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What is LOR? LOR Meaning And

5 Things it Does For Your Application

What is LOR meaning and why is it considered one of the most important aspects in an admission procedure? It certainly holds its value.

LOR is important in a lot of different ways and it may not portray your academic reflection but it certainly tells a lot about you. Letter of Recommendation, more commonly known as LOR is a document, part of application which facilitates admission officers/committee to decide a suitable candidature. It is an analysis of a candidate in the form of a letter writer by a superior either on a study or work basis. LOR meaning basically means a POV of you from a superior.

There are 2 types of LOR; Academic LOR and Professional LOR. As by name an academic LOR contains your academic environment, as the candidate being a student. And professional LOR is an analysis of your professional aspect as a candidate is a working individual at a company, institute or organisation. Generally a candidate is to provide 2 or 3 LOR’s for courses applied to study abroad for a Bachelor, Master, MBA or PHD program.

5 Things It Does For Your Application

lor meaning

Provides a third person’s perspective: A third person’s opinion is important in determining what kind of individual you are. Even you get to see a good analysis of your personality and traits. Helps you to distinguish what needs to be done and what needs to be continued within you. 

Distinguish your absolute personality: Your traits and beliefs are also considered in your admission process, and the institute also needs a look at your absolute personality. Even your morals and community involvement is necessary to evaluate. To determine what kind of person you are, what possible development you need to improve yourself.

Helps in determining your future: Institutes do not only ask you for LOR because they need to evaluate you. Your LOR plays a big role in your future development. Your LOR institute gets to know you and finds out what motor traits you need to put in yourself. What necessary pattern you need to follow and what strong points of you still need nourishment.

An honest review of you: A best picture of you is when it is not from you. A person who you believe enough to give your LOR to be written is certainly someone who can write you an honest one. It’s good to have an impressive LOR, but an honest LOR is much more effective. Do not think the admission officers or committee is dumb enough to not differentiate between an honest review from a praised review.

Provides an extra of you: Apart from your academics, extra information about you is reflected by your LOR to the institute you have applied to. Your LOR contains some additional information about you which the institute uses to determine you as a person.

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Learning LOR meaning and proceeding is not enough. Giving a superior with whom you have good relations and understanding does not guarantee you a good LOR. Just imagine, can your friend analyse some psychological aspect in your life better than a professional psychologist?

You do not want to hand over your LOR to anyone nice or comforting. Consider someone with analytical skills. Who is capable of bringing out the possible potential in you. In general, LOR are written by your work manager, boss or team leader (any kind of superior). Or in cases of an educational environment the writer can be a teacher, headmaster or principal.

The point to be considered is to have you a honest LOT even if it does not boost up your qualities. The true analysis of any individual is very tough to obtain. If you have had anyone related professionally who’s advice has helped you overcome obstacles, consider that person to be your LOR writer.

LOR Format



1st paragraph: Nature, duration, type of relation between referee and candidate.

2nd paragraph: Particular or specific details of work or experience done by the candidate.

3rd paragraph: Achievement and accomplishments of candidate. Includes instances that demonstrate a candidate’s initiative performance.

4th paragraph: Testimony of the candidate’s professional ethics, self-improvement commitment and other traits like leadership, creativity (qualities which the writer has observed).

5th paragraph: Conclusion. Assurance by the referee that the candidate will be proved a valuable part of the institute he/she has applied for.


Referee’s professional details

Global MBA

LOR Sample

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Can I submit more than required LORs from my institute?

Ans. Yes. Institutes generally ask for 2 or 3 LORs but if a candidate wants he/she can submit more LORs.

What if I have no one I trust to write my LOR?

Ans. As it is a required document you have to provide it. If you do not have a desired referee then have your LOR prepared from your supervisor or any kind or superior.

Can I prepare unauthorized LOR?

Ans. Some candidates prepare a fake LOR from a real source while some prepare a fake LOR from a fake source. Both are illegal.

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