strategy forums
      • Thought Leadership events
      • Alumni Reunions
      • TEDX London Business School Conference
      • Global Energy Summit
      • Net Impact Conference


      Here are some of the student clubs in LBS:

      • Consulting Club
      • Acting and Creative Communications Club
      • Africa Club
      • India Club
      • Art and Business Club
      • Automotive Club
      • Badminton Club
      • Snow Club
      • Business and Government Club
      • Consulting Club
      • Cricket Club
      • Debate and Public Speaking Club
      • Emerging Markets Club
      • Entrepreneurship Club
      • Film Club
      • Finance Club
      • Impact Club
      • Marketing Club
      • Real Estate Club
      • Student Association Club
      • Swimming Club
      • Wine and Spirits Club
      • Women in Business Club
      • Women Football Club
      • Women in Rugby Club

      Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into London Business School M.Fin.) 


      • Two years’ relevant finance work experience
      • GMAT/GRE Score
      • CV for Review

      Document Related to the Application

        • Online Application Form
        • Application fee
        • Application essays
        • Academic transcripts
        • GMAT/GRE Scores
        • One page CV
        • Name and Details of a refree
        • Proof of English Proficiency

        London Business School MFA Deadlines

        Since there is a tough competition for admissions to the MFA program at LBS. It is suggested to apply early to increase the probability of getting selected for the program. The admissions process are conducted on rolling deadlines with one intake i.e. in August. The deadlines for the August 2022 intake are as follows:

        Application Deadline Interview Decision Sent on Admission Decision Sent on
        29th Sept’2021 14th Oct’2021 11th Nov’2021
        3rd Nov’2021 22nd Nov’2021 21st Dec’2021
        24th Jan’2022 17th Feb’2022 22nd March’2022
        30th March’2022 21st April’2022 19th May’2022
        27th May’2022 14th June’2022 5th July’2022


        London Business School M.Fin. Employment

         The employment rate is high for LBS MFA Program graduates with many having six-figure salaries. 94% received offers within 3 months of graduation while 91% accepted job offers in three months post graduation.





        Top Sectors hiring London Business School M.Fin. Graduates

        The top 3 sectors where the graduates from LBS M.Fin. get hired are:

         1. Consulting

        2. Technology

        3. Banking and Financiala Services

        Companies recruiting from London Business School M.Fin.


        • Accenture
        • EY
        • PwC
        • Deloitte
        • Roland Berger
        • McKinsey & Company


        • Google
        • Milward Brown

        Finance Sector

        • Morgan Stanley
        • Bank of England
        • Deustche Bank
        • Royal Bank of Scotland

        LBS M.Fin. Alumni Info

        The London Business School has 39,000 alumni in more than 150 countries. Many local clubs (Paris, New-York, Zurich etc.) organize recurrent events in their city. The alumni network of LBS is vibrant, international and comprises of ambitious individuals all determined to discover more about themselves and the business world. And they hold key roles in businesses across the globe. They have the mindset, skills and global outlook to challenge the status quo and to have a powerful, positive impact on the way the world does business.

        Some Famous Alumni

        • Sir Richard Greenbury – former Chairman and CEO, Marks & Spencer
        • Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, Former Chairman and CEO of the Tata Group
        • Tony Wheeler – Founder, Lonely Planet
        • Kumar Birla, MBA, 1992 – Chairman, Aditya Birla Group
        • Kaveh Alamouti, MBA & PhD – CEO of Citadel LLC Asset Management Europe

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        Application Essay for LBS M.Fin.

        Q1. What are your career objectives and what steps are you taking to achieve them? What alternatives are you considering? What geographical region do you hope to work in? (maximum 500 words)

        Q2. What specific areas of London Business School life are you most excited about getting involved in and where do you believe you will add value to the School Community? (maximum 300 words)

        Letter of Recommendation for London Business School M.Fin.

        All applicants are required to have one reference submitted on their behalf. It is preferred to choose a current or previous employer who is able to provide insight into your character and abilities, please choose someone who knows you well. If you are unable to provide a current (or previous) employer e.g. if you work for a family business or an entrepreneur, then please select an academic referee who knows you well enough to comment on your character and abilities. 

        You are only permitted to submit one reference, who must submit their reference via our online system. We do not accept pre-written letters of recommendation.

        Interview Questions for London Business School M.Fin.

        Set 1

        Q1: Run me through your resume.

        Q2: Few questions related to me job experience and other things I mentioned in the application form.

        Q3: Why Program X & Why LBS?

        Q4: Other schools you have applied to and which one will you choose if you get through all?

        Q5: What if you don’t get through LBS this year and LBS asks you to apply again next year?

        Q6: What is your leadership definition? Are you a leader?

        Q7: How will to contribute to peer learning at LBS?

        Q8: Talk about your strengths & weaknesses.

        Q9: Tell me about your educational background and job.

        Q10: Why did you choose this job

        SET 2

        Q1: Why Program X now? Do you think LBS will help you in achieving your post Program X goals?

        Q2: What if you don’t find a job post-graduation from LBS?

        Q3: How will you ensure that you find a job post-graduation?

        Q4: How will you add value to your peer group at LBS apart from sharing learnings from your work experience?

        Q5: Why will you choose LBS over other B-schools listed in my application?

        Q6: Are you a team player? Give examples of situations where you have worked closely in teams.

        Q7: How will you fund your venture and other expenses ( since I mentioned that I will be starting my venture post Program X)?

        Q8: Is your employer’s business strategy right? i.e. Business model, market, etc

        Q9: What are the key trends/ latest developments in your industry?

        Q10: What is your Plan B if consulting/Investment banking does not happen?

        SET 3

        Q1: What are your key strengths? Can you give some examples please?

        Q2: What is your biggest weakness ? Can you give some examples please?

        Q3: How can you add value to the Class?

        Q4: Why should we take you?

        Q5: One reason that we should not select you?

        Q6: Interests and Hobbies – Be prepared!.. questions as basic as “Why do you do poetry (or any other activity” may be asked.

        Q7: What would you describe as your greatest achievement to date?

        Q8: Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?

        Q9: Give me an example of a time when you did not meet a client’s expectation. What happened, and how did you attempt to rectify the situation?

        Q10: Do you have any questions for us?


        Q1: Why should we take you?

        Q2: One reason that we should not select you?

        Q3: Interests and Hobbies – Be prepared!.. questions as basic as “Why do you do poetry (or any other activity” may be asked.

        Q4: What would you describe as your greatest achievement to date?

        Q5: I have read your essays. I want to know why you chose this year to apply for Program X? Do you think it is a perfect time for Program X for you?

        Q6: You have mentioned your career goal in your essays. Could you explain in detail about it? What exactly is your plan, which are your targeted companies, etc.?

        Q7: I see that you have served in one of the companies for just 4 months? Why did you leave it so early? Do you think you could have waited for some more time there?

        Q8: Tell me something about the NGO you are associated with and your responsibilities there?

        Q9: If I say that you are taking this interview for LBS, then what is that one key thing you would be looking for in the applicant?

        Q10: How are the key things that influence Indian businessmen or entrepreneurs in doing business?

        What makes LBS M.Fin. Unique

        • Master robust financial concepts, tools and skills by exploring fundamental theory and real-life case studies in the world’s leading capital market
        • Access the world’s leading practitioners and employers
        • See theory applied in real organisations both locally, during London Business Challenge Week, and globally, during Global experiential courses
        • The dynamic global community of faculty, students and alumni.


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        What is the duration of the MFA programme at LBS Business School?

        LBS’s MFA programme is a 12-16 month full-time programme which also provides you with the opportunity to enhance your skills through various clubs and associations.

        How many Intakes does LBS offer?

        LBS offers rolling deadlines for the august intake. International Students can apply to the prestigious LBS’s MFA program before the deadlines.

        Is work experience required for LBS’s MFA program?

        Though there is no eligibility criteria regarding work experience to enrol for the MFA program, students applying to LBS hold at least two years of average work experience.

        Is it compulsory to belong to a business background to enroll into LBS’s MFA program?

        No, LBS accepts students from various backgrounds; it is not compulsory to have a business degree.


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